Bachelor in Paradise Recap 8/15/17: Season 4 Episode 2 “401B”

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 8/15/17: Season 4 Episode 2 "401B"

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all new Tuesday, August 15, 2017, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Evan Bass and Carly Waddell get married, with many of their pals from “The Bachelor” franchise in attendance.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is the premiere you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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In Playa Escondida, Mexico host Chris Harrison welcomes us back to paradise announcing that Evan and Carly who met on last season of Bachelor in Paradise, fell in love and got engaged on this very beach and last week they got married and even though production was shut down they didn’t want anyone to miss out on the joyous occasion.

At Vidanta Nayarit, everyone gathered for Carly and Evan’s wedding, saying they are a testament to what this show can do. Chris Harrison takes us down memory lane where Carly was on the Bachelor, then season 2 of BIP (Bachelor in Paradise) and then Evan was on the Bachelorette Season 12 with JoJo but finally went on BIP Season 3 and met Carly who also returned to paradise.

Carly thought their first kiss was terrible while Evan felt it was incredible. He thought she liked him immediately but she disagrees saying they had been on some really weird dates. She even told him she just wanted to be his friend and had no romantic interest in him; then when Evan thought he lost her, he faked his own death and Carly admits it kind of worked. After a long journey Evan feels he had his epic love story and asked her if she would freaking marry him?

As Bachelor royalty arrives in paradise for the wedding, Chris reminds us of all the couples who have married after being a part of “Bachelor Nation”. Trista and Ryan from Bachelorette S1. Jason and Molly from Bachelor S13. Ashley and JP from Bachelorette S7. Sean and Catherine from Bachelor S17. Jade and Tanner from BIP S2.

We are given a glimpse of how Carly and Evan getting ready for their wedding. They are both excited to be married and Carly says its going to be a crazy and wild adventure and she is so “in”. Her bridesmaid Juelia she has known since the BIP S2; she was in Jade’s wedding mentioning how excited that she is to have a 5th bridesmaid – the little girl inside Jade’s belly. Carly’s mother gives a nice toast saying she loves Evan and thanks God for him. She is just very excited to seeing him.

Wells from Bachelorette S12 says Evan is one of his closest and dearest friends who is filled with love and positivity and feels blessed and honored to be included in the ceremony. Carly’s dad tells Evan to “just take care of my daughter!”

Both express how much they love each other and cannot wait to see each other and get married; Evan of course begins to tear up.

Chris Harrison walks up the aisle, as Ashley and Sarah from BIP S3 feel this is going to be the most beautiful wedding ceremony they have ever been to. The music begins as the bridal party walks to the front of the crowd. Tanner touches Jade’s belly and says this is the baby Paradise made. Evan walks up the aisle alone and is already crying but says he is so pumped to marry her.

Chris asks everyone to rise as the bride begins her descend down the aisle. Evan is in awe at her beauty and cries as she smiles and giggles. Jared says watching Evan see Carly walk down the aisle was probably the best moment of his entire life as it was all over his face. Sarah says Carly is a knock out bride and rose the bar for everyone; Evan tells her she looks so beautiful and good.

Chris officiates the ceremony, joking that he never thought this would actually happen. They declare their love, devotion and loyalty to each other. He reminds them even though their vows last only minutes, they are meant to last a lifetime. During his vows, Evan says he promises to never stop exploring her and laughter erupts from the guests and she says that her father is right there. She jokes about learning CPR in case he decides to fake his own death again; they exchange “I love yous” as several people cry.

Chris surprises Evan and Carly who were allowed to participate in a traditional Mexican ceremony when they were on BIP and in honor of that special moment he welcomes the Shaman and his wife, who presided over that ceremony; they both are truly blessed as they perform a special marriage ceremony for the two of them.

When they ceremony is done, Chris asks everyone to rise again and tells them its their responsibility to help love, help and nurture Carly and Evan as they begin their journey as husband and wife; they exchange rings, promising that they shall never walk alone. Chris pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss as he introduces them as Mr and Mrs Evan and Carly Bass.

They say the day was perfect and Carly jokes that Evan didn’t cry once – he cried 30 times! Everyone greets them at the reception and Evan cheers to Paradise, to everyone and to the pursuit of love.

Chris announces the staff and crew are back, the lights are on and cameras are ready to roll and its time to start; the only thing missing is the cast. He welcomes them all back as the bachelors and bachelorettes approach from the beach. Raven is shocked they are back and hopes they can hit the rest and start all over again. Amanda says there is hesitation in coming back after reading articles and seeing what was in the media.

Chris says he is happy to see them all back in Bachelor in Paradise (BIP), and most of them didn’t think this was going to happen. He hopes everyone is back to the business of finding love; but before he can officially can declare BIP open they need to have a serious conversation about what happened, what didn’t happen and what they all need to do to start this show together.

