Chicago PD LIVE Recap: Season 4 Episode 22 “Army of One”

Chicago PD Recap 5/10/17: Season 4 Episode 22 "Army of One"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Wednesday, May 10, 2017, season 4 episode 22 called, “Army of One,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD episode as per the NBC synopsis, “A live video is streamed online showcasing a tortured man being beaten and burned alive. Upon further investigation, the victim’s identity is traced back to that of a man who had been previously locked up for statutory rape. ”

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Bunny (Markie Post) approaches her daughter, Dt. Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) as she is getting into her vehicle to go to work; Erin isn’t pleased to see her. Bunny gives her a pearl bracelet that was her grandmother’s and Erin wants to know what angle she is working now. She leaves for work.

Dt. Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) arrives at the Intelligence Unit (IU) and is greeted by Dt. Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) who tells Dt. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) he owes him $20 because she took the job. She brings Greek donuts “loukoumades” in hopes of gaining favor on her first day; Dt. Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) tells her it’s a good start.

Erin shares with Dt. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) what happened with her mother. He tells her people like Bunny don’t change and she is obviously wanting something and its only a matter of time. Erin says she isn’t looking for advice, she just wants to talk it out and doesn’t want him telling her what to do.

Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) overhears the conversation and separates them saying Erin is now partners with Upton and Jay is with Olinsky; even giving Jay’s desk to her. Ruzek gets an emergency call from CPIC alerting them to check a facebook group streaming live.

On the computer there is a man tied to a chair who is first being beaten and lit on fire; they get the address and rush out the door. They arrive at an abandoned warehouse and find the charred body; Voight orders the team to fan out because the perp couldn’t have gotten far. Jay calls it in and Olinsky finds “Pedophile” written in blood on the wall.

Jay and Erin share everything they have learned to the team. Jay says there were no matches in the facial recognition database, his fingerprints are gone from the fire and his wallet was torched. Erin shares the writing was done in the victim’s blood; Upton points out they wanted them to know he was a pedophile.

They know the attack was well planned as they recorded it on a burner phone and everything he used like gloves and the gas can can be bought at every hardware store in the city. Ruzek says 2 metal objects survived the fire, the crucifix the victim was wearing and a key that matches a KIA parked outside the warehouse registered to a woman.

Voight sends Olinsky and Jay to speak to her while the rest comb the neighborhood saying they need to ID the victim if they are going to find out who targeted him. Jay asks Voight if he is serious about separating him and Erin. Voight tells him to get a box if he has a problem moving his stuff from one desk to another and walks away.

As Jay and Olinsky walk to their car, Olinsky tells Jay that Voight should have done this a long time ago. Jay thinks his relationship never interfered with the job and Olinsky says he is wrong and there are tons of cops in the city who would kill for his job and to not jeopardize that. Jay admits he blew it with Erin.

When they arrive at the address, they find a flyer sticking to the tree with their victim’s photo saying a child rapist lives in your neighborhood. She reveals she is Elijah’s (Walter S. Bernard) aunt and he just moved there trying to get his life together after being in jail for something he didn’t do.

She tells them he didn’t rape anybody, they were kids in love and he didn’t go to jail because she was underage, he went to jail because she was white; which was taboo in Crown Point, Indiana. She continues to share that Elijah was a star and had a football scholarship for university but it was all ripped away from him. He had to register as a sex offender and that is when the flyers started; she feels the girlfriend’s family did it. They made him out to be an animal when truthfully he was only in love.

Jay gives the update to the IU on Elijah, saying he spent 7 years in prison for statutory rape and got out about a month ago. He was 18 and his girlfriend, Beth Murphy was 16; but the only photo they could find of Beth was in the highschool yearbook. Erin reveals the day Elijah was killed he got 3 phone calls from Beth.

They have been trying to reach her but no answer and the only address they have is a PO box in Indiana. Voight tells Erin and Upton to head to Indiana and to loop in the local police as they have no jurisdiction there. On the drive, Upton asks Erin about her and Halstead and Erin says it was time for a change and not Upton’s fault that she took over for Jay.

At the Crown Point Police Department, Erin and Upton check out the files they have on Elijah Hendricks. The Officer tells them Elijah was a great football player who had a lot of fans who turned on him when they thought he crossed the line. When Upton says his aunt felt he was railroaded, the officer admits he should have never been arrested let alone put away. He was the arresting officer and gets defensive saying he doesn’t make the laws.

