The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/11/16: Season 7 Episode 8 “Hearts Still Beating”

The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap 12/11/16: Season 7 Episode 8 "Hearts Still Beating"

Tonight on AMC television’s our favorite show The Walking Dead airs its season 7 fall finale with an all-new Sunday,  December 11, 2016, episode and we have  your The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 8 called, “Hearts Still Beating,” with tensions high, things quickly spin out of control.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead penultimate episode where on an extended 90-minute episode where Jesus lost Carl and Negan captured him and headed back to Alexandria with him?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 7 as per the AMC synopsis, “with members out scavenging for supplies, Negan’s unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues. With tensions high, things quickly spin out of control. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Negan will gut Spencer in the middle of a street in Alexandria.”

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#TheWalkingDead midseason finale starts with Maggie sitting at Glenn’s grave crying. She takes a spot atop the wall at Hilltop and Gregory comes to talk to her. He says people are saying nice things about her and Sasha saving the place the other night.

He tells her don’t let it go to her head. Maggie tells Gregory it seems to bother him. He asks why she’s up there and Maggie asks if he’s going to eat his apple. He says yes and the guy on guard duty reminds him she’s pregnant. Gregory gives up the apple.

Negan shaves off his beard and explains to Carl how you shave. Judith and Carl are both with him in the bathroom watching. Daryl looks at the note that was slid under his door that said go now. He opens the door and creeps out.


Negan cooks in the kitchen and offers Carl a taste of what he’s cooking. Carl is making biscuits. Olivia is flipping out and Tara approaches her with the lemonade mix that Negan wanted. Olivia thanks her and is crying and terrified.

Tara tells her she’ll take over but Olivia says she promised Rick she’d watch Judith. She tells Tara to go. Olivia has Judith on her hip and Negan sits at the table while Carl sets it. Negan tells him to add another plate to the table.

Olivia brings over the lemonade and pours Negan a glass. Rick and Aaron approach the lake of walkers and look at the rowboat filled with bullet holes. They wonder if they can make it to the canoe. Rick offers to let Aaron stay back and he’s offended.

Row your boat

Aaron kicks the sign to loosen to boards to use as oars. Negan sighs at the table and says he won’t wait for Rick anymore. He says Lucille is hungry and sets the bat on a chair next to Olivia. He tells Carl to pass the rolls. Carl glares and Negan says please.

Eugene is back at Alexandria looking upset. Spencer hands over stuff he found to some Saviors and they tell him Negan likes when you fight for things. A woman flirts with Spencer who’s bloody and he flirts back. She notices Eugene looking and tells him to get lost.

She calls him “haircut.” His feelings are hurt. Carol sits reading by the fire in her house. She sees Morgan walking away after he left food on the porch. She calls out to him and he comes inside. He says he brought her fruit and she thanks him.

Welcome wagon

Carol shows him she has a pile of fresh veg and says Ezekiel doesn’t want to leave her alone. Morgan says he was trying to leave her alone. They swap brief pleasantries and she tells him to go. Richard is at the door when Morgan opens it.

Richard asks to talk to them both. Aaron and Rick’s boat is sinking. They try to get to the canoe and a walker grabs the boat then a couple more. They stab them with their board oars. They make it to the canoe but the other boat is sinking fast.

There’s a walker hidden in the canoe that jumps out at them and Rick kills her but Aaron falls overboard. Aaron goes down under the water as Rick screams his name. Aaron pops up okay – he swam under them. He gets to the houseboat.

Escape from Sanctuary

Daryl hides in a room when he hears voices. He grabs some peanut butter and eats it. He realizes he’s in Dwight’s room. Aaron shows Rick a note with a middle finger on it. Rick finds guns but no ammo. They hope to drift the houseboat back to shore.

Rick and Aaron load the supplies into the truck. Rick explains he didn’t want him to risk for the Savior if he doesn’t agree with it. Aaron reminds him he was there and saw what Negan did. He says this will keep their people alive.

Rick says Michonne doesn’t agree. Aaron says this is hard after living free like they did. Aaron says your heart is beating or not and your loved ones are beating or not. He says they have to live. Someone is nearby and sees them taking the stuff.

Home at Hilltop

Michonne is with the female Savior she hijacked in the car. She asks how long the woman has been with Negan and why she was out there alone. The woman says nothing. Michonne says talking might change how this ends for her.

