The Walking Dead Recap – Daryl’s Choice Enrages Negan: Season 7 Episode 3 “The Cell”

The Walking Dead Recap - Daryl's Choice Enrages Negan: Season 7 Episode 3 "The Cell"

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead airs with an all-new Sunday,  November 6, 2016, episode and we have  The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 3 called, “The Cell,” a new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all is introduced.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead episode where following a number of familiar faces, the group’s introduced to a new well-established community lead by King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva,  that seemed too good to be true?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 episode 3 as per the AMC synopsis, “A completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all, but for a price, is introduced, The Saviours?”

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#WalkingDead starts a rerun of Who’s The Boss. Dwight is drinking and watching the 80s TV show. We see him drinking with a woman. They’re doing shots. He’s whittling figurines. It’s inside the Sanctuary home of the Saviors. There is bickering and fighting between some men.

He goes through some people’s stuff and takes mustards and pickles that he uses to make a sandwich. He later takes lettuce and tomatoes too. Negan walks by and everyone kneels like he’s king. Dwight follows him. Dwight makes a perfect BLT and smiles. He sits outside eating it.

There is a fence nearby and walkers in side it. They are chained and held in place by tethers. Dwight watches as two guys with letters on their shirts skitter around the playpen of walkers. One walker is on a pike struggling to stand and Dwight winces when he sees the thing.

Dog food sandwich

Later, Dwight makes a dog food sandwich and goes into a cell where they’re keeping Daryl naked and in his filth. He offers Daryl the sandwich and he eats it. Dwight locks him back in the dark cell. Daryl lies on the floor of the cell. Someone beats on the door and tells him to get up.

Dwight comes in with another sandwich. Daryl eats it. Irritating music plays every time he tries to sleep. It’s a terrible song. Dwight throws the next sandwich on the floor. Daryl’s hands are shaking as he picks it up. Dwight throws clothes at him and leaves.

Dwight comes and drags Daryl out of the cell. He’s got Daryl’s crossbow with him. Daryl has an orange A on his shirt. Dwight takes him to a doctor. Sherryl is in the room and she speaks to Daryl but Dwight tells her to stop. Dwight sees a pregnancy test and she says it’s negative.

Daryl and the doctor

The doctor says maybe next time. Sherryl tells Daryl just to do what they tell him to. The doctor tells Daryl that Negan will take care of him and things will get better. Negan approaches and Dwight pushes Daryl down to his knees to kneel by him.

Dwight leaves Daryl in a chair and goes to talk to Negan. Daryl is sitting outside of a small apartment with books and a comfortable chair. Dwight sees him looking at it and drags him away. Daryl is taken outside where he sees other guys in the orange lettered shirts fighting walkers.

Dwight tells Daryl he’s getting the hang of the crossbow. Dwight tells him he’ll be one of those walkers out there unless he’s smart. He tells him can be like him or them. Dwight tells him to make it easy on himself. Daryl says he won’t kneel and Dwight says he was like that too.

Dwight annoys Negan

Daryl says he knows and Dwight says you don’t, but you’re gonna. He locks him back in the cell. The irritating music starts up again. Daryl peeks under the door then tries to kick it down. Negan tells Dwight that Daryl is going apeshit and says it’s working slow but it’s working.

Negan says some people are harder to break and offers Dwight a blast from the past for doing such a good job. Negan says pick any woman you want as long as she says yes. Negan asks if he’s okay down there and says that guy clamped down on it (when Eugene bit it).

Dwight says he’s fine but will pass. He says he’s cool and Negan asks if he is. Negan says he told him it’s happy hour at the pussy bar and he said no. Dwight says he hasn’t earned it yet. Negan says you earn what you take. Dwight gets a radio call about a situation.

Dwight takes care of business

Negan snatches the radio and talks to Arat who says someone pulled a grab and go. Negan says he wants his shit back and calls it grunt work. Negan tells him to send Fat Joey since he needs the exercise. He says Dwight doesn’t have to do it. Dwight says he likes to do it and smiles.

Negan says good boy and pats him on the arm. There’s a statue outside of Sanctuary. It’s a praying angel with walker hands strapped to it. Dwight rides out of Sanctuary on Daryl’s motorcycle to take care of business for Negan.

Dwight comes up to a red truck and stops. He looks at an overpass and something under it and turns off the bike. The music blares in Daryl’s cell. Fat Joey comes with Daryl’s dog food sandwich. Daryl eats it. Fat Joey shrugs and shuts the door. He doesn’t lock it.

It’s raining walkers

The music starts again. Daryl peeks under the door and then checks the door. It opens slightly. He creeps down the hall. He sees a guy and steps back. He hears footsteps and hides. Dwight walks the bike among walkers down along the road that can’t get up.

They can’t move because they fell off the bridge. He stomps a couple of heads in and keeps going. One’s spine is sticking up through her back. They all reach for him. There’s a really large spot of goo and gore. A walker is dropped down almost on top of him and then another.

He’s fighting for his life and fires a shot. Sherryl runs into Daryl and says you won’t get away and when they bring you back, it’ll be worse. Daryl doesn’t listen. He spots some motorcycles and makes a run for it.

It’s a trap

He’s surrounded and Negan comes out whistling with Lucille over his shoulder. Daryl is surrounded and Negan asks if he’s pissing his pants yet. Negan asks each of the men who they are and they all say Negan. Negan tells Dwight that he’s everywhere and this was his shot to prove that fact was sinking in.

