Dance Moms Recap 1/24/17: Season 7 Episode 9 “Battle of the Blondes”

Dance Moms Recap 1/24/17: Season 7 Episode 9 "Battle of the Blondes"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 24, 2017, season 7 episode 9 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 9 “Abby auditions another new dancer to be a member of the team that’s heading to Nationals. Later, Brynn, Lilly and Maesi perform solos; and the moms are hopeful about the new dancer, but Ashlee disagrees after her mom insults Brynn.

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Abby has all the girls together to discuss their latest win and what they did wrong during the competition. She praises Cameron for the group dance, as well as Kendall. On top of the pyramid – Ms. Lilly. It’s a big deal that she finally made it to the top. If she stays there she will be dancing at Nationals.

Next up, they are attending Dream Dance Competition. Liliana and Brynn both get a solo. The rest of the girls will do a group dance that features them as sister wives. Yes, they share the same husband. Something that upsets them all. Maesi’s mom speaks up. She wants her daughter involved.

A new dancer, Jane, shows up with her mom Nancy. Abby wants to try her out for the team. She will be paired up against Brynn.

At group rehearsals, Jane and the rest of the girls begin learning their choreography. The moms sit on the side discussing Jane and those who don’t have a jacket right now. Maesi’s mom is hopeful that she made it into the group dance. Abby doesn’t like Maesi in the number. She looks out of place. Maesi’s mom gets mad. Her daughter deserves to dance. Abby says no, no-one deserves anything in life.

For Brynn’s solo she has to wear gauze on her face for her routine named Botched. Lilli is up next to practice her solo, Route 66. Abby says that it is very Americana.

Two Days to the Competition

Abby wants Jane to fit in. Jane’s mother says that she can prove to Abby that she is worthy of a solo and can do better than Brynn using her face. Brynn’s mother is irate. She yells at Jane’s mother and Abby. She is sick of them cutting her daughter down. She calls Nancy a big fat bitch.

Abby is trying to give Maesi a chance to perform a solo she does well. She gives her a hip-hop number because it will make her studio look great. During the number, Maesi forgets the routine. Her mom says that it is because she hasn’t eaten. Maesi cries quietly to her mom.

The next day, Ashley tells Nancy that she will think twice before she says anything. Maesi leaves the studio and throws up. The other moms get upset. They don’t want their kid to get sick. They all call Abby in to discuss Maesi and her illness. None of them want to get on the bus for the competition with her.

Jamie and Maesi drove themselves to the competition. The girls all arrive to screaming fans. They start make-up prep while Abby gives them all their goals. The pressure is on.

Lilly performs her number. She does excellent. Abby looks impressed. Maesi performs her hip-hop dance next. Abby smiles the entire time. She rocks it with attitude. Her team mates are happy for her. Brynn is up next. She begins her botched performance with gauze on her face that she unwraps. She nails a leg lift with Abby smiling from the audience. The crowd goes wild.

The group dance is up next. Jane is under a lot of pressure. She wants to fit in. Her mom tells her not to let her down. The 6 girls arrive on stage in pink dresses with matching hats. They do terrific, making Abby proud.

It’s awards time. Brynn won third place. Her mother disagrees. Abby rolls her eyes. Maesi manages to beat Brynn. Jaimie is thrilled. Lilly wins the #1 spot! Abby is proud. The overall highest scoring group goes to…Abby’s ladies. She is thrilled that they got a perfect score. Abby says that Jane isn’t invited back next week. She didn’t do anything new. Some of the mothers think Jane should come back because they managed to get a perfect score. Abby doesn’t care.