Erin and Upton arrive in the trailer park Beth lives in. She says that she was told if she testified it would be over and no one would come bother her, then Upton drops the bomb that Elijah was just murdered. Beth sits back down visibly upset; she says she called him to warn him that her boyfriend found a message from Elijah on her facebook. Her boyfriend figured it out that she still had feelings for Elijah; they learn Jake gave her the black eye and want to know where he is. She tells them he is at the bar.

Bartender tells them Jake Harper is at the pool table, they deny Beth sent them and it takes a real man to beat a woman. He points his pool stick at Erin suggesting she likes it rough too. Upton stops him and Erin says they need to step outside for a chat.

Outside, Upton shows him Elijah’s photo and he says he won’t shed a tear and Elijah got what he deserved. Erin shows him Elijah’s burnt body and he says it wasn’t him but Erin says he is clearly the jealous type. He said its not like that and he didn’t know it would go down like this. He found a group on the internet and told them about Elijah, they are the ones who made the video.

Back at the precinct, Atwater finds a video from 2 days ago when someone approaches Elijah in the streets saying they heard he rapes little girls and they don’t want people like him in their city. They reveal his name saying they Elijah Hendricks has just be outted by the Perv Hunters. Ruzek asks who the hell the perv hunters are?

Jay reveals the Perv Hunters started in Toronto 3 years earlier and are a collection of vigilantes who are dedicated to the public shaming of pedophiles. Their MO is to find pedophiles and post videos of them online. The tech guys are trying to find out who posted the video to YouTube but no luck so far. There is no boss as they are more of a franchise.

As they are talking another video is posted about an Alan Metcalf who is also in Chicago. Voight tells Olinsky and Jay to go visit Metcalf and the rest are to find every Perv Hunter in Chicago. Erin opens her desk and sees the pearl bracelet; she calls her mom saying she needs to talk to her.

Olinsky and Jay visit Metcalf who tells them about the Perv Hunter who has been harassing him. He says there are some evil people in this world and Jay says that’s coming from a man who molested a 10-year-old boy. He says he was born this way and has the right to live in peace. He says the guy drove a green mustang and he has a picture of the license plate. He doesn’t want police protection.

Ruzek and Atwater arrive at a tattoo shop, they find Craig Gorman (Lucas Kerr) saying they found his Perv Hunter video. He has “14” tattooed on his neck which in reference to a white supremacy slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for our people and a future for white children.”

He seems a bit upset that Atwater, who is African American, would say the 14 words. He sarcastically says Atwater can count and begins to clap; Ruzek claps with him and leans in, daring him to say it again. When he says its free speech, he grabs him by the throat and tells him if he wants free speech he will kick his teeth into the back of his throat and pushes him to the door. Kevin blows out a huge breath of air.

Voight calls Craig an equal opportunist and Jay asks him if he became a Perv Hunter because he was molested by a pedophile? He says once his friend told him about Perv Hunters and how many pervs walk their streets, he had to get involved and they should give him a medal for doing their job.

Voight shows him the photos of Elijah saying they don’t get a medal for this and in Canada it has been “catch and release” but he prefers to take it all the way. Craig says he didn’t do that, they only ambushed the guy after Voight suggests Elijah was black and a pedophile so he was right up Craig’s alley. Craig won’t share names and says they are an army in Chicago but Jay says all the IP addresses for Perv Hunters are from the tattoo shop, which is also his home making him an Army of One.

Upton calls them out of the room and there is a live feed streaming of them burning Alan Metcalf alive and the word Pedophile is written across the wall behind his burning body.

Voight returns to the interrogation room and informs Craig the guy he targeted was just murdered; Craig says he is with him, so they know he didn’t do it. Voight says even if he didn’t do it, he incited someone to commit the violence and since he admitted he posted the video he can be charged with accessory to murder.

Voight offers him a deal, saying he can use his Perv Hunting skills one more time, only he works for Voight. He creates an ambush video with Olinsky being the pedophile. Atwater tells him to use the name Alvin Obolensky, saying Craig should appreciate the 14 letters.

Erin comes downstairs to talk to her mother, Bunny. She wants to know what is going on and why she gave her the bracelet. Bunny says she has met this really great guy and they might be leaving Chicago. Erin wants to know if its because she wants to or does she have to. She says if she has to leave, she is saying goodbye now.

