Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Cody Caught In A Major Lie, Josh Names His Next Target And Is Kevin Is Playing Both Sides?

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Big Brother 19 Tuesday night live feed spoilers tease the house is complete chaos waiting for the week 2 eviction on Thursday evening, July 13. Cody Nickson got caught in a web of lies. Alex Ow and Jason Dent deem Kevin Schlehuber untrustworthy. And, Josh Martinez plans to target Matt Clines in the coming weeks.

On Sunday night’s show, Big Brother 19 revealed that Paul Abrahamian won the head of household and nominated Josh and Alex for eviction. Ramses used his curse from last week and placed himself as a third nominee. Paul planned to win the power of veto to remove one of them and put Cody on the block.

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Big Brother 19 spoilers suggested that Paul told the house to throw the POV challenge to him so he could save one of the nominees and put Cody on the block. And, that is exactly what happened—- Cody, Ramses, and Alex are on the block.

Jason and Alex decide that they cannot tell Kevin who they are targeting next. They admit they get a “weird vibe” from him and aren’t sure they can trust him. Alex added that she cannot tell when he is lying to her and that scares her.

Alex explains that unless they can pull more people to their side, they have no way of getting Paul out when his safety is up. She admitted that she feels like everyone is against her and that Big Brother seems to want Paul to win the game. However, she said that she refuses to give up and believes there is a way to pull at least four more people on her side to get numbers in the game.

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In the have-not room, Jessica and Cody talk about why he lied about his age on day one of Big Brother 19. Apparently, Cody feared he would be the oldest person in the house, and he didn’t want to go home in Week 1. Jessica told him that there was no reason to lie and now, he ruined any creditability he had. The big deal isn’t that he lied about his age, it more if he lied about his age, what else could he be hiding.

Josh and Jason discuss who to target next. They both admit that they aren’t sure who they can trust in the house. Josh added that they need to get three more people out before the jury. It isn’t clear if they want to target Jessica next or hope to use her as a vote after Cody leaves on Thursday. They both agree that Matt isn’t playing to win and only wants to make it jury.

On Thursday night, Cody should be evicted. What happens next week, depends on who wins HOH competition. Do you think Jessica can find a way to stick around after Cody leaves the house?
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