The Originals Recap – Cami and Davina Dead: Season 3 Episode 19 “No More Heartbreaks”

The Originals Recap - Cami and Davina Dead: Season 3 Episode 19 "No More Heartbreaks"

On the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Friday April 29, season 3 episode 19 called “No More Heartbreaks,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Cami’s (Leah Pipes) life is in danger, and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is forced to rely on his family and allies to find a cure as he takes care of her at the compound.

On the last episode, as the city celebrated its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joined forces to take Klaus hostage. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Cami’s life is in danger, and Klaus is forced to rely on his family and allies to find a cure as he takes care of her at the compound. With time running out, Freya turns to her arsenal of spells, while Vincent and Marcel head to Cami’s apartment to gather a crucial ingredient. Elsewhere, Hayley and Elijah travel to the bayou in hopes of bringing back a potential antidote that could save Cami’s life.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with Lucien opening the drapes and saying it’s a lovely day. Cami lies on the floor but wakes as he puts on the kettle. She looks at the bite on her arm. Cami says she’s going to die and he says sorry but her days were numbered the day she caught Nik’s eye.

Cami throws an artifact at him and it splats into his neck. He heals up and smiles wickedly then gets his tea. Cami runs outside away from him. She goes to Klaus’ place and he’s there. She says Lucien wants him mad to lure him into a trap. She says promise to stay calm.

He sees her arm and the bite and is horrified. Cami says she loves him and won’t let him get himself killed. She collapses. He picks her up and says he’ll tell her he loves her tomorrow but she can’t die today. Cami comes to later and sees Hayley there speaking her name. Klaus says this will burn.

Freya made her a healing salve to put on her arm. She says it will ease the symptoms but that’s all. Hayley says they will do everything they can. Vincent shows up and says he’s sorry. Klaus says he turned Lucien to a beast and Cami says stop.

Klaus says Lucien is obsessed with him and they wonder if his blood might kill him. Cami says she spilled his blood all over the place. Vincent goes to collect some. Hayley says she’ll try and see if Hope can cure her since she’s a Mikaelson witch.

Davina rants at Kol when she finds him. He says please go. She asks why he’s doing this. He says the ancestors won’t let him leave and says he desiccated at the city limits. He says he’s cursed deeply. He says he has no peace just endless hunger.

Davina says there must be a fix. She gets a call from Vincent who says Lucien bit Cami and says she’s bad. He wants to get her but she says she’ll meet him there. He says look out for Lucien. Cami finds Klaus staring at comatose Aurora.

Cami says all of her anger and fear is not her and says she helps people like Aurora and won’t let her take that from her. Davina wants to go to Lucien and calls him a second string copycat. Kol tries to stop her and she knocks him back with magic.

She says maybe Lucien can tell her what’s up with the ancestors and what they did to him. She says she knows how to get Lucien to tell her the truth and walks out. Kol screams at her to come back. Freya brings Klaus something to slow Cami’s infection.

Freya says keep her calm and he storms off. Cami stares out the window listening to the sounds of the city. She says it’s a beautiful day. Klaus says they can go for a stroll later and hands her the blend Freya made. Cami says that smells and offers to make him a drink.

She says she loved being a bartender with the endless parade of faces. They clink glasses and drink. Cami says she used to think if you gave someone booze, they’d tell you anything but says people just want you to listen.

She says she should have published Klaus’ story then asks him to write up her will. She says she doesn’t want to leave loose ends and says he owes her since she wrote his tales down. He gets paper. Marcel comes to watch Vincent’s back and asks about Cami.

He says she’s about to die because of a vampire vendetta. Vincent is collecting blood. Marcel says focus and Vincent does a spell to gather the blood. It fills a bowl and then he struggles against the ancestors’ power.

He says the ancestors don’t want him using magic. He caps the bowl and they go. Lucien is partying with vamps at a blood thirsty gathering. He says the Mikaelsons are hiding while he liberates New Orleans. He says Klaus will come seeking retribution and the real party can start.

Davina salts the doors and magics the party to an end. She says it’s not polite to stare then knocks out everyone but Lucien. He leaps down off the bar and says clever girl but a buzz kill. He comes at her and she knocks him back with magic.

She pulls out a doll and he laughs. She says this will make you speak the truth and he’s intrigued. Cami leaves Davina all her clothes but nothing too revealing. She leaves Josh her records. To Vincent, she leaves her books and Kieran’s files.

Klaus writes. Cami leaves Elijah an old game of Trivial Pursuit under her bed. She leaves her dark objects to Hayley for Hope when she’s old enough since she’s a New Orleans witch. She gets to what she leaves Klaus but he tells her to stop.

Lucien tells Davina he’s a Scorpio with a sweet truth. She says tell me how to cure Cami. He steps across the salt line and says he’ll tell her anything. She asks how he’s doing this and he says the ancestors are helping him.

She asks why they would help him and Lucien says he made them a promise to exterminate the Mikaelsons. Cami is choking and Freya brings her the blood to drink. She gulps it down. Lucien says there’s no way out – no loophole to save her from her doom.

Lucien tells Davina his bite has no cure. He says Cami will die. Hayley and Elijah go to the bayou and she says hang because Mary doesn’t like vampires. Elijah says he couldn’t save Jackson and she says she knows and is taking her two-year-old into a war zone.

