The Originals Recap 2/12/16: Season 3 Episode 12 “Dead Angels”

The Originals Recap 2/12/16: Season 3 Episode 12 "Dead Angels"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday February 12, season 3 episode 12 called “Dead Angels,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) faces an unlikely foe when a powerful weapon that could take down the Mikaelsons for good ends up in the wrong hands.

On the last episode, while Klaus (Joseph Morgan) found himself dealing with pressing matters at home, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) reluctantly aligned with Aya (guest star Tracy Ifeachor) after learning that she may have knowledge of an elusive weapon that could kill an Original vampire for good.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when a powerful weapon that could take down the Mikaelsons for good ends up in the wrong hands, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) finds himself in a tense standoff with an unlikely foe.

Meanwhile, Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) attempt to reclaim control of The Strix leads to a violent showdown and the emergence of a potential new leader. Elsewhere, when a new coven of witches tries to influence Davina (Danielle Campbell) into helping them locate the elusive weapon, she quickly realizes she may be in over her head.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals begins with Vincent chanting and Cami talking to him. He says she’s cloaked but Klaus is trying to track her. Cami says if Klaus wants the horse back, he has to give back her dark objects. Vincent says she stole the only thing in the world that can kill an original and says others will come for it.

Cami sends Klaus a text and Vincent asks if she’s sure. Davina asks what happened to Ariane and Aya says that’s what happens when you bargain with Elijah. She says he killed her because she knew the secrets.

The other witches come in and Aya says they will channel Ariane and find the weapon in her head. Davina says it’s dangerous and says if Elijah finds out – Aya interrupts and says Elijah is her sire and she can handle it. She says she wants the weapon to protect her line.

Aya comes out and finds Marcel there and she asks why she took Davina. Aya says she’s a former Regent not a kid. Marcel says he won’t let her make Davina a puppet. Aya says she has to keep all of them alive and he’d better get in line.

Klaus comes to the cemetery and sees Vincent. Klaus threatens him but then steps over a line and sees there’s magic there. There’s a barrier there and Cami says he should agree to the fair trade and not make things harder.

He calls her a traitor to his family. He says he thought they were on intimate and she says give back her stuff that he took. Klaus sets down a briefcase and she says that’s a third of it and asks does he want a third of the white oak.

Vincent advices them to finish this fast before other parties show up and he walks off. Hayley is with Elijah and asks what’s the plan. He says he’s keeping Aya distracted. Hayley asks why not kill Aya and he says they have history. She asks if they had a thing.

Elijah describes her as a fierce intellect and he invited her to an immortal life. He says he cared for her deeply and they created the Strix. He says then his Father came and brought a small army and laid them to waste and they had to run.

He says Aya wouldn’t come with him and Tristan ended up saving her and they corrupted the Strix into the savage ignorant group it is today. He says Aya never forgave him. He says he hasn’t forgiven himself either.

Hayley asks how he plans to keep her distracted. He says a little salt in an old wound and walks out. The witches aren’t having luck channeling and take a break. Davina waits til they leave and sits back by Ariane’s body.

She says she died in New Orleans even though she’s not from there and she consecrates her so she can have peace. When she touches her head to spread the oil, she gets all the memories including the weapon and her death at Elijah’s hands.

Cami tells Klaus to calm down and count to 10. He says she endangered his family and he says she knows what he’s capable of and she mocks him and says she will as soon as he gives back what’s hers. He says he won’t tolerate this behavior from her and says she’ll end up dead.

She says his ex murdered her and will pay for it. She says she needs the dark objects. Klaus slides the case across the line and says he’ll retrieve her toys but keep the barrier up until he gets back. Aya comes to talk to the Strix. Elijah lurks outside.

Aya says they must get the weapon and then Elijah walks in and says it’s wonderful to see them and says Aya looks comfortable in charge where Tristan was. He says you can’t be leader without his consent and calls himself a founding father and says he chooses the leader.

He says he has an excellent candidate in mind. He says he’s taking back what he is. He asks if anyone objects then says they follow him and he returns them to greatness. Marcel mocks him and Elijah shushes him and says the grown-ups are talking.

