Chicago PD Finale Recap: Season 4 Episode 23 “Fork in the Road”

Chicago PD Finale Recap: Season 4 Episode 23 "Fork in the Road"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, May 17, 2017, season 4 episode 23 called, “Fork in the Road,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “In the Season 4 finale, Lindsay’s (Sophia Bush) mother is a suspect in the murder of her boyfriend; and the case opens up when a group of high-school students OD, and the drugs in question relate back to the situation with Bunny.”

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Chicago PD season 4 Episode 23 FINALE ‘Fork in the Road’ Recap Part 1

Chicago PD’s season 4 finale begins tonight with Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) heading into the review board, for her assaulting a pedophile and placing her gun in his mouth in the interrogation room, demanding to know where he was hiding a young boy. She openly admits to the board she does not regret what she did even if it was official misconduct.

Erin shares she came without a rep and spoke openly and freely, promising the board will not find any inconsistencies with Dt Hailey Upton’s (Tracy Spiridakos) statement. She is told until the board has made its determination, she is stripped and told to remove the badge from her chest.

As Erin sits in a chair, she receives a call from her mother, Bunny (Markie Post) who urgently tells her she needs her to come there; Erin tells her it isn’t a good time and Bunny tells her she came home and he is dead, she is covered in blood.

Sgt. Voight (Jason Beghe) and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) arrive at Bunny’s place. Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) keeps Bunny back as Voight attends to him; Olinsky is surprised the man is Johnny Martelli and Voight yells for the ambulance.

Dr. Choi (Brian Tee) from Chicago Med tells Upton Johnny is alive and heading into surgery. Olinsky says Voight knows Johnny from the social club and they are looking for a 9mm. Dt Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) meets with Jay in the kitchen who doesn’t really want to be there after he broke up with Erin but he tells him to gather all the evidence they can as they don’t know what happened there.

As they scour the house, Jay finds a gun taped to the wall behind the stove and calls for tech. Meanwhile, Erin removes her blues, folds them on the bed and stares at herself with gun in her hand.

Jay questions Bunny about why she called Erin instead of calling 9-11; he wants to know what her connection is to Johnny. With Voight in the room, she tries to say Johnny isn’t who people say he is but Voight corrects her saying he is a 3-time convicted felon charged with multiple armed robberies. She says he didn’t bring that around her and he was fun to be with.

After Voight observes her lack of concern for Johnny, Jay wants to know how this all ties in to the scam she is running on her daughter, Erin. Jay leaves the room after she wants to speak to Voight alone. She says there is no scam and Jay is just taking it out on her because he still has feelings for Erin.

Voight removes her handcuffs and asks her if she did it; she says no and claims the gun they found is Johnny’s. Voight wants to know what Johnny was into but she swears she would tell him if she knew. He asks where Bunny was and who saw her that morning?

Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) tells Erin she cannot go upstairs as per Chief Lugo’s (Esai Morales) orders. She tells Erin to go home and get her head straight; Erin says Bunny is her mother. She runs into Bunny who tells her the CPD think she shot Johnny. Voight tells her she is free to go but to stay close, asking Jay to escort her down and go see Johnny at the hospital to see if he can get a statement; no one tells Bunny where Erin was.

Erin is shocked Voight is letting her mother go and when he asks if she wants him to lock her mom up she tells him she doesn’t want Bunny to get away with anything any more. Voight tells her she cannot be there as the board is watching them closely. He tells her to go home and be smart.

Jay talks to his brother Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) about how he is unable to speak to Erin when Dr. Choi arrives to tell him the gunshot victim died before they could stabilize him. Choi says he needs to notify his sister but Jay wants time of death for their records.

Jay asks Will for the key to their mother’s safe deposit box as he is going to ask Erin to marry him. He says she is all he thinks about and has always been there for him and even though they are not together right now, she is in real trouble and he wants to be there for her. Jay tells him he isn’t going to blow this again but Will says Erin doesn’t want to be saved, he needs to distance himself from her. They are distracted when EMS brings in kids who overdosed; saying there are 9 more coming in.

