Chicago PD Recap 3/29/17: Season 4 Episode 18 “Little Bit of Light”

Chicago PD Recap 3/29/17: Season 4 Episode 18 "Little Bit of Light"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, March 29, 2017, season 4 episode 18 called, “Little Bit of Light,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When a “night crawler” is murdered over a piece of mysterious footage, Intelligence investigates one of Chicago’s wealthiest families and uncovers a lineage of old money and secrets. ”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with CPD Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) organizing the office because her sister is coming. Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) says he likes her sister and is going to make her look really good; Kim tells him she hates him now, they leave to a call.

Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) are already on scene with the rest of the IU, who find one of Bobby Trent’s (Michael B Woods), the videographer with a dead man inside. Its obvious that it isn’t a suicide, there are about 6 puncture wounds and he was shot in the middle of his face.

Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) confirms there were at least 3 shootings in the area the previous night, so Bobby could have been working. Voight orders Erin and Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) to canvas the area, to confirm if Bobby was working and if he was, what was he doing there? Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) informs Voight that Bobby’s daughter is there and she isn’t leaving until she talks to whoever is in charge.

Margot shares that most cops hated her father for what he did. Voight assures her he only wants to know what happened to him. She admits she works for him, she works on all the footage but she knew something was wrong when her dad went to this spot because she had no access to anything, the entire server was down.

Ruzek and Olinsky arrive at Bobby Trent’s house, the place is trashed and all the hard drives are in the bathtub filled with water. Olinsky finds a wire and rips the dry wall open, finding a hidden hard drive in the walls. Atwater plays the video, there is no sound, they see a couple arguing and going their separate ways.

Back in the Intelligence Unit office, Erin updates them on all they have found so far. They believe Bobby was shot between 10pm and midnight and the stabbings came later by something similar to a Swiss Army Knife. They find it odd that he is parked 3 blocks away from the nearest crime scene.

Bobby has too many enemies to count, including being an ex-drug addict. Ruzek is working on the woman on the video, he is trying to get a better photo to ID her; the guy in the video they are unable to identify at all.

There are more videos including one where a mother urges her young daughter to go inside after she was shot, when police arrive they remove the daughter and footage shows the mother slouched down the fence dead.

Sgt Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) watches the video than informs Voight that Margot is there. Voight reminds them that even if he was a “nightcrawler” there still is a victim, his daughter. Jay and Erin go to see her, showing her pictures from the video but Margot draws a blank on her father’s reasoning for hiding it. She says at first that he was paranoid, then says he was “careful”. She said she grew up 8 blocks from him and he would mail her cards and even Fed-Ex her gifts. She doesn’t know much about him.

At the front desk, Nicole Silver (Jules Willcox) arrives to see her sister, Kim Burgess. Nicole thanks Platt for being there and looking out for Burgess. Ruzek approaches Nicole and gives her a hug, she is very cold saying, “Yes I remember you. I had your engagement photo on my fridge for 8 months!” Jay and Erin’s mouths drop open.

Atwater returns with information on Bobby’s enemies, one of them was a gang banger named AJ Heinz, who openly issued a hit on Bobby on social media. Atwater and Ruzek find him at the mall, but he runs when Atwater reveals his badge. Atwater chases him to the roof, where AJ jumps to a lower roof, Ruzek runs past Atwater and jumps after him, cuffing him.

In the interrogation room, AJ says he doesn’t know anything about what happened to Bobby, and he ran because he owes spousal support. AJ admits they had a “beef” because a white guy was making money on their dead people; but the argument was over as he worked for Bobby in shooting the West Side a couple months earlier. He says the money wasn’t bad, but he believed what Bobby did, if his neighborhood was going to hell, why not show the rest of the world.

Jay knocks on the door and tells Voight the woman in the video was Sara James (Kim Shaw). She was arrested a few months back for trespassing, but what is intriguing is she comes from one of the wealthiest families in Chicago.

Voight and Olinsky meet Sarah’s mother, Jessica Huntley. Sarah’s father says that they don’t know where she is living, as she is an addict. They took the therapist’s advice, and severed all ties with her. Her parents say they don’t know who Bobby Trent is and ask if Sarah is in trouble. Voight says they don’t know yet, but her brother says that she is and leaves the room.

At the precinct, Jay says that Bobby hid this one file, he probably found out who she was and began stalking her. Atwater reveals that Sarah and Bobby were probably going to the same NA meetings. Atwater pulls Voight aside to watch the several videos Bobby recorded of the little girl who saw her mom get shot and die. Voight tells him to chase it.

Jay and Erin find Sarah at the NA meeting, and asks them about her background with Bobby. Erin shows her the video, Sarah had no idea he was filming her and never showed any romantic interest in her. She reveals the man in the video is her ex, Steven Childs, the meeting was supposed to be a part of her rehab. She asks about her family and Jay says it seems like they really missed her.

Burgess is in her car with her niece and sister, Nicole, when her niece, Zoe inadvertently slips saying they can have pizza every week on Friday, as long as they are there. Kim asks her what Zoe meant and Nicole just gets out of the car. When they walk in the house, they are surrounded with boxes. Nicole admits that her marriage is over, shocking Kim.

Erin reveals they are tracking Stephen Childs down, and Ruzek has Bobby’s financials. Bobby has been putting lump sums of money into his bank account just shy of 10 grand each time. Voight wants him to check the dates of the deposits with his emails and phone records.

