The Last Ship Recap 7/3/16: Season 3 Episode 4 “Devil May Care”

The Last Ship Recap 7/3/16: Season 3 Episode 4 "Devil May Care"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode Sunday, July 3, season 3 episode 4 called “Devil May Care,” and we’ve got your The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler (Eric Dane) confronts a possible new foe. In other developments, Slattery (Adam Baldwin) makes discoveries about the supposed viral mutation.

On the last episode, Chandler scrambled to find answers in an Asian Dodge City. Meanwhile, Slattery seeks the truth about his predicament. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Last Ship recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “Chandler confronts a possible new foe. In other developments, Slattery makes discoveries about the supposed viral mutation, and President Michener is pressured as problems deepen.”

Tonight’s The Last Ship recap is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the The Last Ship recap and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#LastShip starts with Kara, Michener, Alex and Allison watching Mike’s hostage statement. Kara says they can’t trace it back to its location because it went over ham radio wave. Kara notices someone is missing. They watch it on the ship and Tom says Mason is missing.

Sasha is shocked to see Takehaya on the video talking about how they want them out of Asia. He says Michener must send the Navy ships out of Okinawa. He says he executed one of his sailors and will kill more if the ships aren’t gone in 36 hours.

On the Nathan James, they plot a search area. Tom realizes when the hostages gave their serial numbers, they gave fake ones that gave them coordinates on how to locate them. Jeter and Mike gave them the numbers they need and Tom tells Sasha what it is.

They realize they’re star coordinates. Their captors beat the two escapees with a bamboo stick and video it. Miller talks back to their torturer and the guy hits him hard and it sounds bad. The TV stations in the US and all over the world replay the video.

Jacob Barnes, the reporter, asks how long the President has known about the kidnapping. Alex and Allison bicker over sending the two ships to help the James find the hostages versus trying to distribute the cure versus giving in to the demands.

Tom and the gang narrow the location to the Parasol Islands. Miller’s leg may be broken and they ask Diaz about the radio tower. Jeter wants to break out, get to the tower and broadcast some static to help the James locate them.

Toshiro comes in and hauls out Mike to take more blood. He steps on Miller’s injured leg to torment him and calls him a funny boy. He leaves and Miller groans in pain. Burk and the radio guy work to find signal locations and Carlton joins his brother on the bridge and gets to work.

Tom has to refuel the James before they can finish the hunt. They spot Chinese destroyers using the drone. Sasha says there are four ships. They wonder how the Chinese found the James and Tom says it’s the only refueling point within a thousand miles.

The James’ team wonders about the fuel and Sasha says maybe Peng isn’t behind the kidnapping. Alicia says since Peng told Michener he would help with the kidnapping, they can ask him to stand down the blockade so they can refuel.

Tom says they’ll fly into Hong Kong on Jessie’s helo to ask Peng in person for the fuel. Tom says they’ll bring into Peng’s HQ. Sasha briefs them on the security. Danny goes through the plan with them and Tom says they can do this right so no one gets killed.

Tom calls Michener and tells him what he has planned and gives him a cover story, in case it fails, that he can deny it all and say that Tom went rogue because he was furious about the hostages. Tom says they get the fuel and answers from Peng this way.

Kara talks to Jacob, the reporter, and tells him how POTUS has always communicated and asks why he’s going after the President. Jacob says she’s been in a bubble and they have real concerns in post-plague America.

Kara tells him he’s glib and too in love with himself. She says this is not Watergate and he’s not Woodward or Bernstein and unless he wants to go back to the world before the James came up the Mississippi, he needs to rethink what he’s doing.

Mike looks around at the quarters where his blood is being taken. He asks why all the blood? Why not the cure. Takehaya says the cure is no cure and it wiped them out. Tom says that’s not the real cure then and he holds out a vial and tells Mike it was made in the USA.

Takehaya says he got lucky and a transfusion from a cured person helped him clear the symptoms after he was shot. He says he was lucky. He says it doesn’t last and Mike asks if that’s why he took them. Takehaya nods and says they needed to pay for what they did to this country.

Mike says they had mutation reports and says if this is true, he’s making things worse. He says let the ships go into Japan and investigate the rumors. Takehaya says his word means nothing to him.

The helo drops off Tom and the team under cover of night near Peng’s estate. Tom and the team move in closer. Sasha gets access to the security system. They clip a bolt and gain deeper access. They glitch the security and then move in.

The team moves inside the palace. They wait til a guard passes. Peng is in his indoor swimming pool. The James tracks their mission movements and keeps them updated. Peng swims laps. He’s shocked to see Tom standing at the side of the pool.

