The Last Ship Recap – Mutiny on the Nathan James: Season 3 Episode 10 “Scuttle”

The Last Ship Recap - Mutiny on the Nathan James: Season 3 Episode 10 "Scuttle"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with an all new Sunday, August 21, season 3 episode 10 called “Scuttle,” and we’ve got you’re The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler (Eric Dane) faces a tough decision.

On the last episode, Chandler unearthed a lead that could resolve menacing questions. Meanwhile, Kara snooped in the White House. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got your full detailed The Last Ship recap right here.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “Chandler faces a tough decision when the White House delivers a bizarre order.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and have you’re the Last Ship recap for you down below. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#TheLastShip tonight sees the end of any pretense of Navy protocol as Tom is forced to break with his past as a Naval officer to do the right thing for the United States and the world. Last week, we found out that Allison is a snake who has hijacked the presidency, killed the last President and has been back door dealing with Peng.

Kara tries to rush her mother to pack the car so she can send her baby and mom out of St Louis. They grab the baby and go for the car. Kara meets with Tom’s family who is leaving with Kara’s mother and the baby. They tell her to be careful and take off.

On board the Nathan James, they are still treating the injured from the Chinese attack on the ships. They run out of IV bags and are ripping up shirts to make bandages. Rios is scrambling with Sasha to help the wounded. There are so many.

Scuttling the ship

Captain Meylan goes to meet Tom on the bridge. They watch his ship as they prepare to scuttle it after they stripped it of all the equipment they could take. Mike says the charges are ready and hands Tom the detonator so he can do it.

The ship goes up like a fireball as they all watch from the deck, devastated to have lost one of the few remaining Navy ships. Later, the team assembles to discuss what to do about Peng. Andrea says they’re considering options and Meylan wants to go home.

Alicia comes in with some communications they intercepted and they wonder if the cypher is on board one of the other ships they sunk. Meylan scoffs about them staying put. He says they took care of the factory and the chemical weapons, so why stay.

Disagreements on deck

Tom says Peng is a threat to the world and he’ll restart the genocide if they don’t stop him. Meylan says Peng has more resources than they do and they just lost two ships and 300 sailors’ lives. Meylan says someone else might take over even if they take out Peng.

Tom says they will finish their mission and tells Meylan they are on radio silence when the other captain wants to call the US. We see the puppet president back home making a statement about caving into what the regional leaders had wanted.

He hands them a briefing packet and then nosy reporter Jacob Barnes asks where is Kara and why President Oliver is completely reversing all of Michener’s policies. Allison takes over the meeting and then tells the reporters she’s disbanding daily updates.

Kara on the run

Kara calls in and says Rivera and Beatty are dead and were shot. Allison lies to her and says she’ll be okay. She asks where Kara is and Kara says she thinks there’s a mole in the White House. She tells Allison to come alone and tells her where she is.

Allison says she’s on the way. Kara hangs up the phone looking scared. Two men in suits show up at the diner instead of Allison. They come inside and spot a woman in a boot and approach her. It’s not Kara. They look around then hide outside.

Kara is across the street hidden and watching. She flips out when she sees them. Mike talks to Takehaya for help dealing with the situation they’re in. Meylan complains to Tom about Takehaya who says you can’t always choose your allies.

Tom deals with dissension in the ranks

Meylan tells Tom he lost a third of his crew and would gladly walk away and says many of Tom’s people want that too. Tom says a leader has to make unpopular calls. Tom walks away from the disgruntled captain of the other ship.

Allison ends a call with her security men and talks to Roberta, one of the regional leaders, who tells her that Chandler can’t come home or there will be a problem. She criticizes her for not taking care of him already and they bicker then Roberta walks out.

Some pirates show up that Takehaya contacted. He greets them on the deck of the Nathan James and they report back on the search for the decoder they needed that should have been on one of the Chinese ships. The pirate tries to blackmail them for a higher payment.

Takehaya talks pirate to pirate

Takehaya tells them about the deaths Peng is responsible for and what’s really going on in the region. The man shakes Tom’s hand in agreement. Meylan stands scowling. Allison brings an order for Oliver to sign. He refuses. She tells Howard to sign or else.

Oliver says he is done taking orders. Allison says she can’t kill him but she can kill his family. He is horrified and says they had a good thing going and they cured the whole country. Allison says there are forces at work bigger than either of them.

He accuses her of being involved with the genocide. She says they didn’t know about it – he was just supposed to get rid of Chandler. Oliver says they need to stop this and says it can’t be too late. Allison stares him down and says sign the order.

Paying the pirates

Many crew members glare as Tom gives the pirates precious rations as payment for the decoder key. Meylan glares some more. Jeter tells Tom that there are rumblings below deck and Alicia says the cypher checked out and they’re decoding the communications.

Alicia says Peng has mobilized his ships off the cost of Tokyo and Peng is on one of the ships. Back in the US, Kara goes to see Jacob Barnes. She tells him about the deaths of Alex Rivera and Beatty and says the Secret Service gunned them down.

She tells him it was an inside job and Allison Shaw is part of it. She says she thinks they killed Michener too and says Allison has been double dealing with Peng. She asks him to get into Beatty’s office to look for information they need to sort this out.

Secret messages

Andrea is told about a new top secret message. They do the first stage of decrypting. Some of the sailors that are wounded are in bad shape and pain meds are low. Andres hands Meylan a message from central command. He looks it over and pulls out his decryption key.

He begins to decipher it then goes to see Tom on the bridge. It’s an order to arrest Tom and take command of the ship. Tom says the White House was the one giving Peng the info. Meylan says he thinks POTUS has lost face than Tom and calls them paranoid.

