The Originals Recap – Death Comes for Elijah: Season 3 Episode 13 “Heart Shaped Box”

The Originals Recap - Death Comes for Elijah: Season 3 Episode 13 "Heart Shaped Box"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday February 19, season 3 episode 13 called “Heart Shaped Box,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Aurora uses Freya as bait to lure Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) into a dangerous trap. Meanwhile, Davina (Danielle Campbell) is recruited by the Strix’s coven of witches to perform a spell that could save the lives of her closest friends.

On the last episode, when a powerful weapon that took down the Mikaelsons for good ended up in the wrong hands, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) found himself in a tense standoff with an unlikely foe. Meanwhile, Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) attempt to reclaim control of The Strix leads to a violent showdown and the emergence of a potential new leader. Elsewhere, when a new coven of witches tried to influence Davina (Danielle Campbell) into helping them locate the elusive weapon, she quickly realized she may be in over her head. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Aurora uses Freya as bait to lure Klaus and Elijah into a dangerous trap. Meanwhile, Davina is recruited by the Strix’s coven of witches to perform a spell that could save the lives of her closest friends, and she conjures up Kol to help her; Hayley is forced to make a heartbreaking sacrifice.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#Originals begins with Klaus choking a man because he hasn’t found Aurora for him. He holds the man over a balcony and says the police need to try harder. Freya tells Klaus that she’s cloaked. Marcel is there and they all talk about how to find her and what to do next.

Freya tries another spell to find Aurora. She chants and then her map sets on fire. She’s frustrated. Wind blows then and her locator blows into a postcard. Aurora is there and asks if she’s looking for her. Davina is with Aya and they talk about her spell.

She says Klaus’ mom did the original binding spell so she needs someone who knows her technique. Aya asks if it’s Kol she wants. Aya is annoyed with her and Davina says resurrect Kol and we can find the missing ingredient.

Aya has a hand of glory candle and says if she wants Kol back for good, she’d better find what they need. Hayley is paying respects to Jack when Klaus joins her and offers condolences. She says everyone is sorry but it doesn’t change anything.

He says Aurora may use Cami to come at him and wants her kept safe. Hayley says that’s his job but he says not anymore. Hayley agrees. Elijah calls Klaus and says Aurora took Freya. She left a poem on how to find her. Marcel comes to see Davina and says he’s on her side.

She says tell Aya to let her bring back Kol. He says Kol has been there safe for a long time. Davina asks if he trusts Aya. He says no but they can trust each other. He says they need to stick together. He says he will help her raise Kol when this is all done.

Klaus reads the poem that Aurora left about Freya rotting and buried alive. Elijah says she torments them and bad poetry too. Klaus says Freya had a vision of being buried alive. Freya wakes to see Aurora standing there glaring and she asks what she did.

Aurora says she used the same drug on her that Tristan used on her during her “episodes.” Freya can’t use magic and Aurora says they could have been sisters. Freya says her brothers will come for her and Aurora says she’s counting on it but will she be alive when they get there. She shoots her.

Hayley comes to see Cami and she asks if it was worth it to risk everyone’s lives over her petty fight with Klaus. Hayley says she’s putting people at danger. Cami reminds her she put herself at risk to save them all. Hayley says let’s go because she’s taking her ass to school.

Klaus and Elijah are in the woods and find the cabin. Klaus says Freya’s blood scent trails off somewhere else. They agree that Aurora dies and split up. Elijah goes in the cabin cautiously. He sees a bullet on the table and wood fragments.

Klaus is in the woods and spots a fresh grave with flowers on it. Freya wakes in the box and looks at the blood on her hands in some faint light she conjures. Aurora is in the cabin and takes aim at Elijah. He says it’s vulgar then asks about Freya.

She says he’s a stick in the mud and Freya takes after him. She says Freya is busy dying and may already be dead. Klaus digs up a coffin and reads “guess again” on the lid. There are mounds of fresh graves. He can’t tell which one is his sister’s.

Freya calls on Finn for help and grasps her stone. Her blood come up out of her and pools on the coffin then climbs up the flowers. Klaus smells it. Elijah asks why Aurora thinks she stands a chance. She says they believe in their own myth. He says why is she waiting?

She says she’s not there to kill Klaus. She’s waiting so he can watch Elijah die. Hayley takes Cami to the church where the sparring ring is. Hayley says her waving antiques around won’t help. Cami holds out a box and says it will paralyze anyone who attacks.

Hayley says keep your dark objects but learn how to defend yourself. Hayley says that Marcel saved the church from being bulldozed and now it’s something more. She says she’s a hybrid, mom, widow and alpha.

She says Cami is a shrink, bartender and has a family legacy of cool toys. She says you’ll die if you don’t embrace the fact that you’re a vampire. Cami says it’s good advice and Hayley says she caught her on a good day. Hayley says get in the ring and try and punch me.

Davina chants over the hand of glory. It lights and Kol is there in spirit. He says he’s more popular with her than in the afterlife. He says she should not have joined this coven. She says it’s a means to an end. Aya is there and says he’s a bit old for her.

Kol says he thought someone would have killed Aya by now and she says she’s more durable. She says he can remain a ghost or prove himself useful. She says the de-siring spell is what they need. Aya says give them the missing ingredient – the binding agent.

Kol says Aya is cuddly then says he will only talk to Davina. Aya glares and leaves. Elijah calls Aurora delusional and utterly insane and says there’s only so much madness even his brother can take. He says she was just petty desire not real love.

