The Walking Dead Recap – Maggie Makes A Decision: Season 7 Episode 5 “Go Getters”

The Walking Dead Recap - Maggie Makes A Decision: Season 7 Episode 5 "Go Getters"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday,  November 20, 2016, episode and we have  The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 5 called, “Go Getters,” members of the group head to Hilltop to find safety.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where the remaining members of our group were holding together in Alexandria while they received a very sobering visit from Negan?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 3 as per the AMC synopsis, “Surrounded by enemies and saddled with grief, members of the group hope to find safety at the Hilltop before it’s too late.  We will also get to see Maggie & Sasha again!”

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Maggie waking up and staring at purple flowers beside her bed. Dr. Carson is there and says her placenta has started to separate and is causing trauma. Maggie asks if she lost the baby and the doctor says no. He says the baby is fine and plays the heartbeat for her.

He tells her to take it easy and says she needs to stay at Hilltop until the baby comes. She asks him to repeat everything he just said. Sasha sits eating a piece of fruit also at Hilltop when Maggie comes out of the doctor’s trailer unsteadily. Maggie asks where is he, where are they both.

Sasha takes her to Glenn and Abraham’s graves and gives her Herschel’s pocketwatch that was in Glenn’s pocket. Sasha is in tears and Maggie kisses the watch then leaves it on Glenn’s grave. Maggie says it feels like everything is wrong and Sasha reminds her the baby is okay as long as she takes it easy.

Maggie says he told her they need to stay at Hilltop. Sasha says she’ll stay with her. Jesus approaches them and brings more flowers to the grave and he also brought the flowers by Maggie’s bed. He says green flowers are for release. Gregory approaches and chews her out about the Saviors.

Gregory wants them gone

She tells them there are hundreds of them and what they took down was an outpost. Gregory says she needs to go. She says Dr. Carson told her to stay. Sasha glares at Gregory who chews them out for burying their dead and says they should have been burned.

Gregory reminds them he was stabbed and says Maggie and her people put them at risk. Gregory tells Jesus they need plausible deniability. Jesus says they can’t leave now and need to wait for morning. Gregory says they can leave in the morning and threatens to kick out Jesus.

Sasha tells Gregory that Maggie is pregnant and he says that’s her mistake. Maggie holds Sasha back from going at him. Jesus walks after Gregory clearly irritated. Carl and Rick talk and his dad says they have to go on a run to get supplies. Carl throws darts at a board and keeps missing.

He refuses to go on the run with his dad. Aaron tells Rick that Carl will come around. Rick hands Michonne a radio – she decided not to go either but wishes him luck. He goes to kiss her cheek but she kisses him on the mouth instead. He thanks her and goes.

Carl is annoyed at everyone

Carl asks Michonne why she didn’t go with them and she says she has things to figure out about how they can do this. Carl says they can’t do this. Carl says Rick is wrong and she knows it. Michonne says even so, she can’t know for sure.

She reminds him to change his eye bandage and be nice to Olivia. She leaves. He spots Enid trying to scale the wall and she says she has to go find Maggie. He says it’s too far but she says she’ll be fine and says she has better aim than him now he’s lost an eye.

Enid apologizes and he says he’s not saving her anymore. They talk about something that happened to her in the armory that he saw and she says she’s sorry he saw that. Jesus tells Sasha he’s glad they are there and he promises to try and get Gregory to change his mind.

She asks why he’s not in charge and he says he’s not a leader. She offers to scavenge and pay Maggie’s way. He says he doesn’t want that for them. She asks what he wants Hilltop to be. He says he tries to help and Sasha says he needs to do more.

Carl takes a joyride

Jesus gives her something and says it was Abraham’s and he found it. It’s a necklace. He tells her sorry and says he liked him. He says Abraham said things that made him smile and wince at the same time. Maggie shows up and finds that Jesus made room for them to stay the night.

Maggie asks why they burned the dead and he says the idea is to keep going. She asks how they remember the dead and he says by us. Jesus leaves. Maggie asks Sasha what now. She says they can stay and Gregory can’t do anything.

Maggie says he’s a coward and that makes him dangerous. Enid rides a bike down the road and wheels by a rundown gas station. She stops when she sees something wet. A walker staggers out nearby. A car runs it down then crashes into a concrete post. The walker isn’t dead.

Carl runs into it again. Now it’s dead. Enid asks why he’s there and he says he felt like a drive. Maggie and Sasha wake when they hear a loud whistle. They see fires and the gates of Hilltop are open. There are fires burning.

Night of many walkers

There is music playing and they panic. They climb up through a hole in the roof. Walkers stagger through the open gates. Sasha jumps down as Maggie climbs onto the roof. She calls to Jesus and tells him Sasha needs help. Jesus climbs down from the main house to help.

Maggie calls the shots to help people fight. Sasha runs over to the car that’s playing music attracting the walkers. It’s locked by a hand that’s metal and flipping them off. Maggie gets into the tractor and starts driving over walkers. Jesus fights them and so does Sasha.

Maggie drives the tractor over the car and the music finally stops. All is silence. As they walk, Carl says he watched it both times and didn’t look away. He’s talking about Negan killing Abraham and Glenn. He says he watched so he’ll remember when he kills Negan.

He says he’s sorry for locking her in the armory but she says she’s glad she didn’t see it. They keep walking to Hilltop to see Maggie. Jesus argues with Gregory and says the women are staying but Gregory says he’s in charge. Gregory says he can take over but he has to stick around.

Saviors at the gate

Sasha and Maggie come to talk to him. He says he’s bringing them some parting gifts. He tells them to go now before the Saviors come back. Sasha says she’ll go if she lets Maggie stay. He says no. Sasha asks how they can make it work. Gregory says he’d have to meet with her one on one.