Tom says this is highly suspect. Meylan says they have to head home. Tom says they won’t make it home alive and says the person that sent that order also sunk the other Navy ships. Meylan tells Plummer to take Tom into custody. Mike steps up.

Tom is under arrest

Tom agrees to comply with the order and tells Mike he’s counting on him to keep the peace. Tom is led away. The Nathan James crew swaps looks. Meylan clear Alicia and her sidekick off the bridge. They leave looking concerned.

Meylan tells his XO to go arrest the pirates for taking the food. Meylan tells Mike he sequestered others. He tells Meylan if he tells the crew he took control of the ship and arrested Tom, he’ll be facing a lot more trouble than he bargained for.

Mike makes the report instead and says to all hands that Tom has been arrested on order of POTUS and he’s been relieved of duty. Wolf, Danny and others are sequestered. Sasha looks alarmed. Mike tells them to conduct themselves professionally.

Nathan James heads home

Mike walks off the bridge. Meylan directs the ship towards Pearl Harbor. Sasha goes to talk to Tom in his quarters and there are guards outside. He tells her to ask for a court martial and says she can act as his attorney. He signs a resignation letter to make it official.

Sasha says Meylan might put him in front of a firing squad. Tom says they can’t go home or they will all be killed. He says he needs to take command of the ship and has to commit treason to do so. Sasha says she’s in and for him to tell her the plan.

Back in the US, Jacob heads to the White House and is allowed inside. He notes that security is tighter than before. Inside, he lurks around and then looks for Beatty’s office. He asks the guard if he can see the Senator then sees people packing up the office.

Lies at the White House

A Secret Service guy tells Jacob that Beatty is out of town. Meylan and his XO go through files trying to figure out what orders Tom was operating under when he was in Asia. She says it’s a mess. Kara waits in Jacob’s apartment and sees a photo of him with a pregnant woman.

Jacob comes back and says Secret Service was cleaning up Beatty’s office and says he believes everything she told him and says something is going on. Kara says there is one person at the White House she can trust and makes a call.

It’s Dennis, the IT guy. She says don’t look around and then says Allison is the leak. Mike talks to Miller and the others about the plan. Meylan sees them talking and Mike says it’s about rations. Meylan asks to talk to Mike in private and says they looked through the files.

Meylan says Tom should reconsider court martial

Mike says they found the cure and saved the world on Tom’s instincts. Mike lays out facts to Meylan about how the chain of command has been broken. Meylan says he has no choice and Mike says you always have a choice.

Meylan says Tom can’t be exonerated at the court martial with this evidence. Mike says he has no choice and has to give Tom his day in court. Someone knocks at Jacob’s door and Kara pulls her gun. It’s Dennis. He comes in and shuts the door.

They lock it and he says it’s impossible to get a message to the James. Dennis says Oliver barely leaves his office. He says he has some files from Beatty and found a hidden file. There are red dots and borders between regions.

Mutiny on the high seas

Kara tells Dennis to be very careful and he says he’ll get a message to the James if he can. The Nathan James guys talk about Tom and they start a fight in the mess hall. Miller says they owe Tom some gratitude and a full-scale brawl breaks out.

Things go crazy and they call an alert. Meylan and Mike head into the mess hall to deal with the melee. They steal some keys off one of the guards and they pass them to Mike on the sly. Jacob and Kara find that there are stockpiles of key supplies in remote areas.

There are stockpiles near the mysterious red dots on the map. Kara finds the dots are prisons and shows him a list of prisons. They wonder why 46 maximum security prisons are part of the plan. Kara says they’re hording food and expecting people to resist.

Jacob goes down

Secret Service breaks into Jacob’s apartment and shoots him and comes after Kara. She goes for his shotgun and blows away the Secret Service guy. Jacob is still alive. Mike gets out a gun from the safe and Sasha is blocked from the sequester cell then she and Mike disarm the two guards.

They take them inside and Danny, Wolf and Burk are told they have to retake this with dry fire so they don’t kill any more sailors. Sasha tells the other sailors she’s sorry that they have to tie up and leave in the room.

Tom and Sasha come to the court martial hearing and Meylan presides. He has no idea what’s happened. Meylan reads through a file folder and the others look uncomfortable. Meylan says he can make an opening statement.

Tom’s court martial goes awry

Tom says he’s been in the Navy most of his life and he’s always respected command. We see Mike and the others head to the armory and load up on vests and weapons. Tom says the Navy taught him a lot of things including how to adapt.

He says he’s had to face many difficult decisions. The team with the guns takes out all the ammo. Tom says he never wavered from his core values and what is right. He says honor, courage and commitment. We see that the team goes and takes down all of Meylan’s men without firing a shot.

They release Takehaya as well. Tom says he was confident in his decisions as a captain. He says the world has become insane but his resolve and dedication never faltered. They retake the bridge and then Miek comes into the room with Danny armed to the teeth.

Meylan knows he’s been had

Tom tells Meylan he forced their hand once the captain realizes he’d been had. Meylan thanks him for removing any doubts about his guilt. Tom says if he’s proven wrong he will face judgment from a higher force than Meylan.

Tom changes course to Japan and the ship turns. They’re heading for Peng. Kara and Jacob are in the car driving away and they hear on the radio that a warrant is out for their arrest in connection with Beatty’s murder. Several military vehicles pass them on the road.

Kara gets in line behind them at a checkpoint. There are soldiers all over the road. They see that a wall is being constructed. Kara says the regional borders they saw will be permanent. Their car is allowed through as one of the last pillars of the wall is set into place.