He pulls out the charter of the Strix and says it’s his duty to uphold the tenets then reads off in the absence of a worthy leader, complete dominion goes to him. Aya says if he wants to stake this absurd claim she invokes the right of Ludum Regale.

Elijah says it’s the game of things and Aya says he can’t invoke one part of the charter without the other and says she helped write it. She says it’s a contest of strength and cunning. She challenges him to a duel and says whoever holds the charter at the stroke of midnight is the new leader.

She asks if he accepts. He stares her down. Davina lights a candle and ours fluid into a cauldron that sizzles. She chants. The candle flares. She’s in Klaus’s house and sees him packing a box full of objects. He can’t see her. She watches him cram things in boxes.

Hayley comes in and shushes him before he wakes Hope. She says she’s upset and Cami stole her favorite toy to get back at him. She says be quiet. Klaus says add it to the long list of grievances against him. Hayley says she knows he’s mad at Cami but says she’s not in her right mind.

He says she’s tucked behind a barrier spell in the city of the dead taunting him. As Davina comes back to herself another witch is there and asks if she has something to share. Marcel says the oldest organization of vampires settles things like a playground disagreement.

Aya and Elijah head into the cage at the church gym. They each take off their jackets and Elijah unbuttons his sleeve and says come get the charter. Cami paces wondering why Klaus is taking so long. Vincent says she poked a dangerous bear.

He says Klaus let her in his life because he trusted her. She says that girl is dead. Davina says if she knew something she would tell them. The other witch wonders if Davina has leftover loyalties to the vamps. Davina pushes back on her and the other witch says Aya won’t keep her promises.

Davina says she has the spell she need and just needs power. The other girl says her family was poor and her mother sick when she became a sister. She says she wanted to help her family and Aya made her a lot of promises. She says she did all that she asked and by then her own mother hated her.

She tells Davina that real magic like they practice will change you. She tells Davina she will save that person she loves and then it will all end. The other witch says she just wants out of the coven and grabs Davina’s head and chants.

She gets the image of the white horse from her head. Elijah and Aya fight in the ring. He asks if she’s done and she says she won’t submit. He has her by the throat. She says we will never follow you. He says they all swore loyalty to a serpent.

Aya says he’s rewriting history and says he ran like a coward and left the Strix to be slaughtered by his mad father. He says he had no choice and she says you always have a choice. He says he returned the moment his family was safe.

He says the wreckage he felt when he thought she was dead was hard. She says Tristan saved them and earned their loyalty. He says Tristan was a vulture and usurper. He says he had a twisted crusade. Aya says Elijah always chooses family above all.

She comes at him hard and slams him against the barrier and says he’s a traitor and she will die before she accepts him as leader. He grabs her by the throat and says he accepts her ultimatum. Marcel speeds by them both and has the charter.

He says catch me if you can but come midnight, I’m in charge. He takes off with it. The other witch lurks in the cemetery nearby as Klaus returns with a case of objects. He notices someone and says the contest ends soon. She cuts off his voice with her magic and his cell now has no service. He calls out for Cami but he can’t be heard.

Elijah sits thinking about his past with Aya and their love. She shows up as he’s toying with a long strand of beads. She takes his drink and downs it. She says why isn’t he concerned that Marcel stole the charter. He says he has his resources on it.

Aya says the Strix will take the charter from Marcel and bring it to her. Elijah says if Marcel takes refuge in a home, neither of them can enter. Aya says he could have ended her but didn’t. She asks why and he says if the opportunity comes up again, he’ll finish the task.

At the cemetery, Vincent watches the mobile of bones moving and says something isn’t right. He tells her to stay. The witch comes out and tells Klaus that Cami can’t hear him and will be dead soon. He goes for her but she’s gone.

He says she’s a Strix coven witch. She says they came for the weapon. He comes at her again but he can’t get to her. She magics him up and into the air then snaps his neck. He falls down. Camu runs out and Vincent hushes her and says they’re not alone and it’s a wtich.