Michonne tells her she won’t kill today and needs to find a way to change how this ends for her. Sasha comes in with an apple pie and Maggie is excited. Enid is with her. Sasha says it’s a gift for what they did and a little girl said Maggie should run for president.

Maggie digs into the pie and asks if Jesus has left yet. Maggie says she’s been talking to people and Sasha says Jesus left. Maggie goes to get milk. Enid asks why Sasha is lying about Jesus. Sasha says it’s for Maggie’s good.

Hoping to kill Negan

Enid asks if Sasha wants to kill Negan and says what if you have help. Enid says others want to take Negan out too. Sasha says Enid needs to keep Maggie safe. Richard talks to Carol and Morgan about communities and camps that are gone now.

Richard says he lost hope before he found The Kingdom. He says the Saviors are a threat. He says Ezekiel cut a secret deal with them that most don’t know about. Richard asks them to convince Ezekiel that they need to protect The Kingdom.

He says the Saviors can’t be trusted and they know it too. Richard says they need to strike first and destroy the Saviors. Gabriel asks Rosita how she’ll kill Negan when he sees her with the bullet. Gabriel says they’ll kill her but she says Negan has to die.

Gabriel talks murder

Gabriel agrees but asks why she has to die too. Rosita says if Abraham was alive they could fight. She says Maggie’s baby lost a father. She says Daryl is strong and Eugene knows things. Gabriel asks about Sasha. Gabriel says they will win but need to wait.

He says they’ll create the right moment. He says they need her and asks her not to do it. Daryl creeps down the halls at Sanctuary. Richard tells Carol and Morgan they need to attack now but worries Carol isn’t a fighter. Morgan says she’s the best fighter in the room.

Carol says she’s not part of it. She says she doesn’t want anything to do with their lives or deaths and wants to be left alone. Morgan tells Richard a lot of people will die. Richard says it will get bad enough where Morgan will choose to kill.

Secrets and lies

He tells Morgan to kill now before it’s too late. Richard says the Saviors will turn on them and the blood will be on their hands – he says maybe they’re used to that. Carol tells Morgan to go after Richard walks out. Carol says she doesn’t want anyone knowing where she is.

Spencer comes home to find his place disturbed from the gun search. Spencer practices saying hi in the mirror then he walks out. Richard goes to a hidden camper he keeps. He looks at a glass jar and starts crying then smashes it.

Rosita sees Spencer going to see Negan and she doesn’t like it. He asks why she broke up with him. Rosita says she tries not to think about shit and he’s cute so she used him. She says sorry and he invites her to dinner later with no strings. She says okay.

Spencer meets Negan

Daryl creeps out the door in Dwight’s clothes and runs for the motorcycles. Fat Joey sees him. He holds up his hands and tells Daryl it’s cool and he can walk out the back gate and he won’t say anything. He says he’s just trying to get by.

Daryl smashes his head in with a pipe just as Jesus runs up. Daryl grabs Joey’s gun and says these people are not getting by, they’re getting it all. Daryl wheels out a motorcycle and says let’s go. Arat won’t let Spencer into Rick’s place.

Negan tells her not to be an asshole and she lets him by. Spencer introduces himself. The woman stops the car away from a ton of people and says they’re all Negan. She says go home, burn the car, make it disappear. She says there’s a silencer in the glove box.

Spencer woos Negan

Rick is surprised to see Saviors at Alexandria when he and Aaron return. They go into the fence. He asks where’s Negan and the Savior says in your house waiting for you asshole. Another Savior won’t let him past and says let’s see what you brought us.

Negan pours a drink for him and Spencer and says he’s getting a vacation home here since they have AC and running water. Spencer mentions a pool table in the house across the way and Negan says he’s his new best friend.

The Saviors unload the truck and tell Aaron it’s not bad. They find the note and Aaron says the note is not from them. One slams Aaron against the truck. Another tells Rick to run along to Negan and he punches Aaron then kicks him.

Spencer smack talks Rick

Negan and Spencer pull the pool table out and Spencer says he wants to talk about Rick. Negan says talk to me. Rick watches helpless as they beat Aaron brutally. Spencer says he gets what he’s trying to build even though he doesn’t agree with his methods.

He says Rick has a history of not working well with others. Negan keeps shooting pool. Spencer tells him his mom used to lead there. The other Alexandrians stand around watching them. Negan says things were fine til Rick showed up.

