The Walking Dead Premiere Recap – Two Stunning Deaths Revealed: Season 7 Episode 1

The Walking Dead Premiere Recap - Two Stunning Deaths Revealed: Season 7 Episode 1

Tonight on AMC television’s most watched drama The Walking Dead premieres with an all-new Sunday, October 23, 2016, episode and we have  The Walking Dead recap below.  On tonight’s The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere called, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” lives will be changed after Negan brings the survivors under his will.

Did you watch last week’s The Walking Dead special episode where the cast and producers of “The Walking Dead” recounted the epic journey that the characters have experienced through the first six seasons of the show?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed The Walking Dead recap below for you!

On tonight’s The Walking Dead season 7 premiere as per the AMC synopsis, “In the seventh-season premiere, Negan’s actions will haunt the surviving members of Rick’s group forever.”

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#TheWalkingDead starts with blood on Rick’s face and crying. Rick says he’s going to kill Negan. Negan kneels in front of him and says speak up. Rick hangs his head a little then says not today, not tomorrow, but I’m going to kill you. Negan says Jesus.

Negan asks what Rick had and Simon says a hatchet. Negan laughs and says Simon is his right-hand man. He says that’s important to save you work. He asks if Rick has one and then shows the bat dripping blood and asks if he whacked his right-hand man.

Negan says give me his ax. Simon hands it to Negan who stands. He tucks it into his pants and grabs Rick up and drags him off to the RV. He says the ones left alive can still be taken down. We see the ground is soaked in blood.

Ax Rick a question

Negan tells Rick they’re going for a ride and tries to crank the RV. It doesn’t turn over and he calls it a piece of shit. Negan asks if he saw what he just did and then he threatened to kill him. He says grab the ax and put it through my head. It’s in the table.

Rick lunges for it and grabs it but Negan is faster and has a gun on him. He knocks Rick down hard. He tells Rick not to make him get up again. He says dawn is breaking and tells Rick it’s a brand new day. He tells Rick to think about what could have happened and what did.

Negan says think about what can still happen. He cranks the RV and drives away with Rick. Rick is a mess. Rick thinks about what happens as Negan drives into a walker and laughs. He asks if the gore reminds Rick of anyone he knows.

It’s a walkerfest

Rick things about everyone kneeling before Negan. The RV stops and we see walkers outside of it pawing at the windows. Negan says Rick and his people are his. He tells him the hatchet is his too. Negan opens the door of the RV and we see walkers in the fog.

Negan kills one then tosses the hatchet outside. He tells Rick go get my ax so we can be friends. Negan kills another walker then points Lucille at Rick and says “get my ax.” Rick is flaking out but he stands. Negan throws him out and shuts the door of the RV.

Rick sees walkers all around. We see Eugene crying as he knelt. Rick sees more walkers in the fog and fights for his life. We see Aaron kneeling then Abraham. Maggie looks sick. Rick tries to climb on top of the RV and a walker grabs him.

Rick trapped

We see Daryl kneeling. Rick makes it to the top. Rock sees the RV is near the burning wood pile from last season that blocked the road. He sees the hanging man from last season dangling off the bridge. The guy has turned and reaches out for Rick who collapses in horror at it all.

He sees Carl kneeling. Negan speaks to Rick through the roof of the RV and says I bet you thought you were all going to grow old together then says it doesn’t work like that. Negan tells Rick to think about what happened.

We see Negan playing eeny meeny miny moe with the Alexandrians. He makes his choice and chooses Abraham then tells them not to move or he’ll pluck out Carl’s other eye. Sasha starts crying. Negan hits Abraham hard with the bat but he sits himself back up.

Abraham goes down

Abraham tells him to suck his nuts. The beating continues to the thickening crunch of blood. Negan beats him to a pulp and Sasha wails. Negan keeps beating on his body far long than is necessary. Abraham’s skull is like a soft bloody melon.

