The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/18/16: Season 8 Episode 5 “Coming Home Was a Mistake”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/18/16: Season 8 Episode 5 "Coming Home Was a Mistake"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley premieres with an all new Friday, November 11 season 8 episode 5 called “Coming Home Was a Mistake,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon (Ian Somerhalder) spirals down a dangerous path of self-destruction, which forces Stefan (Paul Wesley) to make a gut-wrenching decision that threatens to change their relationship forever. Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham) gets advice from Caroline (Candice King) on how to break through to Enzo.”

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The Vampire Diaries begins tonight with Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) brings Tyler Lockwood’s (Michael Trevino) body and coffin back to Mystic Falls. Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) seem blissfully unaware of what has taken place, sharing a tender moment in the kitchen before Caroline’s phone rings and it is Matt.

Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is up at the cottage with Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John tied up on the floor. Matt calls Bonnie. Alaric “Ric” Saltzman (Matthew Davis) is enjoying a tea party with his twin girls, when he too gets a call from Matt. They all unite at the Salvatore house, where Tyler’s coffin is laying in wake.

Stefan writes to Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) about what happened to Tyler. When Alaric is sitting outside his house, Seline (Kristen Gutoskie), she offers to take care of the kids today, and he says that would be great. Alaric tells Seline that it was sad the whole Lockwood legacy has come to an end.

Stefan is furious about Tyler being collateral damage between Damon and Sybil (Nathalie Kelley). Stefan feels he is at a loss with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), but Caroline says maybe they should mourn Tyler with their friends, it’s the least they owe him.

Bonnie is determined to bring back Enzo’s humanity and refuses to allow him to see her grieve over Tyler. Enzo begs Bonnie to set him free and they can do whatever they want, to go on any date she wants. Bonnie cuts the ropes, but when he attempts to escape the cabin, he is stuck inside. Enzo thinks that she is a witch again, but she admits that she is using a dark object to keep him inside the cabin. She tells him that Tyler is dead and she is not going to lose him too.

Alaric comes to visit Sybil in her cell, and he rings the tuning fork, saying that was for Tyler. She says that was Damon and not her. Alaric tells her to tell him where her sister, Georgie is. Unaware that Seline is her sister and not Georgie. Alaric asks his student to study the tuning fork carefully, he wants to know the frequency and he is also looking for Georgie who suddenly left town. Neither of them believe she would leave.

As the friends gather to bury Tyler’s body, Damon shows up after they discover there are four other graves dug up. Stefan breaks a shovel with the intent of staking Damon, but Damon says before he does, choose a grave because he plans to bury every single one of them.

Damon grabs Matt first, who is the only human left among them. He feeds Matt some of his blood. After Alaric asks Damon what happened to him and changed him, Caroline tells him to stop it and just leave. After a few minutes he does, Caroline calls Bonnie to tell her what happened, and that it seemed like Damon wanted them all to hate him; Bonnie says she is sorry she missed it all.

Bonnie asks Caroline how she was able to turn her humanity switch back on. She tells her that she needed to face her biggest fear. She didn’t think anyone could love her and that her mom would be ashamed of her, and then she had to be reminded of how much her mom loved her, and then Caroline had to want to live up to that.

Enzo begs Bonnie to let him go, she is insistent on turning his humanity back on. Bonnie reminds him that he wasn’t depressing, that he was amazing too. He was wildly romantic and loyal. Bonnie then leaves the cottage. Alaric tells everyone that he has someone working on the tuning fork and finding her sister. Stefan says that in order to save Damon from the sirens, they need to save him from himself, which means putting him down; Alaric doesn’t like it, but Stefan says they need to do it for as long as they can to protect themselves.

Damon comes to visit Sybil, tells her they are not friends but he did steal what she needed from the Donovan family, losing everyone who loved him. He says he has no idea why he would do what he did. Sybil says he isn’t a loyal servant, if he is troubled and hostile. His heart felt pain and he isn’t completely hers. Sybil says his brother and Elena will never love him again for what he did. Sybil tells him that he should just turn the switch off completely. He asks her what she wants from him, she says she wants ALL of him, but without the emotional ties to his past. She reminds him that he needs to kill everyone to cut all ties.

Matt’s dad is with him and he receives a box from the Armory. Matt continues to blame his dad for bailing on him when he was such a young child. His dad doesn’t understand how everything happened. Matt tells him this is something he has dealt with his whole life, and if he dies within the next 24 hours he will become a vampire as well. Matt tells him he isn’t in the mood to give him a history lesson.

He opens the package from the Amory, there is a letter from Tyler asking him to help him find someone. There are pictures with the name Seline on them. Back at the Armory, Alaric and his assistant are working on the tunnels, when and where they were built. They continue to work, especially after they learn that Georgie left everything behind in her room, and clearly wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

Seline takes the girls to the carnival, where they get a prize of a dead goldfish. Seline promises that they will go home and give him a proper burial. Stefan is loading weapons and heading to the carnival, insisting on going alone. After he tells Caroline he may lose Damon forever, she reminds him that he has lost him forever.

