The Last Ship Recap – President Taken Hostage – Traitor at The Top: Season 3 Episode 9 “Eutopia”

The Last Ship Recap - President Taken Hostage - Traitor at The Top: Season 3 Episode 9 "Eutopia"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode with an all new Sunday, August 14, season 3 episode 9 called “Eutopia,” and we’ve got you’re The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler (Eric Dane) unearths a lead that could resolve menacing questions.

On the last episode, America coped with tragedy. Meanwhile, Chandler probed a potential virus mutation. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got your full detailed The Last Ship recap right here.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “Chandler unearths a lead that could resolve menacing questions. Meanwhile, Kara snoops in the White House.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and have you’re the Last Ship recap for you down below. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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Four weeks ago, we see people adding the green powder to virus sample to make the metal balls that will go into the missiles that China was making to spread the virus around. A missile is loaded into a crate and the word Vietnam is painted on it.

The missiles are loaded into a military truck and driven off. On the Vietnam/China border, men creep through the jungle in camo, heavily armed with guns. Shots ring out. A missile hits the ground and the soldiers stare at it. They think it’s a dud when it doesn’t go off.

The soldiers creep closer and laugh about it being a dud bomb made in China. Then they notice a green mist floating down onto them.

Tom says Peng’s plan is genocide

Now, Tom talks about the victims not knowing that they were infected and they rushed out of hiding to get the vaccine. We see them getting shots. Tom says this was a sinister deception and many nations are at risk with no idea. Tom calls it genocide.

He’s on a call to the new President explaining how President Peng can destroy a country with just six missiles. Tom says they may know the source. They think they found an island where the missiles are being built. POTUS asks how certain they are.

Tom says he needs the other ships to come help them. The president asks why he wants those ships now and says he doesn’t know him well and he can’t declare war on China without more evidence than statements from smugglers and pirates.

POTUS gives them orders

He says to go get the evidence then they can make an announcement but tells Tom he can have the other two ships that he wants. Kara goes back to Dennis, the tech guy, about the weird signal they’ve been tracking. They wonder why it’s there and he tells Kara it’s encrypted.

Kara takes a shot at reading the signal and says she knows the pattern. She says it’s a voice. Alex comes in asking for info and takes folders from Kara and again blocks her from a meeting. Allison says she’s sorry about her being blocked.

Mike comes to talk to Takehaya who says his son is strong but he and his wife are not doing well. Takehaya says they must stop Peng and says he can help since he has men and ships and knows these waters. He says they can fight him together.

The search for proof of Peng’s treachery begins

Sasha, Tom and Danny are on the island searching for proof of the missile production. They find the old American military base they think is being used. They hear a noise and go on high alert. They find an Asian guy in tennis whites who asks them to toss back the ball he bobbled.

Kanoa tells them they heard of a safe place to live and many came there and they started schools, farms and more. He says it’s a paradise. Wolf, Sasha, Tom and the gang ride in his golf cart to the main living area that was once a US base.

He stops the car and then takes them to some buildings. They see empty swings and signs of life. People peek out the windows at them and Kanoa with them tells them it’s okay, these are American friends. Cautious people stream out of the buildings.

Strange events

Sasha asks the man if Peng knows they are there and he says he leaves them alone to live in peace. He mentions they have a factory and Tom asks to see it. Kanoa agrees. He takes them to a building where women are sewing.

The woman tells Sasha that they are making t-shirts and last week it was jeans. Kanoa interrupts Sasha when she tries to question the woman further and says he will answer her questions. Sasha and Tom are skeptical about what they are seeing.

Kanoa takes them outside and offers to show them the school. Tom says this isn’t the factory he wanted to see. Kanoa lies and says there is no other factory. A girl runs by chasing a dog and Kanoa says te girl is silly. Danny takes off running after her.

The girl begs Danny for help

Danny finds Malaya, the girl, and she says she’s a slave and says there’s another factory near the big old guns. Kanoa begs them to just go and tells the girl to shut her mouth. Malaya says a big Chinese warship came yesterday.

Danny tells Tom about the other factory. Tom tells Kanoa take us where we want to go now. Kara finds Alex in her office going through her papers. He says he’s worried about her and whose team she’s on. Alex mocks Tom and his latest scheme.

Alex bickers with her when she mentions the genocide in Asia. He says it’s alleged and they need to focus on America and its people. Kara asks what he’s suggesting and he says their country is collapsing while everyone has an eye on Asia.

The other factory

Kanoa drives Tom and his people to an area that’s protected by a gate and Burk cuts the chain that’s holding it shut. Kanoa tries to talk them out of it and says no one is down there. Tom radios Mike and says they may have found the factory.

They head toward a bunker that’s mostly underground and the team proceeds cautiously. Kano is gunned down by enemy fire and Tom tells Mike they can’t fire on the building until he knows what’s inside. They swap fire with the guard.

They see another vehicle speeding towards them – a Jeep armed with a gunner. They make it into the tunnel and then take out the gunner on the Jeep. They check around for more armed guards. Tom calls Mike to fill him in on the gun battle.

