The Vampire Diaries Finale Recap – Bonnie Cured – Damon, Enzo Turned to Monsters: Season 7 Episode 22 “Gods & Monsters”

The Vampire Diaries Finale Recap - Bonnie Cured - Damon, Enzo Turned to Monsters: Season 7 Episode 22 "Gods & Monsters"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday May 13 season 7 finale called “Gods & Monsters,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, season 7 ends with Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) friends taking drastic measures to save her.

On the last episode, Damon’s risky attempt to save Bonnie took an unexpected turn and the consequences force everyone to band together to help her pull through. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “season 7 ends with Bonnie’s friends taking drastic measures to save her, including Stefan who tells Caroline that her and Alaric’s twin daughters may be needed to rescue Bonnie. Meanwhile, Enzo keeps Bonnie preoccupied by bringing her back to the cabin, but his plan takes an unexpected turn.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 finale for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts with Damon talking on the phone to Enzo and Stefan. Damon is at The Armory and tells them about the final Everlasting that can save Bonnie. Enzo says he has it on good authority killing it will save BonBon.

Damon has a large container of flammable gas and gasoline. He’s trying to blow The Armory open. Stefan reminds them the Armory is sealed as Damon tries to blow it open. There’s a huge explosion but it does nothing. Damon says it didn’t work – call your ex Valerie.

Stefan says he has no clue where she is and Damon says he has a Plan C and Caroline says no. Damon says their tiny little hands just have to touch the doors and Caroline says her children will not be part of this mess. Damon says Bonnie can hear them now.

Sure enough, Bonnie is driving with Matt and he asks her what it’s like seeing them remotely and she says it’s mostly feeling their emotions. She says they’re scared and they should be. She says her urges are getting stronger.

Matt struggles with his bonds and says untie me. She says her heart tells her to but she can’t. Enzo goes to see Virginia at the nuthouse and tells him the thing in the vault is awful. She says it’s been alive for thousands of years and you can’t fight it or kill it.

Enzo compels her to tell him what it is. Caroline talks to Alaric and the girls and they want cookies and he let them have them since he’s stressed. The girls tell her they miss her and Ric says stay safe. Caroline tells Stefan they’re just three and shouldn’t be part of this world yet.

Caroline says Lizzie siphoned her the other day when she was upset. Stefan reassures her and Caroline tells him he’s not off the hook for leaving or kidnapping her. Stefan is pleased she’s talking to him but she says things are not thawing.

Bonnie calls and tells her to drive faster. She says she’s gaining on them and says drive faster and don’t stop. Bonnie hears about a six car pile-up. It’s ahead and Stefan and Caroline have to stop. Stefan throws it in reverse and goes into the other lane.

Now he’s headed back towards Bonnie. He says let me drive by you but Bonnie and Matt tell him they can’t let her drive by. Matt gets his ropes loose and then grabs the wheel so they don’t go head on into them and they end up running off the road and crashing nose down.

Enzo calls Damon and says it’s an ancient evil but he doesn’t want to know. Damon says he has a plan but it’s messy. Damon tells him where to meet him. Caroline frets while they get gas and wonders if Bonnie and Matt are okay and they have no messages from Damon.

Stefan tells Caroline that he needs to go help Damon and she should run on without him. Damon and Enzo approach a plane and he says that the pilot canceled. Damon compels him to call the pilot back. Damon calls Stefan and asks why he canceled his flight.

Damon says he’s running from a hunter and trying to get out of the way. Stefan says he knows he was going to kidnap the twins. Damon insists he was going to talk to Ric and then maybe kidnap them. Stefan says it’s up to Caroline since they’re her kids.

Caroline drives and calls Ric and says Bonnie almost got them but they’re okay. She tells him Damon wants Josie and Lizzie to siphon Bonnie’s spell off the Armory but she said no then talked to Bonnie who is scared and in pain and doesn’t want to hurt them.

Caroline says it’s Ric decision but he says it’s up to both of them. He tells her the girls need to see her and he wants to save her. Ric says tell me what to do. Bonnie spies on Caroline as she and Matt are still in the crashed car. She asks Matt if he’s okay.

Bonnie checks on Matt who says he’s stuck. She says she’s okay but it might be better if she was dead. Matt reminds her if she dies, they die too since they’re marked. Matt says he can keep stopping her but she says he’s human and doesn’t belong in the fight.

She leaves him trapped in the car while he begs her not to go. Matt tries desperately to free himself then calls for assistance on the radio which seems to be dead. Matt tries to use his rifle to pry himself loose. He ends up hurting himself worse.

Stefan and Damon are not at the Armory and Stefan asks if he’s mad about the pilot. He says Caroline is bringing the kids so they can get inside. Damon asks what happened to him and says he made the right choice then asks what happened.

Damon says one night with Caroline and he’s back to his old boring ways. Stefan says the night he put himself down was not because he loved Elena but because he was scared he would lose her forever. He says that fear override his feelings for him, Bonnie and the others.

Stefan reminds him he begged him to stay but he turned his back on him. Stefan says that’s what he thought about and why he turned back. Stefan says he won’t be ruled by fear like Damon is. Caroline and Ric show up with the girls.

Ric tells the girls they need to open the doors. Caroline says they are special and are keys to the doors. She tells them to put one hand on the door and she and Ric do too. Caroline reminds Josie and Lizzie how it feels to be sad and says someone might take her if they don’t get inside.

That triggers the girls and their siphoning peels the spell off the Armory. Bonnie tells Enzo that everyone is at the Armory and she sees them. Enzo tells her to think about him and she says no. She’s trying to hot wire a car. Enzo says chase just me to buy time.

