Criminal Minds Recap 2/8/17: Season 12 Episode 12 “A Good Husband”

Criminal Minds Recap 2/8/17: Season 12 Episode 12 "A Good Husband"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 8, 2017, episode called “A Good Husband,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. On tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 12 episode 12 as per the CBS synopsis, “The BAU investigates when male victims are found with no way to identify them.”

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Reid had put his mother back into care. He loved her and had wanted to support her however his mother wasn’t well and it had been hard on Reid to watch her forget where she was or he was for that matter. But Reid had thought he did what was right for his mother seeing as she had been put in a pretty upscale place that he knew for sure would watch her for him while he was away. So Reid had felt comfortable about returning to work and he had turned down Prentiss’s offer to take more time off.

However, Reid had struggled to get back into the swing of things. He had showed up late on his first day back and he had been nervous about his mother. So the others had been worried about him and they felt that Reid wasn’t his usual self yet they had decided that what Reid needed was for everything to feel normal again and so they turned their focus from him to their latest case. The team had been informed that a male torso had been found in Palm Springs, California and that there was nothing about the victim that could help identify him.

The team had dealt with mutilators before though the recent Unsub hadn’t gone after prostitutes or someone considered to be a high-risk. His victim had instead been a white male in his mid to early thirties and his body had been left in quite a public place. So the Unsub clearly wanted his “work” to be shown and that had set off some alarms. The guys had done a brief profile on their Unsub on the plane and the Unsub must have been planning what he was going to do for years. And so they suspected that there was a kill fantasy as play.

So their theories had been confirmed when they found out about the second torso. The second torso had been revealed to be Brent Miller and what he had in common with the first torso that turned out to be Paul Mastriano had been that both men had recently gone through a bad breakup. Paul had gotten divorce and Brent’s girlfriend had moved to Alaska to be with her boyfriend. Though both had also been blond and had blue eyes so the team had thought the victim were in fact surrogates for someone in the Unsub’s life.

They figured that the Unsub was feeling out of control and that he was possibly going through some kid of breakup himself. But the third torso had belonged to someone that was gay and that told the investigators that Unsub could either be gay or bisexual because of how the men died. The third torso had belonged to Dale and Dale’s sister had said that he wouldn’t have gone off with a stranger. So she believed he would have only gone off with someone he knew in the local gay community because he knew he would be safe.

However, Dale hadn’t been in a serious relationship and his torso had been dropped off in a more public spot. So the team had looked at the victims again to see what they could find out about the Unsub. They knew that the men had all been given a date rape drug/ paralytic which was how the Unsub was able to physically overcome them however the Unsub had then tortured his victims and had displayed their dismembered bodies like they were trophies. And so the team had been able to define their profile more clearly.

They believed that the Unsub had been controlling and that he had most likely emotionally manipulated his partner into staying with him until that same partner eventually walked out of the relationship. So the Unsub was killing his victims as a way to reassert his feelings of control of power and what little pleasure he got out of it was secondary. Yet, a fourth torso was later found and it had told the BAU that the Unsub didn’t even care about whether or not the police identified his victims.

The fourth victim had been left with his dog tags and so the victim had quickly been identified Welsey Parham. Though the only reason the team could think of that could explain why the Unsub wanted this particular victim to be found was because he was using the bodies to continue manipulating his former partner. So the Unsub was finding ways of telling his partner that it’s a dangerous world out there and that he should come back home where he would be safe, but the Unsub had went a little too far when he allowed the cops to identify Welsey.

Welsey had been on the phone with his boyfriend and he had told the boyfriend that he needed to comfort an old friend. So the team found out that Welsey had last spoken to Brent Miller and that Brent had recently come out of a toxic relationship. But Brent’s husband had come from a broken home himself and his father used to let him shop up the meat at the butcher shop while he drank. And so Mark had already developed abandonment issues when he met Brent and tried to isolate him from anyone he thought could take Brent away.

So Garcia was able to track down Brent and Mark’s apartment and the police had arrived just in time to save Brent from Mark. Mark had apparently let some of his crazy showed and had revealed that he killed the others because he had been trying to show Brent that he needed him. However, once the police had freed Brent, Reid had informed him that he couldn’t testify about what his husband had said to him about the others and that he could only testify about what had happened to him.

Yet, Brent had felt stupid afterwards for marrying a serial killer and some of what he was feeling had ended up rubbing off on Reid. Reid had felt like he should spend more time his mother and so he eventually took up Emily’s offer to go back on leave.