The Walking Dead Recap – Oceanside Ravaged by Saviors: Season 7 Episode 6 “Swear”

The Walking Dead Recap - Oceanside Ravaged by Saviors: Season 7 Episode 6 "Swear"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday,  November 27, 2016, episode and we have  your The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 6 called, “G,” Swear,” a familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where surrounded by enemies and saddled with grief, members of the group hoped to find safety at the Hilltop before it was  too late but the leader was not pleased?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 6 as per the AMC synopsis, “With just three episodes to go before the season 7 fall finale, A familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society. Their rules, location and setup are unlike anything that has been seen before.  Tara and Heath are back.”

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#TheWalkingDead starts at the seashore with Rachel, a young girl, and another woman talking. Rachel stabs a walker trapped in the sand. She spots one at the water’s edge and runs to it. Rachel goes to stab her but Cyndie stops her. It’s Tara and she’s alive.

Rachel says they’re supposed to kill people too and Cyndie won’t let her then tells her not to snitch. Rachel says she won’t help and walks off. Cyndie grabs Tara by the arms and pulls her away from the lapping ocean waves.

Earlier, we see Tara and Heath eating in the RV. He complains about the slim pickings they found. One bottle of aspirin and some rusty cans of okra. Tara says they have to find what’s hidden. He says there’s nothing left and they went farther than they planned.

He says it’s been two weeks. She says Hilltop has food but they need ammo and meds. Heath says what they did to those people at the satellite station, killing those people was awful. Tara reminds him she had to do it too and he says it was done for milk and corn.

Tara and Heath argue

He says they didn’t know sh*t in Alexandria before she and her people came. He says he gets it now. He says you choose yourself and kill who you have to. She says it’s BS but he says it’s how it is. He says after today, we go back even with the little they found.

He cranks the little RV and she looks at one of the stolen Savior guns they have. A bat wrapped in wire is carved on it but she doesn’t know what it means. Cyndie watches the clock and stares at a map. She goes back out to Tara on the beach.

Tara has numbers tattooed on her wrist. Cyndie has a gun to be safe. She leaves some bottles of water near Tara and a wrapped bundle. Cyndie ducks down when she sees someone. She also leaves a stabbing pole beside her and takes off.

Tara wakes soon after she goes and sees the items. She grabs a bottle of water and sits up. She sees someone nearby and scoots out of sight. She reaches for the little bundle she was left and unwraps it. Inside is a fish. Tara sees the person leave the beach.

Give a woman a fish

Tara heads into the woods nearby following the person she saw. She’s got the stabbing stick with her. She sees them ahead. Tara follows at a distance. She sees people talking and creeps closer. The two women head into a bungalow.

Tara creeps closer and hears kids laughing. She hides again. The kids run off to play. Tara gets closer to a larger grouping of people. She sees it’s all women. Tara sees two of the women open a shed of guns. Then she hears a clicking like an alert and they all run and grab guns.

One shoots near Tara’s head and she runs. Several fire at her as she runs into the trees. Tara knocks one out and grabs her gun and holds it on her. She knocks the woman out and then the kid, Rachel, is there and holds a gun on her.

Cyndie stops her from shooting Tara and other women run up and surround her with guns out. She tells them she didn’t mean to and says she’s cool and isn’t there to hurt anyone. Cyndie tells them to lower their guns. She says she’s done nothing wrong.

Women scorned

The leader steps up. Tara says she just crawled in and she’s sorry and can just go. They glare to Tara stays put. Before, we see Heath and Tara stop the RV at a road blocked by cargo trailers. They climb up and look down. They climb down to see what’s there.

Heath throws a bottle to see if anything stirs up. They see it was a camp of sorts with obstacles at both sides to keep out walkers. There are tents but they see no people. They check out a little trailer and then go check behind other tarps.

They see dump trucks with sand and they wonder what happened to the people. Tara goes to poke at a bag in the sand. Heath sees a ton of shell casing and tells her to stop. She pulls the bag, sand pours out and it’s full of walkers. They crawl out and come for them.

One has Tara by the foot and she kicks it to make it let her go then shoots another. They fire but are surrounded. He’s trapped. She is too. He has to run and leave her there. Now, Tara is held in a room at the Oceanside community.

Tara’s interrogation

The leader asks if she needs to use the bathroom before they get started. Tara says no thank you. Natania introduces Kathy and Beatrice. Tara asks her about the bells and she says the air horn is used to redirect the dead. Tara says that’s not dead.

She says this is a relatively clear area thanks to the evacuations and barges. She asks where Tara is from and she says Atlanta a long time ago and says she’s been on the move. She says she and her friend have been traveling around a couple of years.

She says they worked on a fishing boat and they ask what kind. Tara says the last kind – they can tell she’s lying. Natania asks what was she doing there. She says she and her friend got attacked on a bridge and fell over and the current brought her to the shore where she passed out.

They ask her again why was she here. She says Cyndie brought her food and she followed her back. They ask why she was sneaking and she says she wanted to see if it was safe. Tara says she can leave and wants to go find her friends.

Decisions, decisions

Natania says normally they kill strangers on sight that come into our camp. She says Beatrice told her she saved her instead of killing her. Natania says they have to figure out what to do with her. She tells Tara to rest and they’ll talk later.

After dark, she’s brought outside by one woman and taken to a cabin. Her cuffs are unlocked and they sit her down to dinner and ask if she likes fish. Tara says not so much and Natania says we’re having stew. She introduces Cyndie to her and Tara thanks her.

