The Last Ship Recap 7/31/16: Season 3 Episode 8 “Sea Change”

The Last Ship Recap 7/31/16: Season 3 Episode 8 "Sea Change"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode with an all new Sunday, July 31, season 3 episode 8 called “Sea Change,” and we’ve got you’re The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, America copes with tragedy.

On the last episode, Nathan James had to dodge an overwhelming threat. Meanwhile, President Michener was put in a terrible position following a revelation in St. Louis. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got your full detailed The Last Ship recap right here.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “America copes with tragedy. Meanwhile, Chandler probes a potential virus mutation.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and have you’re the Last Ship recap for you down below. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#LastShip starts at the funeral for the President who just killed himself. Mourners flock to St Louis in the rain to pay their respects. Jacob Barnes reports from out front that he apparently killed himself and says the President couldn’t deal with the pressure of the revelation about his son and the virus spread.

Howard Oliver is sworn in as President – he was the VP and is expected to land in St Louis soon. He’s being sworn in on the plane. Allison asks Kara to assemble the info on Peng for the new President. On the Nathan James, the flag is at half-mast and the sailor salute.

Jeter says he served under six presidents but Michener was the only one he met. Peng issues a statement about how said he is the president died. Tom wants to nuke the president of China. Sasha tries to talk him down and says they need more information.

Mike suggests patience as Tom rages

Tom wants to nuke Peng’s palace but Sasha says they can’t do anything without talking to the new POTUS. Tom storms out. Mike tells Sasha that Tom blames himself for pushing Michener too hard before he was ready. Mike says the country needed a president.

Sasha wants to send Tom to St Louis to help Oliver get his bearings. Mike says they have to finish this or else Tom won’t leave. Allison and Kara watch another news report from Barnes about how well respected Oliver is and Allison tells Kara that Michener tried to kill himself before.

She says he did it on the Nathan James – cut his wrists – but Tom found him and saved him. Kara is stunned. Allison says Michener told her once he knew he could trust her. Allison says she needs to stop beating herself up and says she knew he was suffering and left him alone.

Baby news and a revelation

Kara asks if Allison and Michener were close – looks like they were. Kara offers personal condolences. Back on the James, the doctor is struggling to set up the lab again. Burk and others are helping but Rios is frustrated. Wolf comes in with a carton of notebooks.

Rios is pleased and says these will help. He asks them to start setting up equipment. Kyoko tells Danny that he saved her life. Sasha translates. Danny says Logan and Rios did the heavy lifting but Kyoka says she will pray every day for him even though she hasn’t prayed since she was a child.

Kyoko hands Danny her son to hold. That’s hard since he hasn’t held his own son yet. Danny takes him and looks into his face. Kyoko says he’s a natural. Danny is moved at her generosity of spirit.

President Oliver arrives

The staff assembles to meet the new President. Oliver enters the office of POTUS. Alex greets him with a handshake and the others do as well. Oliver says the world lost a great leader and those in his room lost a colleague and friend. He says he looks forward to working with them.

Oliver sits at the desk and looks around. He says he needs them to get him up to speed but first he wants to talk to Tom. They make the call for him and Tom speaks to President Oliver who offers him condolences and says he hopes he can earn his trust as well.

Tom says he has a lot to catch him up on and says they’re near the pirate haven in China. He says they need Wu Ming to fill in the blanks on what Peng is planning. Tom says he wants his permission to continue the mission Michener sent him on. Oliver agrees.

The search for a smuggler

On the James, they pull close to Shanzhai to try and nab Wu Ming. Jesse is in the chopper. The team on the James is on high alert as Danny and the other team heads out prepared for trouble. Jesse radios back and says Shanzhai is on fire and has been wiped out. She says it’s ashes.

Jesse heads back to the ship. Mike says Peng did that to get rid of Wu Ming. They go talk to Takehaya who has a Chinese proverb for them. He says Wu Ming was extremely close to his mother, sister and grandmother and probably left them some intel they can use.

Mike asks where to find them and they call in for an update. POTUS wants the James to send proof of life videos so the people in the US know the hostages were reclaimed safely. Kara says there’s a video glitch and Oliver says get it straightened out soon.

Static on the line

As the James tries to send the videos through, they find more signal interruption. The system just crashed and Dennis goes to get it back up and running. Alisha talks to Kara and Kara tells her she found Michener. Alisha is floored. Kara says they’re risking their lives and she’s at a desk.

Alisha says they need her there now more than ever. The James presses on. The team is at Yumna looking for Ming’s family. Om is with them. They pull up outside a fenced area and go dark. They move in. They spot an MSS Jeep and realize Peng sent forces there too.

They see the women are held at gunpoint while a man is tortured. Looks like Wu Ming survived the fire but may not survive what’s happening now.

Karate fight to the death

They see that interrogations are going on. They get ready to breech and take out the team. They drop the outside guards easily from a distance and move into the building. They see the three women and Ming being brutally beaten. Wolf is ready inside.

The others move closer and Tom calls the count. They fire. All of the MSS but one goes down. Wolf fights off one and then another one comes out and is taken down. There were a few more stragglers but they’re dispatched. It’s a full on karate battle between Wolf and the MSS guy.

