The Last Ship Recap – America Has Fallen, Tom Blamed: Season 3 Episode 11 “Legacy”

The Last Ship Recap - America Has Fallen, Tom Blamed: Season 3 Episode 11 "Legacy"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with an all new Sunday, August 28, season 3 episode 11 called “Legacy,” and we’ve got you’re The Last Ship recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a final showdown pits Chandler (Eric Dance) against his formidable enemy.

On the last episode, Chandler faced a tough decision when the White House delivered a bizarre order. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got your full detailed The Last Ship recap right here.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis, “a final showdown pits Chandler against his formidable enemy. Elsewhere, Kara joins forces with someone who can help with her mission.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and have you’re the Last Ship recap for you down below. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#TheLastShip starts with a man in a barn being beaten and we see that it’s the property of Roberta and she’s talking to the guy (it’s Tex!) who says she’s crazy as hell. She says he’s messing with the wrong southern woman and asks where his men took her sh*t.

Roberta says she went looking for his daughter Kathleen but found out he has an answering machine and plays a message from Kara asking him to meet her in Arkansas and setting a meeting date and time and says something is going on in St Louis.

Flashback to Michener still alive in his room and looking at a report on some people. A guard comes in and takes his drink from him and then another chokes him with a necktie. We see the look of shock on his face as he’s strangled.

Allison has POTUS under her thumb

Allison tells Howard to change his suit and he says choosing his clothes are the last power left to him. He tells her this speech is a national self-destruct order and says this will kill America. Allison says the virus did that.

She tells him to read the speech as its written and there’s a place for him in the new world. Then she tells him to change his suit and walks out. In the East China Sea, Takehaya shows Tom and Mike on the map where he thinks the enemy ships are heading.

He says Peng is heading for the Japanese National Archives. He says he wants to kill the Japanese people and erase their culture. They agree to stick to radio silence and try and sink Peng’s last two ships. Kara and Jacob have car trouble and are on the side of the road.

Relocation plan launches

They listen to a plan about voluntary relocation and food shortages. Kara wants Jacob on the air to reveal things. He says the regional leaders used him to send out misinformation while they plotted to kill Michener. Kara tells him they can make it right.

She gets the car working again and he asks her about Tex and she says he’ll be there to meet them and he’s the only one they can trust. One of Roberta’s men comes to feed Tex and finds the guard dead and Tex gone. He reports to Roberta that he’s gone and armed.

Roberta says they know where he’s going. We see Tex speeding down the road towards Kara. At the Japanese National Archives, Peng has men with him and one is videotaping. They look at a statue of a Japanese god of luck.

Peng destroys Japanese culture

Peng mocks it and says it’s not lucky today. One of his men detonates an explosive that wrecks it. He tells his men to take items of value and set up a bonfire to destroy the rest and plans to broadcast it to the world. Andrea says they found one of the Chinese ships.

Sasha says that may be the ship that Peng is on. They worry if they fire on the first ship, the second ship might fire on them. They decide to send in a force to storm the national archives and they also plan to cripple the other ship. Alisha offers her intel as well.

Jeter gives them the info on the other ship. Meylan is there and listening too. They hope that the enemy crew will not know they are there. Tom says if one part of the plan fails, it all fails. Meylan says he can’t do nothing while they risk their lives. He wants to help. Tom gives him an assignment.

Back in the US…

Kara and Jacob make it to the meeting point and she screws a silencer onto her gun and then gives Jacob a second gun and tells him not to look so nervous. They get out and head into the gas station she referred to as a pit stop.

A guy approaches her and calls her by name and says Tex sent her to pick up her and the reporter. She says she didn’t mention a reporter. She and Jacob get into it with the men, Tex shows up and tells Kara she’s getting soft from desk work. Tex says hi to Jacob.

Tex brings Kara and Jacob back to his place where his daughter Kathleen is and some men. He says he was brought in to help Roberta Price with regional issues then he realizes what was going on and tells her about the walls. Jacob says Dennis sent them Howard’s speech.

The US government goes down

Jacob says Howard Oliver’s speech will disband the US government and hand all power to the regions. Tex says they have to go back to St Louis and stop the speech. They load up for their mission. On the Nathan James, the two teams weapon up for their separate missions.

Takehaya is with them and going to the archives to help. Sasha locks and loads and Tom stares at her. He tells her to keep her head down and she agrees. They are ready to go wheels up. Andrea says the two teams are on the move.

The destruction at the Japanese national archives starts. Peng looks at an ancient document, tears it up and throws it down. The team gets the 15-minute alert to move in. Jessie drops her divers off into the water near the other ship.

Big trouble with little China

Tom’s team moves into the archive area. On the Chinese ship, Mike’s team moves to take the CIC. The pirates are helping that team and Sasha is with them. Mike radios Tom and his team shoots out the lights and prepares to move in to shut down Peng. Gunfire breaks out.

They tie up the men on the Chinese ship and Mike assaults one when he moves to answer a distress call from the land forces. One of the tied up men eyes a trigger button. Wolf and Takehaya are with Tom at the archives. Peng is warned the Americans are there.

The men on the mainland ask that they fire. Then Sasha tells Mike the second ship is transmitting. Sasha says if they don’t respond, the second ship will fire on them. One of the men says it’s not a bluff and those are Peng’s orders.

