Wayward Pines Recap – A First Generation Member Killed – Season 2 Episode 2 “Blood Harvest”

Wayward Pines Recap - A First Generation Member Killed - Season 2 Episode 2 "Blood Harvest"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Wednesday, June 1 season 2 episode 2 called “Blood Harvest” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Theo tries to leverage his power as the only surgeon in Wayward Pines to get answers about the status of his wife, Rebecca; (Nimrat Kaurat) at the same time, town historian CJ Mitchum (Djimon Hounsou) spearheads a vital and potentially deadly project outside the fence.

On the last episode, the 10-episode psychological thriller picked up after the shocking events of the Season One finale, with the residents of Wayward Pines battling against the iron-fisted rule of the First Generation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “Theo tries to leverage his power as the only surgeon in Wayward Pines to get answers about the status of his wife, Rebecca; at the same time, town historian CJ Mitchum spearheads a vital and potentially deadly project outside the fence. Meanwhile, Theresa frantically searches for her son; and Megan Fisher heads up the research being done on the Abbies.”

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#WaywardPines starts with Pilcher talking about who would join them on the adventure into the future. He talks about rebuilding humanity. Megan shows a film to her students of Pilcher talking about Wayward Pines’ creation.

He says humans almost destroyed the planet so they chose farmers, teachers, doctors, cops, and people who know how to work. He says those that break the rules must face consequences in public. Jason says – for everyone to see.

The lights flicker all over and Jason runs to see what’s going on. Looks like it’s Abbie trouble. Rebecca wants them to leave the screen on since it was showing what was happening outside the wall and Theo is out there. They take the screen away.

Outside the wall, Theo comes to as bad things are happening. Abbies are all around and Ben telsl Xander they need to split up to have a better chance of surviving. They all get out and the Abbies seem more intent on scaling the wall than getting them.

Then Xander is knocked down and screams. The electric wall knocks back some of the Abbies then guards are there and open fire. Some comes over and starts attacking the guards. They throw grenades at the pile of Abbies that are a springboard for them to jump over.

One of the female guards is severely injured. Jason tells them to call the hospital and he races away with Kerry. Theo hides nearby watching the carnage. Jason is told that the intern can’t handle her injuries and, of course, idiot Jason put their one doctor out to get eaten.

Jason calls and tells the guards to find Theo and bring him in and tells them where he was last spotted on the cameras. Abbies are close by but the guards gun them down and retrieve Theo. He’s taken to the hospital and Jason runs up to him.

Theo says answer my questions or I won’t save her. Jason asks if he wants to die and says he has no idea what’s going on. Theo asks if Jason or a pregnant 12-year old will operate on Kerry. He says get my wife, bring her here, and tell me what’s going on now.

Rebecca shows up and Jason says do the surgery. Jason says get her stable then we’ll talk. Theo asks what’s the fence about, where we are, and what those things are. He also asks how a young cretin like Jason gets to be in charge.

Jason tells him that he’s been in cryo sleep and humanity is nearly extinct. He gives him the quick and honest summary. He says this town is the only humans let ever. Theo doesn’t believe it and snaps and comes at Jason.

Rebecca tells Theo to calm down. She says go save the girl. He calms down and agrees to help Kerry. She wakes and groans. Jason tells her she’s going to be okay. She asks if more Abbies got over. He says no they retreated. He says everything is okay.

She asks if they can make the harvest and asks about the rebels. Jason says no worries just rest. She thanks him for taking care of her. He says he always will and she wants to thank Theo. He says he was doing his job, you don’t have to thank him.

She laughs and he kisses her hand. Rebecca takes Theo to their house. Theresa sees them come home. She tells him finding the right balance of information is hard and talks about the cryogenic pods and says she didn’t believe it at first either.

She says over time she grew to accept it. She says she’s been there three years then Rebecca says – I live here. Theo is stunned. In the morning, guards go to a greenhouse to talk to CJ and ask if he’s coming to the meeting. He says not if it’s about war.

The guards tell CJ that the war is over and since he’s Pilcher’s protégé, he should be happy. Mario tells Jason that he wants the crops harvested. CJ goes to see Jason and says the harvest has been delayed too long because of the war.

Jason asks what about the Abbies and says they are sacrificing themselves to get over the walls and are being more aggressive. Megan says they just need to protect those harvesting. Jason asks CJ if he’s sure and he says he’ll protect the harvesters.

Mario says they can use flame throwers and they need to push back hard on the Abbies. Theo tells Rebecca he saw her three days ago. She says that was a long time ago for her. He asks where he got the ring and she says forget about it. He thinks he’s having a seizure.

Rebecca says they are there and need to survive in Wayward Pines. Theo says it’s not real and she slaps him hard then asks if that felt real. She says there’s no pain in a hallucination. Then she kisses him. She says he’s alive. There’s a knock at the door.

She says they have to answer and goes to find Nancy and Drake there. Nancy says Drake can’t catch his breath and Rebecca says things are crazy. Nancy asks isn’t Theo a doctor and if he can help. He says yes. He goes back to the hospital.

He hears the loudspeaker talking about a new day in town. He is freaked out as he goes inside. Theo sighs and goes into his office that has a name plate on the door with his title. His medical school and college diplomas are on the wall.

Arlene creeps up on him and introduces herself. He asks if he saw her the other night. She says she was getting a little tune-up and says it evens her out and now she’s good to go. Some young guys in lab coats come in and tell him he has lots of patients.

Theo tells the kid to stop then he goes and picks up his lab coat and puts it on. Rebecca is in town and goes to the Beauty Shop. She hangs her purse and gets ready to start her day. Theresa shows up and says Jason put Ben outside the fence.