Maggie tells him go to hell because it sounded creepy and sexual. They hear truck noises. The Saviors are there. Gregory tells Jesus to hide them in the closet so they all get out of this alive. Carl stops at the side of the road and unzips a backpack he finds. He calls to Enid.

There were roller skates in the bag. They put them on and skate down the road. They hold hands and skate on smiling. Gregory lets Simon and the Saviors into the plantation house. There are lots of Saviors there, all armed. Gregory says hello. Simon looks around.

Gregory says make yourself at home and Simon says it’s not a social call and says they need to talk. He tells Gregory to show him his painting in his study. He asks if he heard what happened. Simon says the people you used to deal with have been removed.

Simon scares Gregory

Gregory plays dumb and Simon isn’t having it. Simon grabs him and drags him into the study. A Savior shuts the doors behind them. Simon says wow over the painting and Gregory says they got the message loud and clear. Simon asks what message and Simon laughs.

He says the painting is breathtaking. Simon says that is management by example. Simon says last night was them working their asses off to provide them an example. He tells Gregory he has a nice place and tall walls and people there probably forget what it’s like outside.

Simon says they were going to kill them to show the service they provide but then they took care of it themselves. Gregory says they picked up some skills from them and sucks up to Simon. Then Simon says the other people got spoiled working with a guy like Gregory and got soft.

Simon says that’s what got them butchered – he’s talking about the group at the Savior outpost that Rick, Glenn and the others killed off. Gregory acts shocked to hear the other group is dead. Simon says it all worked out.

Gregory tries to betray Maggie and Sasha

Simon says the people that killed them work for us now. Gregory says it’s a shame when things like that happen. Gregory says tell Negan that he understand the benefits of working with him. Simon says he’s his Negan for now and that’s what he wants.

Simon pats his leg and thanks him for recognizing what they bring to the table. He says that’s why Gregory is still there and others aren’t. Simon asks if there’s anything else he wants to tell him. Gregory looks scared then says there is.

Gregory and Simon come out of the room and Jesus watches them walk over to a closet. Jesus shakes his head no at Gregory who opens a closet. He hands him a bottle of Scotch. Simon says he hates it and says it tastes like window cleaner. He says Negan will love it.

Simon says he’s going to say it’s from me instead of you so he gets credit. He takes the whole box and tells Gregory to put the other bottle back in with it. Gregory has no choice but to do it. Simon says this is big and says he won’t forget it. He thanks him.

Simon says kneel

Simon says they’re going to go through the place and take half of everything. He tells his guys to take the painting too. Simon asks him to kneel. Gregory says excuse me and Simon says kneel. He does it. Jesus isn’t happy. Simon says that’s a solid knee and pats his head.

He tells him to remember it for next time. The Saviors follow Simon out the door. Enid and Carl are off the skates and in the woods. They see the Savior trucks at Hilltop as they hide in the woods. Carl says he can’t let Negan get away with it – that’s where he was driving when he found Enid in trouble.

Enid says Carl wants to kill Negan for himself, not for Glenn, Abraham or Maggie. He says yeah. Enid asks how he’d do it and says how would matter to her. They stand close together and he kisses her forehead then kisses her on the mouth. Enid asks him to come with her to Hilltop.

Carl says he won’t go and she says he’s lying. Enid says don’t go but says she can’t stop him. He says he’ll see her and she says he won’t. Gregory is angry that Jesus didn’t put them in the closet in the hall like he told him to. Gregory intended to give them up but Jesus put them somewhere else.

Maggie kicks Gregory’s ass

Jesus threatens to tell that Gregory made a deal with Alexandria and expose him to the others and to the Saviors. Jesus says he, Maggie, and Sasha are all staying and they’ll all be one big happy dysfunctional family. Gregory says he made progress with them today.

Jesus says that wasn’t what he saw. Gregory says Saviors can be quite reasonable and Maggie punches him in the face. She also sees that he took Glenn’s watch from the grave. He says it’s too nice to be left in the rain. She says call me by my name, Maggie Rhee.

Jesus tells Maggie and Sasha that Gregory was already in charge when he got there and he doesn’t like how he does things. Jesus smiles in Maggie’s direction – he wants her in charge but doesn’t say so. They watch as the gates close and Maggie tells Sasha she’ll see her at the trailer.

Sasha asks Jesus if he can find where Negan lives. He says one of the trucks is going back so he can find out. Sasha asks if he can keep it between the two of them. She doesn’t want Maggie to know and Jesus says he doesn’t like that. Sasha says me neither.

Maggie gifts Enid

Maggie finds Enid sitting at Glenn’s grave. She blew up the green balloons and put them there. Maggie has her dad’s watch and tells her that she will be okay. She hugs Enid tight. Later, Enid asks her about the tractor stunt and Maggie says she couldn’t watch again.

Enid says she’s supposed to take it easy. Maggie says it wasn’t hard and says she ran over a boy’s Camaro in high school with a tractor. Sasha comes in and finds them there. Enid says she came to help. She tells Sasha to sit and eat and Sasha asks about the balloons on the grave.

Enid says there was nothing marking the graves. Maggie says she was going to mark Glenn’s grave with it but gives it to Enid instead. She tells Sasha they don’t need anything to remember them by. The women take hands and Maggie says a blessing over their food.

Someone looks down on the truck that’s been earmarked for Negan. The Saviors load up into the trucks to drive away. The Hilltop people close the walls behind them. Sasha sits sharpening her knife and smoking Abraham’s cigar.

Jesus runs and hops into the back of the truck and pours out a bottle of Scotch. Carl says hey. He’s already in the truck! Jesus makes a face, not happy to see him there.