The Vampire Diaries LIVE Recap: Season 8 Episode 6

The Vampire Diaries LIVE Recap: Season 8 Episode 6

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley premieres with an all new Friday, December 2 season 8 episode 6 called “Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Caroline takes drastic measures to ensure her family’s safety when her children become the focus of the Siren’s latest plan, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) pledges to do everything he can to save the twins. Meanwhile, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) is unable to fight off Sybil’s (Nathalie Kelley) latest move.”

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Caroline Forbes (Candice King) and Alaric “Ric” Saltzman (Matthew Davis) are with police combing their property and sharing information and photos of their missing twins Josie (Lily Rose Mumford) and Lizzie (Tierney Mumford) and their nanny, Seline (Kristen Gutoskie) and her sister, Sybil (Nathalie Kelley) after Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) informs them that their nanny is actually a siren.

Alaric calls Seline, who refuses to tell him where they are nor let him talk to the girls. Seline tells him they his girls are special and they need special care, so the less he knows the better. Alaric agrees with her and tells her he doesn’t care about her plans because they are never going to happen. He tells her he will hunt her down and kill her, and says to her after all the time she has spent with him in his home, how could she miss just how far he would go to protect his children.

He continues to tell her that he is not coming for her, he is coming for his kids and warns her that the longer they run, the more he is going to hurt her. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) arrives at the diner with Sybil on his arm. Sybil tells Seline what a big family reunion she has sprung on her; while Damon greets the twins, asking if they remember him?

Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) is enjoying her life, waking up beside the love of her life, Lorenzo “Enzo” St. John; blissfully unaware of what has happened to her friends’ children. As they are dressing, Bonnie and Enzo’s phones start going off. Bonnie’s calls are all from Caroline, but Enzo’s call is from Damon, as he answers there is a screeching sound that paralyzes him.

Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) meets up with Caroline and is ready to go with her and Ric to find the twins, but she tells him not to come, that her and Ric can handle it. She asks him to stay with Matt and work with the police. Caroline says that Damon is with the twins, and Stefan needs to stay back because if Damon gets between her and her children she will kill him.

She hands back her engagement ring and tells him until everything is over, there is no “us”; it’s only her, her kids and their father. She says they are counting on her, and when it comes to Damon she cannot make any compromises. Ric interrupts them and says Matt has a trace on their cell, and they are close to Oakwood. Stefan is left standing there.

At the diner, the twins are sleeping while Sybil eats bacon. Damon keeps staring at Seline, she asks him why he is doing it, he asks her, “How do you go from island cannibal to naughty Mary Poppins? Sybil laughs, but Seline tells him he looks like a lapdog under the control of a psychopath. Sybil is not very kind to Seline, especially since she was stuck in that vault since 1883. Seline attempts to defend her actions saying the Armory was after her, and she needed to blend it. Sybil’s animosity grows, and she tells her she can see how hard she worked to rescue her.

Damon wants to know why the Sirens need a couple 3-year-olds? Seline says they are freaks of nature, syphoned twins, who share a psychic link. Sybil explains they were not much older when they met the devil. Sybil reveals that Seline wants to offer them up to Cade. Damon seems shocked.

Stefan looks over the map with Matt and they try to determine where they are going. Bonnie bursts in with Enzo, begging for their help. Enzo is fighting Sybil who is inside his head, Bonnie suggests Stefan tries to get into his head, Enzo agrees. Stefan sees Sybil punishing him by pulling out his organs one by one. Enzo refuses to go back to her, and she says she isn’t there to win him back; she is just there for the screams.

Stefan lets go, and Bonnie demands to know what he saw. He tells Matt to pull up all the diners up in Oakwood, that he just figured out where Sybil is and she has no clue they are on to her. Seline explains that she is not going to offer the girls up right away, but she would like to offer them as their replacements. Damon asks her to explain. She continues to tell them that if they find suitable replacements, Cade will free them. Just as she finishes her sentence everyone’s phones start buzzing in the diner, an Amber alert has been issued. Damon says Seline’s plan needs a little tweaking.

Seline stands up and begins to hum, all the patrons at the diner freeze up. Caroline tells Ric that Stefan will find the girls somehow. He tells her if that were true, Stefan would be driving and she would still be wearing his ring. Caroline and Ric arrive at the diner and its empty. Alaric tells him to continue torturing Enzo, because its the only thing working.

Damon asks as they are driving why the Grim Reaper would want the wonder twins instead of them? Seline said she spent over a century finding the perfect sacrifice, and their age is a plus. Seline blabs on that they need to be supernatural and be willing to serve Cade as their own free will. She insists that the twins trust her, and she can train them. If Cade accepts them, they will be free and won’t go to hell.

Damon thought they all would automatically go to hell and Seline explains that if you find the right substitute, you wouldn’t have to go. They hit a police block, and at first they are able to hide the twins, but Lizzie doesn’t want to sleep anymore and she burns Sybil. The cop opens the van door again and Sybil attacks him.

Damon takes control. Seline asks him why they are stopping there, he says that her plan is not working, so they need to call Cade themselves and do it. Sybil tells him they need a body of water, and a couple human bodies, after Seline refused to tell him.

Seline says they are not going to do it, because the twins won’t be ready for at least another decade. Damon says they are not going to wait, and they are going to summon him to at least present their offer. Stefan doesn’t want to torture Enzo anymore, but Bonnie urges him on, but to be gentle. Matt calls Ric and tells him that Stefan is still working on Enzo, while they are at the crime scene of the bodies Damon just killed.

Sybil and Damon are at the pool, where he confronts Sybil on the differences between her and Seline’s version of Cade. Sybil says she was dead, but Cade went inside her and heard her screams for life, which made her agree to anything including slavery and hell. Damon says he has another deal in mind, but he is going to need her help to pull it off.

