The Good Wife Recap – Alicia Testifies: Season 7 Episode 17 “Shoot”

The Good Wife Recap - Alicia Testifies: Season 7 Episode 17 "Shoot"

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday March 20 season 7 episode 17 called, “Shoot” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Diane, (Christine Baranski) Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Lucca (Cush Jumbo) defend the grieving father of a shooting victim in a defamation suit over a billboard he put up describing a gun store owner as a murderer.

On the last episode, as the grand jury against Peter was assembled, with Assistant U.S. Attorney Connor Fox leading the proceedings, Alicia, Eli and Peter’s lawyer, Mike Tascioni, attempted to discover what charges were being leveled against him. Meanwhile, Alicia and Jason tried to spend a quiet weekend together but were interrupted by her meddling family. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Diane, Cary and Lucca defend the grieving father of a shooting victim in a defamation suit over a billboard he put up describing a gun store owner as a murderer. Meanwhile, Alicia and Jason’s romantic rendezvous is interrupted when Alicia learns that Grace is being accused of plagiarizing her college entrance essay.”

Tonight’s season 7 episode 17 looks like it is going to be great and we’ll be updating it for you beginning 9:00 PM EST. In the meantime, sound off your comments and below and tell us how much you are enjoying this seventh season and what you are looking forward to most.

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife kicks off with a proud father video taping his daughter Yesha taking her first steps, and then her first day of school, and then her first trip to the orthodontist to get braces, her first prom, and her first kiss. Yesha comes home after prom, and has a glass of milk with her dad in the kitchen. While they are sitting there, there is a ruckus outside and gun shots are heard – Yesha gets hit in the neck with a stray bullet and dies.

In court, Mr. Dargis put up a bulletin board accusing the Gloria’s of murdering his daughter. Diane and Cary are representing him, he is being sued by Gloria’s gun shop to take the bulletin board down. Gloria’s gun shop is the store that sold the gun that was used to murder his daughter. The owner of the store takes the stand – she apologizes for Mr. Dargis’ loss, but says that they can’t be blamed for Yesha’s death. Cary argues that in the past year over 3,000 crimes have bene committed with guns bought from Gloria’s.

Diane calls Jason during recess – and he is in bed with Alicia. She tells Jason that they have a change of plan, and they are going to argue opinion in the lawsuit – they need him to go snoop around Gloria’s. Meanwhile, Alicia gets a phone call from Eli, he needs to see her, he is still camped out in the bathroom at the courthouse and listening in illegally. They are going to call her in to testify and Peter’s lawyer Mike wants her to invoke her spousal rights.

Meanwhile, Grace is having a catastrophe of her own. She calls her mother freaking out, she might not get in to college, apparently the admissions office thinks that she plagiarized her essay on the application. She calls Alicia and is freaking out.

Lloyd Garber is on trial at Peter’s court case, he confirms that Peter promised him that his son Richard Locke would get out of his murder charges. A member of the jury interrupts – he says that he thinks it is bullshit that Garber is saying exactly what they want him to say to prove Peter is guilty. Eli overhears and is thrilled – someone on the jury is definitely pro Peter.

Mr. Dargis takes the witness stand in court – he reveals that the man that shot his daughter is Antoine Devlin. But, he blames Gloria’s because they sell guns to criminals every day and don’t do proper background checks. The Judge isn’t buying it, he agrees that the bulletin board is defamatory, and orders Dargis to take it down. They will reconvene later to discuss the matters of damages. Gloria’s claims Dargis’ sign cost them business, and they want to be reimbursed.

Diane and Cary head back to court – Diane announces that they are counter-suing Gloria’s for damages. Apparently, Mr. Dargis owns a hotel in the neighborhood – Gloria’s sale of illegal handguns undermines tourism in Chicago, and Dargis’ hotel is directly linked to tourism. The judge is intrigued, he tells them to come back tomorrow with their arguments.

Later that night Diane and Alicia meet up for drinks. Diane is pushing her to move forward with their plan for an all woman firm. She wants to buy out Cary and David and send them packing. Alicia is hesitant, she doesn’t want to upset Cary. She mentions to Diane that Lucca isn’t happy at the firm right now – she is stuck down stairs doing grunt work and doesn’t even have an office. Alicia excuses herself when she sees Jason walk in to the bar – but she stops dead in her tracks when Jason meets a blond woman and kisses her.

Alicia has a night cap with Lucca and fills her in on Jason. Alicia admits that she was getting attached, but when it comes to relationships, she has come to expect the worst in people. Lucca thinks that Alicia might be jumping to conclusions – she encourages Alicia to talk to Jason, the woman at the bar might have just been an old friend.

The next morning Jason stops by Alicia’s office, things are awkward – he can tell that something is up with her. He is working on her daughter Grace’s plagiarism problem. Jason explains to Alicia that it is the software that the college uses to test for plagiarism, and this isn’t the first time that they have had an issue with “false positives.”

Lucca takes Jason aside and quizzes him about the blond woman that he was kissing at the bar. She explains to him that Alicia saw him. Jason is obviously upset, he confesses that the woman was an old friend of his from New York.

Alicia heads in to the grand jury – the defense is shocked when she reveals that she wants to answer the questions. She appeals to the juror that Eli knew is pro Peter, and throws Lloyd Garber under the bus and says that when she worked with him in the past, he had a “faulty memory.”

Cary is not happy when Diane adds Lucca to their case and has her handle it in court. They continue arguing that Gloria’s is ruining tourism, and have signed affidavits from 17 other businesses near Dargis’ hotel. Meanwhile, the defense is arguing that over all – tourism is actually up in Chicago, according to the department of commerce.

Alicia is still fighting tooth and nail with the admissions office over Grace’s essay. She heads home and is surprised when Jason stops by. He wants to talk to her about the woman at the bar – he insists that it was just a friend. Alicia interrupts him and gives him a big speech about how she doesn’t expect anything from him, they aren’t in a real relationship – technically she is a married woman.

The next day Alicia storms in to the dean’s office, she announces that she has contacted other students and they are filing a class action lawsuit against the software company wrongly flagging papers’ for plagiarism.

Meanwhile in court, the judge is ruling on the Gloria’s case – Mr. Dargis is not getting damages for his hotel business. However, he rules that for ever day that the billboard stays up, Dargis has to pay Gloria’s ten cents. Mr Dargis agrees to pay $40, which means he can keep up the billboard for 400 more days. The judge says that he wants the owner of Gloria’s guns to look one of the victims in the face, that’s the price she has to pay for having such a profitable business.

After work, Lucca heads out with Alicia and Jason to celebrate the fact that Diane just gave her a big office of her own – Cary is suspicious, and is on to Diane’s plan to make it an all female firm. Meanwhile, Alicia has her mind on other things – like her hands in Jason’s pants under the table at the bar.