The Walking Dead Recap 12/4/16: Season 7 Episode 7 “Sing Me a Song”

The Walking Dead Recap 12/4/16: Season 7 Episode 7 "Sing Me a Song"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday,  December 4, 2016, episode and we have  your The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 7 called, “Sing Me a Song,” members of Alexandria look for supplies.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where with just three episodes to go before the season 7 fall finale, a familiar faced stumbled upon a brand new society?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 6 as per the AMC synopsis, “On an extended 90-minute episode, a much more detailed look into the world of the Saviors and their home, the Sanctuary, is shown. Meanwhile, members of Alexandria look for supplies.”

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Michonne walking alone down the road. She sees their mattress burned on the side of the road. Michonne starts whistling Farmer in the Dell as she walks. A walker shambles out of the woods. She takes out two walkers and sets down her sword.

She grabs the walker by the feet and drags it while she whistles. There’s a radio in her bag. Rick wakes in the back of a truck along with Aaron. It’s 5:30 am. He has a radio too. Aaron opens the truck and they see something of interest.

Two Saviors are in a truck talking about Negan. They see that a line of walkers has finally slimmed down and they hop back into the truck to drive. Jesus and Carl are still hiding in the back. The Saviors never saw them. Jesus sees the statue outside of Sanctuary.

Jesus loses Carl

Jesus squirts some maple syrup to leave a trail. He says they’re close and tells Carl they need to jump. The truck weaves through obstacles. Carl asks how and Jesus says don’t fight the fall – run or roll with it and hide behind a car. Jesus says now.

Carl says you show me how. Jesus jumps, rolls and runs to hide. The truck goes on. Carl waves goodbye. Jesus knows the kid scammed him. Carl looks at the walkers impaled on pikes as they come into the compound. He grabs an automatic rifle from a box and loads a magazine.

He hears Negan telling them to get unloaded. Negan lectures his men for a mistake. A guy hops in the back and then a box of Scotch spills out and Carl opens fire. He tells them to drop their weapons because he only wants Negan and no one else needs to die.

Negan captures Carl

Negan comes over whistling and says he is adorable. He asks if Carl picked that gun because it looks cool and tells Carl he scares the shit out of him. Carl shoots the Savior that Negan is using as a shield. Dwight tackles Carl from the side and tells Dwight to leave him alone.

He calls Carl his guest and says he’ll show him around. Daryl watches from nearby. All the Savior that betrayed Negan are chained outside of Sanctuary on tethers. We finally see how big the place is – it’s an old factory.

Negan offers Carl a hand up off the ground and says you do the same stink eye as your dad but it’s only half as good with one eye. Negan says take my hand, you’re lucky you even have a hand. Negan asks how Daryl’s job is going. Carly finally takes his hand.

Carl gets the tour

Negan says he’s a smart kid and tells Roy to grab Daryl and take him to the kitchen. Negan says he won’t have time to screw any of his wives today and tells Carl to come on. Carl asks what he’s going to do to him. Negan says do not shatter my image.

He says don’t be scared of me because you’re bad ass. Negan says don’t spoil the surprise then says screw you and shoves Carl ahead of him. They go inside. Negan whispers check this out and walks to the edge and looks down at the Saviors who all kneel.

Negan says everyone gets fresh veg at dinner for no points. They applaud. Negan whispers and says respect, cool, huh and asks Carl are they still on their knees? Eugene is with Rosita leaving Alexandria. He says he has ideas for where to find stuff for Negan but she says nothing for that carbon.

Spencer vs Rosita

Spencer tells Rosita she can’t fight it. Gabriel is with him and says they can travel together but Rosita says no. Spencer says they have to produce for them and it’s like taxes. Spencer blames Rick and Rosita laughs at him when he says he can do better.

Rosita says go pay your taxes and leave me alone. She and Eugene walk out alone. Spencer glares after her. Negan takes Carl to his quarters to check out his wives and says look at their titties. He tells him it’s cool, they won’t mind.

One girl is crying and Negan asks his dear wife Sherry to go talk to him. They step to the side and he pours a drink and asks what happened with Amber and Mark. She says none of your business what we talk about when you’re not here.