The sisters are there and Vincent says it’s hallowed ground and belongs to the nine covens of New Orleans. They use magic on him and Vincent tells Cami to run now. She’s gone. Vincent faces the Strix witches.

She hears footsteps and the witch is there. She tells Cami to hand it over and cracks her ankle. Cami screams. She says she has a high tolerance for pain and attacks again. Cami lets go the horse and it skips over to the witch.

Cami grabs one of her dark objects and throws it. The witch screams then pants. Cami comes to and sees she’s alone and the witch is gone with the weapon. Elijah calls Marcel ad says come out and give me the charter. Marcel says no and he has three minutes.

He says good luck finding me but Elijah is outside the window. Elijah says when your sister is a witch tracking your enemies is no problem. Elijah threatens to burn it down and then the Strix also assemble. Elijah tells him to come outside now.

A woman invites Elijah inside. Aya is stuck outside. Elijah looks around for Marcel. Klaus rages at Cami and she says shut up and let Vincent track the witch. He says he can’t concentrate with their bickering. Klaus tells Cami to stay put.

Elijah comes out and Aya says the time has run out. Marcel says he wins. Elijah says it’s evasion not a contest. Marcel says aspiring leaders must face off in a contest that requires cunning because they need more brains than brawn.

He says he knows this town and is charming enough to be invited everywhere. Elijah grabs him and is ready to rip his heart out but both Marcel and Aya agree if he breaks the charter, no one will follow him. Marcel says he’s watched the Mikaelsons his whole life.

He says he drove them out of New Orleans in the first place and made this city strong. He says it’s his city because he took it and that’s what a leader does. He jumps atop a car and says this prophecy will happen here if it happens at all.

He says if they are going to stop it from happening, he will stop it here. Aya says they will stand with Marcel and fight to live. Aya says the new leader of the Strix is marcel Gerard. Elijah walks away disgusted. Klaus rants at Cami for the risk on her life.

She says the vulnerability he feels right now is what she feels all the time. She says she took a calculated risk and it blew up and she’s sorry. She says they wouldn’t be here if he just had listened. She says he’s been manipulating for 1000 years.

He yells at her to answer the phone. Davina calls Cami to warn her but Cami says she has it. Davina says the witch isn’t working for the Strix. It’s Aurora she’s working for. The witch hands Aurora the trinket and she asks her to end her servitude to the Strix. Aurora agrees and drains her.

Elijah goes to Marcel’s lair and he pours them drinks. He asks why Elijah punched his hand into his chest and Elijah says he was in character. He says it was a master performance and toasts Marcel as the new grand poobah.

Marcel says the Quarter will become a war zone if the sire line war keeps on. Elijah says at least now he has an army and tells Marcel to keep those clowns in line. Ariane is there and she speaks to Davina. She says she’s with Kol and the ancestors.

She says things are not going well for Kol and says Davina is the only one who can help her. She says the coven’s power can save Kol but the magic is dark and comes at a price. She says if she loses him, Kol’s fate will be far worse than death.

Klaus delivers the dark objects to Cami and says he has killed many people for far less than this. She asks if she should thank him for not killing her. She says she will not live in fear of anyone again ever. He walks off but stops and says she could have trusted him. He leaves mad.

Aya tells Marcel he has no idea where to begin and he says he’s been running New Orleans for a long time. Aya says the Strix are of one sire line and now have a leader of another sire line. She asks how he faces that threat.

He says you need many advisors as a leader and says you seem to have advice. Aya says they have a contingency plan and that’s why she needs Davina. She says they can eradicate their sire link and says Davina will listen to Marcel.

She says free of their sires, they can live their own lives. She asks if he’ll help. Elijah finds Klaus who says Freya still hasn’t found the witch. Klaus says Aurora’s involvement changes everything. They wonder which of them she’ll try to kill first.

Elijah says he broke her mind and Klaus broke her heart. Klaus says they are now the threat to their loved ones and says he loathes irony. Aurora has a wood worker tinkering with the wooden toy. He has made her six bullets from it.

He asks what animal do you hunt with wooden bullets? She says not an animal, a monster – an entire family of them.