Abby Lee Miller’s Prison Sentence Delayed Due To Health Reasons

Abby Lee Miller's Prison Sentence Delayed Due To Health Reasons

Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller may not have to go to jail soon. Last month, she was sentenced to a year in prison on fraud charges. However, it’s been known for months that Abby Lee Miller would face jail time. She thought she could get away with it. But, she couldn’t since the judge recognized her on the Lifetime reality series.

In the weeks leading up to the verdict, the reality star lashed out at the judge. She even played dumb about her finances and charges, and claimed that she was a “nice Catholic girl from Pittsburgh.”

That still doesn’t excuse Abby Lee Miller’s behavior on her television show. Miller can’t even get out of jail time. The 50-year-old is still expected to go to prison. But, she pushed it off for a few weeks due to her health issues. She was ordered to go to prison on Friday, June 30. Now, she won’t serve her prison sentence until July 12.

Abby Lee Miller's Prison Sentence Delayed Due To Health Reasons

No reason was given for Miller’s delay. She has also been quiet about her new prison sentence. Miller probably can’t reveal the details due to the legalities of the delay. However, that hasn’t stopped her from speaking out about her health issues on social media.

She posted a series of x-rays on her Instagram page. It looks like Abby Lee Miller has some knee problems. The picture shows an x-ray that indicates Miller is missing cartilage in her right knee. Miller told her followers that she’s in pain. She’s been visiting DISC Sports and Spine Center for her knee problems.

Miller won’t be able to undergo and recover from knee surgery in just a few weeks. What’s amazing is that her lawyers were able to convince the judge to delay her jail sentence so she could undergo medical evaluation to her health problem.

Abby Lee Miller's Prison Sentence Delayed Due To Health Reasons

Abbey Lee Miller has been playing up her health problems on social media. She’s trying hard to prove that she’s too unfit for prison. If Miller’s knee problem requires surgery, then she may be able to push her sentence several months. Miller’s hoping that her lawyers will be able to successfully convince the judges to push it up.

But, the longer that Miller waits to go to prison, the longer it will take her to get out. Miller is still sentenced to go to prison. It’s just not as soon as we previously assumed. What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Sound off below in the comments section.

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