The Walking Dead Recap – No One Saves the Saviors: Season 6 Episode 13 “The Same Boat”

The Walking Dead Recap - No One Saves the Saviors: Season 6 Episode 13 "The Same Boat"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 13, Season 6 episode 13 called “The Same Boat” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the group has a problem the Saviours have Carol and Maggie has hostage – how will they get them back?.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and the group realized the only way to maintain the peace of Alexandria was to fight a new enemy. This time, though, our group might be outmatched. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “After experiencing a minor success, there is a whole new set of issues when members of the group are taken and held hostage.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 6 episode 13 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 6 episode 13. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Maggie and Carol’s capture by the Savior women. They threaten to shoot them and then we see the guys take down Primo. Paula radios them and threatens them to lower their weapons. They don’t.

Rick answers and tells them to come out and talk. The Saviors discuss there are eight of them. Paula demands their names and Maggie gives their names. They hold up Primo and threaten him at gunpoint unless she trades.

Walkers approach and one of them takes them out. Carol is on the radio and Maggie too so they can confirm they’re alive. Rick says let them go and they can have their guy and live. Paula says two for one isn’t good but the man says he needs Primo.

Rick says they can all walk away from this and Paula says she’ll get back to them. They bag Carol and Maggie’s heads. Donnie, Chelle, Polly and Molly walk them into the woods and tell them to turn then load them into a vehicle and tape their hands. They call other Saviors.

They tell them Saviors are down and to change channels because Alpha is compromised. One of the Savior women complains about the safe house and calls it unsafe. They unbag them as Paula takes out a walker that was about to eat Maggie’s face.

Paula tells them to get on the ground and points where. They are separated from each other. They are both gagged and now Paula tapes their ankles together. Paula tells them there is not a way out of this unless she says so.

Chelle drags the dead walker out. They hear more and Chelle calls to them for backup. Maggie and Carol hear gunshots. Paula says it takes all she has not to kill them now and says she dares them to try something. Maggie looks around and finds a way to move around.

She starts working on the tape on her wrists using a corner of brick. Carol gets a cross that the dead walker has and starts using it to work on her bonds. They hear gunshots then the walker sounds start. They pretend like they weren’t doing anything.

Carol starts to hyperventilate. Maggie stares. Paula drags in wounded Donnie and Molly complains they have growlers up and down the halls and no food in the safe house. Paula tells her to shut up but Carol keeps gasping.

Donnie says they have to get Primo back. Paula says they will kill them too and says she won’t go down like that. Maggie tries to yell at Paula to draw her attention to Carol. She pulls Maggie’s gag off who says take off her gag – she’s hyperventilating.

They think Carol is nervous and weak. One of the women comes over and says bitch, how did you make it this far. Molly says she needs to take yoga breaths. She sees the crucifix and rosary beads and hands it to Carol who seems to calm.

Molly says – oh, you’re one of those. Paula asks what she’s so afraid of. Carol tries to look weak and Paula says she’s scared of getting her ticket punched. Carol says it doesn’t matter what happens to her – just don’t hurt Maggie, don’t hurt the baby.

Paula sighs and looks back at Maggie. They look at her and Donnie says she doesn’t look pregnant. Maggie says she’s just two months. Paula says she’s stupid getting knocked at a time like this. Maggie says women used to die in childbirth and always thought the world would end.

Paula says it’s cute to think children are our future and says they’re bite sixed snacks for the dead. Paula says the point is to stay standing. Maggie says walkers do that – she says she’s choosing something. Paula says to be dead and walks out.

Molly lights a cigarette while Donnie groans in pain. Molly hacks out a cough and Carol says the baby. Molly coughs and laughs and says honey, in case you haven’t noticed, they have bigger problems than second-hand smoke.

Chelle says Molls – and the older woman shrugs and puts out her smoke. She says they’re worse than evangelical second graders. Carol says those things will kill her and she says they already have and shows her a bloody hanky she coughed into. Molls tells Carol they’re in the same boat.

Donnie is fussing and Paula says scout crew is coming and will be there in 30 minutes. Maggie says he’ll die before they get there and says if Primo can help, they should end it. She tells Paula to talk to Rick. Paula says 30 minutes and stands.

Donnie struggles to stand and says she did this to him – Carol – and says she’s just sitting there. He wants to kill them now. Donnie rants and Paula says shut up. He hits Paula and Maggie says leae her alone and kicks his legs out from under him.

Donnie calls her an uppity bitch and she heads butts him. Then Donnie starts kicking Carol and Paula hits him in the head with her gun butt. She tells Maggie she’s stupid and tells Chelle to take her out and find out if she knows anything.

Chelle tells Maggie she has nice clothes and time to make babies she must be holed up somewhere good and asks where. Maggie vomits. Chelle says help yourself and your baby and just tell me where. She says you produce, you stay alive.

Then she tells Maggie she needs to know they’re not the good guys. Carol thanks Paula for helping her and Paula says don’t talk to me when she brings up her ex-husband. Paula says Carol is pathetic and says Donnie is just a warm body for her bed and she could kill him in his sleep.

Carol toys with the rosary and looks down. Paula asks if she really believes in that crap. Carol says faith got her through the death of her daughter and Paula says maybe she’ll see her again son. Maggie asks the Savior chick about her missing finger.

She says she stole gas to take a car out to look for her boyfriend. Maggie asks if she found him and Chelle says not much to find since he was blown up. She tells Maggie her dad’s name was Frank and she was going to name her baby that.

Maggie says sorry but Chelle says she’s not. Maggie says she’s not planning to die today. Chelle says she’s not either and one of them is wrong. She tells Maggie – just tell me where. She pulls out her gun and they stare each other down.

