Blue Bloods Recap 12/1/17: Season 8 Episode 9 “Pain Killers”

Blue Bloods Recap 12/1/17: Season 8 Episode 9 "Pain Killers"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, December 1, 2017, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 8 episode 9, as per the CBS synopsis, “As Danny and Baez join a narcotics task force to track down a drug supplier, Baez comes into contact with drugs and is soon fighting for her life from an accidental overdose.”

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Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 9 ‘Pain Killers’ Recap Part 1

Blue Bloods begins tonight with Officers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) leaving a store and running into a man named Michael Ruiz (Jason Cadieux) who is handing out fliers about a child predator named Kenneth Tripp (Peter Benson) who lives in the area; Eddie says if he did his time and is registered, there isn’t much they can do. He wants to know what they should do about being scared of him living in the area.

Detectives Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arrive on the scene of a homicide, they get his phone but run into Special Agent Maureen Bell (Margot Bingham) who informs them this is the third OD in a prep school in 6 weeks and she is leading the investigation for the drug task force; she’s concerned they won’t work well together, but she agrees to work with them because they need to nail whoever is spreading this poison.

Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) meet with NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) informing him that a van full of UN delegates from West Africa was pulled over and detained for over an hour; they haven’t received an explanation but because of the delay they missed the vote and are awaiting an angry call about it. Sid informs Frank that it was not NYPD that pulled them over, it was State Troopers, following strict orders from the Governor. They are sure it has to do with Mayor Margaret Dutton (Lorraine Bracco) but only because she went off on the Governor, after he wouldn’t support the her need for help in the prison riots. Frank wonders if may it was Carlton Miller (Mark Linn_Baker).

Danny and Baez go to see Peter Stratton (Christian Campbell) who is Dylan’s teacher; Danny says they pulled his name off Dylan’s phone and he is dead. As Danny talks to him, Baez finds a tray with drugs and a needle, Danny arrest him, saying he can explain things down at the squad room, saying he is under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. On the way to the precinct, Baez begins to call out to Danny and passed out; Peter tells him she is overdosing as the tray she picked up had fentanyl on it and they need to get her to a hospital now!

A code blue is called when she is brought in, Dr. Nadia Khan (Nitya Vidyasagar) explains what happened to Danny. He grabs her, asking if Baez is going to wake up; all she can tell him is that all they can hope for is that he got her there on time, promising to do everything they can and rushes off to tend to Baez.

Jamie and Eddie go to see Tripp, she tries to stop him saying it could be construed as harassment. He insists he hasn’t done anything wrong and just wants to be left alone. Jamie says the parents in the building feel the same way and he needs to respect that. Tripp says he made a mistake and paid the price, and now wants to live the rest of his life in peace and closes the door.

Danny and Agent Bell interrogate Peter Stratton, where he confesses that he wasn’t Dylan’s dealer, he was his customer. Danny is distracted as Bell tells him that maybe Stratton will be more forthcoming once he is through withdrawal and tries to reassure him that Baez will recover.

Frank comes to see Carlton Miller, asking him if the Mayor was aware of the Governor platooning Troopers to her city? He says once she knew of the delay she called right away. Frank stops beating around the bush, saying there has always been an overlap between city and state cops that they have been able to manage through effective communication until now. Carlton says the governor tends to over reach and the Mayor tends to back pedal. Frank feels it is smart that she doesn’t want to go against the Governor but also feels this is a decision that is best left up to the law enforcement and Police Commissioner.

At the hospital, Danny comes to see Baez who is still unconscious. He brings some pictures and admitting that he doesn’t tell her enough that she is “one hell of a cop, and one hell of a partner.” He pleads with her to wake up and says he can’t afford to lose her too. He holds her hand, and says he is going to sit beside her and is not leaving until she stops being stubborn and wakes up.