Sherry rats out Amber

Negan whispers and says he heard Mark skipped out on his work to get with Amber. Negan says she’s here because she understands the value of her life. Sherry says Amber made a mistake and asks him to go easy on her. Negan asks if he’s ever hit one of them.

Sherry says no, but there’s worse than hitting. Negan smiles and says look at you. He chuckles and says to be continued. He goes back to Carl and hands him a beer. Negan goes over to Amber who sits in tears. He sits down in front of her and calls her baby.

He says he doesn’t want anyone here that doesn’t want to be here and says she can go back to Mark. He asks what can’t you do? She says cheat on you and he says right. Negan says plenty of other gals would love to take her place and she can go back to work alongside Mark.

Amber says sorry

Amber says she’s sorry and wants to stay. Negan asks if she knows what that means. Amber cries and says yes. She says I love you, Negan and he says of course you do. He says don’t cry, it’s all going to work out for you. He smiles and looks over at Carl.

Negan kisses her on the forehead. Negan tells Sherry he wasn’t hard on Amber and she says he’s an asshole. He says the messed-up thing is she likes him anyway. He kisses her. She kisses back. Daryl comes in with Dwight and he’s carrying a tray of food.

Negan takes some food and tells Carl to take the tray. Carl takes it. Daryl asks why Negan has him there. Negan says what we talk about when you’re not here is none of your business then smiles at Sherry. He says don’t make me put this toothpick through the only eye the kid has.

Dwight and Daryl

He tells Dwight to take Daryl to get a mop and says fire up the furnace for some déjà vu. He tells Carl to come on. Carl follows him. Daryl and Sherry maintain eye contact but then Dwight drags him away. Rick and Aaron worry that they won’t find something before Negan comes back.

They hop over a fence with a sign on it that says beyond here is trouble. Spencer and Gabriel drive and talk and Spencer asks if hating someone is a sin. Gabriel says actions are what matter. Spencer says he hates Rick and shouldn’t be in charge.

Spencer says his mother was a leader that brought out the good in people. Gabriel says Rick brought out the good in him and Spencer calls him a bully. Gabriel says Rick inspired him and brought them all together but isn’t perfect.

Gabriel tries to talk Spencer down

Spencer says his family is all dead after Rick came. Gabriel says you can’t know and don’t get to know. He says look to the future. Spencer says there is no future with Rick in charge. He says he hopes Rick doesn’t make it back.

Gabriel tells Spencer to stop the car. He does. Gabriel says what he’s saying doesn’t make him a sinner, but makes him a tremendous shit. Gabriel says it doesn’t have to be terminal. He tells him he’s going back and gets out of the car.

Spencer gets out of the car and runs into the woods. There’s a walker stuck up in a tree in a deer hide and has a crossbow. Carl asks Negan if those are all his wives and Negan says he always wanted to screw a bunch of different women so why not?

Negan and Carl hang

Negan tells Carl he wants to get to know him and Carl asks why. Negan says Carl is smart and he’d expect a kid his age to be moping and crying but he went on a mission, found him, killed two of his men and knows he won’t let it slide.

Negan says Carl is like a birthday present and tells him to take off his bandages. Carl says no and Negan says he killed two men. He asks if he wants to piss me off. Carl takes off his hat and unwraps the bandages.

Negan says that’s disgusting and ask if he’s seen it. He says it’s gross and hell and says he can see his socket. He asks Carl if he can touch it. Carl starts crying. Negan says damn kid. Negan says it’s easy to forget that he’s just a kid.

Fat Joe as Lucille

He says he didn’t mean to hurt his feelings and was just screwing around. Carl says forget it. Someone knocks on the door. One of his men brings in Lucille and says he left it by the truck. Negan says a kid with a machine gun is a distraction.

Negan tells Carl he looks rad as hell and says don’t cover it because no one will screw with you if you look like that. Negan asks Fat Joe if he carried it up and he says yes sir and hands it over. Negan asks if he was gentle and kind to her.