He tells Peng to get dressed because they have business to discuss. Peng is surprised to see Sasha there with Tom and says he knew she was stealing his cure and could have killed her like he did her friend and says she should show him gratitude.

Jesse sits listening annoyed in her helo.Wolf is there with them now and Sasha says the system is back up now. Tom demands that he gives them fuel and remove the blockade. Peng is stunned and says you can’t kill me, it’ll start a war.

Tom says they’ll leave him drowned in the pool and no one will know they were there. Peng says you’re too noble to do that and Wolf steps up and says I’m not noble. Wolf says this is personal and Peng asks if his girlfriend was on the plane.

Tom says as far as the world knows, Peng’s hands are clean and can stay that way if he tells them what they want. Sasha tells Peng this is the best deal he’ll get. Peng calls off the blockade.

The ships begin to move and the Nathan James confirms and they move in for the refuel. Burk says they need to check the fuel first to make sure they don’t do them dirty. Alicia agrees. In the camp, Mike is sent back into the hostage hut weak from blood loss. He hands him the reel of wire he pocketed so Jeter can send out the static.

The pirates release the beating video and Michener wonders why release this footage. We see Miller’s mom being grilled by Jacob Barnes and asks how long it took POTUS to reach out to her. Jacob asks her if the President is doing enough to save Miller.

The woman says shame on your President Michener and Jacob calls it a bitter indictment. Kara curses the guy she just tried to talk down. The James’ crew checks the fuel and confirms it’s clean. Alicia orders them to start refueling.

Sasha looks through Peng’s desk for info to tie him to Takehaya. Tom says the timing is suspect. Wolf finds a map and unfolds it. It’s the Parasol Islands. Peng says Takehaya and the pirates are one of his biggest problems. The map shows the places he’s not.

Peng says he would kill Takehaya himself. Tom still says it’s a big coincidence. A guard tries to come into the room and can’t get in. Peng opens the door to Lau Hu who says the security system has issues. Wolf hides behind the door with a gun to his head.

Peng sends him away but Lau Hu seems suspicious. Peng tells Tom and the others that Lau Hu will come back.

Michener talks on video chat with regional leaders. He says he’s calling on them to ask for their support. They tell him that the reaction to the hostage situation is not pleasant. Michener says the situation is fluid but they hope Tom can give them answers by the deadline.

He says he needs time for Tom to do what he does and says they owe him the time. William Beatty tells him he has his support and the others follow suit and remind him this could determine the fate of his presidency. Roberta Price grudgingly promises support.

Michener thanks them all. In the hostage, hut Andrea and Jeter cobble together something to use at the tower to make static. They hide it when Toshiro comes back. He grabs up Andrea and they leave locking the door.

Alicia gets an update. The James is almost done refueling. Peng tells Tom they have eight hours before Takehaya’s deadline. He tells them the man will do as he said and will execute people. Tom asks why he tried to kill him.

Peng says he accused him of atrocities in front of other delegates. Tom says no. Peng says maybe this was a scheme to get the US’ support with the pirates or draw them into a war. Peng says maybe this was personal and looks over at Sasha.

Peng says the truth is, he wanted him dead. Peng says that’s reason enough. He says they have a common enemy in Takehaya and Tom is running out of time. Lau Hu looks around the pool and spots his bosses security fob on the floor.

Tom is alerted that guards are moving in on them. Sasha takes out the cameras and the team moves out. Wolf takes a sword and Peng says he’s welcome to it. They start to work their way out of the palace. They are surrounded by guards.

Peng comes in and calls Lau Hu down. Lau Hu finally lowers his weapon but doesn’t like it. Tom tells Wolf to lower his gun and he does but isn’t happy. Peng tells Tom go kill Takehaya. Tom nods and Lau Hu steps aside. The team rolls out heading back to the helo and to the James.

Tom tells Peng that he’ll see him again and Peng says he looks forward to it. Peng tells his men to forget the Americans were ever here. The James is back at sea. Alicia says they also found food at the warehouse and they look at Peng’s map compared to their own.

They narrow it down to five islands. They determine how to proceed and set the course. They have six hours until Takehaya’s deadline. At the hostage hut, Takehaya comes to Mike and reads him back the statement he made on the video.

He says Mike was very clever and very stupid. He says he has led his friends to their deaths. To watches from the bridge as they approach the first island. Tom orders sonar to look for subs. They ping the depths. There’s a sensor mine.

Tom orders them to reverse at full. Alarms go off as the James tries to backtrack. There are mines all over the water surrounding the island!