Ont he road, Eddie tells Jamie that Tripp seems to be reformed, but Jamie says the parents have a right to be concerned. They suddenly get a call for in front of Tripp’s building and find him surrounded by people; he is badly beaten. Eddie calls for a bus as Jamie asks if anyone saw what happens, but no one says anything and they all walk away. The next day, Jamie and Eddie confront Michael Ruiz about Tripp’s beating when they see his hand all cut and bruised. He admits they had an argument but it was Tripp who assaulted him first, he voluntarily goes with them to the precinct.

Danny and Agent Bell come to see Nigel Lewis (Alex Hazen Floyd) at school; he claims to know nothing about Dylan dealing drugs but Danny says a teacher told them they used to party together and want to look inside his locker. Danny says he isn’t the guy they are looking for, but he could be.; when he gets cocky, Bell tells him that she knows a lot of smart kids who end up in prison for drugs. He tells her that his mother is a criminal defense attorney and unless they have probably cause, she will be waiting at the precinct, and leaves to go to class.

Garrett pleads with Frank to not do anything he wouldn’t do as Governor Martin Mendez (David Zayas) gets off the elevator; they take a couple press photos and he is escorted into Frank’s office. Frank tells him he doesn’t get a big “Thank you” for the mess he made; he denies it. Frank says his job threats don’t scare him off and wants to know why he is there, in his house. He wants a State presence in the security configuration and demands Frank to support it. Frank disagrees.

Blue Bloods Season 8 Episode 9 ‘Pain Killers’ Recap Part 2

Michael Ruiz is brought into Erin Reagan’s (Bridget Moynahan) office where he is read his rights. He swears to her and Anthony Abetemarco (Steve Schirripa) that he doesn’t need legal counsel as he was defending himself. He has no defensive wounds, nor does he know how many times he hit him. Erin reminds him that Kenneth Tripp is still unconscious after he beat him and questions him again on the validity of how much of a threat he truly was to Ruiz.

He asks if they have children, saying Tripp was a predator and for them to be in his position, where you can’t watch your children 24-7; and what would you do? Erin says she wouldn’t resort to vigilante violence. Ruiz said he protected his family and would do it again.

Danny is called to the scene of another overdose, and when he pulls back the sheet, he discovers it is Nigel Lewis. Agent Bell learns his girlfriend, Eva Gold (Crystal Lake Evans) was with him and they find out from her it was this dealer named Paul (Alex Esola), who showed up an hour ago. She begged Nigel to stay away from him. Danny steps back and looks at Nigel’s body with anger in his eyes.

At family dinner, Danny agrees with Michael Ruiz, saying that when you live next door to a child predator, you are gambling with your child’s lives while Erin feels some predators don’t re-offend. Henry “Pops” (Len Cariou) says he didn’t necessarily deserved the beating but he understands the man who gave him the beating. Nicky (Sami Gayle) disagrees with her Uncle Danny, who feels all child predators should remain in prison for life as Erin says that is a slippery slope; Henry says on paper he is right.

Jamie said when he met Tripp, he made his skin crawled but when he saw him beaten to a pulp it bothered him because he couldn’t look the other way. Henry and Danny agree completely, even Frank admits that he would put his family above the law but when the dust settled he would turn himself in, because in the end, no one is above the law because without the law, no one is safe! After dinner, Frank has some help from his grandkids after losing deleting something on the computer.

Danny is leaving on a lead on the drug dealer, admitting Baez’ condition hasn’t changed. He feels guilty that he should have known something was off and should have had his partner’s back, wondering if bad things keep happening around the same person, are they still coincidences? Frank tells him to shift the weight, because when you look for trouble for a living, sometimes trouble finds you more than once. He reminds Danny that he does a lot of good in this world; more than most!

Danny and Agent Bell find Paul Romano walking out of his building, she tells the police to take their positions as they move in; he takes off in his car when Danny identifies himself and he crashes into a parked car when other police vehicles surround him. He denies having any weapons, but when he pulls out a bag of drugs, Agent Bell agrees that it qualifies as a weapon.

Frank talks to Garrett about his call to the Superintendent of Safe Police, who agrees with him about not wanting the State Troopers there any more than he does; Garrett suggests they involve the Mayor but Frank refuses. Sid barges in saying two plain clothed officers were chasing a suspect through Penn station when a State trooper came out of nowhere and takes a shot at them. The officer was wearing the color of the day but Frank is furious because he isn’t even sure if the Troopers know that the NYPD have such a thing.