Wolf finally chokes him with his own tie and he goes limp. They give Wu Ming some water and get him calmed down. Sasha is there with the team to translate. Tom asks if he’s grateful they saved his life but Ming says Tom got them killed and Shanzhai burned down.

Looking for evidence

Danny and Wolf look around for evidence. They spot lottery tickets. One of the women makes a move. Tom asks Ming about the ships with the markings on them. Tom wants to know why Peng went to all this trouble.

He doesn’t answer so they put a gun to his head. Tom asks why he’s protecting Peng. He says he knows nothing. One of the women comes to babble to Wolf and Danny who are looking at lottery tickets hung on the wall.

Danny says one ticket is a hull number and Sasha says these are coordinates for a shipping lane. They grab down all the lottery tickets. They find one with a black dot on it and hand it to Tom.

President Oliver takes a stand

President Oliver and the staff come back after the funeral and Allison says she didn’t like Rivera’s eulogy and Beatty didn’t show up at all. Oliver says maybe Beatty is sending a signal of non-support. The other regional leaders are critical and say the decisions out of the office are all bad.

They tell him there’s no reason that the hostage safety videos aren’t released yet but the pirates are sending messages. They tell him he needs to back off some of Michener’s policies and complains about bank and rations policies.

Kara snaps and reminds them people are going hungry while there is enough food out there and that’s why Michener implemented ration cards. Alex tells Kara to back down and says she’s a military advisor only. Allison agrees the policies are doing more harm than good.

Kara confronts Allison

Kara says Oliver just caved and gave the regional leaders command over local military without Tom’s support. Allison rages and says Michener took the easy way out by killing himself and if all his policies die too, there’s no one to blame but him.

Rios gives Tom an update on his research. He shows him the red flu from Dr Scott’s research and how it’s different in Kyoko’s blood. Doc Rios says it’s altered – it looks like a mutation and the change makes the cure unworkable.

Tom wonders if their men can be re-infected but Rios says the cure in them defends against it. Tom wonders why the cure didn’t help Takehaya and Kyoko. The James lurks near the shipping lanes to try and figure things out. Jesse and Danny’s team take off in the helo.

Search for ships

The first one they found has no black dot. They wonder if they missed the ship already. They find a small surface vessel on the radar and Tom calls the help to give it a fly over. Danny says it’s a yacht. That’s the black dot ship. They confirm it visually.

The black dot ship cruises on and a fat guy sits on the deck grooving to music. Tom hails them with a request to board and inspect. The guy ignores him and turns up the music. Tom repeats the request. The guy ratchets up the speed of the boat.

The James picks up speed too. The guy on the boat sees a pin on radar and then the shadow of the James in the distance. He turns the yacht. They report the change to Tom. Mike has them fire a warning shot and says don’t sink it til we know what’s on board.

Welcome wagon

They fire and the guy picks up more speed and changes course again. He’s heading for an atoll. If he makes it there, he’ll be untouchable. They tell Jesse and the team to move in on him. The guy hears the helo as it turns. Danny aims a gun at him as they circle.

The guy grabs a gun and they tell him cut the engine and don’t try it. They tell him they will board the vessel. He gives up and surrenders the vessel with hands up. They search the ship and he denies having any cargo. They find champagne and some guns.

Sasha asks why did he run and the guy says it’s the apocalypse. He says they could have been pirates for all he knows. Danny asks if he has licenses for his weapons. The guy says they can’t take this from him. Sasha says start talking or lose your ship.

Secret compartment and a stash

The guy opens up a cabinet that was well hidden and shows them a huge stash of heroin and coke. He says this can’t even be illegal anymore. He says MSS loaded him up with the drugs. Sasha looks it over and says Peng doesn’t bother with drugs.

They start pulling out the drugs and then Sasha taps another compartment behind it. Inside she finds a missile. The guy had no clue it was onboard. The experts on the James take it apart as Sasha, Tom and Mike watch. She thinks it’s a chemical weapon.

Jesse comes in and Tom asks her about missiles. She saw those in Guanzho. She says she saw them the day her brother was killed.

The green mist explained

Something goes off while the people are examining the missile – it’s a green mist. Sasha says Kyoka was talking about a green mist that came in the night. Good thing the James personnel were in Hazmat suits.

Lau Hu reports to Peng that he didn’t take care of Wu Ming as ordered. Peng is livid. Lau says the James hasn’t been found yet but they’re looking. Peng slaps him and says take care of them. Then Peng touches his shoulders and looks into his eyes.

Peng says the time has come to finish this and orders him to accelerate the mission, make the move on the Korean operation now and find the James. Lau Hu leaves his offices. Rios tells them the green powder contains the red flu and the green stuff, lectin, shields the virus from the cure.

Peng’s plan becomes known

Takehaya is in on the conversation as Rios explains it. Takehaya says they saw it in Japan and that ship was heading to Korea. Takehaya asks to see his wife and son since they can’t be cured now. Tom allows it. Mike has someone take him to his family.

Kara greets Oliver as he walks into his office. Alex blocks her from the briefing and says only senior advisors then closes the doors in her face. Allison appears impassive since she’s in the inner circle. Tom, Sasha and Mike talk.

They wondered how far this modified version of the illness has spread since it started 10 days ago. Tom says they know Peng is committing genocide – that’s his plan.