The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Finale Recap 4/12/16: Season 6 Episode 20 “Who Do You Believe?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) Finale Recap 4/12/16: Season 6 Episode 20 "Who Do You Believe?"

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs with an all new Tuesday, April 12, season 6 finale called, “Who Do You Believe?,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode the women head to a party at Kyle’s desert home; tensions arise when Lisa Rinna comes face to face with Kyle’s sister, Kim; the women react to the news of Yolanda’s divorce.

On the last episode, after a full day of travel, the ladies finally stepped outside and see what Dubai had to offer. They drove through the sand dunes, shop at the local souk market and experienced a traditional Arabian Nights dinner with meat from animals they didn’t consider edible. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “the women head to a party at Kyle’s desert home; tensions arise when Lisa Rinna comes face to face with Kyle’s sister, Kim; the women react to the news of Yolanda’s divorce; Yolanda talks openly to Erika about the end of her marriage.”

Tonight’s finale is going to be filled with more crazy housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this finale episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! How do you think this sixth season is going to play out?

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This week on the season finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills everyone has returned from Dubai and Kyle is planning a party. She says “I planned this party weeks before we went to Dubai and now I have both Lisa’s coming and they are not speaking to each other. I hope they can put their big girl panties and have a good time.”

Lisa R is meeting with her manager Steven to talk about what she is going to do for the season. He asks her about the trip to Dubai and she tells him “It was messy.”

Erika goes to visit Yolanda to tell her about the trip to Dubai. She tells Yolanda “Lisa R called out Lisa V about the Munchausen’s conversation.” Yolanda says “Are they still arguing about whether or not I have it?” Erika tells her “No, now it is all about who said it. Lisa R said that Lisa V said it first and brought Kyle into it and Lisa V says she never said it.” Yolanda looks shocked and she asks her who do you believe?” Erika tells her “I believe Lisa R. She is standing on principal.”

Kyle is preparing for her party. She says “In Beverly Hills everyone is trying to outdo everyone else with their parties. I just do what I like to do.” The night of the party Kyle is talking to three of her friends and tells them “If you see Lisa R and Lisa V start to get into it you guys can help diffuse the situation.” They all laugh and then Faye asks “Did you tell Lisa R that Kim would be here?” Kyle says “I honestly didn’t think to tell her. If Lisa R doesn’t like that my sister Kim is here then she can sit outside.”

Everyone begins to arrive and the ladies are complimentary of Yolanda’s new short haircut. Lisa R and Yolanda go outside to have a talk. She tells her “I have had some moments with Lisa V that have really rocked my world. I have said some terrible things about you and I wanted to apologize to you for saying that.” Yolanda says “Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough and Lisa R’s lips should just learn to be quiet.” Lisa then addresses the issue of the Munchausen’s conversation. Yolanda asks her “Did Lisa V start the rumors about me?” Lisa R tells her “I think she pointed us all in that direction because she was showng us pictures on your Instagram.”

Yolanda and Lisa continue to have a conversation and Yolanda tells her “I am not going to give the little bit of energy I do have to you girls fighting.” Lisa R says “Could I have dug a bigger hole for myself? I think not.”

The ladies are sitting outside and talking. Kyle walks out and says “Things are really tense with Lisa R right now.” Yolanda goes to Lisa V and tells her what Lisa R said about her. Lisa V says “I don’t think so.” Lisa V calls Kyle over and asks her to clear up whether or not she started the rumors about the Munchausen’s. Kyle says “Not really.” Faye Resnick comes over to talk to Yolanda.

Katheryn, Erika and one of Kyle’s friends are talking about the situation. Katheryn says “I think Kyle has fallen under Lisa V’s spell and is trapped by her.” Erika says “Katheryn, a supposedly strong woman, has drank the Lisa V Kool Aid. Not only did she drink it, but she has become the spokesperson for it.” She tells Katheryn “You could end up just like Kyle.”

Meanwhile Yolanda goes back over to talk to Lisa R and Eileen and she tells them “She said she had nothing to do with it” Eileen and Lisa R looked shocked. Lisa R moves off and as she is walking through the house she runs into Kyle’s sister Kim. She is shocked to see her. Lisa R apologizes to Kim for the way she has treated her and Lisa V and Faye reach an understanding. Lisa V says “I know that I am going to see Faye again because she is friends with Kyle and I don’t want her to be uncomfortable around me.” Kim tells Kyle about Lisa R’s apology and both of them are shocked.

Fast forward a couple months and the ladies are shocked to find out that Yolanda and David are getting divorced. They ladies are speculating about the reason for the divorce. Erika says “I don’t know if Yolanda’s health issues affected her marriage or her marriage affected her health issues.”

Yolanda has moved out of the home she shared with David. She says “I needed a space where I could heal and I couldn’tdo that in the house with him.” Erika goes to visit her, She asks her “Has anyone reached out to you since the announcement came out?” Yolanda tells her “They have all texted me, but I have trust issues with them. Other than you I can’t trust any of them.” Erika says “I love how positive you are.” Yolanda says “My best days are ahead and I deserve it.”

Lisa R and Eileen meet up to have lunch. They discuss Yolanda and David’s divorce. Lisa R says “ She wanted us to know a lot about her health, but we had no idea her marriage was falling apart.” The ladies continue to discuss the situation and Lisa R says “It makes sense now that Yolanda was a bit manipulative because her head wasn’t connecting with her heart. Lisa says “I never met to hurt Yolanda. I just felt there was more.” Eileen says “All we can do is wish her the best of luck.