Criminal Minds Recap 3/1/17: Season 12 Episode 15 “Alpha Male”

Criminal Minds Recap 3/1/17: Season 12 Episode 15 "Alpha Male"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama Criminal Minds returns with an all-new Wednesday, March 1, 2017, episode called “Alpha Male,” and we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap below. On tonight’s Criminal Minds episode season 12 episode 154 as per the CBS synopsis, “The BAU investigates when several young men and women are victims of disfiguring acid attacks. Meanwhile, Dr. Reid begins to settle into his new surroundings.”

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Everyone had been shocked when the judge denied Reid bail. But Garcia managed to pick up their spirits and she told the others what they could do for Reid. She told them that they could write to Reid, put money in his commissary account, and she even came up with a schedule where they could all visit him within a week. So Garcia had tried to think of everything imaginable that would benefit Reid however she had been in for a surprise when the team had been informed that Reid had been moved. Reid was unfortunately moved to the Millburn Correctional Facility because Metro had an overcrowding issue.

However, the facility that Reid had been put in had also had an issue of its own. It was apparently where a lot of the Unsubs the team has put away over the years and so it was dangerous for Reid to be around them all. So Reid had expected that he would be put in protective care when he got there. He was still a federal agent after all and so his lawyer had done her best to guarantee his safety yet somehow Reid had met an enemy in prison and sadly that enemy had turned out to be a guard. Some guard had recognized Reid as a member of the BAU and he hadn’t been happy with having a federal agent in his prison.

So this guard had gone out of his way to make Reid’s life a living hell. He had put Reid in with general population and had more or less left Reid to fend for himself in a room filled of criminals. Which was a problem because Reid was a soft-spoken man that didn’t appreciate violence. Yet, Reid also wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself and so he had made sure that no one took his things or thought he would be a pushover though the game that the guard was playing had been confusing because sometimes he acted inconsistently. Like when he stepped in to protect Reid from another inmate and so Reid had wondered if maybe the guard had changed his mind.

The guard hadn’t. The guard instead had turned a measly beat down into something much worse because the guy that had been about to beat up Reid was known as someone that ran the place and he had considered Reid things to be his tribute. Though things changed when Reid took back his stuff because then others wanted to challenge him and it wasn’t much of a surprise when the guards all managed to disappear during lights out. So Reid had had to live through one of the worst nights of his life and none of his friends had been around to help or even complain to. They had all gone to Pennsylvania to investigate acid attacks.

But the acid attacks had in all fairness been a serious matter. There had been an Unsub that was going around town and throwing acid into a bunch of random people’s faces. So Garcia had tried some facial recognition when all else failed to connect the victims and so Garcia found out that the victims all bore a remarkable resemblance to people on this website called “No Means Yes”. The “No Means Yes” was considered to be a Man-O-Sphere website that told men that they were either alphas or betas and that they needed to fight against the oppressive feminist culture that was “ruining” everything”.

So the victims or the people that the Unsub truly wanted to hurt were all people that were happy and in relationships. However, the Unsub couldn’t understand why he wasn’t in a relationship or had women in his life despite being the superior one and so the team had come up with a profile. They profiled that they were dealing with a Narcissist that was believed he was better than he was and who constantly found themselves alone yet what triggered the Unsub had been one of the guys on the Website. One guy had joined after his girlfriend had broken up with him and he had used the website to vent until he met someone new.

The guy had met Melinda and he had told everyone on the site that he had finally found the one. Yet, the Unsub who had considered himself a friend couldn’t stand the fact that the one person he thought he could relate to was in a relationship. So that triggered the Unsub and he went on an acid spree in order to prove himself though Garcia eventually found the Unsub because of his comments online. He was Alan Crawford and he worked as a supply clerk for a chemical company. And Alan so loved to detail his every action that he revealed to the team where he was going to be and what was going to happen.

Though the guys found him before he could hurt anyone and so they stopped what was supposed to be Alan’s grand finale. So Alan was going away for what he did and that had allowed the team to return home, but Reid hadn’t called them or told them about what almost happened to him when he had been shoved into a dark room by three other inmates. He had just accepted their gifts and told no one about what almost happened because he suddenly had a new friend that knew everything. Reid had befriended Calvin Shaw. Shaw had also been a federal agent and he was in prison for killing his criminal informant that was threatening to tell the mafia which guys were cops.

So Shaw had gotten some street cred for doing that because he had killed the lowest of the low (i.e. a rat). But he had been in prison for so long that eventually he learned how to play the game and had felt for Reid. Reid was an agent just as much as he was and so Shaw looked after Reid. He protected him from the guard and he ensured that Reid got his own cell which would guarantee Reid some protection in the middle of the night however Shaw had had some wise words as well. He had told Reid that things would go easier on him if learned to do what he had to in order to survive.