She asks why he would put a First Generation outside the fence. She asks wasn’t Theo out there and says maybe Ben is alive too. Rebecca encourages her. Theresa asks if she will send Theo to see her when he gets home tonight.

Rebecca is scared but Theresa begs her and says she knows she lost people too but just got someone back. Megan has a dead Abbie on her table and shows it to the class. She says this is one of five Abbie cadavers we’re studying.

She says they also have three alive in cages. She says they are learning more every day. Megan says she knows she’s not there every day with them. One kid asks if she got the Abbie off the pile that they used to try and get in. Megan tells Frank that the Abbies won’t try it again.

Megan says Wayward Pines works when we work together. She says some community members are being divisive but they are safe if they stick together. Theo checks out Drake and says his tongue is swollen. The kid tells him about pain he’s having.

Theo says it’s malnutrition. She says he gets all the rations first. He asks about multivitamins and one tells Theo that not everyone qualifies. Theo says they can fix this and says they can tube and hydrate him then realizes they don’t have a gastroenterologist.

Arlene reminds him they have a lot of patients. Jason comes to check on Theo about training the residents. Theo says the condition of people here is not good. Jason says it’s not his job to tell him how to run things. Theo says he took an oath to heal people.

He says no one else here can do that job then asks how Kerry is. He says you can tell me stories about what this place is but what he won’t accept is waking up to a dictatorship. Jason says watch your tone. Theo says they both know Jason can’t do his job.

Jason rants to Kerry about Theo and she says people will look to him for answers since he’s their only doctor. She says he’s not a threat if you control it and says she can help. Jason says they can’t have dissenting voices. Kerry sighs in pain and says just work with him.

Kerry says don’t start this fight – it’s not worth your time. Jason says he never should have brought Theo out. She says if he didn’t, she’d be dead. She says their lives are worth Theo’s arrogance. She says he’s necessary to the town’s survival. Jason says he knows.

Theo is downtown walking around and a kid tells him that Rebecca left an hour ago. He asks who she is and she says Rebecca is her boss and her name is Lucy. Theo looks at the beauty shop then goes home. He asks if she’s not an architect anymore.

Rebecca says that’s the job she was assigned here. She says to survive you do what they tell you. He says he was on Main Street and saw an Ice Cream Parlor with the name of her favorite design professor. Rebecca says he’s being paranoid.

She says two years ago, the ice cream parlor burned down and she helped reconstruct it so they let her name it. CJ talks to the harvesters about where to place the flame throwers. He says the Abbies haven’t seen them use fire on them before so he’s not sure how it will go.

After dark, they head out. The soldiers spread out and the harvesters start their work. Abbies approach and they start gunning them down but they don’t stop so they use the flamethrowers. After a couple burn up, the others retreat. They begin the harvest.

CJ tells Jason that the first six trucks are on the way back and they keep on working. Ben is there and begs one of the guys to take him back. He knocks Ben down and they leave without him even though he shouts that he’s First Generation.

The trucks all make it back and Ben runs to the gate but it shuts before he can cross it. He speaks to the camera and says he’s outside and says it may be his last message. They alert Jason to come see. He says he knows his mom didn’t approve of him rebelling and says sorry.

He says dad wasn’t perfect but taught him to fight in what he believed in. He says he wanted to do what was best for everyone in Wayward Pines. Then he says Jason, if you’re watching, this is a mistake. He says Pilcher says no First Generation can be harmed and maybe people will see who he is.

The food is brought into town and Jason thanks the harvesters. Theresa asks them if they saw Ben. Mario says he didn’t and Theresa asks isn’t the first rule that First Generation can’t hurt each other. She says Ben is out there and may be alive.

She asks why they’re not doing anything. Mario says he’s following orders. She asks how they can let Jason do this and tells them to do something. She shouts and they have her dragged outside. Jason sees her and gets in his Keep to drive away.

Mario and the others talk about how she’s right. Mario says Jason will say no then tells them to come on. Theo checks on Kerry and she says she needs to get back to work. Theo kicks out the intern and asks doesn’t she feel pain. She insists she’s fine and thanks him.

Theo asks doesn’t Jason listen to her and she says he does what’s right and what Pilcher wants. He says he’s trying to figure out how things work and she says make the hospital work and leave the rest to us. Jason and Kerry sit down to dinner at their house.

He says the people of Wayward Pines will eat real food, the fence will hold, and the rebels are crushed. She tells him Theresa is asking about the rules and Ben. She says they were taught the rules. Jason says he didn’t hurt Ben, he exiled him. He says Ben tried to turn them against each other.

Jason doesn’t think he should have to explain anything. He says Ben isn’t an original First Gen and she says she’s not either but he says she’s different. Jason says she’s loyal and then kisses her. He says you’re mine. In the fields, Ben hides but then hears a noise.

Theresa checks her door locks. Ben stands to look around. He calls out Mario’s name. Theresa asks the guards out front of her house – where’s Ben. They don’t answer. Ben creeps along. Theresa yells at them and curses them. Ben sees Abbie’s coming at him. He says, sorry Dad, as he’s knocked down.

Theo comes home and finds Rebecca cooking. He says infectious disease is something he never cared about and says he never delivered a baby either. He says the last time he set a broken bone was so long ago. She says it will come back to him.

Rebecca reminds him when he set her broken finger on a hike long ago. She says she thought he was dead when she woke up there and now he’s there with her. Rebecca says she’s happy but that’s as far as she can go for now.

Jason checks the cameras from his computer. Kerry comes in and he shows her no sign of Abbies. He says they’re gone from all 60 cameras. We see one look back at the wall then it runs off.