This Is Us Recap 11/15/16: Season 1 Episode 7 “The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World”

This Is Us Recap 11/15/16: Season 1 Episode 7 "The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 15, 2016, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 7, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) acknowledge the growing distance between them.

On tonight’s This is Us episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The dynamic of Randall and Kevin’s rocky relationship is explained. Beth and William spend time together, which unexpectedly brings to light a secret William has been keeping. As Rebecca gets back to work for the first time in years, both she and Jack acknowledge that there is distance between them. Toby is caught straying from his diet regimen, throwing Kate into crisis.”

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This is Us starts in the 60s when Rebecca (Mandy Moore) complains to her husband, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) that they need a new washing machine, but he tells her that it’s still got some life left, and should last at least 6 more washes. Rebecca tells him they have 3 infants, that will be by the end of the day. She frets that the washer is leaking all over.

Jack finally gives in and gives her a new washing machine and she says it is turning her on, and now she is trying to convince him to remodel the kitchen. As times goes by, the kids are growing up. A young Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) are sharing a room, and Kevin is throwing his football at Randall’s lamp telling him it’s time to sleep.

He apologizes for spilling Randall’s drink on his homework and uses the first thing he can see to help clean it up, unfortunately it’s the blanket Randall was left in as an infant in front of the firehouse. Their mother comes in and demands to know why they are arguing at 2 in the morning. She asks if they need to be put in separate rooms, they both beg for it, when she tells them the only space available is the basement.

We are back in 2016, and Kevin is out running through the neighborhood, determined to catch up to his brother Randall; everything seems to be a competition between the brothers. Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is busy getting ready for work and Randall asks how William (Ron Cephas Jones) is doing. She tells him that his medication is making him tired.

Beth asks Kevin if she left a legal pad in her office, and he says it’s his room; Kevin and Randall decide to go out for dinner with their mother that night. Beth refers to Randall and Kevin as Cain and Abel, and is surprised they have made plans to even be alone together.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) is determined to stay on her weight loss journey. Working out hard and ready for her weigh in, but she is super upset that she only lost 1 ¼ lbs. Toby is encouraging her, and says every pound works. Toby lost 8 lbs and Kate is even more upset that he was able to meet his weight loss goal.

Randall is busy doing his presentation at work, when Kevin shows up early and his co-workers ask if he is the “Manny”? Randall asks Kevin to meet him in his office.

Rebecca is singing in the kitchen and Jack tells her she sounds amazing. She is nervous because this is her first rehearsal in 10 years. Rebecca asks Jack which team colors are they wearing tonight since Randall and Kevin are playing opposing teams. Jack says he cannot make it because he just landed a huge deal at work. It’s a big day for them all, as there is going to be a scout at the game for Kevin.

As Kevin sits in Randall’s office, Randall walks in while he is on the phone with their mother. Rebecca tells Randall she cannot make it to dinner because her husband, Miguel is sick. Kevin wants to speak to their mother and Randall ignores his requests. Kevin tells Randall they don’t need to do dinner if he doesn’t want to, and vice versa.

Beth makes dinner for the girls, Annie (Faithe Herman) and Tess (Eris Baker) and William, but William is too sick to eat. Beth sits with William and shares that her father had lung cancer, telling him that smoking weed helped with the appetite. William says he wouldn’t let her go out and score some drugs for him. She admits that she has a stash and he is surprised. She says when the kids go to bed, she will make them some special brownies. As Kevin and Randall go out to dinner, Randall is left out and definitely out of his element where Kevin takes him.

Jack meets with his partner, but feels awful that he didn’t kiss Rebecca before he left, for the first time in 18 years. The receptionist Heather comes in and flirts with the partner, and then returns to adjust Jack’s shirt, saying his wife should have caught that. Meanwhile, Rebecca is late for her rehearsal, but her old friend flirts with her and she is eating it up.

Kate calls Toby to apologize for missing the meeting and asks him to call her. She shows up at his door, and he lets her in, to see that he binged on junk food and pop. Kate confronts him about it, and tells him they need to get back on the program right now. Toby says he is done dieting, but supports her 100%. Kate is angry and cries because they promised to do this together. Toby tells her they will go out for dinner and eat sensibly and laugh as always.

A young Kate asks what is wrong with Randall, and he wants to know why Kevin hates him so much. She tells him to joke around with him more. As Randall leaves the room, he tells Kate that mom is going to kill her if she sees all that make-up on her. Randall comes to see the basement Kevin converted into his bedroom. Randall tries to be nice and jokes around, but Kevin tells him he moved to the musty basement to get away from him.

Beth and William are sitting in the living room after eating the special brownies, and Beth asks him if he is feeling anything. He asks if he was supposed to eat a quarter of the brownie or a quarter of the pan, bot can’t stop giggling. One of the girls comes in, asking why they are eating brownies in the basement; Beth promises she will make kid brownies tomorrow. She also confides in William that she wishes Kevin would just leave.

