British Viewers Turned Off By Prince Charles: Slammed For Appearance in BBC Home Renovation Series

British Viewers Turned Off By Prince Charles: Slammed For Appearance in BBC Home Renovation Series

British viewers were appalled when they saw Prince Charles appear on a BBC home renovation series this past weekend. As a matter of fact, many viewers were switched off when they saw the coverage of Prince Charles and his campaign to save a stately home in an episode of BBC’s Countryfile.

Prince Charles was on the show to talk about the Dumfries House and Estate, which is a royal home he helped save over a decade ago. In his defense, Charles campaigned to save the national heritage to help create jobs and teach children about where their food comes from. He also helped employ artisans like woodcarvers and talented and skilled royal staff members to work at the estate.

A lot of angry viewers slammed the future King of England for having his priorities in the wrong places. They brought up the fact that many Brits are having a difficult time trying to make ends meet, yet Prince Charles is saving a stately home that is no use to the majority of Brits. To make matters worse, Charles said on the program that he intervened because he wanted safe the estate “for the nation.”

British Viewers Turned Off By Prince Charles: Slammed For Appearance in BBC Home Renovation Series

One angry BBC viewer tweeted, “I think I might give this a miss tonight, far too much privilege for me to stomach,” while another person said, “People are starving, using food banks and Prince Charles is saving a stately home. Good to see you have your priorities straight.”

Unfortunately, this is just the latest controversy that has caused Prince Charles’ popularity to plummet in recent months. Many Brits were once again reminded this past summer of just how awful Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles acted while his ex-wife Princess Diana was alive. Several never released tapes and testimonies were released, painting Charles as a selfish, cold-hearted person who caused Diana a lot of emotional pain during their marriage.

To make matters worse, many Brits have even suggested that Charles’ son Prince William be made the next King of England before him. While there’s no denying that Charles is now closer to the throne than he ever was before, it’ll be hard work for him to convince the public that he is going to be a good leader.

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about Prince Charles’ appearance on the show. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Prince Charles and the entire royal family right here.

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13 responses to “British Viewers Turned Off By Prince Charles: Slammed For Appearance in BBC Home Renovation Series”

  1. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Can we please just get rid of the monarchy, this is getting ridicious

  2. HotMess88 says:

    Some might consider it a positive move that the global media audience recently learned, or had their memories refreshed, about the true personalities of Chuck and Camilla.
    It also proved to be fortunate for the British public to finally view a small amount of material that had been censored from them for decades, whilst being freely aired in the U.S. and Australia. The RF has long been nothing more than a social distraction for its “subjects” that belongs in Sideshow Alley.

    • Bubbly says:

      You’ve got it in one in your last paragraph, luv.

      • HotMess88 says:


      • HotMess88 says:

        Good thing the tightly manufactured and airbrushed facade of this ridiculous family has finally begun to fall apart. Best thing would be for Parliament, at the behest of the citizens, to pull the plug and let the lot go down the gurgler .

  3. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Well said!

  4. Elizabeth Connell says:

    Oh piss off Guest or whatever your new user name is

  5. HotMess88 says:

    LOL!!! Who’s forcing you to read the comments?

  6. Bubbly says:

    “lecturing another country”? ROFL

  7. Bubbly says:

    They are ALL useless bunch of parasites, equally.
    They’ve had it too good for too long. Enough is enough. Get rid of them.

  8. Bubbly says:

    Charles really blew this one up. What a self centered idiot. But than we knew that’s who he is for a very long time now. Unfortunately his children are even worse.
    I really would like to see the faces of Middletons when they are stripped of their “gifts” once the monarchy is abolished. All this work, all this pimping for nothing lol. Having married their daughter to a nincompoop, having a couple of sociopathic grand kids on hand… and no more power and titles or family crests?… wow…

    • HotMess88 says:

      It will be a very positive and enlightened period for the UK when the abolition of the Monarchy is announced.

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