She says their lives are insane and she can’t keep losing people. He says he’s not afraid to die and knows she isn’t either. He says they fight for those they love. She steps around him to go to the cabin and get Hope. Cami lies in bed very still.

Klaus sits at her side holding her hand. Freya comes in and looks at her. Cami sits with Klaus in a dream state and says it’s a perfect day. He says they just have to wait for the cure to take effect. He says tomorrow they can go to Rome and she laughs.

Cami says if she knew he was such a romantic, she wouldn’t have played so hard to get. He says let’s enjoy this perfect day. Freya walks away and leaves them to it. Freya comes down and tells Vincent she’s getting worse.

Vincent asks if the Strix can help but Freya says it’s a pure strain of wolf venom and there may be no cure. Vincent says what else is there besides blood magic. Hayley comes in and says she has a magical miracle baby.

Lucien snarks at Davina who tells him to go to hell. She asks why he’s doing this and he says because he can. She says he didn’t have to hurt Cami and he says Nik stole the love of his life. He says he realized love makes you weak and can prove it.

He says when Cami dies, Nik will come for him and he will end him. Lucien says please go away. Davina asks why he’s letting her go. He says she’s not his to kill – the ancestors have something else in mind for her and says ask your BF Kol about it.

Klaus sits with Cami deep into his thoughts. She says this is her favorite time of day and he says he wishes he had left the usual drunks out of the alternate reality. She says he can’t micromanage the world and says healthy happy people get by without getting their way all the time.

Klaus says he has nothing to fear and she says he’s not sure what will happen when she’s gone. She says when they first met, he was damaged and dangerous but wanted to show he was more than that and showed him his whole life.

She says he’s capable of joy, hope and love. She says he’s loved by his family and by her. She says love will make him strong and will make him the man he’s meant to be. She says she won’t be here to remind him. His thoughts slip a bit.

Cami says looks at me then says it will be okay. He holds her hand. Davina goes back to Kol who is sipping a blood bag. She says he lied to her. She says he didn’t tell her about the spell and says they want him to kill her. He says he adores her and can’t tell her he wants to rip out her throat.

He says eventually he’ll give in. He hands her a dagger and she asks where he found it. He says do this. He says this will keep her safe while she finds a way to save him. She says she waited so long to have him back. He says bring me back when my mind is right.

He says she can’t love him as he loves her if she can’t trust him. She kisses him and slides the blade into his heart and he goes down. Freya tells Elijah she tried Hope’s blood too but the infection has spread everywhere.

She says Cami won’t last much longer. Cami is broken out in sores and sweating. Freya mops her brow. Vincent says channel me and cast a healing spell. Freya says it will only work for our family. She says they can move her soul but Vincent says she won’t agree.

Elijha says Camille lived with grace and must have it in her death. Cami and Klaus are in Jackson Square and she says this is the night we met. They watch an artist paint and talk about controlling demons. She says she’s tired and nearly collapses.

Cami says she feels like she’s always known him because she’s been in his mind or that’s how you know you love someone. She smiles. Klaus say he loves her and she says you were going to tell me tomorrow. She says she doesn’t have another tomorrow and cries.

No one is there but them and lights flare. He says her heart is slowing and says she’s fighting because she wants to live. She says she wanted to be brave and handle this with dignity. She says she can’t and doesn’t want to go and is so scared.

Klaus tells her he’s there. She says she isn’t ready to die and wishes she had done more. Klaus says she did everything for him and inspired goodness in him. He says he will carry her with him and she says that makes her immortal. She cries and she’s dying.

Klaus holds her in his mind and says stay longer. She asks if he remembers the bible verse on John’s headstone – the light shines in the darkness. She says she wanted to be his light then says there’s light in him and says end all the anger – she says he has to so he can be the light for Hope.

She dies and he’s crying. He says don’t be afraid – you go now and says he will also go in time. He says there will be no more pain, no more heartbreak. He says she will find peace. She’s gone and he’s back in the real world and cries as he holds her hand.

Davina comes to the compound and sees the sad faces. She says Marcel’s name and he goes to her. He hugs her and cries. Vincent sits at Cami’s bedside crying and says he and the quarter need her but he won’t shy away from what needs doing.

Vincent says he has to stand against the darkness and knows she’s there ahead of him keeping the fire warm and the beer cold. He puts a kiss on his hand and lays it on her head. Elijah stands beside Freya and says this is not over, there’s work to be done.

He says Lucien must go down. She says no rest for the wicked and Elijah agrees. Freya asks if Klaus will be okay. Elijah says it’s not over. Hayley tells Cami she hates that her little girl will never know her and it’s not fair. She says she thought if Klaus liked her, he couldn’t be that bad.

She says Cami deserved better and the family owes her. Elijah goes to Klaus and lays a hand on his shoulder as he watches the lights of New Orleans. Vincent tells Freya what happened to Cami is on him since he worked the spell for Lucien.

Freya says she was part of the spell too but says they have his blood and will find a way to unmake him. Davina lies by Kol’s body and says she wishes she could talk to him now. The wind blows on her face and a crypt cracks in the cemetery.

The compound shakes as does the bar where Lucien sits. Marcel loos outside as does Davina. Lights flare and Davina screams. Kol is back alive and attacks her. He bites her. He drains her blood and she goes limp. Kol sees what he’s done and speaks her name.

He’s horrified. He bites his wrist and tries to save her. He begs her to wake up. He holds her but she’s gone as far as he can tell.