Chicago PD Winter Premiere Recap 1/3/17: Season 4 Episode 9 “Don’t Bury This Case”

Chicago PD Winter Premiere Recap 1/3/17: Season 4 Episode 9 "Don't Bury This Case"

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with and all new Tuesday, January 3, 2017, season 4 episode 9 called, “Don’t Bury This Case,” and we have your Chicago PD recap below. On tonight’s Chicago PD Winter Premiere as per the NBC synopsis, “The team investigates a deadly crash involving CFD lieutenant Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) car; Voight assigns Burgess with Olinsky; and Lindsay (Sophia Bush) contemplates meeting her estranged father, who’s been released from prison.”

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Chicago P.D. tonight is the continuation of the Chicago Fire cross-over. Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) asks Detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) if Chicago Fire’s Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) has asked for a lawyer and she says no. Voight asks if Erin is okay with this, she says they only dated for a minute and the only reason Severide hasn’t asked for a lawyer is because she is going to be sitting in on the interview.

Voight and Erin ask Severide if he would like coffee or anything, he says no and only wants to get out of there. Severide tells them the story that he had donated blood for the bone marrow transplant but it was canceled because the chemo was killing Anna (Charlotte Sullivan). He didn’t show up for shift at Firehouse 51 because he was in a bad mood and had taken the shift off.

He admits he went to a bar and didn’t keep count how many he had, and he left. When Voight asked him if that was when he got in his car, he says he doesn’t remember; and implies it could have been the blood donation or the alcohol that did it. Erin asks if he blacked out and says he did. Voight asks if that was when he got into the car wreck, he says he wasn’t in the car. Voight asks how he cut his head, Severide doesn’t know.

Erin informs Severide that his mustang hit a minivan and the mother and young daughter are in critical condition. He insists he would remember if he crashed his car. Voight argues that he can’t remember how he hit his head. Severide swears that being a firefighter is a natural instinct for him, and that he would never run away from an accident especially if he was the one who caused it. Detective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas) interrupts them and Voight leaves the room.

Olinsky informs Voight that the mother is now out of critical condition but the little girl didn’t make it. Back in the interrogation room, Severide tells Erin he didn’t do it, before she can say anything Voight comes back in and tells them both that the little girl just died of her injuries and this case just went from a hit and run to vehicular homicide. Severide puts his head in his hands.

Detective Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) is piecing a timeline together for the detectives when Erin asks him what he is doing; he tells her Voight wanted it done. Erin gets up and asks for the marker, she adds a question mark behind the words “vehicular homicide” as Dts Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and Olinsky look on. She finishes telling them they don’t know what happened yet. Halstead says they have a pretty good view on the facts; Erin asks if it was him wouldn’t he want the benefit of the doubt. He says if he got plastered and killed a little girl he wouldn’t deserve it.

Voight enters the room and tells them to start looking for witnesses that can place Severide at the scene or in the car, and to start at Chicago Med because the mother is out of surgery. Halstead said he started a cell tower triangulation for his location and Atwater says the car investigations are doing a work up on Severide’s Mustang.

Halstead adds that Severide has a history of substance abuse in the past and doesn’t believe the blood draw and alcohol was enough to black out, so he could have been on something else. Olinsky puts a rush on the tox report. Voight tells his whole team that Severide is a first responder and they owe it to him and 51 to keep an open mind; the bottom line is to be thorough and get to the truth.

Dt. Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) arrives with her box of things, asking if she is late; Voight invites her to come into his office. She fists pumps with Atwater and apologizes to Voight who tells her he is not looking for the “yes” police he is looking for the real police which they both know she is. She is given Dt. Adam Ruzek’s (Patrick John Flueger) desk and Adam is taking over Antonio Dawson’s (Jon Seda) desk. Voight asks where Adam is and Olinsky tells him he stepped out to make a call. Voight partners up Halstead and Erin, Atwater with Adam and Olinsky with Burgess.

Atwater and Adam arrive at Chicago Med to see the parents of the deceased girl, the mother is clearly distraught. The father asks if they needed to do this right now, the mother says it is okay and she just wants to get it over with.

She tells them it was Chloe’s birthday and she had taken her to the theater. She says the car came out of nowhere and when she looked back, she was bleeding and gasping. They ask her if she got a good look at the other driver, she tells them it was a white guy with dark hair. Adam shows her some photos. She runs her finger over Severide’s picture but when pressed to say if it was him or not, she tells them she cannot say for sure. She says Chloe would have known, that she heard her screaming and point just before. The detectives leave.

Erin asks the bar-tender what Severide had to drink, he says that a couple chicks joined him and they stayed there drinking all day; he confesses that Severide was “drunk drunk!” Halstead questions the valet about handing Severide his keys knowing he was a stumbling drunk. The valet says he is sorry but he was busy all night, he gave him his keys and watched him drive off alone.

Halstead tells Erin she needs to accept he did this, she tells him not to be so quick to condemn him just because she shares a history with Severide. Halstead says it is not about him, its about the little girl in the morgue.