Olinsky and Upton learn he definitely died from a gunshot but there are bruises on his body that happened within the last 24-hours. Upton feels Johnny was probably asleep when he was shot, making this premeditated; Olinsky questions what the motive would be.

Ruzek reveals to the IU the gun is tied to a truck that was robbed housing 40,000 pills of codeine. Jay reveals what happened while he was at the hospital, saying this robbery happened less than a mile from the kids’ school. They realize there were two gunmen, and want to know how this robbery ties into their homicide; he tells Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Ruzek to bring Bunny back in.

Platt pulls Upton into a private room to talk to her about being up next at the review board. She informs her the review board is going to try to drive a wedge between her and Erin. She tells Upton there are some people on the board who have a real bug up their ass when it comes to Hank Voight and Erin is his girl. Upton promises nothing is going to bounce on Erin nor the unit as she isn’t that kind of cop.

Lugo runs into Voight outside who says this came from headquarters, either Erin Lindsay goes or he has to shut down the Intelligence Unit down. He asks him which is more important, Erin’s future or his unit; saying it’s Voight’s call.

Voight comes to the social club and finds it entirely empty. He goes into the basement and tells Ricky to stop beating the man. He asks Ted and Carmine if they had anything to do with what happened, but they deny it. Voight reveals he has Johnny’s gun that puts him at the robbery of the truck; Ted says they didn’t stand in his way but didn’t know what they were selling.

Voight learns Carmine’s grandson is in the hospital in an induced coma because of the drugs. Ted reveals the man they were beating was Johnny’s partner, Vincent. Voight says he has to bring in the guy but there will be questions as a lot of people are watching the case; Carmine says he better do more than try after what they did for him for his son, Justin.

Erin takes a ride and meets her mother in an alley; Erin tells Bunny she is on administrative leave revealing she went after a guy, hurting him when she was dealing with a rough case. Erin admits she isn’t sure if she is okay but wants to know what happened between her and Johnny. Bunny tells her its bigger than she thinks but Erin says she deserves the truth. Bunny says she will take her chances with the actual police and walks away from Erin.

Ricky demands a doctor but Jay and Olinsky continue to question him. Jay wants to know how Bunny plays into it and where she is hiding. Olinsky tells him to stop acting stupid or he is going to lose a lot more blood. He says he has no idea who killed Johnny but suggests maybe Carmine did it and as for Bunny, she was sitting on the pills. Johnny was the dealer but Bunny was the bottom feeder; Johnny hid the pills at her bar.

The Intelligence Unit busts into Bunny’s bar, Jay feels she ditched her phone and took the drugs with her; Olinsky suggests they toss the place. Voight visits Erin, asking her if Bunny moved the drugs telling Erin she is at a fork in the road, she is either with him or with Bunny. Erin has no idea about drugs but tells him exactly what Bunny said to her and Voight informs her about the 40,000 pain pills.

Erin wants to be involved but Voight says she needs to stay there and she needs to believe he is doing this for her and tells her to be smart. She writes a list of all of Bunny’s associates.

Chicago PD season 4 Episode 23 FINALE ‘Fork in the Road’ Recap Part 2

Voight hands the list to a woman and tells her happy hunting; Olinsky learns she took the bait but if Bunny doesn’t show up they will need a new plan.

Dt. Upton is in front of the review board, who has been an exceptional police officer and within a month of being in the IU she is before the review board, as she responds Lugo tells her its okay.

Will gives Jay the ring for Erin as their mother said whoever got the girl first gets the ring but Will questions if he is sure about it. In the locker room, Upton tells Platt it didn’t go well with the review board as they didn’t grill her at all because they already made up their minds that Erin was at fault, no deal and no disciplinary action. Platt says they are jerking them around and something else is going on; when Upton says she is lost, Platt says they all are and that is why they need to stick together.