Chris says they are back there because of the findings of an investigation that took place. Warner Bros hired an outside firm to look into everything that supposedly happened – all the video footage and interviews. They concluded there was no evidence of misconduct by cast on the set.

Everyone agrees with that conclusion but admits it was hard seeing everything the media was saying. Some admit it was hard on everyone emotionally, but was also nice to see everyone come together, the divide between cast and crew was blended and supported one another. Chris acknowledges has emotional and brutal it was for everyone and in the 16 years he had been doing this, it was easily the most emotional time as a show.

Some bring up the misconception that the cast is not in control of their actions and they are puppets to the producers and crew. Chris jokes that they are not mindless robots and they are there to make their own decisions and develop real relationships with everyone. They admit they are responsible for how much they drink, what they say, who they kiss or anything they do as individuals; just like the “real” world.

Taylor says its true because she has never drank alcohol in her life and has never been pressured to do so. Raven feels sorry for Demario, for all the blame he was getting and no one standing up for him. It broke her heart because no matter whether it cleared up or not, it will always follow her and him.

Iggy says Demario has faults just like the rest of them, but its hard to see him cast as the one who created this event and felts it was an unfair representation of Demario and feel if the public seen how the entire day unfolded, they would have a totally different take on Demario. Diggy feels that even though nothing happened, he is thinking of the long term effects of what was said about Demario publicly and is pissed that the long term effects are pretty substantial.

Chris wants to know if race played a part in this, like Diggy suggested and everyone in the group says absolutely!

Chris asks Raven how race played a factor. She says she is sensitive to it because she is from the South and has the stigma that seeing a black man with a white woman is wrong; but she doesn’t think it was wrong at all and was super empathetic with Demario because its just another issue because not only is consent important but so is getting rid of the stigma that interracial couples can’t be or blaming African American men for crimes they didn’t commit.

Jasmine says it was hard to read the comments because a lot of people brought in the race thing and it was hard to read since she has a brother and wonders what if that were her brother she was reading about. It was hard to sit back and hear the things about Demario and Corinne; she never felt that Demario was a threat to anyone and hates that he will have this image stuck with him.

Raven says just because her and Jas were sticking up for Demario does not mean they were slut shaming Corinne; they were just worried about Demario’s name and the longevity of what was being tossed around about him. They felt for Corinne nor judging her because they didn’t think her nor Demario did anything wrong.

In Corrine’s statement, she referred to herself as a victim, and some felt she wanted to “save face” from it all. One says it was a vague statement that was left to interpret by design and its unfortunate; while another feels the statement didn’t come from Corinne herself, it was a “lawyer” statement that was quickly turned into an opinion. There was no statement about who was right and who was wrong but people quickly made their own assumptions on it.

They talk about the double standard of slut shaming, how a guy can sleep with 10 girls and its okay but if a girl does it, she is instantly referred to as a slut. Raven reveals she was in an abusive relationship and there was a point where she was sexually assaulted and that is why she took this so personal and hope this situation doesn’t deter actual victims from coming forward and speaking their truth and seeking help; Chris thanks her for sharing her story.

Chris says they need to talk about consent; Taylor says verbal consent is the best but some can give non-verbal cues with body language but its very important to get the verbal consent for sure. It is also brought up that even if someone gives verbal consent at the beginning, it doesn’t mean they can’t have the right to say “no” at any point so its important to have consent throughout everything.

When Chris asks if someone is passed out can they give consent and everyone says no but when Chris asks if someone is drunk can they give consent? Diggy says the question becomes would that person give the same consent if they were completely sober and says they probably all have been there where they wake up the next morning feeling they shouldn’t have done that. He isn’t making light of the situation, alcohol does cloud your judgment but you can give consent.

Chris says the point of BIP is falling in love and intimacy is a big part of that and any relationship but he asks that while they are there to keep consent issues in mind and its all something they should talk about and think about. He says now that they have lived through the shut down, the scandal, the accusations and everything they all endured, do each of them want to be there?

If the majority doesn’t want to continue they will not continue the show and he asks them all to be 100% honest because its important to get it right. Every single one of them wants to be there and give it another shot. They ask Chris how he feels and he says he wants to be there 100%.

Ladies hold the roses and the first rose ceremony is tomorrow night meaning some of them will be back on a plane back to the United States. He reminds them that Jorge is still gone but Wells will be back; Chris tells the ladies to keep their hands off as he isn’t there for a relationship. After they have been shut down for more than 2 weeks, Chris says with the power invested in him, he now declares Bachelor in Paradise is back open!

Lacey is back after her grandfather passed away and is grateful for having the second chance while others feel the dynamic has completely changed since the shut down. The guys talk together while the girls also wonder if they can all pick up where they left off. Each guy says its still early on, and some will take it one day at a time while others are certain they will get a rose from. Raven feels like she has been on 2 on 1 dates with Robby and Ben since she got there but thinks she would give Ben the rose at this point.

