The Fosters Recap 2/15/16: Season 3 Episode 14 “Under Water”

The Fosters Recap 2/15/16: Season 3 Episode 14 "Under Water"

Tonight on ABC Family their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all new Monday February 15, season 3 episode 14 called “Under Water,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Jude (Hayden Byerly) discover Jack’s being abused in his group home and turn to a foster-care advocate for help. Meanwhile, Jesus (Jake T. Austin/Noah Centineo) tries to get to know Gabe at work; and Mariana is surprised when Nick asks her out.

On the last episode, Jude spent time with Jack, a quirky foster teen he met at Callie’s foster-youth event. Meanwhile, Brandon and Mat wrote a rock musical based on “Romeo and Juliet” for their senior project; and Jesus asked Ana about his and Mariana’s biological father. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “after Callie and Jude discover Jack is being abused by other boys in his group foster home, they turn to foster care advocate Justina (special guest star Kelli Williams, “The Practice”) to get him help. Jesus attempts to get to know Gabe at work even as Nick urges him to tell Gabe the truth about who he is. Meanwhile, Mariana is surprised when Nick asks her out.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the next episode of the third season of The Fosters and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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AJ hadn’t gotten brought up on charges for aiding and abetting his criminal brother, but he had run away from his foster home. And so naturally that came with consequences.

Though no one had appreciated what those consequences turned out to be. AJ it seems had later been placed back in juvenile hall and he was going to be there for a while. Unless until his involvement with his brother got cleared up. And the authorities found a home to place him in.

AJ had after all run away from Mike’s home and it didn’t look like he wished to return there seeing as he was refusing to see Mike while he was in Juvie. However, that was AJ’s policy with practically everyone. Callie too had tried to visit him and she had been surprised when the security guard had turned her away. So when Callie had gotten upset with the situation, she decided to take it out on her mother Stef.

She blamed her mother for the loss of her friend and Callie had also told Stef that it wouldn’t have happened if the older woman had simply chosen to be honest with her. Yet there were plenty of things that Stef was holding back. Like her upcoming surgeries to remove her breast tissue.

Apparently, Stef didn’t believe that children (specifically her children) should be let in on every single thing. Not when it was her job to protect them. But the secrets had already pushed Callie away and they had Mariana on edge.

Mariana nearly had a fit when she read a rumor that’s been going around on twitter about her mom Lena and her principle Monte having a lesbian affair. It seems that Mariana has been wondering why all the hushed conversations between her parents and her grandmother. So when she found out about the rumor, she began to think maybe it was true and that’s why her grandmother had chosen to stick around for a while.

Yet, thankfully, Mariana had been placated when her mothers told her that “no” the rumor wasn’t true. And that they had been just as upset as she was to learn that someone had even written that. Therefore, Mariana had tried to be the good child and make up for her nasty accusations by throwing herself into finding way to getting the rumors to desist.

Thus Mariana ended up missing on pretty good opportunity to finally ask about all the closed doors, but she soon had bigger fish to fry.

Mariana had been asked to become the new Chair of the Honor Board which is one-way ticket to unpopularity, but Mariana had wanted to become involved in student politics despite losing out on Junior Class President. So Mariana was later in a position where she tried to figure out how she was going to be the on the student council as well as in Brandon’s new play yet Brandon hadn’t held anything back with her. He told his sister that there was another girl who could sing the part and Mariana’s ex definitely felt more comfortable going with this other girl.

And therefore it could be toss-up between them. Though Mariana was able to use her new position as Chair of the Honor Board to vent some of her anger out.

Nick, Jesus’s newest friend, had gotten into some trouble when he was spotted doing “donuts” in the school parking lot. And rather than simply face the board, Nick had at first tried to use his big blue eyes on Mariana. He told her that he liked her and that he was new to school so he had done some stupid things to make friends like her brother and, that deep down, all he wanted to fit in.

However, Mariana didn’t get like played and she later found out that he was going to be recycling that same sob story in front of the board. So she let him off on his offences but made him clean up the tired tread marks he had left behind in the parking lot. And had even provided him with the necessary cleaning material.

So Nick, the over privileged teenager, was finally going to learn what penalties looked like because not did he get himself into trouble, but he had also talked Jesus into looking for his biological father and that hadn’t ended well either. Jesus had gone to work at the same construction site as Gabe and he had actually come to like the man he believed was his father. But everything changed after Jesus told Gabe who he was. Gabe had instantly told Jesus that he “legally” couldn’t be around him.

And Jesus wondered why “legally”?

Yet, not everyone was kept in the dark when they least needed. Callie had gone on to find out with the help of the ‘Fost & Found’ advocate that it had been Jack who was secretly messaging her as if he was AJ. For it seems his foster family had been beating him up since he had gotten placed with them and he had reached out to Callie because he had wanted her help. And had been too afraid to ask for it personally.

Which he why he had originally pretended to be AJ!

And thus Callie had later looked into moving him into a different foster though Jack eventually told her to drop it. His foster family had beaten him up so bad that they had broken one of his arms. So he had used the recently acquired power he had over them with the authorities to get whatever he wanted. Like his own room and to be actually fed at dinner times.

Callie however had tried to tell Jack that he wasn’t the only person in that house and that if he didn’t report his foster family then they were free to abuse anyone else that gets placed with them. But he hadn’t wanted to hear it. He was now in a safe place and he told Callie that he wouldn’t be guilted into destroying that.

Though Callie hadn’t agreed with others when they said Jack was simply someone that wouldn’t help himself. Callie had been in a similar situation and so she knew better. And replied that kids like Jack are in some way merely looking for someone’s permission in order to know that they deserved better. Or just happy for once.

Hence, after Callie had understood Jack’s positon, she knew the only way that AJ would allow himself to be loved by a truly great foster family was if his brother had told him it was ok to move on without him.

But the entire family had ultimately been left in shock at the end of tonight’s episode when Stef had finally told them about her upcoming surgery. They had wanted to know if their mom was going to be ok and later both Mariana and Callie had even done some research into Stef’s condition. And while that had calmed them, Mariana had gone on to do some internet research into Gabe once Jesus had admitted everything to her.

And it turns out that Gabe is on the National Sex Offender Registry.