Bunny is attempting to skip town when she is rear-ended by an SVU, suddenly she is surrounded by the FBI and arrested. Bunny tells them her daughter is a cop and she thinks this is a misunderstanding as agents remove bags and bags of codeine pills.

FBI Agent Jennifer Spencer comes to see Erin at home, saying they are overdue for a chat and she comes in peace. Erin reluctantly lets her in and Erin learns she has been on their radar for a while. She says she isn’t there about CPD, but everything in Erin’s file makes her ideal for undercover work and she works with New York’s counter terrorism division and she is there with a job offer; revealing Sgt Voight shut her down the last time she came with an offer.

Erin says she has to think about taking a job in New York but Agent Spencer tells her this is the job people wait their whole life to get. She then reveals Bunny is in FBI custody so Erin needs to take the gig and safe her mom at the same time.

Erin goes with Spencer to their make-shift base and is given 10-minutes to speak to Bunny. Bunny could be charged with a felony and says she tried to tell Erin, but she pulls up her sleeve asking Bunny why she didn’t tell her Johnny beat her? Erin tells Bunny to say she feared for her life and he forced her to hide his drugs; Erin says if they are going to make a deal she is going to need every bit of leverage she can get and needs the whole truth.

Bunny reveals the story and tells Erin she believes Vincent and Ian, Johnny’s partners were the ones who killed him when kids started getting sick off the narcotics. Bunny says she is sure there were 3 men and didn’t tell Voight because she doesn’t trust him. She promises to testify to that. Erin asks her how did they get here? She tells Bunny she is going to try to fix this but she will not see her for a while, promising to do what she can and leaves.

Jay and Erin meet outside the precinct; she reveals her mother is in FBI custody. She tells Jay there were 3 men and to get after Ian. She puts her hand on his chest and says she shouldn’t be there and leaves as Jay pulls out the ring box. The IU suit up and head to Ian’s with barrels up, as they know he is a shooter.

When they arrive at the house, the door is open and they find blood. Jay checks the Ian’s body they find and cancel the ambulance as he is dead. Voight meets Olinsky in the hallway and says Bunny knew he was already dead and Olinsky wonders what her angle is. Voight is furious.

Voight tells the IU they are going to sit out the murder investigation as this is all in the hands of the FBI now; Jay is confused as he watches Voight put on his jacket and leave.

Erin returns to see Agent Spencer, telling her she wants the job but on the condition that her mother doesn’t do time on the narcotics; saying she gets released tonight or Erin walks. Erin says Bunny is her mother and those are her conditions.

Voight returns to Bunny’s house, with gloved hands and reviews everything his team looked over. He finds a pair of red glasses in her bathroom and goes to see her in the cage. He shuts off the camera and tells her the one thing they cannot outrun is time. He reveals she needed her glasses on to load the gun but forgot she had them on when she shot Johnny.

Bunny says Johnny beat her and he was going to rob and kill her. She was sitting on the biggest score of her life and she saw an angle. He asks her where she hid the weapon? She says she has a deal but Voight tells her Erin has a deal and it blows up as soon as her glasses become evidence. Voight says no one can know, not even Erin. He promises Bunny the second she puts Erin in jeopardy he is coming after her.

Bunny says she tried to be a good mother to her and doesn’t deserve this; Voight says she’s right, she doesn’t. Voight leaves and throws the glasses into a garbage truck that is riving by.

Erin meets Voight in his office who reveals he had to do something because no matter what they were coming after Erin and she needed options. She felt he always knew what was best for her. He hands her a bag with a dogtag with his thumbprint on; something he had given his son Justin so he always knew he was there. Erin smiles as he says it is hers now.

Erin asks if her mother did it, but then says she doesn’t even want to know. She stands and hugs an emotional Voight who tells her to not look back.

Everyone is gathered at Molly’s waiting for Kim and Erin; Jay looks anxious and his brother Will assures him she will be there. Jay leaves to call her as she stands over the bridge holding the dogtags; she rejects his call and stares at the Chicago skyline.