Chicago PD Recap 3/22/17: Season 4 Episode 17 “Remember the Devil”

Chicago PD Recap 3/22/17: Season 4 Episode 17 "Remember the Devil"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, March 22, 2017, season 4 episode 17 called, “Remember the Devil,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “After being tipped off about a woman running barefoot through the woods, Intelligence is led to a kidnapping victim locked up in a shipping container. The bizarre scenario leaves Voight questioning the legitimacy of the case, and sends the team on a twisted trail to get to the bottom of it.”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) in the kitchen, he says nothing is going on when his brother Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gelhfuss) arrives to discuss Abby McSweeney (Stephanie Fantauzzi); Will tells Jay she is in Chicago and looking for him. Jay tells him Erin doesn’t know about the two of them.

The Intelligence Unit is called to the woods, where Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) brings Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) to meet a hiker who claims to have seen a woman running through the woods over the course of a few days, but things are fuzzy because he tripped. He said she was bleeding and running barefoot from something when he saw her.

Jay thinks the guy could be hallucinating but Voight tells everyone to suit up, call everyone from every district and hopefully they find footprints. Erin and Jay find a cabin, Erin calls it in to Voight; the cabin is empty but they heard something. Voight says to open the shipping container beside the cabin.

Inside they find a frightened woman who says to not come in because the man said it was rigged with a bomb. After Ruzek and Halstead check the container, Erin decides to go to the woman and orders everyone to back away. She is hysterical, but Erin notices the handcuffs just pop open. The woman says she doesn’t understand, but if Erin takes her, he will kill her.

At the hospital, she, Julianne is very resistant to police help, she won’t have a rape kit done, but psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Reese (Rachel DiPillo) is there with Erin and Jay. Jay asks what the man wanted, she said to stay in the trailer. Reese asks if she can picture the man, she shakes her head no.

She says he had an ad for a caretaker for his cabin on Craigslist; she went there to meet him and he locked her up. She escaped, but didn’t go to the hiker because Austin said no police. She thinks he must have taken her car and phone; that he will come back and if she is gone he will go after her little sister.

In private, Reese says given the state Julianne is in, she could be lying. Jay says it doesn’t matter, they need to get his DNA off her clothes, and asks that they secretly run a pregnancy test. Erin wonders if she is protecting someone, Reese says that is not her area of expertise; but Erin’s instincts say not to trust her.

Voight is at the front desk talking to Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton), when Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) walks in. Voight tells him to mourn his daughter and they have his back, but Olinsky says if he doesn’t have something to do, he will end up in a ditch; Voight invites him upstairs and Trudy tells him if he ever “never wants to talk about it”, she is his gal. He smiles and says thank you.

Ruzek shares the information they have gathered. Julianne Park is 22-yrs-old, no priors, grew up in Indiana where her parents still live. Her parents had reported her missing in Indiana, the family is rich but never contacted for a ransom.

Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Dt. Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) share that Julianne says her head and palm injuries are from running from the container and falling while she ran back to the container. Ruzek says that’s her story and Voight needs details on the cabin. Burgess says its current owners are LLC in Wyoming, he says they need to start putting names to this thing.

As Erin and Jay are walking back inside, there is a woman standing at the gate and Jay says he will meet her inside. He brings Abby inside, she says she is getting married and needs him to sign their divorce papers; he is shocked because he signed them 8 years prior, but she didn’t. He is ready to sign them but she doesn’t have them with her, she offers to meet him for a drink, he agrees.

Burgess gives Olinsky information about the last owner of the cabin, and he tells Ruzek to come with him; Burgess thinks she did something wrong, but Olinsky says she is eating and its cold out. Ruzek says he is eating too, and Burgess jokes telling him to zip up!

Ruzek and Olinsky meet the widow of the former owner who lets them into her deceased husband, Darren’s office; she hasn’t been in there since he died. Olinsky tells Ruzek to open a window.

Back at the cabin, Atwater is called out by a CPD officer, who reveal to him CPD K-9 found 2 more bodies buried in the ground. He tells the officer that this whole area is a crime scene and anyone not involved needs to step off!

Erin learns from Atwater that one body is still being worked on but the other is a male victim, who they believe was buried there for more than a year. Erin says that Julianne did tell Dr. Reese that Austin was bragging this wasn’t his first time. They all have a bad vibe from the area.

Ruzek says to Olinsky most people would want to know who was buying their house. Ruzek continues by telling him he doesn’t know what to say about Lexi and asks if he can give him a hug, and he hugs him for a few minutes. Olinsky finds a paper showing that Austin paid to have the cabin inspected before the sale.

Julianne’s case is different than the bodies they found, who were starved to death, no sign of external injuries just decreased mineral and bone density. The female victim died 3-4 years ago, and her bones are broken from the lack of minerals and food. Atwater finds it interesting that Julianne’s captor was feeding her three meals a day; something doesn’t add up.

Burgess reveals they have a BOLO out for Austin Forchette, who is 24-yrs-old. They cannot find him; Voight says how does someone like him buy an out of state corporation to buy a cabin out in the woods. Erin wants to have another at Julianne but Jay interrupts them with a video he found.

Daniel Jung (Marcus Choi) says he was hired by a third party who offers $50,000 for Julianne’s friend, Shaynie Wallace who went missing. Julianne has returned home but the friend is still missing. Olinsky says he wants this one.