Paul Romano is in interrogation, saying he is a physiotherapist; implying they have nothing on him and the bag of drugs they found on him will disappear once he gets a lawyer and will get him probation at most. Danny and Bell inform him about an opiate dealer who was just sentenced to prison for negligent homicide for the first time ever. They remind him that they know he is responsible for two deathly overdoses, that they know of; he has put a NYPD detective in the hospital and he is going to prison but can score points for cooperating. He is given a pen and paper to give them a list of the doctors who is prescribing the drugs to his patients who don’t really needs the meds.

Danny and Agent Bell go to see Dr. Khan, saying they arrested the dealer, informing that it might not be so good for her, as she is the supervisor of the physicians of the ER. Danny tells her the man selling the drugs was PT, purchased the drugs of patients from local hospitals, including that hospital. She says they need to take it up with the patients, as they give them a guideline with the medications.

Danny tells her that by putting so much of these drugs on the streets, she is no better than the dealers themselves; she tells him to spare her the lecture. Bell says she is creating drug addicts and says since she is working for the DEA, this hospital is now under Federal investigation. She is furious that they would blame the doctors for the opiate epidemic.

Danny is sleeping in the chair next to Baez, as she begins to wake up; she looks over and asks him to keep his snoring down. He smiles, and sleepily tells her, “welcome back!” and explains that she has been out for almost a week after an overdose. She tells him to go home to his boys but he says he isn’t walking out of there until she does. She agrees but tells him to not to snore anymore.

Frank returns to his office and apologizes for keeping the Governor waiting. He informs him they have picked up chatter about a terrorist activity at an upcoming event. He says it would be wise to cancel the event, but he refuses. Garrett and Carlton barge in as Frank tells the Governor he is pulling all his officers from the area; and by doing so, it will leave the Governor’s officers to handle it on their own, under his command without interference from the NYPD.

The Governor says he “sees” Frank and threatens Frank, saying he can’t tell him where to put his people but he can put Frank out on the street. Frank demands that the State informs NYPD of all future deployments to the city and coordinates with his office; Carlton says the Mayor approve that and the Governor promises that this isn’t over.

After he leaves, Garrett worries that he will find out there wasn’t any threat but Frank assures him there is always online “chatter” and whatever threat level that is, remains unknown. Carlton says the Mayor will take the victory against the Governor, she simply didn’t have the appetite for the battle. Frank is concerned that once the Governor left that room, it will be like the meeting never happened and it gives them a “chill.”

Danny comes to see Peter Stratton in jail, who says he is handling the withdrawals. He tells him they caught the dealer, reminding him he isn’t the first person to get hooked on these drugs. He is sorry Peter got fired, since Peter loved his job as a teacher. Danny says he may, or may not, have had a conversation with the prosecutor about how helpful he was in the case. He tells Peter to complete rehab and get completely clean, and she willing to knock the possession charge down to a violation, which means he can walk away from this whole thing without a record. Peter promises he will work on getting clean and thanks Danny.

Jamie comes to see Erin about the Kenneth Tripp case as she informs him she doesn’t think she has enough to prosecute Michael Ruiz. Ruiz says it is self defense but if Tripp testifies, his record will come out and the jury will give Ruiz a pass; seeing a dad defending his family from a predator, regardless of his actions being justified. Jamie says Tripp got released from the hospital and they go to see him.
Erin and Jamie want to hear his side, but he feels no one wants to hear his side.

He explains leaving the apartment to go see his mother and Ruiz made a crude comment, he responded and the truth was he hit him first. Jamie asked him why he would do that because Ruiz could have killed him. Tripp starts to cry, saying if only he had been so mucky. Erin and Jamie are both shocked to learn that Tripp felt this way as Jamie says he could have come to the police for help; Tripp reminds him they both know better that even though he did his time, he is still the enemy and there is no absolution for what he did.


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