The Originals Recap 4/1/16: Season 3 Episode 16 “Alone With Everybody”

The Originals Recap 4/1/16: Season 3 Episode 16 "Alone With Everybody"Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday April 1, season 3 episode 16 called “Alone With Everybody,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, dangerous foes descend upon New Tonight Orleans in an attempt to take down Klaus (Joseph Morgan) once and for all when rumors spread about the remaining white oak bullet.

On the last episode, Klaus faced a new threat when a vampire with a vendetta against him arrived in New Orleans and put the lives of innocent people in danger. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “dangerous foes descend upon New Orleans in an attempt to take down Klaus once and for all when rumors spread about the remaining white oak bullet. As the threats grow, Elijah urges his siblings to lay low at the compound while Marcel, Vincent and Josh chase down a lead involving a mysterious vampire named Sofya. Meanwhile, Kol is forced to face his brother Finn, the person responsible for his death; and Klaus and Hayley seek shelter with her former pack and stumble upon some unsettling news.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with Elijah at a bar where a band is playing. All sorts of vamps are around talking about finding the bullet and taking down Klaus. Elijah listens and plays casual customer. A waitress bumps into two guys watching him and then he follows the guy out who spoke of Klaus.

Elijah is intercepted by two vamps and Marcel comes out and says they agreed he wanted the Strix around. Elijah says he was just looking for me time. Marcel says he needs to stay put so they can find out who has the missing white oak bullet.

We see it in Vincent’s hands them some vamps come at him. He knocks two down fast with his power and tries for the ringleader but she seems impervious. She says she expected more from the Regent of new Orleans and bites his neck. He asks who she is.

She says she’s just a hired gun and he’s in her way. She knocks him out and pulls the wood bullet from his pocket. Hayley and Klaus stop for gas and she’s bought him a trucker hat and says lose the thousand dollar jacket. He asks why they’re in meth country.

She says hand me the keys and he does. He asks how much will he despise her plan? She says a lot and puts a mother trucker hat on his head. Josh says he remembers when Marcel used to bark orders at him. Marcel asks what he wants and Josh says the Strix out of NOLA.

He says the rest of Marcel’s coven are warming the bench and says he wants to join the Strix. Marcel says no and says they’re only there to protect Elijah. Josh mentions there’s an auction for the bullet and asks how come the fancy pants ancient vampires don’t know.

He says it’s on the dark web and says there were online rumors. He says it’s up for sale to the highest bidder today. Marcel says maybe a fake but then Vincent is there and says an ancient vampire chick rang his bell to take it. He says he doesn’t think it’s one of his. Freya tells the guards they can let Lucien in.

Lucien says she intrigues him and he has flowers for her. He says there’s a spark between them. Kol wonders if Finn was resurrected when he was since it’s tied to their bloodlines. He blames Finn of starting the white oak bullet rumors.

Freya defends him and Kol says Finn murdered him. Elijah tells Freya that Finn has shown them nothing but contempt. Finn is there and says let’s discuss our family quarrels. He says they’re long overdue. Hayley and Klaus stop at a dive establishment.

The guy says they’re closed and Hayley orders a bourbon and asks for Hollis. He’s happy to see her and tells the bartender to take off. Hollis says it’s been a long time since she danced on his bar and she introduces Hope and he checks out Klaus and says city boy.

She tells Hollis he’s her baby daddy and a long story. She says they need a place to lay low. He nods but says it’s a rough time since a lot of people are giving up on the pack. He says he can welcome her but wishes others were there to give her a proper homecoming.

He pours them some shine. Marcel calls Elijah and tells him about the auction. He says the Strix are spooked and half are ready to bury him alive to save him. He says the compound is secure and no one will leave or enter.

Marcel says that will give him time to win the auction or kill the guy who does. Kol and Finn are close to blows while Freya is between them. Elijah says they will take a staycation since they are all at risk. He says dispense with the posturing and let’s do some family bonding.

Klaus complains about the dirty glass and Hayley says he’s the worst. Klaus says she’s the one who insisted on coming along and says she was tired of giving his brother sad doe eyes. Hollis says quiet down if she wants to stay on the down low.

Hollis says someone tried to rob the local gas station and it went bad for Kayla. She triggered the wolf curse. Hollis tells her where she can find her. Hayley wants to go to her but Klaus says this is no time to be a wolf counselor.

Klaus says they’re leaving and their daughter’s life takes precedence. He says we’ll do things my way. Josh and Marcel have one of the auction guys and Josh gets the auction log in from his computer. The ancient vamp says they are one of the lucky few and the opening bid is $5 million.

Bids start pouring in and Josh says they are not playing. He asks Marcel what to do. Marcel gives him a Latin phrase that says the Strix will fulfill their command. The bid was accepted. They wait. The phone rings. They are told they win and are given a time and address.

Marcel says let’s go get our prize. Freya tells Finn that the brothers reacted as well as could be expected given the family history. He says there can be no reconciliation between him and his brothers. Freya says he told her things would be different.

He says he doesn’t want to be part of this wretched family and Elijah comes in and asks her to leave him with his brother to catch up. She goes. Elijah shuts the door and asks how was hell – warm this time of year?

Then Elijah asks why he’s there. Finn says he changed – yes and no. He says he was in Freya’s pendant a long time and reflected. He says he’s sickened by what Elijah is and says he wants Freya to put him in a witch’s body then he will take her and go and never look back.

Josh shows up at the appointed time. The woman congratulates him he gives the other vamps name. He’s attacked and fights off the vamps but he can’t defeat her. They get control of him and she says tell Marcel he can’t stop the inevitable.

She says she answers to someone who wants the Mikaelsons to pay for their sons. She tells her people to make it hurt and they begin to brutalize Josh. Klaus puts Hope in the car and says we’re leaving. She says we’re not going and says her friends are helping and he’s been nothing but insulted.