Negan says him being an orphan is sad. Spencer says Rick’s ego is out of control and he’ll screw things up like he did with his mom. Spencer says he’s his mother’s son and the place needs a leader like him. Negan asks if he wants him to put him in charge.

Spencer is gutless

Spencer says they’d be much better off. They finally stop beating Aaron and walk off. Rick runs over to him and helps him up. He helps Aaron limp away. Negan says Rick hates his guts but he’s out there getting shit for him to protect the people there.

Negan says Rick is swallowing his hate and getting shit done. He says it takes guts. Negan says you are the guy that waited for Rick to be gone to sneak over and get him to do dirty work so he can take Rick’s place. Negan says why not kill Rick yourself.

Spencer stammers and Negan says you got not guts. He rams his knife into Spencer’s stomach and his guts all fall out. He grabs them in his hands then collapses. Spencer keels over in shock. Negan says how embarrassing – you did have guts, I must be wrong. He smiles.

Rosita shoots

Negan says someone clean this mess up. Everyone stands still in shock. Negan asks if anyone wants to finish the game. Rosita pulls her gun and shoots. She missed him and hit Lucille. Arat holds her down with a knife to her throat.

Negan picks up the bullet and says its homemade. Aaron and Rick hear the shot and are scared. Negan tells Arat to get the knife off her neck and put it on her face. He says tell me who made this. Rosita says she made it. Negan says she’s lying.

Arat cuts her face a little. Negan says she’s a badass. Negan says have it your way and tells Arat to kill someone. Rosita says no. Arat shoots Olivia dead right through the face. Negan smiles. Aaron and Rick make it there.

Eugene grows a pair

Rick says they had an agreement. Negan says his people are making him lose his voice yelling. Negan says he knows he beat his friends so they won’t ever be BFFs and says he just showed him how reasonable I am. He says Carl hid in a truck and machine gunned a bunch of his guys down.

Negan says he brought him home safe and fed him spaghetti. He says Spencer wanted me to kill you and put him in charge and I took him out for you. Negan points to Rosita and says she tried to kill me so I gave you one less mouth to feed and makes a fat joke.

Negan says he wouldn’t have picked Olivia to kill but Arat didn’t trust her. Rick says your shit is at the gate, just go. Negan says okay as soon as I found out who made this bullet. Tara steps up and says it was her. Eugene speaks up. He’s crying and says it was me.

Zombie Spencer dies again

Eugene rattles off enough facts to convince him and Negan tells him to shut up. Negan says Lucille give me strength. Negan tells Rick that he’s going to take his bullet maker with him. Negan says whatever he got him, it’s not good enough.

He says Rick is in a serious hole after today. He tells the Saviors to move out. Tara begs them to take her and leave Eugene. Negan says his kitchen is a mess then says see you next time. Rick is in tears by the time he leaves. There is blood all around the pool table.

Spencer comes back to life snarling and sits up. Rick stabs him in the head angrily. Rick is in the room where Morgan built the cell. Michonne finds him there. He hugs her tight and she hugs back. She says she found what she was looking for.

Michonne’s recon report

Michonne says she wanted to go with him and Aaron but couldn’t. She says she had to go her way then realized she didn’t want it to be her way and wants it to be theirs. Michonne says there are more of them than they thought and says they are way outnumbered.

She says they’re still alive and they’ve survived so many things. She says we’re still here and will keep standing. She says how do we make it mean something. She says they get things done – he told her that. She says they have to fight for Judith, Carl, for the communities.

She says they can find a way to beat them only if they do it together. Rick listens and says he knows that now. He repeats it and pulls her into a kiss. Maggie is back at Glenn’s grave then back up onto the wall. She sees something and calls for Sasha and Enid.


They open the gate. It’s Carl, Rick, Michonne, Tara and Rosita. Maggie hugs Rick and says she was right from the start when she told them to get ready to fight. He says he should have listened and is now. Daryl and Jesus walk around the corner.

Rick goes to Daryl and they hug tight. Rosita smiles at Sasha and they share a moment. Michonne hugs Sasha. Daryl hugs Tara. Carl smiles at Enid. Michonne gives Daryl a kiss and he pulls out Rick’s gun and hands it to him – he stole it from Fat Joey.

Everyone is happy to be back together. Jesus looks thoughtful. Rick walks with the group up to the main house at Hilltop. The guy who was watching Rick and Aaron at the houseboat jumps the fence at Alexandria. Gabriel is looking around but doesn’t see him.