The Vampire Diaries Recap 4/1/16 Season 7 Episode 16 “Days of Future Past”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 4/1/16 Season 7 Episode 16 "Days of Future Past"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Friday April 1 season 7 episode 16 called “Days of Future Past,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) offers to have Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) scar magically transferred to him but doing so will bring unpleasant consequences.

On the last episode, Stefan and Valerie searched for a magical herb that will keep him hidden from Rayna; Damon plotted to take Rayna down for good; Stefan questioned his future with Caroline. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon offers to have Stefan’s scar magically transferred to him but doing so will bring unpleasant consequences. Meanwhile, Enzo tries to clear his name after being framed for Rayna’s escape from the Armory and he has a violent run-in with Nora that leads him to make an upsetting discovery.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 16 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts in Dallas, Texas with Stefan tied up and the sun coming up. Rayna presses them and Damon says to let him tag in for him. Rayna tells him to say yes so the transfer spell can move the mark from Stefan to Damon.

Stefan says Valerie can do the spell and Damon unties Stefan while telling him he’s full of werewolf toxin. Stefan united lashes out at Damon and Rayna and Damon strangles Rayna with a cable. She reminds Damon if he kills her, Stefan will die because of the mark.

He says he’s giving Stefan a head start then the cable shocks Rayna and Damon and they’re both knocked out.

Valerie is with Stefan three years ago and she’s fooling with a smart phone and he talks about his time limit on life. Valerie says the night is young and Stefan says when Rayna dies, he dies so tick tock. He says mortality makes him feel human again.

Valerie says let’s make an adventure of it since he’s unencumbered. She wants to go globe hopping while they look for a way to get the mark off it and can make a vacation of it. She says make a choice that serves you and he nods and says nothing is holding him back.

He agrees. She smiles. Now, Nora is tied up and Alex also has Mary Lou. She says they need her help and Nora tells her to bugger off. Alex says they have answers and have been researching on Mary Lou. Alex asks her about Enzo and she asks why she wants him.

Alex says she wants to kill him. Alex tells Nora she thinks that Enzo released Rayna and says she wants Nora to hunt her down. Turns out she’s held her for three years. Alex takes Nora to Mary Lou who says she’s cold. Mary Lou says she dreams of taking her away.

Alex made Mary Lou sick and says bring Enzo back alive and I’ll heal her. Nora has no choice but to go hunt him down. Matt meets with Bartell who is with Enzo who has compelled him. Enzo tells Bartell to cuff himself to the car.

Enzo says Alex will blame him for releasing Rayna when it was Matt who did it and he asks why. Stefan calls Valerie about the transfer spell for the scar. She says her taxi is there and has to go. She says she’s on her way to Dallas.

Damon wakes and sees Rayna there. He says she’s sweet to keep him company. She says she’s patching herself up and then has to follow her sword to Stefan. He says Stefan is being a martyr. He says he’ll call and tell his brother to come back.

Rayna says that’s nobler than she expected from him. Damon says he’s been in a coffin the past three years. Rayna tells him she’s dying anyway and will kick it in 60 years or so. She says when she dies, Damon will die about the same time that Elena is waking up.

Rayna takes off and leaves Damon pondering that tidbit of news. Two years ago, in the Philippines, Valerie and Stefan are talking to a woman about removing a scar. She doesn’t speak English. Stefan looks through his contacts at Elena’s name then Damon’s.

He says he’s been thinking about Damon in the coffin and that when his brother wakes, he’ll be dead. He says the phone is now obsolete. Valerie and Stefan toast and swill more booze. She says she’ll order more. The bartender speaks English and says he knows how to help.

Now, Stefan takes a call from Caroline – it’s not her it’s Rayna who took her phone. Rayna says she can still help him and says he took her sword so she had to chase him. Stefan says she’s being confusing and she says he grew on her when she was trapped in the Armory.

We see Rayna held prisoner while they take her blood. She says she closed her eyes and saw him traveling the world with Valerie. She says the mark on him is a mystical connection to her. He says that’s a bad pick up line and she scoffs. He calls it creepy.

She says she knows he’s heading to the Armory to see if they can help him. She says she’s gaining on him and can tell. Stefan speeds up and spots a truck nearby. She sees in her mind as he throws her sword into a passing truck. Now she has to decide Stefan or sword and is annoyed.

Damon takes a call at the TV studio but can’t stand. It’s Stefan and he says he ditched the sword to buy time and needs a great idea. Damon says he’s got toxin fever and can’t think clearly. Stefan says Valerie is on the way to help him.

Stefan says he has to focus on the escape and Damon says head back this way and he can have the Armory meet him to intercept her. Matt asks Enzo why he’s in Dallas. He says he’s there for work to try and find Rayna also.

He says he knew that Carolina would be used as bait then found out Matt got the police to avoid the call. Enzo says he’ll torment the other cop until he talks. He asks Matt why unleash Rayna now and Matt says ask Stefan.

Nora is there and attacks Enzo. Matt is stunned. Enzo struggles to his feet and gets hold of her. He tries to give her a pill to stop her witch powers. Matt drives away while they struggle. Nora’s magic is down and they grapple. He tries to give her the pill again that will kill her powers.

She says those pills poisoned Mary Lou. She tells him that Alex promised her a cure for Mary Lou if she brings him back alive. Nora says she can’t let her die. Enzo says he did not let Rayna loose and says if those pills are fatal to witches, they need to work together.

He swears to her they have the same goal. Rayna calls Stefan and says she had to run the truck off the road and complains to him about his brother and says she is plagued with a responsibility and doesn’t like it.

She says Matt really hates him and made her promise to put him back in the hell stone if he let her loose. Stefan says he’s starting to realize how much Matt must hate him. Damon calls Enzo.