Negan says Daryl’s life was about to get so much cooler. Negan pokes his bat at Daryl’s bare feet and says Dwight gave him some options and says he has three choices. He can wind up on the spike and work as a dead man.

Two, you can work for points but you wish you were dead. Three, you work for me and you live like a king. Negan says the choice seems obvious and there is no door number four.

Fight club

He says this is the only way. Negan almost hits him in the head and Daryl doesn’t flinch. Negan says he doesn’t scare easy. Negan says he loves that.

Negan says it pisses Lucille off and she thinks it’s disrespectful. He says lucky for him, she’s not too thirsty today but he is. Negan says he’s gonna go get him a drink. He laughs and walks off. He leaves whistling as Daryl fights the men surrounding him.

Dwight walks the bike down the road and the rim and spokes of the front wheel are now broken. He got out of the mess, but it was bad. He sees a walker ahead in the road attacking the guy he’s after. Dwight tackles him just after he gets rid of the walker.

Sherryl says sorry

Daryl is back in his cell bloodied and battered. Sheryll approaches and says there are so many things she wishes she never found out and never tried. She tells him back in the woods after she lost Tina and they took his stuff and went back, she said she was sorry.

She reminds him he told her she was gonna be and she says that she is now. The guy begs Dwight to let him go but he says he can’t. Dwight holds the gun on him and the man says after everything Negan did to him and his wife. Dwight says she’s not my wife.

The guy says not anymore. Dwight says there’s nowhere to go and everything is his or will be. The guy says he knows and Dwight tells him to keep going. The guy says he wants him to kill him but Dwight says shut up. The guy says he can’t go back.

No way out

He says Negan tells them there’s no way but his way. He says they were so scared but there’s only one of him and all of them. Dwight says we were losing and now we’re not. The man says after he and Maria survived the first few months and got to Sanctuary, they thought it would be okay.

He says they knew how to fight the monsters or thought they did. He kneels and Dwight says get up. He tells Dwight there’s nothing back there for him. He says he remembers Dwight feels. Dwight threatens to put everyone he cares about on the fence.

He says he will dig up his wife and feed her body to the crows. The guy says okay, you won. The guy stands and says there’s nothing left and you know it. He walks towards Sanctuary. Dwight limps along behind him in bad shape too.

Daryl cracks

Dwight grimaces and shoots him in the back as he walks away. Sherryl stands smoking on the stairs when Dwight comes back. He asks for a cigarette and she hands one over. He asks if he got to her and she says yeah. He says good.

She asks if he’s happy and he says yeah. Dwight says he did the right thing and says it’s better than being dead. She says yeah. Dwight walks off. The music is playing to torment Daryl. The music cuts off and the door opens. Dwight hands him a sandwich and he won’t take it.

Dwight drops it on the floor and says Daryl got his friend killed and he got Tina killed and he can’t pretend he doesn’t know the score. Dwight says Daryl is lucky that Negan took a shine to him and he’s still alive. Dwight tells him bon appetite and sticks a photo to the wall.

Polaroids with pain

Daryl looks at the pic and it’s Glenn dead and beaten. Daryl shakes his head as another song starts. This time it’s Roy Orbison Crying. Dwight sits outside the door also looking upset. Daryl starts crying and Dwight listens from nearby then walks off as Daryl starts sobbing.

The door opens again and Daryl lies asleep on the floor. He brings Daryl to Negan in the little apartment. Negan tells him he looks awful and says don’t worry, Carson will fix you up. He offers Daryl a drink. He tells Daryl to get him a straw.

Negan tells Daryl that Dwight hustles and he likes that. He says things weren’t always cool between him and Dwight. He says he and his super hot wife and hit sister worked for points. He says sis needed meds and it’s hard to scavenge so it costs more.

Dwight’s backstory

Negan says he offered to marry the sister and take care of her because he’s a stand-up guy. Negan says she told him she’d think about it then Dwight stole the medication and took off with his super hot wife and Negan’s super hot soon-to-be fiancée.

He says he had to send guys after them because he can’t let that stand. He says there are rules. He says Dwight still got away but then he saw the light and manned up and came back and asked forgiveness. Negan says he likes that and it made him take notice.

Negan says you know how Lucille is and she’s a stickler for the rules. He says Dwight begged him not to kill Sherry so he was going to kill him but then Sherry said she’d marry him if he let Dwight live. Negan says Sherry is super hot so it was a start but not enough.

Super hot wives

Negan says Dwight got the iron and then he married his super hot wife. Negan says after all that, Dwight got on board and now he’s one of his top guys and we are totally cool. Negan says the point is, Daryl can be that guy too and is ready to be that guy.

He tells Daryl this apartment can be his if he can answer one simple question. Negan asks who are you? Daryl is mute. Negan asks him again, who are you? Daryl looks at him and says Daryl. Dwight tries to speak up but Negan says it’s cool.

Negan says he made his choice. He says he made a dumbass choice, but that’s not his problem. Daryl is tossed back in the cell. Dwight says he’s going to be in the room or hanging on the fence. Daryl says he gets why he did it and why he took it. Daryl says you were thinking about someone else.

Daryl says that’s why I can’t. Dwight locks him in the cell and goes outside. He watches the guys on the other side of the barrier chaining walkers to the wall. The most recent one is the guy he just shot in the back. Dwight sighs. He goes back inside.