Rick is on the radio asking Paula is she thought about it. She says she told him she’d contact him. He says sorry. He says they need to make this trade and asks where. Paula says she hasn’t agreed. He says she will. Paula says the risk is theirs with little reward.

Rick says the other option won’t work out and Paula says they’ll take their chances. Carol eyes the radio then says she doesn’t have to do this – doesn’t have to fight. Molly says their people killed all of theirs. Carol says they didn’t want to.

Paula asks why. Carol says their people ambushed them on the road and tried to kill them and take everything they had. Molly says T’s group were idiots and probably put on a big show. Paula says that’s fair play if you were just defending yourself.

Molly lights up again. Paula says they killed T on the road and blew them up so why not stop. Carol says they told them they were working for Negan. Paula asks what she knows about him. Carol says he sounds like a maniac and they had to stop him.

Molly says – sweetie, we’re all Negan. Carol asks what that means. Donnie lies still on the floor and Molly lights up another smoke. Carol asks for a cigarette. Molly says she didn’t think she approved. Carol says she doesn’t. Molly hands one over then lights it.

Paula says Carol is weak then asks what she’s so afraid of. Paula remarks that she’s too scared to stick to her principles and Carol says you don’t want me to stick to my principles. Paula says she was a secretary before and fetched coffee for her boss.

She says she read inspirational emails trying to feel good about herself. She says one kept going around about how a young woman wanted to give up and her mom boiled three pots of water. An egg went in one, coffee grounds and a carrot.

She says they went through the same thing – the carrot went from strong to weak, the egg went from soft to hard but the coffee changed the water itself. She says you’re supposed to want to be the coffee. She says she was at work in DC when the Army came in and evacuated the important people.

She says she was stuck at word, held there with her boss and couldn’t be with her husband and four girls when it all went down. Paula says her boss was weak, stupid and going to die so she had to kill him so she could live. She says she quit counting at double digits and also quit feeling bad.

She tells Carol she’s not like her – she says she’s me but better – then says she lost everything and made herself better. Paula tells Carol that her people are killers too and asks what makes her better than them. Carol sits smoking and says she’s the one.

She says Paula is the one afraid to die and will. She says – you will die. Carol says if she doesn’t work it out, that’s what will happen. Paula asks if she’ll kill her and Carol says she hopes not.

Paula pings Rick on the radio saying – asshole, you there? She says they want to make the trade. She tells him where to find a large sign that says God is dead – in a large field. They plan to meet in 10 minutes. Paula says that was too easy and they’re too close.

She says there was no static and they may already be there. Carol says please listen then says Rick is a man of his word and wouldn’t put her and Maggie at risk to attack. Paula says then he’s just as stupid as she is. Paul calls to check on backup and they tell her they’re 10 minutes out.

Paula says they have to get ready to move at any second. Paula says leave Carol for now so they can travel light if they have too. They open the door and two walkers are there. Paula takes them out then tells Molly to clear the hall.

Carol is alone. She sighs. She sharpens the edge of the crucifix on the concrete floor and goes to work. She’s out of her bonds and goes into the hall. Molly is taking out walkers. Carol lurks at the corner. She waits till Molly walks on.

Carol finds Maggie alone and working on her bonds. She frees Maggie rapidly and asks if she’s okay. Carol says they need to go but Maggie says they can’t leave them alive and have to finish this. They leave the room and go back to where Donnie is lying on the floor.

Maggie takes off his tourniquet and they hear him growling. Maggie says he’s turning and says they need a gun. She ties the rope onto his belt. Molly creeps down the hall and comes back to the room. Donnie attacks her and she kills him.

Maggie grabs her and bashes her head in violently and savagely. Then Paula comes back to the room and sees Donnie dead and Molly murdered too. She cocks her gun.

Carol and Maggie are in a hall full of walkers. They are all tethered and Carol says it’s to keep them in and the others out. They start killing them but then Paula comes out shooting. Carol says just run and pulls a gun on her. Maggie says shoot her.

Maggie tells her to shoot and then Paula says go ahead, I lost everything. Chelle calls out for Molly. Paula takes Carol’s advice and runs and then Chelle comes at Maggie and slashes at her belly with a knife. Paula is there and asks why Carol was so afraid if she can do all this.

Carol says she told her to run then says she was afraid of this. Paula comes at Carol and fights her for the gun. Carol slams her against the wall and they grapple. Paula screams and Carol throws her into a walker who’s impaled on a stake. He bites her face and she screams

The Savior reinforcements radio that they are at the perimeter and Carol takes the radio. She says meet us on the kill floor. Carol tells Maggie she thinks she killed 18 people. She says she should have killed Donnie too and says none of this would have happened and says she had a clear shot.

Maggie says don’t think about it – we’re almost done. They hide and hear footsteps. Carol lights a cigarette. Carol closes the door the men are in where the gasoline was spilled. She throws in the cigarette before she slams the heavy door. They burn up.

Carol and Maggie walk out. Chelle is dead, Polly is now a walker too still impaled on the stake with the other walker. Maggie kills them both then takes out the other walkers. She stomps heads and stabs. They open the door and Glenn is there. He hugs her.

Darryl asks Carol if she’s good and she says no. Maggie says the ones that took them are all dead. Glenn asks if she’s okay and Maggie says she can’t anymore. He hugs her tight. Rick tells Primo his friends are dead and no one is coming for them.

He asks Primo how did he get the bike? He says they find it. He asks if Negan was in the building last night or here. Primo says both then says – I’m Negan, shithead. Rick shoots him in the head. Carol clutches the rosary tight in her head.

Rick thinks he shot Negan – Carol knows better since Molly told her they are all Negan.