Chicago Med Recap 2/2/17: Season 2 Episode 12 “Mirror Mirror”

Chicago Med Recap 2/2/17: Season 2 Episode 12 "Mirror Mirror"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all new Thursday, January 19, 2017, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 12  as per the NBC synopsis, “A teen girl is treated, but her rapidly changing symptoms puzzle the staff. Also: A teen tough guy arrives in severe distress and the situation quickly turns dangerous; a camera crew follows a doctor for a video promoting the hospital and Dr. Latham makes a big admission.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Stanley Stohl (Eddie Jemison) doing a promo shoot. Maggie (Marlyne Barrett) calls Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and April (Yaya DaCosta) over for a new patient named Jason whose heart is racing. Halstead notices that the leads on the monitor are reversed, and it appears everything is on the wrong side.

Stohl arrives with cameras asking about the patient. He tells Halstead to push the medications instead of the immediate chest xray. His heart stops for a moment, then becomes regular. Stohl says he saved his life and orders a CT and xray, giving himself credit into the camera.

Dr. Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) looks at the xrays with Halstead, who was right, all of Jason’s major organs are reversed and on the other side of his body. They both are excited that they have never seen this before. Rhodes takes Jason for tests to see why his heart rate spiked.

Halstead approaches Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) about the cameras, but she stop shim saying there was a meeting about it the previous week to voice concerns and he wasn’t there. She says the video is worth it if even one patient comes to their ED after seeing it.

Med Student Jeff Clarke (Jeff Hephner) talks to Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) about their uncooperative patient, Miss Green. She says she will take over from there; Maggie is impressed they are exes and can work so well together. The patient admits she was driving too fast when she hit a patch of black ice. Her teen daughter, Arielle is sitting in the corner as her mother complains about her to Manning.

As Dr. Manning examines the mother, Arielle begins to wince in pain too. Her mother says she has brought her to every GI specialist and no one can find anything wrong with her. Arielle says its not her stomach, its her head throbbing. The mother dismisses her daughter’s pain as trivial, more concerned about getting back to work. Dr. Manning offers to check out her daughter, who insists she isn’t making this up.

Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) is in a therapy session, as per Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) suggestion. The Psychiatrist (Nora Dunn) tells her this isn’t a therapy session, she is acting more like this is an auditing session. She tells her to look in the mirror and asks what she sees. She says that being present and honest is what makes them better at this job. Sarah feels her problems aren’t big and schedules another session.

Dr. Rhodes meets with Dr. Latham (Ato Essandoh) to discuss one of their heart case. Dr Latham thinks he is underestimating the challenges there, so he suggests they do a dress rehearsal.

Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) meets a teenage patient, Ray who insists there is nothing wrong with him. Dr. Choi says the nurse told him he was doubled over in pain in a gas station bathroom. Ray still refuses to be looked at, Dr. Choi pulls Jeff aside and tells him its clear Ray has something shoved up his rectum. Jeff does an xray.

Stohl continues to go from room to room with the cameras. Dr. Halstead and him disagree on treatment for a patient. Stohl discharges him but Halstead tells Maggie to order some tests and to not let him leave until the results come back. Stohl arrives at Ray’s room and Jeff orders everyone to get out, as there is a gun up Ray’s rectum. They call security.

Dr. Choi says the patient has no idea how the gun got up there. Sharon asks what their options are. Stohl and Jeff voice their concern that there could be a live round in the gun. Sharon says they need to book an OR, Choi says him and Jeff have fire arms experience and they could sedate him and try to remove it. Maggie calls Chicago PD while Stohl says he will keep the camera men away as this is distasteful.

Dr. Manning speaks to Dr. Charles about Arielle, whose symptoms keep changing. After looking at all her health records, she feels it is nothing physiological. Dr. Charles says he will meet with her. Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead learns he was right about the patient Stohl tried to discharge and in front of the cameras he tells Stohl he was wrong and his patient is willing to sign a video waiver.

Arielle tells Dr. Charles that she freaks out about school, there is so much drama and she gets anxious. She describes how her feelings seem like they aren’t her own. She asks if he thinks she is crazy, he tells her he doesn’t.

Dr. Latham is showing the surgical team a procedure on how to help Jason. Dr. Rhodes reminds him that everything on Jason’s body is mirrored, and they switch sides confusing the whole team about where they should be for the case. Dr. Latham smashes the tray and shouts at the team. One of them says they have put up with the ingrate for 7 -years and will not do it any more. Rhodes asks her to calm down.

As the ED is preparing for the gun removal, Sarah comes out telling Dr. Choi that all patients in his condition are to be evaluated. She wants to talk to him but is worried about the restraints. She asks Ray if she can stay with him until they do the procedure.

Dr. Halstead’s patient thanks him for going the extra mile for listening to him; he is happy to have someone like him in his corner and says Chicago Med is the best hospital in the city. The scans come back and the technician tells Halstead it was an amazing catch; Maggie praises him but says its bad news for his patient.

