This Is Us Recap 10/25/16: Season 1 Episode 5 “The Game Plan”

This Is Us Recap 10/25/16: Season 1 Episode 5 "The Game Plan"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 25, 2016, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 5, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) encounter an unexpected turn of events.

Did you watch last week’s This is It episode where Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) took Kevin, (Justin Hartley) Kate, and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) to the community pool on a hot day and quickly realized each child was going through their own struggles? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here.

On tonight’s This is Us episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Rebecca and Jack get into an argument about starting a family. The family backstory behind the long line of love for the Pittsburg Steelers is revealed. After accepting his part in the play, Kevin realizes his script is relevant to his own life. Randall and Beth encounter an unexpected turn of events.”

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This is Us begins with a flashback to when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is a child, and told to not interrupt her dad as he watched football. Rebecca snaps her fingers at Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and tells him she refuses to be like her mother and just stare at her husband.

She tells Jack to teach her about football, and she becomes a monster when it comes to football; yelling in bars at the TV and jumping up and down when they make it to the Superbowl. When prepping for the Superbowl party, Rebecca asks Jack why do people have kids, when he says their friends might show up if they get a babysitter who isn’t stoned to watch their kids.

We jump to the present where Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is so out of it he almost puts a chemo pill in his drink. The girls as Kevin (Justin Hartley) why he is writing in his book. He says it is a play and the director wants him to do some scene work. William (Ron Cephas Jones) comments that he seems to be doing a lot of writing. Kevin tells William he has a great voice and he could easily be an owl in a Pixar movie or something, the girls giggle.

Randall serves breakfast, where Kevin and his nieces protest about eating blueberries. How it’s not the taste, it’s the gross texture. Randall asks if there is any other dietary restrictions he should know about, and Kevin tells him he is good, and he will make a list for him another time. Kevin totally disregards how he is making his brother feel.

Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) brings over toast juice and his chemo pills to William. The girls ask if it is medicine, and if he has a cold. Both Beth and Randall say it is just vitamins, but Kevin takes notice about what is really happening. Kevin confronts Randall and Beth about telling the girls that William is grandpa, but not that he is sick. Instead of responding, Randall asks him when he will be leaving.

Kevin complains about the big empty hotel room and that he really wanted to hang out with them and his nieces. Randall tells Kevin, “We’ll take it!” Beth protests that they don’t have a babysitter, but Randall says they have two family members who can watch the girls for the night. Randall smiles after Kevin said he will watch the girls.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) brings breakfast in bed to Toby (Chris Sullivan), letting him know she appreciates everything he has done for her. Kate refuses to eat, as they have a weigh in tonight. Toby asks her to go mini-golfing after the meeting but she says that NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers are playing tonight, and she has to watch it; when Toby offers to watch the game with her, she says she prefers to watch it alone. Toby doesn’t understand, but she says it’s her ‘thing’. When he pushes to stay with her, she puts her foot down.

Rebecca is singing at the bar prior to the Superbowl, and although she loved singing, the patrons are excited to watch the game. Their friends arrive and are ranting about what happened just before they stepped out of the house, how the kids were vomiting and crying. Rebecca tells Jack to promise her they are never having children. Jack is a little bit upset about it, and brings it up at half-time. Rebecca apologizes that she said that, but Jack is persistent and wants to know what she means because he wants kids.

Randall and Beth are going to the hotel. Kevin says everything will be fine. Randall says don’t call them, but Beth is paranoid about leaving her babies with Kevin and William. Kevin jokes that Tess likes the white wine and Annie likes the red wine; that he wanted to be sure, so he didn’t piss them off. Randall and Beth leave for the night.

Kate and Toby are in their weight-loss group, where he passes her a note inviting her to his Steelers party. It was a cute gesture, but Kate is reluctant. Kevin is practicing his lines when the girls come and ask him to play with them, and be the judge for their fashion show. Kevin asks William and the girls to help him with his lines. Once Kevin establishes that William can read, they all leave the table to take a pee break.

Randall and Beth arrive at the hotel, and Randall is excited to be there. He says loud, adult sex is first. He says they don’t need to have marathon sex, but they need to get the job done. He has the whole night planned out. Beth is not excited at all, and announces that she is a week and a half late. She tells him she can’t bring herself to get a pregnancy test, and she needs him to talk her ‘down’.

Kate arrives at Toby’s for the football game, where she meets his friend Shooter, and he loves football like she does, so it’s a sports party.

We return back to the 60s, with Jack and Rebecca putting their friends in a very awkward position. They go to the bar, while Rebecca and Jack discuss having a baby. Rebecca says they are the couple who makes fun of people with children, but Jack thinks they are great together but there is more to life than just the two of them. Rebecca tells him he knew that she didn’t want to solely be a mother.

While they fight, the bar patrons are telling them to take it outside because no one can hear the game over their argument. When one patron tells Jack to control his woman, he gets up to confront him, but Rebecca keeps telling him it’s not worth it. Jack punches the man in the face, and Rebecca sarcastically tells him they should really be having kids.