Inside the factory

They find a partial missile and the place looks cleaned out. They find a placard that shows the name of a city in Korea. Tom says Peng took a warship and is using that to ship his missiles now that they found his yacht that he was using to move the weapons.

Kara and Dennis find a woman’s voice in the signal and it’s words that seem random. They wonder if the code is simple or hard and Dennis says the signal is coming from inside the building. Back on the Nathan James, they look at shipping lanes.

They figure out the likely route the ship took to Korea to launch the green mist missiles. They ask Takehaya his opinion and he points out the route that he thinks Peng will use since it’s narrower and has more obstacles to hide from radar. Mike agrees the pirate is correct.

Another ship joins the Nathan James

Tom talks to Captain Meylan aboard another US Navy ship and gives him the coordinates of the Chinese shop location and tells him that if he finds the ship, they should take it down. Meylan and his XO are happy to work with Tom.

Kara updates POTUS, Alex and Allison on the plan and where the Navy ship is located. Alex walks out as the briefing wraps. Kara looks at him suspiciously. Hicks calls into Tom and alerts him and Mike on a ship that’s moving fast.

They target the ship. The ships call battle stations and they wonder if they’re starting a war with China. Kara and Dennis talk. He tells Kara the signal is map coordinates. Allison calls POTUS and they listen to Mike. Dennis tells Kara that the message gives the coordinates.

A mole in the White House

Kara looks at the list of coordinates that Dennis figured out and it’s all of the locations where the Nathan James has been and encountered trouble. She quickly realizes someone in the US is feeding info to their enemies. Kara runs to the mic and tries to stop them.

The Navy ships are under fire. Kara and the others listen in horror as the Navy ships come under attack. Tom lies in rubble on the bridge and Mike comes to and calls for a medical corpsman. Tom staggers to stand and asks where the missiles came from.

They came from the mainland. The other ships are also targeted and we see one of the other ships take a major hit. Missiles are heading for all three of the ships. The other ships take critical hits and things look dire. The James launches counter-measures.

Hail Mary plan

The Nathan James moves on targeting the Chinese ship for destruction. Alisha is ready and they fire on the land site that’s firing on them as well as the missile ship. Another missile comes for them but they fire on it. They hit the Chinese ship and the land site.

They report to Tom that the other Navy ships aren’t responding and Mike sends out a search for survivors. POTUS is stunned at how badly this went. Kara is shell shocked. Divers are in the water pulling out wounded sailors to take them back to the Nathan James.

The wounded are brought on board the James and they get to work saving lives. Many are severely wounded and are dying despite their best efforts. Blood is everywhere and many of the sailors know the other wounded. Sasha is treated by the doc for a head wound.

Proof of death

Burk and Jessie do a fly over the other ship to look for survivors. There are none and Mike orders them back to the James. There are 85 dead and more than 20 missing. Tom talks to Captain Meylan who asks how they got set up and doesn’t like that they trusted Takehaya.

Peng is told that the ship heading to Korea was taken out and they can’t confirm whether all of the Navy ships were taken out. We see a transmission that he got from the US mole. Alex asks Kara how she knew they were being set up. She says it was just an instinct.

Dennis says they have the Nathan James. Alex takes the call and Tom reports that only the James survived and Tom says he thinks the enemy has compromised them and they will be at radio silence from now on. Alex reports to POTUS that they lost one ship and the other is crippled.

Kara reports the ambush to POTUS

The President is annoyed and Kara notes that Alex has a cell phone in his hand. She follows him out of the office. POTUS talks to Allison who shuts the door to the office and tells him that Chandler’s China adventure is over and tells him to sit down and listen.

She tells him he’s just a mayor and says sit down. He is mad and grabs the phone and tells her she’s fired. Allison says the lines are cut and the White House is on lock down on his orders. Alex goes outside and Kara follows at a distance.

Alex goes into a stairwell and she creeps along as he acts furtive and sneaky. He’s down in a basement level. POTUS asks Allison if she’s joking and he buzzes for Secret Service. Allison says these are her men. POTUS asks what she’s done.

Alex was a red herring

A man pulls Alex to go with him. Allison tells POTUS there will be a revolution of governments. She’s been working with the regional directors and says there’s no room for a presidency in this new world order. She says there are no states and cities, it’s all tribes.

She says 300 million American’s are dead and they can’t afford the luxury of democracy. Kara sees a car speed up and Alex and the guy he was with are shot and go down. She hides. Kara creeps over after the car leaves. Alex says he was with Senator Beatty.

Alex tells Kara they’re all in on it. He says she’s not safe and then he dies. Kara grabs up his cell phone. Allison tells POTUS that Alex and Beatty are dead by now and reveals to him she also killed Michener. President Howard says she’s insane.

POTUS under Allison’s control

Allison tells Howard his family is in danger unless he cooperates with her. She tells him this office is his home now and he can’t leave. She tells him to have a good night and leaves him under guard. He’s furious at what she’s done to him.

Tom is on the bridge of the James and is angry. Kara leaves the White House cautiously and heads away from police sirens. She looks around to see if she’s being watched or followed.