Let’s play Battleship

The second ship says respond in 60 minutes or we fire. Sasha says the men are prepared to be martyrs. She reports back to the Nathan James. Meylan says go active radar and find the other ship. He says they can kill the other ship. A guy grabs the trigger and fires on the Chinese ship.

Sasha warns the team on the land and Meylan tells them to go active and shoot them down and they go active on radar. The missiles are shot down but now the James is at risk. Tom thanks them and says watch their butts. The second Chinese ship locks onto them.

They go into evasive mode. Sasha says the second ship is targeting them. Mike sits down at the computer on the Chinese ship. Mike fires on the second Chinese ship and then smiles and tells Sasha it’s the same in every language. He took out the other ship.

Tom moves in on Peng

Tom and Takehaya and the team move into the archives. Peng looks at the bonfire and all they burned. They tell the pirate to keep moving even though he’s distraught. He’s in tears over what Peng did to his national treasures.

The team moves deeper into the archives looking for Peng who can’t go back to the ship. Tom and Danny check in and then they hear gunfire. Peng is on the run and his guards are taken out one by one. Peng runs but Takehaya has him cornered.

Peng tells him he looks unwell and doesn’t have much time left. They fire on each other and both are hit. Peng says he’s proud but weak like his people. Peng says like his people he will be erased. He holds a gun to the back of his head then Takeheya kicks his leg, grabs a sword and runs him through.

Peng dead and Tom finds out the ugly truth

Takehaya tells Peng that he will go to hell. They run to help Takehaya. Tom asks Peng who he was working with in America. Peng asks why he bothers to fight when everyone back home betrayed him. He says they sent him to die and killed Michener.

Tom demands to know who. Peng tells Tom he’s all alone and can trust no one. Pen drives the sword deeper into his own gut to finish himself off. Allison comes to tell Howard it’s time to make the speech. He’s in the gray suit. He says he was told her partners will be in the audience.

Allison says read it word for word or he’ll die too. Regional leaders are in attendance and waiting as Howard comes out to make his speech. Takehaya looks at the destroyed statue. Tom tells the pirate the last of the anti-cure missiles are on the ship they captured.

The end of America and Japan?

Takehaya says at least the rest of Asia won’t suffer. Tom says let’s get you home but Takehaya wants to stay on Japanese soil. He tells Tom his name is Kaito like his son. They clasp hands in a salute and the pirate walks away alone into the archives.

His other pirates go with Tom. Howard addresses the nation and says the Founding Fathers could not have imagined this day and the strife they faced with the virus. Dennis meets Kara and Tex and hands them press passes. Jacob is with them.

Kara tells Dennis he needs to get far away and he wishes her luck then takes off. The speech continues on. Howard says Democracy is untenable and says the center cannot hold. He struggles to read the speech and is at the crucial point of the speech.

Jacob calls him out

Jacob says the Howard Oliver they know saved St Louis. He says what happened to that man. Allison says take him. Then Howard tells Jacob he’s right and says he knows who he is. The President is dragged away and Jacob asks where they’re taking him.

Kara and Tex fire on the guards. Jacob asks Allison if the president is a prisoner in the White House. They try to drag Jacob way but Tex’s guys open fire and save him. Allison is at the end of Kara’s gun when she comes around a corner. Kara backs away without firing.

Allison grabs a radio and alerts the guards that POTUS is being taken by armed men. Jacob is tackled and Kara goes to save him but Tex says focus on the President. It’s a full on gun battle as they try to save him. Tex’s kid Kathleen drives and they speed away.

The President is free!

Kara and Tex have kidnapped Howard, thus saving the President from dismantling the government but Jacob was left behind. They speed away with Howard and Kara stares out the window upset about sacrificing Jacob.

In Asia, Jessie and the others take off their weapons and Meylan greets Tom and says they found proof on the Chinese ship about the betrayal in America. Meylan says he knows some allies that can help and Tom says get them on the line, we need all the help we can get.

Takehaya’s wife approaches Tom and thanks him for all he’s done to help her and her country. Sasha translates for her. Sasha says she wants to be with her husband to die in Japan. Jessie is taking them to Takehaya and says her goodbyes to Tom, Sasha and Wolf. Jessie takes off.

Sacrificial lambs to the slaughter

Tom calls the San Diego Naval station. Alicia comes in and shows him a report from the US where Allison says there is chaos and says agitators kidnapped the President. Allison says they have kept the trurh but now have to tell America.

She says Michener was murdered along with Beatty and Rivera and says the terrorists were working with radicals led by Howard himself and he had Michener killed so he could take office and create a dictatorship. Jacob begs for his life, but is sot.

Allison says Tom is a co-conspirator with Howard and says Chandler is under arrest and on the way back to North America. She tears up to sell it and says America can survive it. She says they have a plan to move forward. Allison says the regional leaders will disband the US government.

America falls – can it rise again?

Allison says regional governors will run their areas until a central government. She says the military has been taken over by regional leaders. We see that the top military leaders are all assassinated. Melan tells Tom he can’t reach anyone.

Tom says the Naval Base is not answering and tells him it’s a coup and the top generals are dead. Tom tells them they’re all alone. Mike says they lost their country and Tom says not yet and sets a course for the Naval Base in San Diego.

Can America be saved? We’ll find out more on the next episode of The Last Ship.