The Originals Recap – Klaus Out, Finn In: Season 3 Episode 15 “An Old Friend Calls”

The Originals Recap - Klaus Out, Finn In: Season 3 Episode 15 "An Old Friend Calls"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday March 4, season 3 episode 15 called “An Old Friend Calls,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) faces a new threat when a vampire with a vendetta against him arrives in New Orleans and puts the lives of innocent people in danger. The situation leads Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to help the vengeful vampire in his plan to take down Klaus.

On the last episode, the threat of the prophecy loomed over Klaus and Elijah, who found themselves rendered useless inside a magical trap, while Aya and the Strix’s coven of witches move forward with a risky spell that could take one of them down for good. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus faces a new threat when a vampire with a vendetta against him arrives in New Orleans and puts the lives of innocent people in danger. The situation leads Vincent to help the vengeful vampire in his plan to take down Klaus. Elsewhere, Marcel turns to Davina for help after several Strix members go missing; and Elijah confronts Hayley after learning that she’s been dealing with Jackson’s death in a destructive way.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with Klaus unlocking a safe and pulling out a wooden box. He opens it and we see letters. Elijah says they had to hide from their enemies for a time and explains it to Freya. Klaus says he used to be safe here but with the sire link broken, he’s at risk.

Freya calls him paranoid and Elijah says that’s his default. Elijah says they destroyed all the white oak and recommends he see a therapist. He leaves. Freya asks Elijah if he’s sure about the white oak.

Cami works the bag while Vincent holds it. She’s worried Aurora will come for her once she’s out of whatever hellish place Klaus stashed her. She’s furious he didn’t kill Aurora and Vincent asks if she’s scared or jealous. Klaus shows up and asks to speak to her alone.

Davina is there when Kol wakes. She says he’s been asleep for three days and he says coming back from the dead is exhausting. He says he wants to kiss her. Turns out the sunlight is a problem.

He says she brought him back as he was in this body when he died. He’s a vampire and he confirms for her that he was a psychotic maniac when he was a vampire but he didn’t have her then. She goes to him and kisses him.

Kol asks her to put a ring on his finger so he can attend a family reunion. She tells him Klaus will kill her. He holds her close.  Marcel wakes Josh up and mentions the mess at the loft and Josh says they were celebrating the link breaking.

Marcel says the Strix are upset because they’re still linked to Elijah. Two Strix show up upset that three of their number are missing. Marcel asks how the Strix punish insubordination. He asks if they want to check the charter. He leaves to help them find the missing.

Elijah comes to see Hayley and says he thought she was in the bayou. He spots blood on her head and she says it’s a thorn. He remarks she’s with the Crescents a lot lately and she says they need her. He says he just came to check on Hope since Klaus is distracted.

Hayley says every time they pause, someone comes at them. She asks him to watch the baby and leaves after he consents. Cami counsels Klaus on his fears. He says he hates feeling helpless. He says Mikael was pursuing him and then disappeared.

He says he lived in fear every day then he daggered the others and disappeared. Cami says he doesn’t want to be that person anymore. She says she can’t be his therapist then says she has issues of her own.

She’s furious that he let Aurora die. He says he’s making Aurora suffer for Camille. She doesn’t buy it and walks away. Klaus sees a vampire, Cortez, on the street. He goes back and tells Elijah and Freya about Cortez. (It’s guest star Matt Cedeno playing Cortez).

We see Cortez get out of a limo – he ate and left several women in the back and compelled him to burn the limo and them alone. Davina shows up then and Klaus threatens her. Kol is there and throws him across the piazza. Klaus is stunned.

Davina says the power brought him back. Kol says he should thank her. Klaus hugs him warmly. Kol hugs back. Elijah stares at him and says he hasn’t aged a day. Freya stares. Kol doesn’t know her. He says long lost older sister.

Then he asks for Rebekah. Klaus says that’s for family only and says Davina will leave. Kol threatens to rip his head off and Davina says she’ll go. She says he can make it up to her later. He says they’ll go dancing tonight. He kisses her and she goes.

Marcel finds Elijah waiting on him and he asks him to have his best men on it. Marcel says his best men are missing and Elijah asks if he has any leads. Strix says they need to find the head of this before they burn the city down.

Vincent is working out when a man shows up and hands him a card saying his presence is requested immediately. He says no and the man stabs himself in the neck. Vincent runs to save him but it’s too late. He goes.

Kol sits reading letters from the box and Elijah says Kol just got there in time to help clean up Klaus’ mess. He asks if he misses being dead yet. Klaus hands him a glass of blood and he says no more fresh after this.

Kol says he can help murder his enemies then he’s going back to Davina. Kol says he knows how to find them if he can teach Freya a quick spell. He says he needs to use the letters. Vincent goes to the restaurant and finds people sitting quiet and frozen.

Cortez says he likes silence when he eats. He says he knows he’s regent of New Orleans. Vincent calls him a psycho and says he’ll enjoy killing him. Then compelled men move to kill the diners and Vincent stops. He asks what he wants.

Cortez says he’s looking for something that was lost in this city and says he wants him to ask the witch ancestors about it. Marcel gets a call about someone else missing. Josh comes in and Marcel says another Strix is gone and asks him to get Davina to help.

Josh is not liking the Strix thing and Marcel says it’s a club for life. Josh goes to Davina who agrees to help. He spots her dress and asks if she has a hot date. She tells him Kol is back as an Original and says she forgot that part of it.

Josh says as long as you love him… She says she’s figuring things out. She works the spell. She says all of his friends are dead – the taken Strix. Kol says they mix the ashes with Klaus’ blood and can find his enemies.