Cyndie says her mom would have approved of her saving her and showed her the way. She says she’s trying to show Rachel. She says she hasn’t had to do it yet. Tara asks if she has. Cyndie says she’s a good shot. Natania says she is and says let’s eat and talk.

Tara gobbles up her stew hungrily and they ask when the last time was she ate. Natania asks if she could get used to living there and asks if she wants to stay. She says that would solve the problem. She would keep their secret by staying and is a good fighter.

War stories

They tell her that they can even find her friend and he can stay. Tara asks where all the men are. Natania looks sad and says a group came at them and all their men died. She says Cyndie’s 11 year old brother and her mother were lost.

She says they decided to protect themselves at all cost after that and left their old home and found this place. She says they stay hidden and stay alive. Natania says she knows they sound like monsters but she wants her to understand.

Natania asks her to be honest about where she’s from. She says they know she lied. Tara admits it. She says she’s from a community and they live together and have walls and houses and she has a girlfriend there. She says they did things like they did.

She says some people threatened them and they killed all of them at a satellite station. She says those people got what they deserved for killing and terrorizing people. Tara says they had to do it to stay alive. Tara says maybe their groups can work together.

Tara invites them to come over

Tara says they can’t live like this forever. She says they will only find enemies living like this and Cyndie says this could make them safer. Natania stops the talk. She says they can send a guide with Tara to look for her friend and go to her community to see what it’s like.

Beatrice says she’ll do it and Cyndie wants to go too but her grandma says she stays behind the fence until she learns some responsibility. Tara tells her there will be other chances. Tara makes a joke about her fishing boat lie.

Tara and Natania talk before she leaves. She says Cyndie is sulking at the cabin and Natania wishes her luck. Beatrice comes out to join her along with Kathy. Rachel spits at Tara’s feet and Tara gives her the middle finger.

They head into the woods and past a bell. Tara tells Beatrice sorry for hitting her in the head. She asks how far from the bridge and they say halfway there. They hear a noise and Tara hears a walker then goes to take it out.

No good deed goes unpunished

She runs as the two women start firing on her. They tricked her and planned to kill her in the woods. Tara hides in a gully as one runs past. Another creeps close by and Tara tackels her. They fight over the knife and Beatrice has the gun on her.

Tara says please and says she could have killed her. She says her people are dead. She says the satellite of the Saviors wasn’t all. Beatrice says all your people was dead and that was just an outpost. She says if they know about your friends, it’s already too late.

Tara asks if the Saviors did this to them and killed their men. Beatrice says every man, every boy over 10 and lined them up and shot them in the head. She says they tried to fight and they won. She says they were supposed to work for them but they just left one night.

Beatrice says she won’t let her lead them back to her. She says they get what they want. Cyndie tackles Beatrice and tells Tara to run. She does. Tara comes out of the woods and Cyndie is there with a gun on her. Tara says you won’t shoot me.

Pinkie swears

Cyndie tells her to swear she’ll never come back and never tell anyone about them – not even her own people. Tara asks why would she come back or tell anyone about this place. Cyndie says maybe you could get something out of it.

Cyndie asks why they killed everyone at the satellite station – because you thought you had to. You didn’t have to, you just did. She says no one is evil, they just forget who they are. She tells Tara to swear it. Tara says some people are evil, they just are.

Cyndie tells her to swear. Tara does. Cyndie gives her a pack with food and water and says she’ll lead her to the bridge and says don’t fall off this time. Tara and Cyndie look down at the walkers and Tara tells her she’ll run past them and will make it.

Tara tells her to go back and tell them a lie. Cyndie says she can help her get across using her rifle and ammo. She says let’s get it over with. She says Kathy and Beatrice will come so they need to hurry. She puts a magazine in her rifle to prepare.

Tara runs the gauntlet

Tara offers her a fist bump and Cyndie bumps it then readies. Tara climbs down with Cyndie and they creep behind a walker. Tara has the poking stick. She takes out oen quietly then one from a car grabs Cyndie and she saves her. Two more come shambling up.

The tarp drops and they see tons more coming at them. They hop on top of the cars and run. Tara fights and Cyndie shoots. Cyndie is out of ammo. Tara makes it to the sand piles. She thinks about Heath when she first fell and stops.

She remembers he ran out of ammo and she tried to get to him. He tells her to go and she was knocked off the bridge by walkers. She runs on ahead and then turns back. She sees a fresh walker with hair like Heath’s. The walker turns. It’s a woman.

Tara sees Cyndie being dragged off by Beatrice and Kathy. She sees broken glasses on the other side and sees the RV is gone. She hopes it’s Heath. She sees a key card with the letters PPP on it and picks it up.

Tara heads home to Alexandria

Tara walks on alone and finds an old boat on the road. She finds some supplies in it and then hears a walker coming. She scrambles away. Tara comes upon a store and sees walkers nearby and moves on. She hides inside.

She sees a little doctor bobble head and then pulls out the dried fish to eat it. Tara pulls out a shell bracelet Cyndie put into the pack. Next day, she’s back on the road walking wearing new sunglasses. Eugene sees something on guard duty and raises his binoculars.

They open the gate to a smiling Tara. Eugene is in tears and she gets the news about Dr. Denise, Abraham and Glenn. Tara sits holding the little bobble head. Rosita tells her she’s sorry and they talk about finding guns and ammo.

Rosita asks if she knows anyplace they can get guns and ammo so they can square this and make it right. She says they have to. Tara says she can’t. She says she didn’t see anything like that out there.