Blood slings onto Rick’s face. Negan calls Lucille a “dirty girl.” He holds the bat in front of Rosita and says look at this. Then he asks if she was with Abraham and says that sucks. He says red took one for the team. He tells her to take a look. Daryl lungs at him and hits Negan.

Others knock Daryl down and Negan says no then laughs. He says that is a no-no. He says that shit doesn’t fly here. Dwight wants to shoot Daryl with his crossbow but Negan says you don’t kill that until you try it a little. They haul Daryl aside.

Glenn goes next

Negan says that’s not how it works and reminds them the first one is free and then told them he would shut that shit down no exceptions. He says they must have dealt with some lying a-holes but he’s a man of his word and says first impressions are important.

He says he needs them to know him. He swings the bat and hits Glenn in the head. Maggie screams and Glenn is upright but struggling and looks over at Maggie. Negan asks if he’s still there. Negan asks if he’s trying to speak. His eyeball is mostly popped out.

Negan says it’s gross as shit. Glenn says “Maggie I’ll find you.” She cries. The others are all bawling too. Negan says hell no and says this is hard on them. Glenn continues to choke on still alive. Negan says no exceptions and goes back to beating Glenn.

Daryl got Glenn killed

Daryl watches horrified. All of them bawl but no one says a word while Negan pummels Glenn. Blood splatters all over. Now, Rick lies on top of the RV thinking all this over. Glenn’s hand twitches even though his head is beaten in. Negan says Lucille is thirsty and calls her a vampire bat.

Everyone is broken. That’s when we get back to the moment at the start of the episode when Rick told him he would kill him. Rick lays beside the ax on the roof of the RV. Negan tells him to get him his ax and says just because they died doesn’t mean the others have to.

Rick rolls over and stands. Negan says we can give it one more go and says last chance. He says bring me my ax and starts shooting through the roof of the RV. Rick runs and jumps onto the walker hanging from the bridge but drops the ax.

Ain’t no party like a Negan party

Walkers below grabs at his legs. Negan shoots the walkers out through the back window then shoots down the walker he was hanging onto. HE tells him the clock is ticking and says think about what can still happen.

Rick digs himself out of a pile of walkers, gets the ax and then he goes mental killing walkers while he envisions the others getting hit by Lucille if he doesn’t do this. The door to the RV is locked. Rick pictures Carl getting hit and fights them off.

Negan opens the door and guns down the remaining walkers around Rick. He lets Rick back into the RV and holds out his hand. Rick hands him the ax and sits down. Negan says attaboy and slams the bloody ax into the table. Rick glares.

Negan has one last test

Negan cranks the RV and drives them away from the walker party. Rick has his eyes closed and then opens them when the RV stops. Negan says “we’re here prick.” Negan gives him a little smile and says this must be hard for him since he’s been king sh*t for so long.

Rick is flaking out. Negan says losing two of your own in front of your boy is some screwed up sh*t. Negan pulls out some gauze and alcohol and says you were in charge. He wipes the bloody ax off on Rick’s jacket then cleans the blade with alcohol.

He says Rick was probably addicted to the power but can still lead a nice productive life producing for me. Negan hands him the ax and says he’ll need it. Rick stares. Negan says take it. Rick is teary but grabs it.

Choices and chances

Negan tosses Rick out of the RV and drags him back into the clearing where everyone is. Negan asks if he knows what their trip was about. Negan tells him to answer. Rick looks at Michonne and Carl and seems ashamed. Negan says it’s about the way Rick looked at him.

Negan says he needed to change that but Rick is still looking at him the same damned way – like I sh*t in your scrambled eggs. Negan says it won’t work and says he can give him another chance. He has the bat there and Rick says yes. Negan pats him on the back and says okay.

Negan says what Rick does next decides if this is another crap day or everyone’s last crap day. He tells his people to put guns on their heads and each of the Alexandrians left living have a gun on them. Negan says aim at their noses so it’ll be a real mess if you have to shoot.