He teaches Freya who works the spell. He tells Freya to try hard. She does and the blood spreads in many directions There are several spots on the map that Freya calls his greatest hits and says only one is here so that should calm his paranoia.

Cami comes to the bar and finds Jamie the bartender in a daze. She notices Vincent chanting and Cortez says don’t disturb him. She asks if he’s the guy behind the mess at the gym. Cortez tells her to behave or the humans die

Vincent comes out of his trance and says leave her out of this. Vincent says he’ll find the white oak but leave her alone. He goes back to chanting. Cami texts Klaus to warn him. Cortez slams her into the wall and snaps her neck.

Vincent tells Cortez that Aurora hid it but the ancestors won’t tell him where. He says they won’t help him. Cortez threatens him and says don’t take no for an answer. He stares at Cami’s limp form then starts chanting again.

Elijah meets Marcel who shows him the dumpster of Strix. They were tortured and torn apart by wolves. Marcel says the Strix will want the head of who did this. Elijha tells him to burn the bodies and walks away.

Hayley has another Strix. She goes to hack her up when Elijah shows up and asks what she’s doing. She beheads her. Vincent chants loud. Cami comes to and goes to him. She says he won’t get what he wants if he kills him. Vincent collapses.

Klaus is there and shouts his name. He says long time, no see. Cortez says everyone there will die if he moves. He says either way, he wins.

Cortez says they all live once he lets him leave. Klaus says some vampires get dim in age. Klaus throws a stake at Cortez then raves to snap the necks of those who threatened the others. Cortez yanks the stake out of his gut after Cami storms out.

Klaus knocks him down and breaks a chair to get another stake. Hayley tells Elijah she will take out all the Strix who took her and Jackson. He says think about Hope and she says don’t try it. She says she took risks for him and owes Jack that.

The stake in Cortez isn’t lethal and Klaus yanks him up. He asks how did he know about the white oak Cortez says those who hate Klaus stay in touch. He says it started as a rumor on a private message board.

He says he confirmed the white oak rumor already and says he’ll die filled with joy. He says they’re coming. Kol and Freya see the blood drops that represent his enemies begin to migrate towards them. Freya says it never stops.

Cortez says his enemies will come, reclaim the white oak and kill him. Klaus knocks his head off. Klaus goes home and checks out the map and it’s dire news. Kol says hindsight says be nicer. Elijah says he has an army trying to keep him alive and only those in this room protect him.

Elijah tells Klaus there’s another way. Freya asks if he’ll run. Klaus says he doesn’t run but he does disappear. Klaus says they will make that possible. They have the Cortez head and take it to Marcel who says he killed off other Strix.

Looks like Elijah took out the other people on Hayley’s list and then they blamed Cortez and the sire line. Marcel says more are coming and says they need to know if anyone comes looking for it. Kol sucks on a blood bag and says they need Klaus’ blood to work this spell.

Freya is impressed with his magic. He says he remembers meeting her a century ago and remembers he couldn’t charm her – he says he thought she was into women. She says Rebekah kept her promise to fight for him.

Freya says they’re lucky that Davina kept her word to him. He says he needs to do right by Davina. He writes down the spell for her and say she has someplace to be. Klaus finds Cami and tells her Cortez is dead.

He says he’s sorry she had to see the loss of lives. She says three lives lost to spare 30 makes sense and says she’s seen him kill before. Klaus says Aurora turned her because she thought that would make his affection for her turn cold.

He says she’s wrong. Cami says his feelings may not have changed but hers have. Cami says the part of her that loved him and hoped for his redemption was human and is gone. She says sorry. Klaus is upset. He is near tears and rage and walks out. Cami goes back to brooding then cries.

Kol comes back and finds Davina taking off her jewelry. She asks about his family and he says he prefers to be there with her. Elijah finds Hayley sitting by the fire. He hands her the list of crossed off names then takes a seat.

She crumples it and tosses it in the fire. She tells Elijah she loves him and always has. She says Jack knew it and died loving her anyway. She says now when she looks at him that’s all she thinks about and says out of respect for Jack, she has to let him go.

Elijah says it seems like the right thing to do. He says he tried that too and it didn’t work. He walks out of the room while she hangs her head. Kol cranks up a Victrola and Davina magics it to work better.

Kol says he misses the magic but is happy to be back. He takes her in his arms and they dance. She asks if he can control his hunger. He says he can and says she made him better. She says there are other ways to feel the magic.

She pulls off his shirt and then pulls off her dress. Kol says she’s the best thing in his life. Vincent asks Cami why she lied to Klaus about her feelings. She says he couldn’t kill Aurora and he asks if she thinks he still loves her. She says she doesn’t know.

Cami says Aurora will get out and come for her and she can’t worry about who he’ll choose. Cami says she won’t be another victim and will kill her herself. She leaves. Vincent’s head feels like it’s cracking. He shudders in pain.

Freya tells Klaus the spell is done and any witch who does a locator spell on him will think he’s in New Orleans. Klaus tells Freya to keep Elijah in line. Klaus asks them to tank Kol. Klaus takes off with a bag in hand after kissing Freya goodbye.

Davina sleeps beside Kol who gets out of bed and pulls out an empty blood bag. He sucks the last bit of blood from it. Freya and Elijah watch Klaus leave. He’s go Hayley and Hope with him. Klaus says they may be gone a long time.

Hayley says there’s nothing left for her here now. Klaus says they have that in common. They drive away. Freya tells Elijah it will be quiet around here and he says don’t bet on it. Vincent is in a warehouse looking around with a flashlight.

He pries up a floor board and digs inside. He finds the last white oak bullet. Kol drinks a woman on the street and struggles to get control of his beast. Finn is there and says there was never any hope for him because he has no self control.