The Walking Dead Recap 11/13/16: Season 7 Episode 4 “Service”

The Walking Dead Recap 11/13/16: Season 7 Episode 4 "Service"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday,  November 13, 2016, episode and we have  The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 4 called, “Service,” the residents of Alexandria receive a sobering visit.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where a completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seemed to have it all, but for a price, was introduced, The Saviours?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 3 as per the AMC synopsis, “An all new extended 85-minute episode tonight where we get to see how the remaining members of our group are holding together in Alexandria while they receive a very sobering visit.”

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 9PM – 10PM ET for our The Walking Dead recap.  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our The Walking Dead recaps, spoilers, news and more, right here!

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Rick and Michonne in bed. They sleep back to back. Michonne rolls over and looks at Rick’s back then gets out of bed. She puts on her sword and reaches up into the fireplace to retrieve a gun she hid there.

She checks to make sure no one is watching and pulls it out quietly. She puts it into a bag and walks out of the house. Rick watches her go. Michonne is out in a field out of Alexandria. She goes to an old rusty truck and climbs up on it. She looks around.

Rick goes to get Judith out of her crib. Eugene sits tinkering with a stereo when Rosita and Spencer pull up in a car and ask him to open the gate. Spencer asks if he wants to go help find stuff for the Saviors. He says no but he’s repairing the music player for them.

They hear a big truck pull up. Negan gets out whistling and bangs on the gate. He says “little pig, little pig, let me in.” Eugene looks like he’s about to cry. Spencer pulls back the one gate and asks who are you. Rick walks up then and Negan says hello in an almost flirty tone.

Negan missed Rick

Negan says don’t make me have to ask. Rick says you’re early, you said a week. Then he opens the gate. Negan says I missed you. A walker staggers up and Negan smashes it with his bat then laughs and says easy peasy lemon squeasy. He says let’s get started.

Daryl is there among the Saviors. Daryl won’t meet his eyes. Negan asks who is that guy and says he didn’t get mad and bashed in some ginger’s dome. He says that’s service – I just killed one of them. He hands Rick his Lucille to hold.

Negan checks out the community and says it’s an embarrassment of riches and says they should have plenty to offer. Rick goes to speak to Daryl but Negan says no, he’s the help. He says you don’t look at him or talk to him and I won’t make you chop anything off him.

Negan gets closer to Rosita and says same for everyone. She flinches a bit then walks away. Negan says a lot of suspense there. He says let’s get the show on the road. Negan says you don’t decide what we take, I do. He says they will poke around the houses and take what they want.

Dwight takes plenty

Negan asks Rick to show him around. Dwight approaches Rosita and Spencer and takes their guns from the car. Dwight says he has a job for Rosita and tells her to get him Daryl’s bike. She says it’s not her. He says you know where it is.

Dwight takes her hat from her and tells her to get in the car and go. He also takes her canteen and pours out the water. He says don’t take too long. She cranks the car and leaves but is clearly furious. Michonne hears a noise and stands on the roof of the truck.

She raises the rifle and sees a walker staggering in the field. She shoots and misses. She shoots and misses again. She keeps firing and missing. It gets closer. She curses and gets down with her sword and cuts its head in half and walks away.

In the woods, Michonne sees a dead deer. One of her stray bullets hit it. Negan has his people and locals unloading furniture from a house and Negan says we’re reasonable people once you get to know us. He takes a soda and throws the can down. He says he loves this place.

Negan mocks Rick

A guy approaches and hands him a video camera. Negan says he hopes there’s some freaky deaky on it. It’s Rick’s initial Alexandria interview. He comments on Rick’s man bush and says he wouldn’t have messed with that guy, but that’s not him anymore.

Negan asks about the sick girl – he means Maggie. He says she was married to number two right. He tells Rick to be careful how he looks at him. Negan says attractive widows are special. Rick is holding Lucille tight in his hand. Negan says women like that are empty inside but not for long.

Negan says he’d love to see her. Gabriel comes up and Negan calls him creepy as shit. Gabriel introduces himself and asks if Negan wants to pay his respects to Maggie. He takes her to a grave. Negan says this must suck for you guys.

He says number one was on him but number two didn’t need to happen but Daryl forced his hand and says that probably killed her. Negan says he was going to ask Maggie to come back with him. A shot rings out and interrupts Negan’s smack talk.

Carl goes nuts

Carl has a gun on some Saviors threatening them. Rick comes in and tells him to stop. Carl says they’re trying to take all of our medicine, not just half. Carl tells Negan he should go before he finds out how dangerous they are.

Negan asks if he threatened him. He says you don’t get to threaten me. Rick tries to intervene but Negan says to shut it. Negan says he has giant man-sized balls. Negan says he likes him and doesn’t want to go hard on him. Negan says half your shit is what I saw it is.

