The Bachelor 2016 Spoilers Episode 3: Shushanna & Jami Sent Home – Ben Higgins’ Bad News – Lace Morris Psychotic Meltdown

The Bachelor 2016 Spoilers Episode 3: Shushanna & Jami Sent Home - Ben Higgins' Bad News – Lace Morris Psychotic Meltdown

‘The Bachelor’ 2016 spoilers tease that Episode 3 of Season 20 starring will air on Monday January 18 – and Ben Higgins will continue his search for love. So far on this season of ‘The Bachelor’ – Olivia Caridi has been a frontrunner on the show, but she will cause some major drama on the upcoming episode, and The Bachelor 2016 spoilers tease that her true colors will begin to really shine through.

On Monday January 18, spoilers indicate that Ben Higgins will go on a group date, and two 1-on-1 dates. The lucky women to score 1-on-1 dates will Ben will be none other than war veteran Jubilee Sharpe and Lauren Bushnell. Both women’s dates are a success and they both get closer to Ben and head back to the Bachelor mansion with roses.

According to The Bachelor 2016 spoilers, the real fireworks start on the group date. The 14 women who did not receive 1-on-1 dates will head out on a group date to play soccer with Ben Higgins. The game gets a bit competitive and Olivia Caridi goes overboard trying to score the group date rose – according to Bachelor blogger Reality Steve she is unsuccessful, and the date rose actually goes to Amber James (from Chris Soules’ season).

Olivia won’t be the only woman who raises a few eyebrows in Episode 3 of The Bachelor, spoilers tease that Lace Morris goes over the deep-end, which we all knew was only a matter of time. The Bachelor 2016 spoilers tease that Lace will have a full-blown meltdown and wind up leaving on her own and not sticking around to see whether or not she gets a rose.

Then at the cocktail party Ben will receive some bad news from home that could be game-changer for the night. At the rose ceremony, Ben will go on to eliminate Shushanna Mkrtychyan and Jami Letain.

Have you been watching Season 20 of The Bachelor? What do you think of crazy Luce? How long before Ben sends home Olivia Caridi? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bachelor 2016 spoilers and news.

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