Olinsky and Burgess find a video showing Severide 13 minutes after the accident. Burgess pays the man who asked for a warrant and both admit that 13 minutes was plenty of time for Severide to leave the accident and come home, just another nail in the coffin. Burgess tries to tell Olinsky that she isn’t going to be a partner he needs to school all the time, he cuts her off and tells her to get the footage and meet him in the car.

Halstead brings the tox report in to Voight’s office where ADA Steve Kot (Chris Agos) is sitting. He tells them that he was telling the truth about the blood draw so his blood was low but his alcohol level was .20, twice the legal limit and he was on pain killers. Voight is given 24 hours before Severide is shipped out to be booked. Voight looks at Halstead.

Chicago Fire’s Randall “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte) is arguing with his wife, Sgt. Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) who is refusing to let him see Severide in custody. She tells him only his lawyer can see him. Mouch says he is his Union Rep and she tells him that vehicular homicide is not a union matter. He says that he doesn’t have a hacksaw hiding up his wazoo, he only wants to check on him. He begs her and then says if she doesn’t bend the rules for him, he will not be coming home to her tonight. Trudy is shocked but lets Mouch see him.

Mouch speaks to Severide and when he learns that Severide can’t remember much he tells him to keep his mouth shut and they will get him a lawyer. Severide says he didn’t do this and Mouch tells him again to not say anything. Trudy ends the visit and tells Mouch he owes her. He agrees.

Burgess and Atwater arrive at the garage. She states how one bad decision can ruin your whole life then asks Atwater how Adam feels about her moving upstairs. Atwater says he was pretty delighted. Burgess shines her flashlight in his face telling him she knows all about the “bro code” but her and him go way back.

Atwater admits that Adam was a bit freaked out that his ex-fiance who he still has feelings for will be working right beside him. Burgess says she knew it. While checking out the mustang Atwater finds a GPS tracker under Severide’s car and Burgess gasps saying someone was following Severide.

Chicago PD’s Erin and Voight ask Severide who could have put the GPS on his car, he says he has no idea. Voight asks him if he made any enemies and Severide says he doesn’t know and maybe his car was stolen. Erin says if his car was stolen how did he get into his apartment, he says he keeps a set of spare keys in the stairwell. He admits that some of his memory is coming back.

He says that he drove about a block and pulled over because he knew he was too drunk to drive. When Voight questions him about the oxys he tells him that he forgot he was given them for his shoulder injury. Erin asks why he didn’t tell them about the injury and he demands a lawyer. Erin says they are trying to help him and he says he is done talking here. Burgess enters the room and tells Voight she needs him real quick.

Burgess tells Voight and Erin that the tracker was placed on Severide’s car around 10:45 pm while he was at the bar. Voight informs the team that they are probably looking at a robbery crew targeting patrons in the area. Burgess tells them that auto theft unit has been tracking thieves who place trackers on luxury vehicles to jack them later. Voight splits them into two teams to set up surveillance and tells Burgess she did nice work.

When Olinsky and Voight are running surveillance, he tells Voight to put Burgess with someone else. Voight asks what his problem is and he says that the job will rip Burgess’ heart out; Voight tells him either it will or it won’t but she earned the right to find out. Adam and Atwater observe the valet putting a tracker on a new luxury car; the team moves in.

Voight pushes him down onto the car amd the valet says its not for him, its for a guy named Mike. Erin says the tracker is still hot and Voight tells them the surveillance just turned into a deco stake and orders Mike to call him, telling him he’s got a primo. As Halstead and Erin sit in the car, he apologizes saying he didn’t know Erin cared so deeply for Severide. She says she doesn’t, that she is dealing with her real dad just getting out of prison and wants to meet and that is why she may be a little off. She isn’t sure if she is going to meet him, she says as soon as her life seems to be normal she hits another pothole.

Erin and Halstead continue to kiss and the guy who arrived gets spooked and takes off, the team gives chase. They race through the city and a bus crashes into Burgess and Atwater. Voight and Olinsky find the black camaro empty in an alley, Voight calls for backup but has no description of who they are looking for. Voight is furious they got beaten and tells his team they are not to get comfortable, they are going to work this all night. Atwater says maybe they will stumble onto something else, Voight angrily says they have stumbled enough tonight, he wants something solid. Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) arrives to see Voight telling him he knows about the car thieves and the tracker, Voight says they are looking into it. Voight says Severide could have frustrated the crew by getting into the car accident before they could steal the car, Casey is adamant that Severide didn’t get into a car accident.

Casey asks him to release Severide and continue to investigate, Voight says he can’t show favoritism. Casey feels like he is being stiff armed and asks if it is there history that is preventing Severide from getting a fair shake. Voight tells him that his team is not going home until they figure this out. He is offended and tells Casey he could always pass it on to homicide where Severide can stay in a jail cell until trial or going to prison for five years for murdering that little girl. Casey asks Voight if he thinks Severide did it and he admits that he doesn’t.