Joe is stressed out and says yes sir again. He asks if he petted Lucille’s pussy then laughs and tells Joe a bat doesn’t have a pussy. Joe laughs nervously and Negan kicks him out. Negan says men break each other’s balls and his dad should have taught him that.

You Are My Sunshine

Negan asks what he likes to do for fun then asks if he likes music. Negan says sing me a song. Carl says what? Negan says you killed two of my men, I want something in return. He says sing me a song. Carl says he can’t think of any. Negan says BS and asks what his mom used to sing him.

Negan puts the bat in his face and says start singing. Carl sings You Are My Sunshine. Negan swings the bat viciously nearby while Carl struggles to sing. Negan says Lucille loves being sung to and loves it more than bashing in brains.

Negan sits near Carl and asks if his mother sang it and asks where she is. Carl sniffs and shakes his head. Negan says dead, huh. He asks if he saw it happen. Carl says he shot her before she could turn. Negan says no wonder you’re a little serial killer in the making.

The Iron

Negan says he’s just breaking his balls again and tells Carl come on, it should be ready. Carl asks what and Negan says the iron. Negan and Carl go downstairs and Mark is tied to a chair crying. Negan hits Lucille against the wall and everyone kneels.

He hands Lucille to Carl and says hold it. He does. Negan says you know the deal. This will be hard to watch and he doesn’t want to do it but he can’t ignore the rules and let it slide. Negan asks why and everyone chants “the rules keep us alive.”

Negan says it’s right. He says they survive, provide to others and bring cavillation back to this world. He says we are the Saviors and rules are what make it work. He says there is always a costs and if you try and cut a corner, he chuckles, then it is the iron for you.

Rules keep them civilized

Dwight looks uncomfortable since he’s been there. He tells them on their feet and everyone stands. Daryl is there too. Negan puts on long gloves and Dwight hands him an old-fashioned iron made of iron that was in the fire.

Negan tells Mark sorry, it is what it is. Sherry holds Amber. Negan puts it on his face and Mark screams in agony. Carl looks at Daryl who looks away. Mark screams. Then he passes out. When Negan pulls the iron away, a chunk of his skin comes off.

Negan says that wasn’t so bad. He gives it back to Dwight and says he pissed himself. Negan whispers to Daryl to clean it up and he mops it up. Negan tells the doc he’s done and he can do his thing and he goes to tend Mark.

The rules matter

Negan says they’re square and Mark’s face is a daily reminder to him and everyone else that the rules matter. Carl looks over at Dwight who looks away. Negan says he doesn’t want to have to do that again ever.

Negan goes to Carl and whispers that’s some crazy shit then says you probably think I’m a lunatic. He tells Carl, you probably think I’m a lunatic and pulls him out of the room. Spencer gets a rope and grappling hook and hooks it to the deer hide.

He knocks the crossbow down but then the walker falls too. He’s rotting so he falls but his arms were torn off. Spencer rolls it over and searches the pockets. He finds a note and smiles. Rosita and Eugene go to the machine shop where he and Abraham encountered the metal walker.

Eugene wants Rosita to slow her roll

Rosita says make me a bullet. Eugene says he thought about it and doesn’t think this makes sense. He says wait and let them lull into a false sense of security. She says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Eugene says they have the numbers like Abraham says.

He says even if she kills Negan, someone will pay the price. She says she wants the man who killed the man that saved their lives to die. She rages and says don’t tell me know. She says he doesn’t know or do anything and is a weak coward.

She says he lied and that’s why he’s alive. She says people feel sorry for you. She says for once, do something useful and make her a bullet. Eugene gets to work. Sherry is smoking in a stairwell and Dwight sees her. She hands him a smoke and lights it.

Carl threatens Negan

He tells her not to beat herself up and she asks why would she. Dwight says she told on Mark and Amber but she had to. Sherry says that’s not what happened. Dwight says whatever helps you sleep at night. Sherry asks how he does and he says he doesn’t sleep, he watches TV all night til morning.