As they are on the stakeout, Jay asks Voight how long he is in the penalty box for? Voight tells him if he wants to stay in the unit he is not to ask him that again. Atwater tells Olinsky to not fall asleep as Upton offers to take things off of Erin’s plate; Erin admits she has a lot going on right now. Voight tells everyone to stay back until he does more. He is interrupted when a lady walking distracts him; Voight has him arrested and Erin digs through his tool bag.

Voight comes into the room with a file, and wants to know what Jeremy Pettigrew (David Aaron Baker) says he was just dropping off his business card. Voight doesn’t believe him and asks him to explain the stun gun and plastic cuffs in his tool bag. He says he goes into the homes of strangers and doesn’t want to encounter a Southside Pitbull.

Upton reveals Pettigrew has a clean sheet but he was a person of interest in a kidnapping and murder in Detroit of a tender age victim who was sexually assaulted. They had to release him because they didn’t have enough evidence; they believe he could be a pedophile.

Dr. Richardson (Nora Dunn) comes in to do a psychiatric evaluation on Pettigrew. Before she goes in, Erin shares a story of a childhood friend who simply disappeared and if Pettigrew is what she thinks he is, this case is very personal.

Erin goes in the room with Dr. Richardson and they both question him about Detroit. He cries when he tells the story about the young boy dying. He was in fostercare like the boy but he was able to take care of himself and was never molested. He tells the doctor he doesn’t believe in what she does and if a person cannot manage their own urges they must be punished; Erin asks him about the cuts on his wrists and he says it was an accident.

Dr. Richardson says Pettigrew is both a pedophile and a vigilante; everything he said was that of a self-loathing pedophile. He is ashamed of what he does but can’t kill himself so he turns those feelings against others like him. She believes he is killing pedophiles but he is in this frenzied state because he recently kidnapped and molested a child. Erin is upset that he has a kid somewhere out there.

The Intelligence Unit search Pettigrew’s house in hopes of finding the child or a location. Erin finds a backpack with books and a very young boys pair of underwear. Erin returns to the room and demands to know where the child is. He keeps asking her what child and says its a fetish thing. She says he is lying and this isn’t Detroit; he won’t get away with it here.

Jay says in the case from Detroit, the boy was assaulted over a week before he died, meaning he might still be alive somewhere. On the map they have pins of every boy missing in the past 2 months and they need to find the nexxus between Pettigrew and the children.

Erin rushes in saying they were able to locate the store where the burner phone was bought, the day before Metcalf was murdered; Voight tells them to run it down. The clerk was able to identify Pettigrew saying he was asking a lot of questions about the camera quality on the phone. He also reveals that there was a child sleeping in his truck while he was in the store.

Exterior video shows the truck but it is too grainy to identify the young boy. Jay comes in with a case of 10-year old Derek Robbins who went missing 5 days ago on his way to school. He was wearing a light blue jacket just like the boy in the truck. They find Pettigrew’s work orders show him a block away from the Robbins’ home. Mrs. Robbins is able to identify Pettigrew as the man who was in the neighborhood last week looking for work.

Erin doesn’t take off her gun and rushes back into the interrogation room demanding to know where Derek Robbins is. When he denies everything, Erin hits him and puts her gun into his mouth and tells him he has 3 seconds to tell her where he is. When Upton tries to stop her, Erin tells her to get out if she doesn’t want anything to do with this. Erin orders Pettigrew to give her an address right now.

Chief Lugo (Esai Morales) comes to collect the suspect and Ruzek says he may be in the bathroom and leaves to retrieve him. The Chief orders Ruzek to get out of his way, Voight rushes after him. He opens the door and finds Erin putting her gun away and demands to know what is going on, Voight says he just got there but he can assume the suspect threatened her. Erin gives him the address but Chief won’t let Erin nor Upton leave.

The rest of the IU races to the address Erin gave them, they search the vacant cars there and find the little boy in the trunk of an abandoned car. Jay attempts CPR on him and Olinsky tells him to stop as the little boy is dead.

Erin and Upton learn he has been dead for at least 2 hours and there is nothing anyone could have done. Voight observes Erin for a minute then calls her into his office. He informs her they want to see her at the review board at 9am. He reminds her of when she first came to stay with him and says, “I’m with you until the wheels come off.” She nods and slowly walks out of the office.

Erin arrives at the boardroom where she is told to have a seat.