Stefan is in Enzo’s mind, as he begs Sybil in his subconscious to tell him where the kids are. She says he is a dead man, as she begins the medical saw, Stefan finally jumps into Enzo’s subconscious mind. Sybil is delighted to see him. Sybil tells Stefan that if he comes alone, she will let Enzo go. Enzo tells him not to trust her. She says Enzo is right, but Damon and her have an offer he won’t be able to refuse.

Matt stays by Bonnie as she takes care of Enzo, tells her that he gave Stefan the address of the motel they are at. Bonnie says she loves Enzo and will not lose him. Matt said that is good, Enzo fought hard to be with her and escaped. Bonnie says she isn’t sure if he escaped, Matt says he will because he is a tough bastard. Enzo wakes up and says he isn’t sure who he should kiss first.

Caroline and Alaric arrive at the motel and call Matt saying no one is there. Stefan arrives at a different motel when he gets a call from Caroline who says he has no right to cut them all out of this. Stefan tells her he has every right to be involved, that she is becoming his wife and Ric is his friend that he wants to make everything right. Ric and Caroline start fighting, and he tells her that once this is over, he is taking the girls and leaving. She says he can’t take their kids, he says they were his and Jo’s kids, not hers!

Seline is teaching the girls how to hum and when they continue the chant the pool starts on fire. Damon is worried that Stefan isn’t there yet, but Sybil tells him he is there, but she wanted him to have a welcoming committee first. Damon figures out that Sybil sirened every person in the hotel to kill Stefan to remind him how dark he really is. Damon says he needs him alive, Sybil says Cade likes them dark.

Stefan is being beaten to death and Damon appears and asks him which road he is going to take. He also advises him to kill the last man before he kills him. Stefan gets knocked out. Meanwhile, Cade arrives at the pool when Seline calls him.

The man is crushing Stefan’s insides with the broken baseball bat. Stefan asks Damon why he is doing this. He tells Stefan he can help save the twins but first things first. Stefan kills the man, and says it will leave a mark on his soul, but he has a get out of hell free card in his pocket. Stefan is shocked, but orders Damon to take him to the girls. Damon tells him he needs to agree to some terms first.

Cade listens to Seline’s proposition, and is intrigued. One of the girls says that Seline said Cade is a nice man. He laughs. He tells them with time and guidance, they could become anything. Sybil jumps in and says she has another offer. Two brothers, two of history’s most prolific killers, two powerful immortal Vampires, and Cade would be trading up if he takes the brothers and releases them. Stefan runs into the room and agrees he will do it.

Stefan brings the girls out to their parents, but he stays back from all of them. Caroline looks at Stefan, but no one speaks. Enzo tells Bonnie he is ready. Bonnie tells him she appreciates how hard he fought to come back to her, but asks him how he kept fighting long after Damon broke?

Enzo was an orphan who was always abandoned, lived with a man who beat him for centuries, and that hardened his mind until he was made of stone. Bonnie says he is kind and loving. He says its all thanks to her. All those years he kept a secret from the world, a shred of faith. He said that nothing could possibly be that cruel to let him suffer so much and die without knowing true love. Bonnie says that basically she is an angel? He tells her that she is whole damn world, they kiss.

Caroline and Ric bring the kids to the hospital, and says they will bring them home in the morning. He apologizes for all the words he said. She said that he is right, genetically they are not her girls, but she gave birth to them, she raised them and loved them; and when they went missing, she was broken inside. She tells him to never throw that in her face again. Ric says he doesn’t know how to raise the girls. Caroline says for right now, he needs to take them and keep them safe and away from her, until the darkness and this is all over.

Stefan is at home when Caroline apologizes for cutting him off like that. She says they are partners and should be making decisions together. She puts his ring back on, and tells Stefan she loves him, but she says she has a really bad feeling about what he had to do to get her daughters back. She admits that she told him to do whatever it takes to get her kids back, so what did it take?

Stefan says he gave Damon what he promised him. He gave his immortal soul to Cade, so he has to serve Cade like the Sirens did. Deliver the darkest souls to hell, so he doesn’t end up there himself. Caroline pleads that there has to be a way out of this. That he promised her a June wedding, he apologizes, but she is in denial and says that he will be standing at the end of that aisle waiting for her.

Stefan tells her that their last day is tomorrow. She says why? He said his one condition was he got to spend his last 24 hours with her. Seline tells Sybil that she could have told her the scheme, but Sybil said it was more fun to watch her embarrass herself in front of Cade. Seline says she doesn’t care, she is done. Sybil says she read the fine print, and they are not free. Sybil is free because Cade accepted her better offer, and Seline is not free because Cade didn’t accept her proposal.

Seline cries and asks Sybil how she could cut her out of the agreement. Sybil says it is finally payback for being stuck in that vault for centuries. Sybil says she gets to stay alive and keep her powers, admitting that the game isn’t over yet.

Matt asks Ric what he wants him to do with all the stuff. Ric says he will take care of it. Ric thanks Matt, saying he may be the only sane voice in their crazy world. Matt admits that even he has a threshold of how much pain he can see his friends go through before he wants to fight back.

Damon is at the bar, asking for a refill, but he gets shot in the back by Matt. When Damon turns to Matt, Ric shoots him again. Alaric thanks Damon for showing up because he’s been wanting to kill someone all day. Ric starts kicking Damon and says that his kids can’t be in danger any more, and as long as Damon is alive, his kids are in danger. Ric continues to beat him, when Matt stops him and tells him to just finish him. He grabs the dagger and says, “This is for Tyler!” and stabs him. Damon turns gray.