The Walking Dead Live Recap – Shocking Awful Death: Season 6 Episode 14 “Twice as Far”

The Walking Dead Live Recap - Shocking Awful Death: Season 6 Episode 14 "Twice as Far"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 20, Season 6 episode 14 called “Twice as Far” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, two different groups leave Alexandria on supply runs.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, after experiencing a minor success, there was a whole new set of issues when Carol and Maggie were taken and held hostage, but that didn’t last for long when Carol sharpened her crucifix on the concrete floor and helped Maggie get loose. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “two different groups leave Alexandria on supply runs. While both are concerned with the future of the community, immediate danger will derail them.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 6 episode 14 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 6 episode 14. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers.

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#WalkingDead starts with Olivia in the pantry, Morgan practicing with his staff, Eugene taking over a shift on guard duty and Carol smoking and looking at the rosary beads. Later, Morgan puts the last block into the prison cell he’s built. Rick comes to see what he’s up to.

He asks why. Morgan says it’ll give him some choices next time. Later, Olivia is in the pantry, it’s another day like the others. Gabriel walks, Eugene takes the guard shift, Sasha looks down from her perch and Morgan practices with his staff.

Tobin kisses Carol then heads off the porch to do some work. She sits smoking looking at her rosary beads. Rosita gets dressed looking sad and shakes her head. She was in bed with Spencer. Daryl works on his motorcycle. He finds a little toy soldier in the pack under the seat.

He sits beside Carol when she comes over and asks her for a smoke. He lights up. She asks him about the people in the burnt forest that took his bike. She asks if he saved them and he says he should have killed them. Carol looks like she’s in a crisis of conscience.

She leaves the smokes and he asks about what the ones who took them did to her and Maggie. She says nothing – it’s implied they were the ones who did the doing. Another day. The same rhythm. Carol sits smoking again.

Eugene and Abraham leave Alexandria walking. Denise and another guy stare at a walker impaled on a pike. Spencer talks to Rosita about dinner but she’s non-committal. He asks what they’re doing and she says dinner is fine.

Denise is there but says she didn’t hear anything. Denise asks if they can do something and shows her a map – she talks to Daryl about it as well. She says it’s an apothecary in a strip mall and they could have drugs.

She says she just wants to check. Denise insists she wants to go and help. Daryl asks how much time she’s spent out there and she says none. Denise says she’ll go alone if she has to and Daryl says she’ll die alone. Rosita says she won’t babysit her alone.

They take off in a truck that drives like crap. Denise tries to explain why the gears are grinding and says she drove a stick since she was 15. He grinds them a bit more on purpose. Rosita calls his attention to a tree blocking the road.

They ell Denise to stay put while they check it out. Denise looks around. Walkers growl nearby. Denise looks like she might cry. A walker is trapped under and Rosita says it looks like it was just a rotted tree not human sabotage.

Rosita kills the walker and takes its backpack. She tells Denise she can get out and says the guy had bottles of booze. Denise says no thanks her parents were drunks. Daryl refuses to walk the direct route down the railroad tracks even though the other way is longer.

Is Daryl having Terminus flashbacks? Denise walks off after Daryl but Rosita splits off and heads down the tracks. Eugene and Abraham walk in the rain talking. Eugene has changed up his hair and Abraham says he’s got some swagger.

Abraham asks what that’s about and Eugene says with any other RPG you have to be shaped by the environment so you can then shape your environment. He says he’s adapting to survive. Abraham says keep telling yourself that. Eugene insists he’s adapted.

Denise and Daryl cross paths with Rosita who was waiting on them. Denise says she didn’t mean to pick Daryl over her and Rosita says she’s holding the machete wrong. She asks who taught Rosita to fight. Then she realizes it was Abraham and Rosita doesn’t want to talk about it.

They approach the strip center and see the apothecary shop. Daryl knocks at the doors. He tells Denise to stay back. He pulls out a crowbar and pries the door open. Eugene picks a lock and he and Abraham go inside their target. It’s a metal shop.

Abraham asks why they’re there. Eugene looks around and says they’re going to make bullets. He says he’s been thinking about Hilltop having no ammo and theirs going down. He says bullets are now the currency of the land. Abraham asks if he can do it.

Eugene says the place needs scrubbed and they need lead but he thinks he can do it. Abraham says that’s fine outside the box thinking and asks where they start. Eugene says they need to talk to Rick and figure out the ammo they need to make.

There’s a walker and Eugene calls dibs on it. He tries to kill it but it has molten metal on it. He struggles with it and Abraham finally kills it. Eugene is angry and says he had dibs and he was going to kill it. Abraham says “you had a better chance of picking up a turd by the clean end.” Best Abrahamism ever!

Abraham says Eugene’s skill set is using his brain and Eugene gets mad and says Abraham outlived his usefulness to him. Abraham walks out and says he’s going home since his services are no longer required. He tells him – find your own way back asshole.

Inside the apothecary, the smell is awful. They proceed with caution. Denise sees photos of kids at the counter. Rosita points out the pharmacy. The wrestle up the metal divider. They see medication inside. Daryl and Rosita tell her they’re just going to take it all.