Olinsky and Voight visit Daniel Jung, who says he has the right to hide the identity of his client. Olinsky orders him to sit down, Voight says they found a girl chained up and if he doesn’t help them he is going to be charged for obstruction. He admits someone called him, distorting their voice, the money is real because its in his bank account. He insists someone is lying, but its not him.

At Chicago Med, Julianne continues to lie and fake cry; Erin has had enough and demands that she points out who Austin is on the photo lineup sheet and she does; Erin says if her friend is dead, it is on her now! Jay does the nice cop routine and she reveals everything to him, begging him to find her friend.

Marcus Walker comes out of his house, where the green jeep cherokee is sitting. Atwater and Ryzek grab him as he comes down the stairs. He says they are looking for Austin who just snuck out the back; Jay and Erin chase him in their vehicles. Erin is driving crazy, but continues to chase him until he smashes into a dump truck. They see him moving, they tell him to turn off the car and put his hands out the window; instead he shots himself in the head and dies. Jay walks away angry at Erin.

Voight goes into a room with Marcus, he says that Austin was messed up and only came to crash because he had no one else. Voight asks about girlfriends, Marcus says they don’t get that Austin was touched; he barely slept and played video games all day and night.

Marcus reveals that Austin can’t read or write, they think Austin had help then. Voight and Olinsky think its him who helped him. They find the whole craigslist history, mostly people responding to the caretaker ad, but there are 75 angry emails between them and a guy named Anthony from 5 years ago but he refuses to come in.

Ruzek and Atwater meet Anthony at a coffee shop, who reveals that Daniel Jung’s video is something Austin does. Anthony says its all games, that he went to see Austin and an older man at the cabin, but had an evil vibe and got out of there, but that was just the beginning.

Once he was safe, he went online to warn people away from this scam so they retaliated by hacking into his emails and bank accounts, sending sex photos of him and his boyfriend to his parents. He gave up trying to get the mastermind’s name, when Ruzek asks him if he could remember his face. Anthony asks him if he would remember the devil if he met him?

Erin is about to reveal to Voight what she had learned about the container where Julianne was held in when Ruzek tells him that Anthony is freaked out but willing to do a sketch. The shipping container was stolen 5 years ago, off the truck the previous owner, Darren Crane was driving. Darren died years ago, the cabin was purchased a year ago and the girls are only missing by weeks. Voight says they are missing something. Ruzek and Atwater arrive at the Crane’s house and hear someone yelling, “Help me!” They are both now locked in the room when someone slams the door behind them.

Erin flat out asks Jay who Abby is; she knows Abby has been blowing up his phone since last week, and she had hoped he would tell her. He closes the door, explains how Abby and him were in the military together and while they grieved the death of a comrade, they married in Las Vegas.

Erin is upset that he married this girl and it looks like he was never going to tell her about the marriage. They are interrupted when Burgess gives them the composite and it turns out to be Darren Crane. They think something is wrong now that Ruzek never responded to their calls after he supposedly saw the Mrs. Crane.

Voight and his crew arrive and he orders them to tear this place apart, when Mrs. Crane wants Voight’s commander, he tells her she is already on her way and she isn’t going to like her. In the kitchen, Jay finds the fridge is unplugged, he finds the metal door and the wife swears she cannot open the door. Voights grabs her by her collar and drags her to her garage.

He tells her that he is going to get through that door. He asks about the girl, and when she denies it, he grabs her places her hand down on the tool table and pulls out his knife; she says they have no proof and he wouldn’t dare hurt her. He asks her one more time for the code on the door.

Inside the house, Erin and Jay hear the lady scream and Voight then gives them the code. Jay gets in and Atwater tells them they need an ambulance because she needs help.

In the interrogation room, Mrs. Crane’s hand is all bandaged up. Jay produces the paperwork she forged in Austin’s name. She swears all of this is Darren’s stuff, she doesn’t know anything. She says its a game they made up and she only guessed 37 since it was Darren’s favorite number.

Voight catches her saying she knew about the game then. She asked what she was supposed to do, she was trying to be the perfect wife. Voight says Darren may have started the game, but she kept playing it after he died. He believes she wanted them to finish the game but when they tried to, she couldn’t look them in the eye.

Jay is angry that she was starving that girl to death in her own home. He wants her to reveal why she would separate the two girls, feed one and starve the other. She says Darren found Austin, gave him work, but Austin was hearing voices and he didn’t know right from wrong. Voight leans in and says she can’t put this on Austin any more since he shot himself in the head yesterday.

She says those pictures can’t be real, asking what they are. Olinsky, Burgess and Ruzek watch the interrogation. Ruzek says he is confused, who was the mastermind, her or her husband. Olinsky says it doesn’t matter what they tell you, you won’t sleep any easier at night, and walks from the backroom. Ruzek asks Burgess if she was afraid for him while he was trapped down there. She denies it but he says he knows.

Erin brings Julianne to see her friend, apologizing for not believing her right away. She says honestly she wouldn’t have believed it either.

Jay meets Abby at a bar, when she offers him another drink, she flirts with him. He is ready to sign the papers when she admits that she doesn’t have them and there is no man in Philly. She says she never said she loved him, even on the day they married but says she really did. Jay tells her she deserves everything good but he is not the guy who is going to give it to her. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Erin comes home, seeing that Jay is packing. He says he is going to stay at his brother’s. She says he doesn’t have to do that. He says that he loves her and wants to stay, but things are not fine. He is still married and needs to sort that out. He just feels he shouldn’t be there right now.

Erin says whatever it is, she can handle it. He says that is what he is going to do at his brother’s and apologizes as he takes his bags and leaves.