The Fosters Recap 7/18/16: Season 4 Episode 4 “Now for Then”

The Fosters Recap 7/18/16: Season 4 Episode 4 "Now for Then"

Tonight on ABC Family their hit drama The Fosters returns with an all new Monday July 18, season 4 episode 4 called “Now for Then,” and we have your weekly The Fosters recap below. On tonight’s episode, Brandon (David Lambert) throws a party at his and Cortney’s place, not realizing the complications of living with a mom and young child.

On the last episode, Callie got suspended after she reacted inappropriately to some taunting, but things started looking up for her when she met a young law student. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed The Fosters recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “Brandon throws a party at his and Cortney’s place, not realizing the complications of living with a mom and young child. Meanwhile, Cortney gets custody papers from her ex; and Callie uncovers some disturbing info as she works on her senior project.”

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Nick had called Mariana on last week’s episode of “The Fosters” and no one at the house knew how to react to the call or what their next move should be.

Mariana had apparently wanted to move on with her life so she had been doing her best to forget everything that had happened with Nick and was even considering moving on with Mat when he just called her out of the blue. But there was not much either she or her parents could do about that. Nick had seemingly showed his doctors that he could be trusted so he had been given phone privileges and unfortunately he was within his rights to call Mariana. So Stef and Lena couldn’t tell him not to call and for that matter they couldn’t tell Mariana how to react yet Mariana wanted to see Nick.

Mariana felt that seeing Nick was going to be the only way she received closure. So she had been talking her parents into allowing her to visit him and they had been thinking of every possible way they could talk her out of it. Yet, in the end it was ultimately Mariana’s decision to make and she thought she needed to see Nick so her parents allowed even as they had reservations, but Mariana’s situation wasn’t the only thing that was keeping the couple up at night even if she had been sleeping with her mothers since Nick’s initial call. For there was also Brandon and his decision to live with both his older girlfriend as well as her young son.

Neither Stef nor Lena liked the fact that their son was taking on too much for his age though there was nothing they could do to talk Brandon out of what he was doing. So Brandon was trying to make things work with Cortney and be an adult. However, they were a few things he did that showed just how young he really was. Brandon for instance, had snuck back home to steal some toothpaste and toilet paper for his house with Cortney and surprisingly he would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for Stef. Who reminded her son that he if wanted those things then he could’ve gone out and bought them for himself rather than steal from them.

So one of things that Brandon has to figure out on his own was that adulthood came with responsibilities. He couldn’t run home to his parents in order to steal things that they paid for and he also couldn’t expect them to fit the bill for his new lifetstyle. Though there was a part of Lena that did feel bad about Stef catching Brandon in the act so she had snuck away to see him and had been surprised to find out that he was actually throwing a party with his girlfriend. The two of them had apparently gone out to buy up beer and other necessities so they had enough money for that yet not for toilet paper.

And so Lena’s sympathy for Brandon’s new money situation eventually dried up. Yet, there was still one thing that Lena knew she could do for him. She had after all gone over to see him because she was worried about him so she gave Brandon some advice. She told him to be careful, particularly with that beer she saw Cortney taking into the house, and that she loves and misses him. So Lena felt that she had done everything that she could and had hoped that would be enough however she later made the mistake of telling Stef about Brandon’s party.

It was one thing for Lena to know about Brandon’s party, but with Stef it was different because Stef tended to take things a little more seriously than her wife. Stef had felt that Brandon was too young for such things so she ended up dragging Lena with her to go see Brandon’s party for themselves. However, neither of them had expected to see that their other car would be parked there because they hadn’t known that their kids were going to a party much less that Brandon had told them about the one he was throwing. So that had kind of been a rude awakening for the couple.

They hadn’t see much of Callie because she had been working on her senior project a lot lately although it should be noted that they also hadn’t known what she was doing for that very same project. Callie had apparently forgotten to mention to them that she was going to be photographing her many foster homes to say where she came from. So Callie’s parents hadn’t known that Callie was taking such a risk or that she was going to be stopping by Liam’s house of all places. Liam was the former foster brother that Callie had testified against because he had sexual assaulted her as well as another girl that Liam’s family had taken it so a visit to his house was something that Callie’s parents would have wanted to know about.

But Callie hadn’t told anyone other than AJ, who had recently started the high school, about her project and she had stayed pretty mum about everything until after she had ran into Liam’s mom. Liam’s mom had acted all nice when she saw Callie outside yet the older woman quickly revealed her colors after she invited Callie inside for a chat. The older woman who was supposed to be the adult had suddenly turned on Callie and said that she regretted ever taking her in because her son Liam was not a rapist. So it seems that Liam’s mother was the only person that was still refusing to see him as he was.

Callie on the other hand, hadn’t rushed out of the house after she had been accused of destroying Liam’s life. Instead, she had run upstairs and had taken several photos of what used to be her room. So that had given Callie the idea that maybe she shouldn’t just stand outside to take photos, maybe she should go inside as well to capture the essence of what the homes had meant to her. Although when she told Mariana about what she was doing, it was Mariana that had gotten worried. Mariana had felt that Callie was taking a big risk with what she was doing though she couldn’t deny that Callie was being pretty tough.

And Callie was because she had gone to another house and she hadn’t been afraid to go in. Yet, that foster home had been different for Callie. She and Jude had truly enjoyed staying with Sheila and so Callie had wanted to know why she and Jude hadn’t been adopted alongside the third foster child Kyle. So Sheila had been shocked by that because she thought social services would have told the kids why they couldn’t take them because it seems that Sheila and her husband had also wanted to adopt them, but they couldn’t. Kyle had had learning disabilities and social services wouldn’t let the family adopt him as well as both Callie and Jude.

It turns out that Kyle’s disabilities had made Callie’s social worker doubt that she and her brother would be safe around him. So Sheila and her later husband had had to make a choice and they had chosen Kyle. Kyle was older, had learning issues, and was a minority so odds that no one else would have gone to bat for him as Sheila would have. Though Kyle’s story still wasn’t a happy one because he had been accused of murder and Sheila hadn’t been able to afford a lawyer that would actual look at his case and check his alibi. And the public defender had barely put up a fight.

So Kyle was in a juvenile detention center and Callie was now figuring out how she could help him. But Stef and Lena managed to help someone on tonight’s episode after gotten a lawyer for Gabe to get him of the sex offender’s registration. Gabe hadn’t wanted to go through with it however Jesus talked him into and both Ana and Mike helped in their own way so now Gabe was a free man. And Lena wasn’t going to get into trouble for having him around children that went to her school.

A bit of a win-win there although there was some bad news because Cortney’s party abruptly ended after her ex had had her served because he was filing for full custody. And Mariana ended going to see Nick, but at the last minute she chose to lie to him again. She said that she still loved him and that they were together so he doesn’t know about Mat and Mat believes that she ended things with Nick.