Negan asks if he wants him to prove how serious I am again. Carl lowers the gun and hands it to Rick. Negan takes it. Negan says Rick has a lot of guns and says he wasted his people at the outpost and then took their guns.

Negan says he can’t allow them to have guns after that outburst. Negan says they’re all mine now and asks Rick “where are my guns?” Rick tells Olivia to show Negan where the guns are. Negan asks if she runs the show. She says she keeps track of it all.

Negan gets too close

Negan says that’s smart. Negan stays with Rick and says he’s not taking any food since it’s slim pickings. He says you’ve got a fat lady in charge of keeping rations. He says if they starve, he doesn’t get anything from them so he’ll let them keep the good.

Rick asks what he wants me to stay. Negan says thank you or is that too much to ask and gets in his face. Negan says they started off on the wrong foot but he forced his hand. Negan says he’s reasonable if you cooperate. Negan asks if he’s cooperating.

Rick asks what it looks like. Negan says he knows what it looks like. He asks if all the guns are really in the armory. He asks if he has some hidden. Rick says they’re all in there to the best of his knowledge. Negan says he’s counting on it and they go into the armory.

Rosita drives to the railroad tracks where Denise died. She looks around while Spencer goes to uncover the motorcycle. He pulls it out of its hiding spot. Spencer tells Rosita this sucks but there’s so many of them. He says this is our life now thanks to Rick.

Guns and glory

Spencer says it could have been different if Rick thought it through. He says people might still be alive. He says they have to learn to live with it. Rosita heads into the woods. Negan tells Rick this arrangement will work fine. He asks if Rick has been taking care of his guns.

He aims one at Daryl then shoots out a window. Negan laughs and says feels good, sounds good. He says Lucille is getting jealous. A Savior comes out of the armory with a rocket launcher. Negan says you guys took out Little Timmy and the Dick Brigade and says he’s going to have fun with this.

Arat comes out shoving Olivia and says they’re short two guns from the list in the armory. There’s a Glock and a 22. Rick says someone left town and probably took it. Negan says does Olivia suck at her job. Olivia says the inventory is correct. Negan says it doesn’t match.

Olivia says she doesn’t know where they are. Negan says this shows that someone is not on board and he can’t have that. Negan tells Olivia he doesn’t enjoy killing women. He says this was her responsibility Rick says they can work this out. Olivia starts crying.

Town meeting

Negan says you screwed up to Olivia. He says keeping track of guns is life and death. Negan has the people assembled at the chapel and lays Lucille down on a table. He tells them he thought about hiding a gun but says what if the Saviors find them? He says one of us dies.

Rick tells everyone it doesn’t matter how many bullets we have, it’s not enough. He says they win. He says hiding a couple of guns is not the answer. He says we have to give them over. He says it’s a Glock 9 and a 22 they’re looking for. He asks who has them.

He says someone knows something. Rick says if we don’t find them, they’re going to kill Olivia. One guy asks why do they care about two guns. Rick asks if he has them. He doesn’t. Rick says most of them weren’t there and didn’t have to watch what happened.

He says give them what they want and we live in peace. Aaron and his boyfriend Eric whisper and then Eric stands and asks how do we get out of it. Rick says we don’t. Negan is in charge, not him. He asks who has the guns. Eugene says not everyone is here.

Rosita gets a gun

Rosita is in the woods. She hears a walker and creeps up on it. Spencer calls out to her and draws the walkers closer. There’s several. Rosita kills two but there are many there. She kills them all. One of the walkers had a gun on him. She takes it.

Spencer asks if this is why she’s out there. The magazine is empty. Rosita says they’re going to take all our guns. She asks if he’s going to tell them. Rosita says this is not our life. Spencer walks off. Negan sits with Olivia alone in a yard while Rick searches for the guns.

He tears up a house looking for it. Gabriel comes in and says he knows this will work out. Gabriel says they’ll find them and get through today. Rick says they can’t beat this but Gabriel says he has faith in them and in Rick. He says things change and now they’re friends.

Rick says Michonne doesn’t have what they’re looking for and thanks Gabriel for what he did with the graves and says it’s quick thinking. Aaron shows up – he didn’t find them either. Rick says Spencer has done this before – it’s his house they’re searching.

Motorcycle run

Rick paces and worries. He steps on a loose vent and then opens it up. Inside is a cache of food and booze. He keeps pulling things out and finds two guns there. Rick goes out with the two guns and Lucille. One of the Saviors is hassling Enid about some balloons she has.

He touches her face creepily and makes her say please. The guy throws them on the ground and says be careful. Rick, Carl and Gabriel watch. Rick tells Carl they’ll be gone soon. Rick gives the guns to Negan who says they were here after all. Negan says someone dying lights a fire.