Sarah talks to Ray, at first about his tattoos, but Ray brings up his scars. She wants to know if he cuts himself. She assures him that she doesn’t think he is crazy. She asks him if something happened to him in the past but before he can answer his father arrives learning that Ray was trying to smuggle a gun into prison but ran in fear.

Instead of screaming at his son, he tells him he did good. Ray’s father convinced him to not have the gun removed, so Sharon informs Sarah and Dr. Choi since Ray confessed to a crime, they have to get a warrant to remove it.

Halstead tells Stohl that him speaking to their patient shouldn’t be on video, Stohl says he signed the release and since people want to see their compassionate side, they are going to film it. They reveal to him he has a fungal infection in his brain, to stay in the hospital and should he ever plan on leaving? Halstead says if it is advanced there is a 90% mortality rate. Halstead is furious about the cameras.

Choi tells Sarah they got the warrant, she says she doesn’t believe the story about the gun, and he is susceptible to self harm and she doesn’t want him to get stuck in the system. Choi says he is sympathetic but doing what needs to be done.

Dr. Manning comes to see Miss Green, and suggests for her ulcer to reduce her stress. She asks about Arielle, sarcastically saying surprise. She tells her that she needs to discharge both her and her daughter, against medical advice if necessary. Dr. Charles speaks to Manning about giving her a benzo to see if it will alleviating her anxiety might tell them something about her physical symptoms. She says they don’t have time since the mother wants to leave now.

Dr. Latham wants a TMS treatment to prepare him to operate and he tells him no, that he cannot preform anything risky especially open heart surgery. He is told to rely on his team, to take things off his shoulders some, he refuses, saying he can only rely on himself. He insists the surgery is impossible.

Dr. Halstead’s patient is having a seizure and when Arielle sees it, she begins to shake and falls to the ground, her mother tells her to stop putting on a show. Dr. Manning says she isn’t having a seizure and Dr. Charles orders them to isolate her right now when he sees the other patient convulsing.

Dr. Choi and Jeff tell Ray to stay still as they extract the gun. It goes off and shoots grazes Jeff’s shoulder. They need to rush Ray up to the OR as Sarah looks on.

Dr. Charles sits in Arielle’s room, turns on the camera. He slaps himself and she tells him it hurts like he just slapped her. They show her mother the video and suggest to do some neurological tests but based on this Arielle has Mirror Touch Synesthesia, a condition that causes her to feel the physical sensations and emotions of the people she is interacting with as her own. There is no cure but there are coping strategies, but her mother finds it more important to take a phone call than deal with her daughter.

Dr Rhodes speaks to the nurse who is upset with Dr Latham, he says they are a team and need to rely on each other. Dr. Latham overhears and calls him into his office. He tells Rhodes that he was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. He says it is because of this he is uneasy about the surgery they have to perform and asks Rhodes if he can rely on him to help him through it.

Halstead and Stohl meet with Sharon, where he says he doesn’t feel they can use the footage they shot of his dying patient. Stohl disagrees saying they couldn’t have got a better endorsement for him or the hospital. Halstead feels they are exploiting the patient, and he only signed the release because Halstead convinced him to, not because he wanted to.

Sharon is upset that Halstead used the release to get his way and they will discuss his actions later. Halstead brings the release paper to his patient, who says he recognizes Dr. Halstead because he is a parking attendant where he parks. He says it is okay because he doesn’t make much of an impression, but if this video means he wasn’t invisible to the very end and his life means something, then he is okay. He is taken in for surgery.

In the OR, Latham is doing very well with the surgery and is thankful to his nurse, Beth and Rhodes.

Dr. Manning comes to see Jeff, asking if he is okay. They joke he will have a good story to tell. She says goodbye and visits Arielle’s room. Dr. Charles is doing visual exercises with her. Dr. Manning looks back at the desk and sees Jeff, she gets sad, which Arielle immediately feels. Dr. Manning leaves.

After surgery, Dr. Rhodes asks Latham if he wants to join them at Molly’s; he says he doesn’t go to bars. Sarah comes to see Ray, telling him he is going to the county jail hospital. She still doesn’t believe the story he told his dad. She gives him her card and says all he has to do is call and they can keep talking.

Ray looks up and tells her she doesn’t understand. What is he supposed to say, that he is some kind of freak? He’d rather go to jail forever. Meanwhile, Arielle’s mother finally grasps what her daughter has been going through and how hard it must have been on her. She tells Dr. Manning she is hurting her own daughter, and how can she protect her if she is part of the problem. Manning tells her if Arielle sees her happy, she will be happy.

Sarah stares into the mirror at her therapy session, finally revealing what she really feels. Dr. Latham arrives at Molly’s, where he tells Rhodes he is working on changing his mind. Rhodes welcomes him to their table.