He promises her a good chase. She says okay and he says come and get me and roars off. Bonnie is in pursuit. Damon and Stefan come to the door and touches it and it swings open. Ric took the kids and left. Stefan tells Caroline to save what she has to say til this is over.

They head inside and close the door behind them. Stefan says it looks promising. Damon says he’s seen worse. There is carnage everywhere. Stefan says the thing in the vault, what is it? Damon says bad. Damon says they need to hurry and find the Everlasting.

Enzo is at the cabin cooking when Bonnie shows up. She asks why he stopped. He says he was low on gas. Enzo says he can’t know what she’s feeling and thought if she came there, they could have one last drink and a meal.

Bonnie says he knows she can’t do that and raises her weapon. Enzo says his cooking isn’t that bad. She takes a shot at him and he has to zip away. Damon says Enzo told him they should NOT go into the vault and Stefan says his brother can hide outside with the three year olds.

Stefan asks if he’s ready and Damon says he is. He tells Stefan he’s doing it alone and says what’s down there is no bueno. Damon says he has a girl waiting outside and Stefan says he can help. Damon says he has helped him over and over and it always screwed him.

Damon says let me go and do this – succeed or fail – by myself. Damon says Stefan was right that he was scared but he knew Stefan would be okay. Damon says he makes sucky choices but he needs Stefan to believe in him this time.

Damon says walk out on me and don’t be afraid of what will happen. He says – trust that I’ll be okay one way or another. He clasps his brother’s hand and Stefan sighs then agrees. They hug warmly. Stefan says if he needs him he’ll be right outside.

Damon goes inside and shuts the door behind him. Caroline paces and tells Ric it’s been too long. Stefan comes out and Ric watches Caroline embrace him and she asks where’s Damon. Stefan says it’s not over yet. Bonnie attacks Enzo.

Bonnie shoots him and then stakes him in the abdomen and says fight me. He says she’s gotten stronger. Bonnie begs him to fight her off and says sorry. Enzo says it’s okay then asks her not to remember this moment but the others instead.

He says he had more than a century and it’s okay. Bonnie is about to kill him. Damon is in the vault. He lights a match and burns the body of the Everlasting that he found. Bonnie is able to stop and Enzo is alive. They kiss and say – he did it.

Bonnie says he did it and Ric agrees. He says he’s taking the kids home but she should stay. Ric tells her she changed his life and completely turned it around. He says he will always love her for that. He says he knows she doesn’t love him the same way but says it’s okay.

Ric says he always knew but they had moments where they were perfectly in sync. He says they were with the kids or sleep deprived and he just thought maybe one day those moments would become more but that’s not fair to her or to him either.

Caroline says she’s sorry. She says she loved the idea of their perfect little family. Ric says she deserves to be happy and have what she wants. He says they’re a family no matter what and always will be. He pulls her in for a hug.

Matt wakes to see Penny smiling at him. She says this is quite the mess. He says it’s not real but she says maybe I’m a ghost. He says he can’t escape this life and Penny says he hasn’t really tried. Matt asks her to take him with her.

Penny says sorry he doesn’t belong with her either and says there’s a better life for him but he has to wake up and find it. There’s an EMT there telling him to wake up and says stay with me, you’ll be okay. Caroline tells Stefan that Damon’s like a cockroach and will survive.

Caroline says I have things to say then Damon texts and says get the bourbon ready – on my way out. Damon asks what she has to say. Caroline says she lied and there is a thaw. He steps closer and kisses her. She kisses back.

Damon calls Bonnie who says he’s forgiven. Enzo speaks up and Damon says he thought he waited long enough for him to take him out. She thanks him and he says thank me with gifts in person then tells her to hang on.

Damon says he can hear Elena. Bonnie says no she’s in a warehouse. He says what if the Armory took her. They tell him not to go into the vault but he can’t stop himself. Elena whispers – please help me. She says she’s so alone and needs him.

Something is in the vault with him. He says – where are you. It comes for him and he turns. Damon’s eyes widen. Bonnie shows up and Stefan says he closed the security door and only someone from the Armory can open it.

Enzo is down by the vault. He opens the security door and calls to Damon. He creeps down the hall looking around cautiously. Damon is there and asks if it’s just him. Enzo says Bonnie seems to think he’s her BFF.

Damon says things don’t always work out so great. Damon looks evil and he tells Enzo it’s not as bad as you think. He laughs as something creeps up behind Enzo. Damon says it hurts at first then after that it’s kind of fun.

Damon screams as the thing with the withered hand grabs him and pulls him back. Caroline writes to Elena that they were so close. She says Stefan and I worked things out, Damon did the right thing and Bonnie and Enzo were close.

She says they waited in the room for days and Stefan threw himself at the door trying to get it open. After a week, Ric cracked the security code and they went inside. The vault was empty – the caves are abandoned.

Bonnie calls out for them. Caroline says she lost the two people closest to them and she can’t find them because her magic never came back. Matt reached out to his contacts but never heard from them. He says the he left because this is not his fight.

Stefan says three months later, they heard rumors of missing persons on the West Coast then the numbers grew. 20, 50 then 60 missing and says he knows it’s them. He writes in his journal that he doesn’t know what they’re doing or why, we have to get them back.

Stefan says whatever it is, they’ll get them back and whatever happens, it’s not Damon’s fault. We see a body being dragged by Damon. He hoists it up and cuts the throat. Enzo says it never gets old. Damon says not yet. They’re in a warehouse full of bodies strung up by their feet.