Enzo tries to convince Bonnie that he remembers their romantic moments. Bonnie starts to pour gasoline all over the cottage. Enzo tells her he isn’t afraid of fire. She tells him she knows that; he is afraid of people leaving or people abandoning him, the one thing that always happens to him over and over again. Bonnie says she is staying inside the burning cottage until he turns his humanity on and she’d rather die in the fire than leave him.

Damon and Stefan come face to face at the carnival, where everyone is leaving because they were warned about a gas leak. Damon begs for his brother’s help. Stefan says he was surprised that Damon wants his help after killing Tyler. Damon says Sybil is the only person who is keeping him away from the devil. Stefan tells him if you can’t feel, what is the point in being alive.

Stefan agrees and tells him he can see the humanity trying to break through in his eyes. Stefan tells Damon he loves him, but Damon says he won’t come home. After Stefan fails to shoot Damon, Damon attacks Stefan and Caroline shoots Damon three times in the back with Vervane.

Bonnie is coughing and choking to death, and she refuses to leave Enzo. He fights it, calling her stupid. She tells him she is not leaving him, and he asks her if there is any last words. Enzo tells her, she is as good as dead, and she passes out from the smoke. Enzo drops to the ground and begs Bonnie to wake up. He picks her up in his arms and keeps telling her to wake up.

Seline and the twins are in an abandoned building. One of the twins asks if they are going to bury the fish? Seline goes on to tell them in their own way, that they are made up of two parts: bodies and souls, and some people are special and when they die a man named Cade comes to take their souls away. She explains that he doesn’t take their bodies but they much respect him. Seline convinces them to call him.

Just as the girls help Seline to call him, they also set the fire on where the fish is laying. Seline tells them they are ready, when they ask for what, she tells them it’s a surprise. Enzo saves Bonnie, but he is unable to leave the cottage. He tells Bonnie that she loved him more than anyone his entire life, but it’s his time. He tells her It’s enough.

Bonnie says she refuses to leave him and runs back in to put out the dark candle. Enzo runs in and out to save her, she has managed to turn his humanity back on and he is upset that he almost killed her, and she says it is okay, she is never going to leave him.

Stefan has Damon chained and locked inside his coffin, telling him how sorry he is, and closes the lid. Matt continues to search through the box he got from Armory. His dad comes in and Matt explains that Tyler was helping this girl named Virginia St. John who told him about these sirens who escaped the vault.

She had all this research and letters from her great grandfather Dalton who released one of the sirens in 1983; when Virginia died, she sent all this to Tyler; and now that Tyler died, he passed it on to Matt to continue where he left off. Matt tells his dad he isn’t the right guy for the job; his dad says Tyler probably sees in him what he sees in him now. He tells Matt he is brave and fearless and impossibly resilient; and he got there on his own.

Georgie’s is found burnt to death in the spot that Seline and the girls were earlier. The police officer tells Alaric’s assistant that he needs to come down there. Meanwhile, Sybil notices the hole Damn had put in the glass room she is being held in. She begins to sings and then her sister sings and she gets out. She finds the tuning fork.

Back at the carnival, Stefan is upset about what he needed to do to Damon but gathers everyone to mourn the loss of Tyler. Caroline is thrilled to see Bonnie is back. They each take turns expressing what they thought and felt about Tyler, and how much they loved him. Stefan says they don’t know what the future holds, but they cannot let that affect how much they mean to each other.

Stefan goes on to tell them about sitting on the top of the ferris wheel with Elena and how much they need to appreciate these moments, because moments is all they have left. Stefan says in honor of Tyler and Elena, they need to keep creating moments like those, and remember to live. He turns on the lights of the carnival; they play in the bumper cars and have food fights.

Alaric writes to Elena about how much they missed her today, and how bad it was in a long series of bad ones, but they liked how they came out of it, and that Elena would be proud. Stefan approaches Caroline and thanks her for what she did. She said she will be his wife soon and she will be there to protect him and defend him whenever needed. She promises to remind him that he IS strong enough to get through the day, any time he needs it.

Alaric calls Seline and thanks her for staying with the girls on her day off. She says it’s no problem because they keep her young. At the end of the episode, we see Sybil have someone break into Damon’s coffin, where she wakes him up. He tells her he is done feeling, and ready to have some fun with Sybil, and he is all hers.

Back at the carnival, Caroline says she is glad that Matt is back in Mystic Falls. He asks how the girls are and Caroline starts to show him pictures of the girls on her phone. There is a picture of Seline and the twins, Matt grabs the phone and tells Caroline she needs to get home now. Caroline and Alaric rush home when they learn the truth from Matt. The girls and Seline are gone but there is a picture of Cade, Seline, Lizzie and Josie in it.