Randall and Kevin are enjoying a high-class meal, and it seems that Kevin and Randall cannot have a conversation and have nothing in common. Kevin is upset that Randall clearly never watched his show, once again feeling like he means nothing to his brother and family. Kevin gets up, finishes his drink and leaves the restaurant.

Kate and Toby are having a fantastic dinner, laughing and when the waiter comes with the dessert tray, Toby tells him to go. Kate tells him that he should check it out because she would rather see him eat it, than him go home and binge eat and lie about it.

Jack is able to escape work and join Rebecca to watch both the boys play in their high school football game. Jack gives her pom-poms, one of each color. Kate is giving water to the boys. Rebecca tries to tell Jack about her rehearsal and how amazing it was, but is cut off as the game begins. Jack tells her to finish her story when the game is done. Randall stops Kevin from making the best play of his life, in front of the scouts, and they took off their helmets and got into a full-out fight.

Randall chases down Kevin, who just wants to be left alone. Kevin doesn’t know what Randall does for a living and Randall is okay with that, but Kevin tells him when he started working on the Manny he was so proud, and invited his family over and over again to come, but the only one who came was Kate. Randall says that’s because Kevin was paying her.

In the middle of their argument, Kevin becomes somber and silent. Randall turns around and laughs after seeing the huge billboard showing The Manny was a new African American man. Kevin says, “That’s great. Replaced by another black man!” Randal asked him what he just said and what is he harboring.

Kevin tells him it wasn’t just that he was black, he was also adopted. Kevin said that their mother was too busy loving Randall and making him feel special that she neglected him, just so Randall didn’t feel like the odd man out. Randall doesn’t hold back. He tells Kevin she was like that because Kevin treated him like a dog, and just like a dog, he kept coming back again and again, just hoping for a scrap or crumb of affection from him. Kindness or respect.

Kevin shouts that all Randall ever did was “show him up”, and had Randall not be in their family, Kevin would be the star. Randall points to the billboard and says that Kevin is not a star, but the guy on the billboard is a star. Their conversation escalates and they begin to shove each other.

They end up on the pavement fighting; a huge audience around them, when one of Kevin’s friends asks if he needs him to call someone. Kevin says that Randall is his brother. Randall grabs Kevin and says, “I’m still black!” and they run away together.

Beth and William are now sitting in the backyard, wrapped in blankets. Beth tells William it was crazy when she was growing up with 14 people in one house. She had no intentions of marrying or having kids. William asked her what happened. She tells him, she met his damn son! He laughs. One look in his eyes and it was over.

William says he was entirely alone his whole life, but now he has Beth and Randall and the girls to wake up to every day. Beth says she hopes it’s a good thing, William says mostly, but it makes him sad to die. They sit in silence and enjoy the moonless sky.

William starts to recite a poem, and Beth recites the same one. William asks Beth where she knows that poem from, and she says it’s from a book of poems Randall had. William lets it slip that it’s the book he gave Rebecca back in the day. Beth tells him to start talking when William tries to go to bed.

Kate is at the gas station filling up the tank, when she comes out of the convenience store, with a bag of donuts, she forgets the pump is still in her gas tank, but begins eating the donuts.

On the way home from the football game, Jack and Rebecca tell the boys to get in the car, and they will be having a chat when they get home.

Kevin and Randall arrive home, and Randall admits that their mom did favor him, and he ate it up. Randall says because she was the one person he wanted love from the most. Randall says that tonight was the first time in 36 years, Kevin claimed Randall as “his brother”. Kevin admits that really sucks.

Beth confronts William about Rebecca knowing who William was the whole time. William says if she tells her husband, it will destroy his relationship with his mother; but she says this is her husband. Kevin and Randall walk in and Kevin says someone is high. Beth escapes the room and Randall tells his William it was pretty cool that he got high with Beth.

Randall decides to go to bed and so does Kevin, but William tells Kevin that Beth moved him. She has put Kevin in the basement, and Kevin said he is fine with it even after Randall offers to move him upstairs tomorrow. Kevin stops Randall as he is going up the stairs, and asks him to stay downstairs with Kevin for a while to hang out and watch TV.

Beth calls Rebecca and leaves her a message, telling her that William told her something about the two of them and she better call her as soon as she gets the message. Randall and Kevin end up watching the Manny, while both have flashbacks to the empty bed next to them. Rebecca comes to bed and Jack asks her to tell him about her rehearsal, she says she is tired and she will tell him about it in the morning.

She then tells him that she just realized they didn’t even eat dinner. Jack says he had a big lunch and he is good; Rebecca says she is going to find something to eat, Jack reminds her to turn off the light. Kevin calls his mom from the basement, who complains that the washing machine is constantly running.

Rebecca tells him he could always go up to his old room with Randall; Kevin chooses to sleep. Rebecca has flashbacks to the washing machine, and how as a family they dealt with the overflowing water, how her and Jack when they first got together, were at a laundry mat, and he promised to buy her the best washing machine in the whole world!