Abraham and Isaac

Negan calls Carl over to him. He says it again and Carl walks over. He asks if Carl is a leftie. He says no. Negan says good and straps his belt tight around Carl’s left arm. Carl looks him steadily in the eye. Negan ties it up tight and tells him to get down next to his daddy.

He tosses Carl’s hat aside and pushes him down on the ground. Negan asks Simon if he has a pen. He tosses one over. Negan uncaps it and says sorry kid then draws a line on his arm in marker. Rick says please don’t. Negan says me? I ain’t doing sh*t.

Negan tells Rick to take the ax and cut his son’s left arm off on that line. Negan says do it or everyone dies, then Carl, then the rest of Alexandria and Rick last and eventually. He says he’ll keep Rick alive for a few years so he can stew on it.

Give Carl a hand

Michonne begs and says they understand. Negan says she does but Rick doesn’t. Negan says this is screwed up but says do it clean like a salami slice and says they have a good doctor. Negan kneels and tells Rick now, chop chop or I will crush Carl’s skull myself.

Rick says do it to me and says he can go with Negan who says this is the only way. He tells Rick to pick up the ax and says not making a decision is a big decision. He asks if he wants to see them all die and says every ugly thing will happen. Negan asks if he’s going to make him count.

Negan counts 3. Rick begs please and cries. Negan says 2. Rick cries some more. Negan grabs his face and says this is it. Rick screams in agony and grabs the ax. He looks at Carl who says just do it. Rick goes to swing it but Negan stops him and says you belong to me.

It’s a brave new world

Rick shakes his head yes. Negan says you belong to me. Rick repeats it back to him. Rick is thoroughly broken. Negan says that’s the look I wanted to see. Negan says we did this together and says the dead guys on the ground get the spirit award for sure.

Negan calls this a productive damned day and says he hopes they get it now. Negan says things have changed. He says what you had is over. Negan tells Dwight to load him up and points to Daryl. They shove him in the van. Maggie starts bawling.

Negan kneels back down and tells Rick that Daryl has guts and says he’s mine now. He says he will cut pieces off him and asks his name. Simon says Daryl. Negan says that sounds right. Negan says he will leave pieces of Daryl on his doorstep or have Rick do it for him if he doesn’t obey.

Negan takes his leave

Negan stands and says welcome to a new beginning you sorry sh*ts. He says he’ll leave them a truck and says we’ll be back in a week for our first offering. He says til then, ta ta. The saviors take Daryl and go. Negan and the saviors walk away and leave the broken Alexandrians.

One of the departing Saviors snapped a pic of Glenn’s decimated body as they left. Everyone sits in silence. Maggie struggles to stand and she limps away. Rick says sit down but Maggie says no. Rick says they need to get her to Hilltop. Maggie says we have to fight them.

Rick says they have Daryl and an army. Maggie tells Rick to go home and says she can get there by herself. She tells Rick to go to Alexandria. Eugene cries into her hands. Maggie says they were all out here for her. Rick says they still are. Maggie says go back.

Funeral plans

Maggie walks away. Michonne comes over to her and says they won’t let her go. Maggie says they have to. Rick says no. Sasha stands and goes to her and says she’s taking Maggie. She says she’ll get her there and keep her safe. Sasha says no choice and Maggie agrees.

Sasha kneels before Rosita and says I’m going to take him. Rosita nods. Maggie wants to take Glenn. Carl comes to her and so does Aaron. They all want to help. Carl stands Maggie up. Rick says please let us. Rick says he’s our family too. Eugene comes to help with Abraham.

Maggie holds Carl and cries for a moment. Rick thinks about Negan says he bet they thought they were all going to grow old together. Rick has a vision of all of them alive, healthy and at a family dinner. Genn as his child on his lap and Abraham sits near him smiling.

Rick picks up the ax and they get into the RV. A walker comes out of the woods snarling. The long walker staggers around. Rick ignores it and drives away. The creature collapses onto some of the gore left from Abraham and Glenn’s murders. Rick drives and cries.