He says once Klaus discarded her he saw ho pathetic she is. He tries to get the gun but she says love is nothing but a trap. She says only the love of family is unbreakable and the only love worth fighting for. She says Tristan suffers, drowning over and over.

She says she will end his suffering by ending Elijah as his sire. She says a white oak bullet will take his life and that will save her own broken heart. Klaus and Freya are there and he says to stop them. Elijah warns him she made white oak bullets.

Klaus says she won’t pull the trigger. She shoots and Freya magics it away. Klaus tells Elijah to tend to their sister while he murders his ex.

Kol tells Davina that his mom Esther was a genius witch. He says it’s impossible to break the sire bond. Davina says he’s lying. She says she can bring him back once she breaks it. She says they can be together. Kol says she won’t like the answer.

Kol begs her not to do this. Aya tells Marcel the witches can eavesdrop on the candle. One listens and transcribes. Davina talks about the spell and how it worked. She says blood must be the core of the sire link. Kol says someone has to die so stop this.

Kol says this is a devil’s bargain. Davina says it requires a special heart and wonders if it’s outside the link – an unsired heart. She says there has not been a vampire born outside the line until… She pauses. Aya goes to look at the transcription.

She says it’s an unsired vampire. She says it’s Hayley – she’s not sired. Marcel says no but she snaps his neck and tells the witches to find Hayley. Klaus comes after Aurora and she shoots him in the shoulder. She says the little knight he carved was so beautiful.

She says queen takes king and he flings a metal sign into her abdomen then moves. She can’t see him. Hayley and Cami spar in the ring. Hayley takes her again and again. She tells her to do better. Then she says again. Cami finally gets the drop on her.

Hayley wipes away blood and Cami thanks her for coming to find her. Hayley says don’t get mushy. Hayley gets her phone and Davina says Aya’s witches are coming to kill her. They come in and throw Hayley back against the floor.

Cami runs for her bag and the dark object spins and stops one witch then Cami takes out one. One witch tries to pull Hayley’s heart out with magic. Klaus gets the gun away from Aurora but he has it. He says white oak is wasted on her but will kill her just the same.

She says please. When he pauses she gets the gun and says she’s sorry. She shoots at Elijah and he goes down and is bleeding. Hayley is on her feet but screaming. Hayley says if you want my heart come and get it. Davina says she has to go help Hayley.

Kol says let him help. He says if he takes her down, the other witches will go down too. He says he’ll draw from the magic holding him there. He says she can make it up to him later. She smiles. They link to the candle and he knocks them all out including Davina.

Kol looks at an unconscious Davina and says worst date ever. Klaus puts his hand in Elijah’s chest and says he has to get the bullet out but Elijah says go kill her. He snaps Elijah’s neck and then puts his hand in his chest and digs out the bullet.

He hears Elijah’s heart beating and sighs. Hayley gets up groaning and then Aya comes in. Hayley asks why she wants her heart and Aya says it’s nothing personal. She and Hayley brawl but Hayley is already weak. Marcel is there and says she’s going to start a war.

He says her actions will make the Mikaelsons kill them. She says there is no alternative. He says give him a couple of hours to work on this. He says he wants to be delinked too but they need to do it the right way. Aya says bring me a solution by midnight or I will rip out your heart then hers.

Cami sleeps in her bed and wakes to sound on the streets. She sees a note and a six pack from Hayley. She smiles. Hayley tells Klaus and Elijah about a spell to break the sire link. She says she’s the only unsired vampire in history so she’s the key.

Hayley says she won’t be an easy target and Klaus wonders if they found a work around. They worry that the witches may go for Jackson’s heart since the unification ceremony made his heart a mirror image of his. He says they need to dig Jack up.

Hayley doesn’t like it but he says Aurora will come back and they need the vampires linked so they have to protect them. Hayley nods. Davina comes to and tells Kol they wasted so much time. He says he liked watching her sleep.

She says she’ll bring him back soon but he says Aya never keeps her promises. He says the coven is too dangerous and she says she can bring him back and they can take them on together. She tells him she loves him. He says kiss me before I go.

She kisses him and the candle snuffs out. He’s gone. Hayley is at Jackson’s grave and they see they’re too late. She says it was the only piece of Jackson she had left. Klaus promises they will find who did this and return the favor ten-fold.

Marcel delivers the heart to Aya and says it’s Hayley’s husbands. He says his heart became one with hers. Davina says it will work. Aya asks how she got it and he says it’s his city – nothing happens in it without him knowing.

Aya glares then comes to Davina who walks away. He says – you’re welcome. Aya says he proved himself a creative leader today. Marcel says he wants to be free of the Mikaelsons and if she gets in his way again, he’ll be creative in a way to kill her too.

She says he’s starting to learn that commitment to a common goal is as strong a bond as family. Freya finds Klaus carving and he says he’s clearing his mind. He’s making Hope a new chess piece since hers was taken.

He asks if she’s surprised he came for her. He says she’s his sister and she’s part of the family always and forever. Elijah comes in and says he agrees with Klaus completely. Freya asks their next move and says Aurora has more white oak.

Elijah says she’s not the only problem. Klaus says they need to kill all of those who stand against them. They toast. Aurora is in a car sitting in the woods. Aya meets her and she tells her she’s not in the mood for it. Aya says she came to offer her assistance.

Aurora says she knows who she wants to kill and how. Aya says having a target and hitting it are not the same. She says it’s easier when you have a common ally. Aurora and Aya smile at one another.