Courtney Stodden Addresses Depression, Substance Abuse On ‘The Doctors’

Courtney Stodden Addresses Depression, Substance Abuse On 'The Doctors'

Courtney Stodden has had a difficult 2016. She suffered a miscarriage in July and also revealed that she split from husband Doug Hutchison. The reality star has been coping with a glass of champagne or wine here and there. While it looks like Courtney is celebrating her newfound life, she is clearly hurting inside.

The Celebrity Big Brother star made an appearance on The Doctors on Wednesday, May 18. During her appearance, Courtney opened up about her depression, substance abuse, and miscarriage. She revealed that her miscarriage and divorce has led her to become addicted to prescription pills. She not only has been drinking and partying a lot. She has been mixing prescription anti-anxiety pills with champagne to deal with her depression.

Stodden is seeking help. She came to The Doctors in hopes that she will “dig myself out of that hole,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail. The former teen bride wants to remain open about her mental health struggles like she has in the past when she was pregnant with her first child. She shaved her head after her miscarriage, took up smoking, and was photographed carrying a “reborn” doll. Stodden is well aware that she has a problem and is hoping that she can get help for it.

Courtney Stodden Addresses Depression, Substance Abuse On 'The Doctors'

On The Doctors, she opened up about her struggles. The doctors and specialists have hired a special board-certified addiction specialist to help her with her substance abuse. Now it’s up to her to seek the help that she needs.

The bubbly blonde says she’s not partying as much. However, her Instagram account begs to offer. In recent weeks, she shared photos of herself chugging champagne and partying at nightclubs. Shortly after her miscarriage, she shared photos of herself holding a champagne glass. Courtney, was even photographed drinking champagne on the beach with Doug by her side. The reality star admits that she still battles with her “demons” and now wants to focus on herself.

So, why is Courtney Stodden want to come forward now? Is it because she hopes to star on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab? She did appear on Couples’ Therapy back in 2013 when she first split with Doug Hutchison. The buxom blonde says that she didn’t want to hide her problems and not wake up one day. That’s reason alone for Stodden to seek help.

Courtney Stodden Addresses Depression, Substance Abuse On 'The Doctors'

Courtney Stodden first made headlines when she married the former Lost actor when she was just 16-years-old and he was 50-years-old. The two met online and her mother, Krista Keller, signed off on the wedding. She has since blamed her mom for not looking out for her. Stodden clearly has a lot of issues as she’s also and she’s now estranged from her own mother.

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