Olivia is still crying. Negan asks which of them almost cost Olivia her last day. Rick says it doesn’t matter but Negan says he needs to get everyone on board or they’re back to square one. Tee Saviors close up the truck with all their guns inside.

Rosita and Spencer come back with the motorcycle in the van. Negan tells Rick he’s got a helluva place here. Michonne lurks just out of sight and Rick asks Negan to please give him a moment. Negan says no then smiles and Rick walks over to her.

Rick makes Michonne give over

She sees Rick has Lucille in his hand. He says he made me hold it then tells her to hand over the rifle in the bag. He says he knows she’s out there practicing. He says we have to give up the guns. He says he can’t lose anyone else and if they find out she kept it, he’ll kill one of them.

Rick says he can’t lose her or Carl. He asks for the gun. Negan stands humming. Michonne comes walking up with the deer over her shoulders. Rick hands Negan the gun and says it was never in the armory. Negan says he’s special and that builds trust.

Rick says they can follow his rules and asks can Daryl stay. Negan says no then says maybe Daryl can plead his case. He says maybe Daryl can change my mind. Negan asks Daryl to speak up. Daryl stares down and says nothing. Negan says Rick tried and says try harder and earn for me.

Negan says they’ll be back soon and they better have something interesting for me or Lucille will have her way. Negan repeats it. He says someone will die if you don’t have something interesting for me. Michonne throws down the deer and walks off.

Dinner and a date

Negan says he loves a gal that buys me dinner and doesn’t expect me to put out. Dwight tosses Rosita her hat and says that’s a little thank you for the motorcycle. He says they took their guns and most their beds and says he hopes she finds a place to lay her pretty head.

He asks if she found anything else out there and she says just his dead friends. Dwight cranks the bike and pulls up in front of Daryl. He asks if he wants his bike back and says say the word. Daryl says nothing. Dwight drives off.

Negan says no one died and now they have an understanding. Negan asks if Rick wants him to go and says say those two magical words. Rick swallows, stares down, then says thank you. Negan laughs and says thank you back to him.

A walker staggers up. Negan says you need our help. He says we’ll both come out of this winners. He takes a candlestick and says watch my form. He smashes the walker in the head. Rick starts to move the bat in his hand then doesn’t. Negan says win win.

Negan insults Rick terribly

Negan tells his people to move out. He turns back to Rick and says how careless. He says he can’t leave Lucille and says why would Rick want her after what she did. He takes the bat from Rick. He says in case you didn’t know, I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.

Negan gets in the truck and they all drive off. Daryl looks back at Rick from the truck he’s in. Rick looks at the sign on Alexandria’s wall that says “vengeance for plunderers.” Rick closes the gates to Alexandria. Spencer closes up the van and Rick approaches him.

He says Negan took the guns in your house and says they were going to kill Olivia over what you did. Spencer is annoyed he went into his house. Rick says they were going to kill her. He says the food and booze, too. He calls Spencer weak and says he got lucky.

Spencer says they should have made a deal with them when they could have. He heckles Rick and says Glenn and Abraham were luck too. Rick stops and says if you say anything like that again, I will knock your teeth out. Spencer backs down.

Michonne is mad

Rosita is furious at Spencer and says he saw what she did to get one gun. Spencer says he didn’t trust Rick and didn’t trust him being in charge and that’s why he had them. Spencer says she’s riht and this doesn’t have to be their life. She tucks the hidden gun into her pants.

Rick rolls out blankets for them to sleep on since their mattress was taken. Michonne walks up on him. He says they took most of our mattresses. Michonne says he didn’t have to give that rifle over since it wasn’t on the list. He asks if she hid more and she says no.

She says everything they have they got by fighting but Rick says there are too many of them to fight. Michonne says this is no kind of life. Rick says he had a friend he doesn’t talk about. He says his partner Shane got Lori and Carl to safety. He says he was in the hospital.

Rick says Shane got with Lori and says they thought he was dead. Rick says Judith isn’t his daughter and he knows it but he loves her as his daughter. He says he had to accept it so he could keep her alive and says he’ll die before she does and he wants to raise and protect her.

Michonne agrees to try

Rick says this is how we live now and this what he had to accept to keep everyone alive. Michonne says it’s not his fault when people die. He says sometimes it is. He says she has to accept it, they all do, or it won’t work.

Michonne comes into the room and starts helping him arrange their blankets. She says she’ll try. Later, Michonne is back at the burned-out truck in the field. She left the bag there on the truck last time. She sees smoke off in the distance.

She grabs her bag and goes walking off towards it. It’s their mattresses. The Saviors took them and burned them on the road. They didn’t want them. They just didn’t want them to have them. Rosita goes to see Eugene and asks him to make her a bullet. She hands him the casing from the shot Negan fired.