Burgess comes down to see Sgt Trudy Platt at the front desk and asks her how to get a search warrant for a phone tap, Trudy tells her one of her fancy friends upstairs would know, Burgess says but she is her homegirl. Trudy helps her and asks how things are going with Olinsky and advises her to stick it out with the old dog even though he has the old mentality of having a hard time accepting females as his equal at work. Burgess thanks her for the advice.

Atwater and Burgess go to a chop shop and learn they are cutting keys for a Michael and for the last few months the cars are high-end. Burgess asks where he is getting the cars, they don’t know, they only take the car’s computers and makes keys and accessible files but don’t ask any questions. Atwater handcuffs the guy telling him that Michael is expecting keys and he won’t go to jail if he helps.

Halstead, Burgess and Atwater get into the garage where the high-end cars are, Michael (Timothy V. Murphy) says everyone on the street is going to know the guy is a snitch. Atwater tells him not to worry about him, he has his own problems now. Erin offers to bring Severide in herself, but Trudy tells her its against regulation. Severide tells Erin that if it turns out he did kill the girl, to not make a deal and let him rot.

Voight and Olinsky toy around with Michael telling him if he tells them who is tagging the cars he can go free. Michael tells them Ryan is the one who steals the cars, but they had an argument this week because Ryan wanted more money, Michael said he fronted Ryan 50 Grand for 3 nice rides which he never delivered to him. Olinsky asks how to get a hold of him, Michael says its not easy, he gives him a new burner phone every week.

Olinsky tells Michael about Severide; Michael says it is his problem. Voight informs him that it is his problem, and he can be held responsible for whatever Ryan did on the street and Michael is not going anywhere until they get Ryan. Burgess tells the team about Ryan Novack and that Ryan is living with his mother and she has a warrant signed already. Erin says if people saw Ryan driving they could hav easily mistaken him for Severide. Voight orders the Halstead, Atwater and Ruzek (Adam) to hit the house.

Ryan’s mother attempts to leave the house, Atwater catches her, they show her the search warrant a find a huge bag of money in her suitcase. Atwater finds all the hardware for Ryan’s operation. Voight interrogates the mother telling her they know she is in contact with her son. Olinsky finds all kinds of stolen IDs too and they threaten to charge her with everything.

Voight uses Michael to bring in Ryan by having him send a picture of Ryan’s mother in his trunk. As they wait for Ryan to show up, Erin tells Voight that her dad is in town and wants to reconnect. Voight tells her that he ran into him a few times at Bunny’s (Markie Post) place during domestic disputes. Erin is surprised he knew him.

Ryan calls Michael a punk for taking his mom, when he pops the trunk open Halstead jumps out with a gun to arrest him. Atwater is in the interrogation room with Ryan who doesn’t say a word. Voight come..

Voight comes in and says he is just like mama. Voight pats Ryan on the head and tells him it is okay, he will go next door and make a new friend.

Voight goes into the interrogation room Burgess and Olinsky are in and they tell Mike it is his lucky day because witness who saw the mustang plow into the minivan had dark hair and Mike has long blonde hair so unless he was wearing a wig and says he is going to confirm the wig story with Ryan. Mike pipes up saying he wasn’t wearing a wig. Voight smacks Mike after asking him if Ryan was driving.

Voight asks him again saying he was talking to him. Mike says Ryan was driving. Olinsky asks how they got the car. Mike says he and Ryan were all geared up to take another car when the valet called and said he tagged a classic mustang, so they track it and get behind the dude. Olinsky gets him to confirm it was Severide. He does.

Mike says they get behind the guy like they usually do but two blocks out he pulls along a side street and he gets out of the vehicle. Mike pulls out his gun at Severide who was fumbling with his keys, when Severide tried to fight him, Mike pistol whipped him and he hit the ground and stole his keys. Mike shows Olinsky exactly where he hit him.

Mike says Ryan drove the mustang and he followed, then he says a minivan came out of nowhere, ran a red light and smashed into the mustang, and Ryan hopped into Mike’s car and they took off. Burgess says according to the report the mustang was going 70 miles an hour in a 35 zone. Burgess gets angry and says it was the mustang that rammed into the minivan. She goes on to say the driver of the minivan was Elsa James and she was with her 10-year-old daughter, Chloe and they killed her. Mike says again that Ryan was driving.

Voight meets with the ADA telling him what Mike had said and Ryan was the one driving. He tells Voight that he had already made the call and Severide will be released soon. Voight warns the ADA that Ryan may say something about his mom being in the trunk; the ADA cuts him off telling him he has it from there.

Burgess is setting up her things in the desk when she finds a picture of her and Adam in the top drawer, she hides it when Olinsky comes over. He advises her to keep her feelings out of interviews. She agrees and asks if there is anything else. Olinsky asks her why she thinks she deserves to be there. When she explains that she paid her dues, he says he doesn’t think she is tough enough for the Intelligence Unit; she bites back telling him that he better be prepared to eat crow. They stare at each other for a few minutes and he leaves.

Erin picks up Severide from the jail, who says he is better now that she is there. He admits that for him to even be in that car for two blocks was wrong and he needs to get his act together. He learns the girl was only 10 who died. He thanks Erin for believing in him. They leave arm in arm.