Ruzek says forensics is done with the video, Erin tells Jay and Ruzek to check it out, she’s going to hang back. Voight observes the cold shoulder between Erin and Jay. The video reveals that Sarah’s dad was in the SUV while she met with Stephen Childs; Ruzek says everyone is lying.

Sarah is in the wind now; Jay says the second video on that drive has got to be their missing piece. Ruzek says they should bring in her dad, Calvin for a chat; Olinsky says you don’t bring a man like him in for a chat, because if you do he has a whole team scrubbing the evidence. Voight says they need to find Sarah first. He also wants a look at Calvin’s financials and to make sure its not to disclose.

Atwater and Voight go to see the young girl Tasha, who admits that she knows Bobby Trent because he filmed her mom dying and did a documentary on her. She says the last time she saw him was at rehearsal but he was kind of sad because his heart was broken. She hopes it helps, the foster mom shares how Bobby said the way she played brought a light to his life.

Ruzek and Jay pick up Sarah from the penthouse suite in a fancy hotel. She says her dad booked it, since she is making amends and she is planning on going home. Jay asks if her and Bobby were blackmailing her father, and produces a picture of that night; she apologizes that she was mistaken.

Sarah admits that she did sleep with Bobby a few times, but it burnt out quick. Jay confronts her on her lies because 4 hours after they talked her father has her booked in a suite her dad paid for, he says its not a coincidence. Erin says they can hold her for 48-hours, so she better get comfortable.

Atwater reveals there is nothing in Sarah’s financials that show she got a pay out. Bobby’s phone records show she is telling the truth about them not talking anymore and one month later the payments start coming. Burgess confirms that she was cut off financially a year ago, but they sent Sarah to live with her mother’s distant cousin; she hasn’t lived with her family since she was a child; which is the opposite of how her brother was raised.

The ME’s office calls and gives them what she found inside Bobby’s stomach; a small baggie with an audio file on it. Sarah is telling her father to apologize for what he did to her. He says it was sick but a long time ago. She yells that he raped her and she was only 9-yrs-old. He apologizes as she walks away. Erin looks shaken.

Erin lets Sarah hear the file they have; she asks her to turn it off. Erin apologizes but says she has to see from where she is sitting, this was enough for Bobby to blackmail her father. Sarah is angry that Bobby filmed it and continues to deny she knew anything, but Erin tells her this is millions of dollars of motive.

They don’t have financials proving it was blackmail, but Jay says they have Calvin on tape admitting he raped his daughter. Voight says they can’t be 99.9, they have to have 100%. Erin says yes and leaves. Voight pulls Jay aside and tells him to figure out whatever it is between him and Erin because if they can’t, he is gone!

Voight and Olinsky learn from Calvin that Bobby sent him a note with the video saying he will release the audio if he didn’t pay. He paid and paid again. Voight believes that Calvin, even after all these years, couldn’t handle being under someone else’s thumb, it just felt wrong. Calvin’s lawyer stops him from saying any more.

Olinsky talks about Calvin’s business and how it would be to know that the CEO was raping his own daughter. The lawyer tells Olinsky to stop but Calvin says he made 2 payments and has an alibi for the night Bobby was killed. Voight tells him the nice thing about his town is that he lands all killers in the exact same place. Calvin smirks and says, “If you say so!”

ASA Steve Kot (Chris Agos) says Calvin’s lawyer is playing it right, even if Sarah gave them a statement for the rape, the abuse happened 22 years ago and they live in a state with the statute of limitations as 20. He suggests they get him on the murder. Ruzek says the assistant withdrew the $60,000 from his son’s college fund and Fed-Ex it to Bobby.

As they are talking, Calvin’s lawyer calls up letting them know they have a lawyer for Sarah. Voight says to stall them so he can talk to her first, Kot says he can’t do that; Voight ignores him and says again to stall them.

Erin goes to see Sarah and reveals that Dad’s lawyer is downstairs, but she can sign the waiver and talk to just Erin. Erin shares about how badly her own mother failed her too; revealing that every single hit had hurt. She tells her to stand up against it; but she has it in her head that her father is going to let her go home to her brother and mother. Sarah says she will lose all of them; Erin asks her if she ever really had that. She then asks again if her dad killed Bobby?

Voight brings up Calvin and his lawyer in to the viewing room, where they can hear Sarah’s statement from Voight. Sarah admits that she confronted him about the video and her father said he killed Bobby to save their family. Bobby was a good friend because he taught Sarah how to record things too; she recorded the confrontation.

Voight says Sarah is going to testify against him and he is done. He tells him to turn around and he asks his lawyer what do they do. Voight tells him its fine if he doesn’t want to turn around, because he would like nothing more than to shove his face in the floor. His lawyer advises him to turn around and not speak to anyone but him.

Jay approaches Erin in the precinct kitchen, he tells her he just needs some time, she says she does too. She is grateful for the job because every day she finds someone who has bigger problems than hers. She tells him that she got Sarah into a 90-day rehab and she is taking her to get checked in.

Atwater sits at his desk and watches all the videos of Tasha. Kim Burgess returns home and her sister, Nicole is ready to go out. She says she will stay with Zoe and Nicole should go out and have some fun. If she needs some time, everything will be there when he returns. She tells Zoe they are going to get in their pajamas and talk about the divorce, and what stupid things adults do. She promises her that no matter how bad it is right now, she will be just fine.

Voight brings in a prisoner, giving him a day pass. He ends up being Tasha’s father; Voight brings him in to let him listen to her play piano. He cries as he listens to the beautiful music his daughter shared with him. Voight smiles at the exchange.