She says they are here because Klaus has been a dick to everyone. He says he protects his family, no apologies. She says he’s incapable of pretending to be a good person and rationalizes. She says he made all his enemies and asks if that’s what he wants for Hope.

She says she won’t watch Klaus try and raise her to be like him. Hayley tells Klaus he’s going to shut up and wait for her. She says one day our daughter will deal with this same thing and she hopes someone makes it their business to help her.

Hayley gets closer and puts her hand on his arm. She says being kind doesn’t make you weak. She walks away. Kol complains to Davina about Elijah and says he’s going to let Finn steal a body and go on with his life.
Davina says he needs to take his mind off things and kisses him. He says that won’t work. He says he wants Finn to suffer for what he did to them. She promises he will and kisses Kol again. Now she has his attention. He’s hungry and his fangs pop. He speeds away from her so he doesn’t bite.

Josh tells the others bullies never win and Marcel rips their hearts out. Josh says he did what he was supposed to – he got his blood on the vamp. Vincent does a locator spell to see where the blood is. Sofya is on the phone to her boss and says she’ll get it done.

Marcel and the Strix surround Sofya and he asks who she works for – she says if she tells him the name, she’s as good as dead and says now that Marcel interfered, so is he. Davina looks through a book of spells and at a sketch of a key.

She says let’s see how Finn likes a test of his own medicine and tears the page out of the book. Elijah tells Kol not to do whatever he’s planning. Kol says Finn cursed him to die slowly in front of her. Elijah says the best punishment made to kick them out of their lives.

Elijah says control yourself but he comes at Elijah. He asks if he can control himself and Kol says the rage and hunger is worse than he remembers and says he can’t blame that on Finn. He says he never learned to keep it in check and never cared to.

Kol says they hurt those they love – he doesn’t want to hurt Davina. Elijah says that’s who they are and offers him a little comfort. Hayley goes to see Kayla. The girl runs to her and hugs her. Hayley says she’s sorry and Kayla cries.

She says she heard there’s not much of a pack left and so wanted to talk to her. She tells her she’s tough and she’s not alone. Kayla nods. Hayley lights a torch and tells her to come see something. Kayla follows her.

Davina comes looking for Kol and Finn tells her to follow the screams of the innocent. She says she was looking for her. He says she reminds him of Dulcina, a nun novitiate. He says Kol had her break all her vows and she was dead in a week because he was bored.

Davina says Kol has changed and Finn is still a monster. She hits him with magic and he screams. She says she heard he wants to steal the body of some unsuspecting witch. He asks what she did. She says she locked him in that body and he’s stuck as a vampire the rest of his pathetic life.

He comes at her and then Kol is there and fights his brother. They brawl and it’s ugly. Freya tells Kol to stop and then Elijah tells him enough and chokes him.

Kol tells Elijah this is not his fight and he stops. Kol says he would rather take his chances out there with white oak than stay with them. He walks out and Davina follows. Elijah says he’ll be fine and shows them he has the bullet.

Finn stares captivated. He asks Freya to take care of it and he throws it in the fire. Finn tries to grab it from the fire and says he can’t bear an eternity with no hope of escape. He says that little witch cursed me to this body.

Hayley takes Kayla into the woods where there is a shrine of sorts. Hayley says the pack used to come here when someone triggered their curse to accept what they had done, honor the dead, and move on. Kayla says she doesn’t even know his name.

Hayley hands her the guy’s wallet. She says the turning will hurt and the first full moon will be a bitch but she can handle it. She tells Kayla she can’t let the past define who she is. Kayla opens his wallet and pulls out his ID. She adds it to the collection of objects there.

Klaus watches from the shadows. Elijah demands that Finn give it to him. Lucien snatches it and tosses it to Elijah. Lucien says destroy it. Finn begs him not to and says forever is a burden no one should have to bear. Lucien says the white oak is a beacon drawing his enemies.

Lucien says give it to the one who loves each of you most. Freya says she can cloak herself if it has to exist. She says she can take it far away and hide it under a thousand spells so no one can find it until one of them is ready for release.

Elijah hands it to his sister. Marcel and Vincent have Sofya and demand her boss’s name. She says she let them take the bullet because he wanted them to have it. They ask who. Vincent is knocked back and a candle burns out.

Vincent is knocked down with magic and screams. He sees the prophecy and shudders. His eyes bleed. He says he understands and snaps Josh’s neck with magic. Vincent says the ancestors don’t want him to kill her – they want him to help her and him. He says may god have mercy on us all.

Hayley asks Klaus where Hope is and he says with Hollis since she trusts Hollis and he trusts her. He says baby steps. Klaus calls her little wolf and says he owes her an apology and thanks for not abandoning him. He says for our sake and our daughter’s, thank you.

Klaus says it’s time to start living not by his decisions but what they decide together. He says partners for Hope. He looks at an object on the shrine and says this was not a random attack. He says these wolves aren’t just disappearing and says they’re being hunted. He plucks the ID off the tree.

Marcel tells Elijah that without the bullet, the revenge seekers are just buzzing flies. Elijah says it seemed too easy but Marcel says he’s just that good. Elijah gets a call from Klaus and says they got the white oak. Klaus says he has bad news.

He says the kingmaker land development are still targeting wolves but doesn’t know why. Marcel comes back to his lair and finds Sofya gone and Josh still on the floor. Elijah says what if these old enemies were a distraction.

He says the threat may have been here all along. Vincent knocks out Freya when she goes for her car. A van pulls up and loads her up and peals away.  She is tied up – Lucien has her. He takes the bullet from her pocket and says a white oak bullet and Mikaelson witch. He says this is a recipe for real fun.