Sherry says the deal they made with Negan was supposed to be just about them. He says every deal stands on someone else’s back. She says go before someone sees us. He says they’re not doing anything and she agrees then walks off.

Negan sits writing and Carl asks if he can wrap his face. Negan says no and Carl says why the hell not. Negan says he’s not done with him and likes looking at his disgusting badass eye so it’s staying out. Carl glares then asks why he hasn’t killed him, his dad, or Daryl.

Negan takes Carl home

Negan says Daryl is going to be a good soldier for him and Rick is getting him stuff. Negan says we’ll see about Carl. He says it’s more productive and fun to break him. Carl says he’s not like Negan. Negan asks what he thinks he should do.

Negan says do I kill you, iron your face, chop off your arm, what? Carl tells Negan to jump out the window to save him the trouble of killing him. Negan says that’s the kid that impressed me. Carl says he won’t’ do anything to him. He says if you knew us, you would kill us but you can’t.

Negan says maybe he can’t. He claps and says let’s go for a ride. Jesus is on top of the truck that Negan is in with Carl. Negan calls Daryl over and says he’s taking the kid home. Daryl says you etter not do anything to the kid and Negan tells Dwight to put Daryl back in his box for a time out.

Where did Jesus go?

The truck pulls off and Jesus is gone off the top. Daryl is in his Easy Street room when someone stops and slides a note under the door. There’s a key taped to it and the note says “go now.” A pile of walker bodies blocks the road and a Savior chick gets out of her truck with gun drawn.

She looks at the pile of bodies. Michonne is there and has a sword to her head and tells her to drop it. She tells her to drop the knife, too. She does. She asks if Michonne wants her shoes too. Michonne says take me to Negan and holds a gun to her head.

The woman starts the truck and then slams the brakes on and tires to wrestle Michonne for the gun. Michonne slams her face into the steering wheel and says take me to Negan. Negan is in Alexandria with Carl. They knock on a door and Olivia answers stunned.

Negan messes with Olivia

Carl whispers to Olivia that Negan is fine. Negan asks where’s Rick and she says out scavenging for you. He says he’ll wait. Olivia says it might not be today and they’re practically starving. Negan says not really and she starts crying.

Negan turns to Carl and says really? He says she has no sense of humor. Negan says excuse me, and asks her name. She says Olivia. Negan touches her arm and she turns. He says he’s sorry for being rude to her and says he’ll be there a while waiting on Rick.

He says if she’d like, he’d enjoy screwing her brains out if she’s agreeable to it. She slaps him in the face. Negan says he’s 50% more into her now. He whispers to her and she freaks. Negan says he’ll put up his feet and wait for Rick. He tells Olivia to make some lemonade.

Negan meets Judith

He says take your time and make it good. She leaves. Negan says take me on the grand tour. He plays with the water faucets, puts his bare feet in the carpet, and plays darts. Negan asks about one room but Carl says it’s just a water heater. It’s Judith’s room.

Negan hands Lucille to Carl and calls her a little angel and picks up Judith. He bounces her and smiles. Rick and Aaron approach a property and there’s a sign warning trespassers that he’s armed. Rick says the guy might have supplies.

They see a lake full of bobbing walkers and a houseboat out in the center. Are the walkers ones that tried to get the guy’s stuff? Eugene gives Rosita a bullet and she says sorry for what he said. He says he rejects that and says she got what she wanted.

Negan likes life in Alexandria

Eugene says she meant it, felt it, and that’s her truth. He says let’s go back to awkward silence. They walk away. Spencer pulls up in his car. He gets out and they look inside and see he found food. Eugene asks where he got it and he show shim the paper.

It was in Latin and Spencer says it was a pain in the ass class in school. He said the guy hid caches and now he’s going to give it all to Negan. He says he’ll do more than that. He whistles and they open the gates. They see a truck and Rosita says he’s here.

Negan sits on the porch with Carl and he’s got Judith on his lap. Negan says he likes it here and might just have to stay. Negan says maybe it is stupid keeping Carl and Rick alive and says maybe he should just bury them both. Negan says he could just settle into the suburbs with her. Negan laughs and kisses Judith’s head.