He tells him that he’s in Dallas and asks if he’s friends with the Armory nuts and Enzo asks why. He says he needs them to scoop up Rayna. Enzo says he knows just the spot and says he’ll text them coordinates to bring her in.

Nora says if she wants Mary Lou, Alex wants him, they can make this work. Nora says Alex wants her to bring him back. He says Alex will kill Mary Lou and Nora if they go back there. He says he’ll tell Alex to bring Mary Lou and leave her lackeys.

Nora asks why she’s helping her and he says he likes to be direct. Mary Lou sits groggily reciting poetry when Alex comes in. Alex says Nora does care about her and says she demanded she bring her along to pick up Enzo.

Alex says they’re also looking for her friend Rayna. Damon is struggling when Valerie shows up to heal him. They swap insults and she heals him. He says that’s better. She says they need him healthy for the transfer spell but then he snaps her neck.

Back in the Philippines, Valerie tells Stefan the bartender has a theory and he says all bartenders do. Stefan tells her to look at the stars. She points out some. They debate constellations and she calls him an idiot. He says she’s right and they kiss. Then they kiss some more.

Now, Alex is at the airfield the Armory uses when Stefan shows up. They stare at each other and he asks who she is. Neither knows. Nora is there and makes her invisible and chokes her. She hands her over to Enzo. Nora asks where Mary Lou is.

She says in the office then says they failed to create an antidote and Mary Lou will be dead in a week. Nora is ready to kill her and Enzo says he needs her alive. Alex says go see Mary Lou in the time she has left. Enzo says he hopes that Alex is lying.

Enzo says he’s not in the mood. She says she knows he’s been raiding their supplies then asks why he took so many pills. He says he didn’t and maybe she lost track of them. Alex says give Bonnie my regards. Alex thinks he took them so Bonnie can hide from a locator spell.

Damon has Valerie tied up in the car. Damon asks how long Valerie has been able to fix Stefan’s problem. He says he thinks she’s known for three years but didn’t tell Stefan so she could have time with him and the scar kept him away from Caroline.

Damon calls her insecure. She says she was protecting Stefan by keeping Damon out of it. She says the scar can only go to a blood relative and that meant waking him and he’s always trouble for Stefan. Valerie says all he needed was Stefan, not Elena, and she took his place.

Damon answers Stefan’s phone and she says he’s refusing to participate. Damon says he is participating. Stefan asks what’s up and Damon says the cavalry is coming to take down Rayna and they will both get their futures.

Stefan asks if he’s taking the scar and says say it. Damon says he has a plan. Stefan says he always does. Damon tells Valerie not to lecture him about trust and then they hear Stefan shot and he groans as he goes down. Rayna is there with the sword and picks up the phone.

She says catch you later. Valerie says Damon is clinging to the coward’s way out and says Stefan knew that Damon would chicken out at the last minute. Damon says he’s in and says do the sell. He unties her and says do the spell now.

She wants him to pull over but he says there is no time – do it now. Nora comes to Mary Lou who says she feels awful and has been poisoned. Nora says she’ll be fine and Mary Lou says she’s an awful liar. She says Alex told her there’s no antidote but Nora says they can find a way.

She picks her up and carries her out. As Rayna nears Stefan, Valerie works the spell on Damon. Rayna says she hates this and says when Matt set her free, she touched her sword and knew what it did to him and says she felt the scar reopen.

She says the smart play would have been Valerie and going on the run but he wanted Damon not Caroline or Valerie. She says he went to wake Damon and slowed himself down getting his albatross out of storage. She says he almost gave her time to catch him.

She says he just had to have Rayna. He says he didn’t like being a fugitive but she says he was happy when his brother was gone and now here they are. Valerie chants as Damon drives and we see a wound emerging on him.

Rayna asks if Stefan can see he’s in this because of his dumb ass mistake of waking Damon. He asks why she cares. She says she doesn’t, the phoenix stone does and wants to liberate him and trying to show him to let Damon go.

She asks if he’s ready to hear the wisdom and leave Damon behind. She kicks him and Stefan says yes. Rayna says remember that and use it to survive in the hell stone this time. She stabs him with the sword and Valerie says the spell is unraveling.

Valerie says there is no scar to unravel with the spell. Rayna pulls the sword out of Stefan – looks like his soul is trapped. She walks away. Matt gets a message from Caroline asking why he helped Rayna. Matt is in the Mystic Falls cemetery. Caroline wants to know his reason.

Matt is at Penny’s grave and says he made Stefan pay for what he did. He kneels and says he did it just like he promised her. Nora loads Mary Lou into the car and says they’ll get her a good meal. Nora kisses her. Then Rayna takes a shot at them and shoots out the windshield.

Nora speeds them away. Damon and Valerie pull up at the air field and see Stefan on the ground. Damon runs shouting no. Valerie says they can bring him back. They need the sword, though. Mary Lou says that was an amazing escape.

Nora says she’ll follow them and we see that Nora was marked and she says she’ll be running from her forever. Mary Lou says no and then grabs the sword and starts chanting. She says she won’t let Rayna put her in this hell stone.

Mary Lou tells Nora she’s already dead. Valerie tells Damon this is her fault but Damon says it’s his for trying to have it all. He says next time will be different. Rayna chases the girls. Mary Lou chants and tells Nora she must live but Nora says there is no life without her.

Nora reads her the poem she loves. Rayna begins to twitch in pain. Mary Lou chants while Nora reads her a poem. The phoenix stone lights up and glows. The girls run off the road and their car goes up in a fireball as the sword explodes.

We see screams and agony and then Rayna gets out of her car and screams no. The car is burning and the sword is too. Damon promises to save Stefan.