They hear a bumping sound. Rosita says it’s just one and Daryl says it sounds like a stub. Denise looks at where the noise is coming from. She creeps closer with the machete out. She opens the door and shines the light. She sees a playpen and then spots it on the floor.

It’s a walker with a leg still in the cast. On the wall is scrawled hush, hush, hush. She sees what looks like a vat of bloody goo with a baby shoe in it. Denise runs out of the room horrified. She goes to sit outside. There are bloody handprints on the outside.

Perhaps the kid was crying and the parent had to drown them to stop it. She sits crying staring at a “Dennis” keychain she took from the rack. Daryl and Rosita come out and he says she did good finding this place. She stands and Rosita told her she wasn’t ready.

Denise says she knows. Daryl asks if her brother is older or younger. She says Dennis was six minutes older and her parents thought it was funny to name them Dennis and Denise. She says her brother was brave and angry and he says his brother was like that too.

They come back to the railroad tracks and this time Daryl says they can go this way. Denise smiles. They walk down the tracks. Cars are piled up wrecked off to one side and woods on the other. Denise looks at a car and steps off the tracks to go closer.

She looks in the window and sees a cooler. A walker slams itself against the window. She wants to go after the cooler but they tell her it’s not worth the trouble. They tell her to come on. Denise doesn’t listen. She goes to the other side of the car. She pulls out her machete.

She opens the door and grabs the cooler but the walker is attached to it. It comes out on top of her. She tries to fight off. She flips it over and tells them no when they run over. She takes it out. She puts her knife back in her sheath then vomits.

She says she threw up on her glasses. She checks the cooler and inside is a six pack of soda. She says hot damn and Daryl is upset at her and says she could have died. Denise says they could have died killing the Saviors and says you want to live, you take chances.

He says you did that for a couple of damned sodas and she says no, just this one and shoves it in her bag. Rosita calls her stupid and Denise says this was important to her. She says she has training in this and isn’t making it up as she goes along.

She says she asked Daryl because he’s brave like her brother and Rosita is all alone for the first time in her life but gives her hope. She says she could have gone with Tara and told her she loved her but didn’t because she’s afraid and says it’s stupid.

She says not coming out here and facing her shit is bad. She says they are strong, smart and really good people. She takes a crossbow bolt to the eye and goes down. Rosita and Daryl face off with the Saviors that are there, guns out.

They tell them to drop the guns. They have Eugene hostage and we see Dwight who now has a scarred face. Dwight asks if Daryl has something to say to him. He turns his head and we see his ear is severely scarred along with half his face.

They takes Rosita and Daryl’s weapons and Daryl says he should have killed him. Dwight agrees he probably should have and says the girl wasn’t even the one he was aiming for but the crossbow kicks like a bitch.

Eugene notices Abraham is hiding nearby. Rosita asks what they want and he tells her his name then asks hers. She says Rosita then asks again what he wants. Dwight says it’s not what he wants, but what they’re going to do and says she and Daryl are going to let them into their complex.

He says otherwise he’ll kill all three of them. He says no one else has to die but they usually start with just one to get their point across. Eugene says if he wants to kill someone, start with the guy over behind the barrels and says he’s a first class a-hole who deserves it more than them.

Dwight sends someone to check it out. The guy creeps closer then Eugene bites Dwight’s crotch when he looks away. Abraham opens fire, Daryl stabs a guy and Rosita and Daryl grab guns. A fire fight ensues and walkers are attracted by the noise.

Dwight calls for the Saviors to fall back. They take off at a run and Daryl gets his crossbow and starts to run after them but Rosita calls him back. Eugene was shot. Rosita puts her hand over his wound and Abraham runs to help. Too bad their doctor just died.

They lift Eugene and drag him away. Daryl looks at Denise’s body. They have to leave her so they can save Eugene. Back at Alexandria, looks like Eugene is patched up. Abraham comes in and says Rick is coming. Rosita says it looks like it grazed him and the antibiotics should help.

Eugene coughs and comes to. Eugene tells Abraham he wasn’t trying to kill him but was looking for a moment. Abraham says he found it. Eugene asks if he apologizes for doubting his skills. Abraham says he apologizes and says “you know how to bite a dick and I say that with the upmost respect.”

Abraham goes to see Sasha later and she says she heard. She asks if he’s okay. He says she has choices too and says it could be 30 years here but that’s still too short. She gets teary and asks him to come inside. Daryl goes back out to get Denise’s body so he can bury her.

He has the Dennis keychain. Carol helps bury the doc. She looks at Daryl as he opens a tiny bottle of whiskey and drains it then goes back to shoveling dirt on the grave. Carol says he was right and she knew it when he said it. The little Alexandria graveyard is filling up.

Carol leaves a Dear John letter for Tobin. She says they have so much there – people, food, medicine, walls and says other people want it too and that will never change. She says there will always be another threat. We see them all back on guard duty.

Carol writes that she loves them but can’t and won’t kill for them. Rosita stands in for Eugene on guard duty. Carol says Rick sent her away and she was never going to come back. She says she can’t love anyone because she can’t kill for anyone.

The RV pulls up beside the gate. She says she’s going and asks him to please not come after her. Morgan looks at two of the people bringing out the racks of guns. Morgan stares at the empty swing Carol was on.