Randall and Beth go to the drug store to get a pregnancy test. Randall is very quiet, which worries Beth, he asks how this happened since she is on the pill, but she says when she was on medication last month, it might have happened then. He is angry that this is happening and messes with his plans of early retirement. Beth is furious because she was ready to go back to work and discover who she was, but now may be stuck on diaper duty again.

Kate is watching the game with Shooter, and both of them are interrupting her watching the game. Kate is pissed off that they paused the game to talk about memories. Kate says she wants to watch sports live, and is upset now that she missed a touchdown, and tells them she isn’t feeling good and leaves. Toby is confused.

William helps Kevin with his lines and Kevin comments that he has a voice like silk. Kevin teaches the girls that learning lines is not nearly as easy as it looks. Annie (Faithe Herman) asks Kevin what the play is about, and he asks her if she has been following it; William turns to Kevin and asks him if he has?

Kevin reflects for a moment, and the girls have questions about death and becoming ghosts, the conversation becomes a bit philosophical until Tess (Eris Baker) asks, “Grandpa takes pills because he is sick, does that mean he is going to die?” Kevin looks confused, asking why they are asking him that. He tells them, yes, and tells them to not get too attached.

When Tess shakes her head, Kevin says it was a joke, and that everyone will die, death is a natural thing. He tells them they will die, and so will Mommy and Daddy. When little Annie asks if her parents are going to die, Kevin cuts them off and tells them it is bedtime and William puts them to bed.

Back at Froggy’s Bar, Jack asks his friend when they knew they wanted kids. He told him when she was 4 months pregnant with their first baby. Rebecca is adamant about not wanting children, and his friend asks Jack, what if she really doesn’t want kids, will it be the deal breaker for their marriage? Jack is left at the bar to ponder that, while Rebecca sits outside the bar alone, missing the football game.

Randall and Beth are sitting in the hotel room bathroom, waiting on the test results. Randall is willing to look at the results but Beth isn’t ready to look. Randall offers that she could go back to work and he could work less and they could hire a nanny… Beth says, “or a Manny!” Beth says if he still wants that vacation house, they could get it. Randall says he doesn’t want it anymore; he also says it wouldn’t totally suck to have a son and Beth says they do create great kids. Both are nervous, but look at the results.

Kevin talks to William about how bad that conversation was. He says Randall is going to kill him when he finds out. William says to Kevin that he doubts himself a lot. He tells Kevin he was very good on that show, and surprises Kevin when he admits he watched “The Manny” and that he thought Kevin was very talented. Kevin says he shouldn’t have left the show and he shouldn’t have come there and attempt to do theatre. Kevin confides how insecure he really is about this job. William encourages him to go on.

After the Steelers win the Superbowl, Jack finds Rebecca outside and tells her that if it’s between her and having kids; it will be her, no question! Jack tells her about his father, and how poorly he was treated. He tells her how he imagined what it would be like if he had kids, and how different he would be as a father. Rebecca admits she doesn’t know what is wrong with her. She feels maybe she is too childish to move forward, but she says if she looks into their future, she sees them having kids, but right now she loves the way their life is and is afraid of changing it. Jack comforts her and says he doesn’t want to change their life either and he apologizes for the pressure he put on her. They celebrate the win of the Superbowl with a kiss.

Toby comes to Kate’s house asking what was going on. Kate says she told him she wanted to watch the game alone, and she only came over because she didn’t want to feel like a weirdo. Toby agrees to not spend Sundays with her during football season. Kate admits it’s not about football, that every Sunday she watched every game with her dad, and when she left home she no longer watched it, until 2006 and all she wanted was to watch it with her dad, and she did.

Kate says she watches football every Sunday with her dad ever since. Toby says her dad sounds cool and he’d like to meet him sometime. Kate says, okay and brings an urn over to Toby, who is shocked. She says she understands that it sounds crazy and lame, but football is a huge part of her family. She says if it wasn’t for football, she wouldn’t even be here. She tells him she was conceived in a bathroom during Superbowl.

Kevin comes to the girls’ room and apologizes and tells them he will share a secret with them but no one can know. Kevin admits that he paints, and when he is upset he paints the way he feels. He shows them a painting he did after he read that play for the first time. He says he shouldn’t have told them about ghosts and dying, and that is adult stuff.

He explains his painting is about life, and that each color is about others who are part of his life, that the colors are never ending, kind of like life. He then explains how a man hundred years ago came to this country with only a suitcase, and he had a son, who had a son, who has him. He then points to different parts of the painting which would be each guy’s part of it. He then gets philosophical again, and says what if they were there before birth and after death, and if they were just layers upon layers in the painting and it was never ending.

Kevin talks about his dad, Jack, and even if he is no longer alive, he is still around and with him every day. Randall and Beth’s results come back negative. Beth is excited, but Randall is disappointed. At the end of the episode, you see Randall sitting in the room that William was staying in. he is packing up his clothes and sits on the bed holding his hat. Kevin continues to say there is no dying, there is no you, or me, or them, it’s just US!