Some of the women feel bad that they are changing their minds on who they are giving a rose too as some comments have floated around and rubbed people the wrong way. Jamine says she had a great date with Matt, she is excited because she likes him but she will see what she does since she doesn’t know if they can get back where they were before the shut down.

Dean and Kristina did a road trip together while they were on shut down, but he keeps telling her if someone asks her on a date she should go on it so she doesn’t miss out on any opportunities but she gets very angry when he says that. Kristina is optimistic about her and Dean as they worked so well outside of filming.

Derek and Taylor naturally started talking more and more and he thinks maybe they want to give it a shot and admits he kissed her. Taylor blushes, she feels good and super happy they are both there and the opportunity to get to know each other in this setting. She says he is awesome; everyone makes her feel good for sticking around this time.

Nick feels he shouldn’t have put all his eggs in one basket as there are three solid couples now – Matt and Jasmine (Jazzy), Dean and Kristina, and Derek and Taylor. Outside of the couples there are 8 guys and only 5 roses and the stakes are high at this point.

Derek asks Taylor if she wants to stay with him tonight; she says it makes her nervous, she thinks it would be fine realistically and he says he isn’t trying to sleep with her. She admits there is a lot of sexual tension between them; she isn’t 100% sure and will see how the rest of the day goes.

Jazzy and Matt are having fun together in the surf and sand. She promises him she is going to give him her rose. He says nothing is guaranteed and jokes for her to leave him in suspense a little. He is in a space where he is glad she is there but wants to keep his mind open to anything else that might come around. She said she would be 100% pissed if another woman got a date card and asked him out; she thinks he is a nice guy and wouldn’t accept.

Alex is really into Amanda but all Alex talks about are dogs. Amanda is getting a little uncomfortable because every time she talks to another guy, Alex swoops in. Alex tells her he wants a date card feeling they need it but admits he never had any luck on date cards before. Amanda feels Alex should have gotten the hint that she isn’t interested in him.

Raven smirks feeling Amanda is too nice to Alex who needs more of a blunt statement but at this point that probably wouldn’t work with him either. She says she already has two kids and doesn’t need another person following her around.

Danielle tells him the perceptions Amanda has of him and now he wants to nip that in the butt really quick. Raven tells him to move on from Amanda and talk to other women; but he thinks the woman for him is Amanda. He leaves the water, runs up the beach where Amanda is laying with a few of the guys and asks if he can borrow her for a few seconds; she gives a deep sigh.

Amanda goes with him but Dean tells the guys that he thinks Amanda actually hates Alex; Alex is annoying and she doesn’t have tolerance for annoying people. Alex tries to explain his actions, saying he was trying to reconnect with her. Some joke at the bar, pretending to be Amanda and Alex; asking if her kids are taller than him and the response is at least they could wear the same pants.

Amanda told Alex she was going to give him her rose before they stopped filming but things have changed since filming resumed. She wants to hang out with everybody and get to know them and see what happens. She tells that he shouldn’t overthink anything; they part ways when Alex tells her to have fun.

Lacey feels Jack Stone is interested in everyone. She talks to Diggy, who is great but not romantic. She feels Iggy is full of crap who just wants to hang out with his “bros” and doesn’t actually want to date her. She feels like she is on the borderline of rejection.

Raven finds a date card that says, “Derek, true love never dies!” Taylor agrees for them to go on the date. Lacey is in tears that she didn’t get the date card and feels nothing will happen for her, feeling overly rejected.

Derek and Taylor go on their first date, there are candles, flowers and Day of the Dead décor everywhere. Its a creepy/romantic vibe. They kiss and hold hands while it rains outside. Taylor agrees with Derek when he says he personally doesn’t believe there is no such thing as “the one”. She likes that she is desired by the one she desires and he admits he sees potential with her.

Dean and Kristina are flirty and fun, connecting the second they met and she feels its a big step that Dean came to Kentucky with her. She likes him but knows there is more people coming in and a potential for him to find someone else and she needs to know if they are on the same page. She thinks Dean isn’t a great communicator so its hard to know what he is really thinking.

Taylor says if things keep going the way they are going with Derek, there is a good possibility for love as he admits he feels like a school boy when he is with her. She thinks she wants to spend the night with him; and she does.

Jazzy thinks Matt is a very genuine guy and so connected with him and vibing. She suggests to take their mic off and sneak away. Matt says he is just going to bed as he has reservations and isn’t at the same point she is. She follows him and whines, he kisses her and leaves. She wants to know why she is putting so much time in with him when he doesn’t want to put the time in with her. She cries saying she is sick of being disappointed.

Dean calls Kristina away from the bar, he wants to know where her head is at. She likes him but isn’t hearing anything. He feels they need to figure things out before the rose ceremony tomorrow. He admits he doesn’t feel good about anything and she walks away telling him to screw off.

She doesn’t feel like giving him a rose and doesn’t know if things are good with her and him. She sits at the bar with Nick and Wells hugs her. She wants to be first in someone else’s eyes and if not she will find someone who will put her first.