Dance Moms Recap 9/19/17: Season 7 Episode 22 “Ashlee’s Big Decision Part 2”

Dance Moms Recap 9/19/17: Season 7 Episode 22 "Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2"

Tonight on Lifetime Dance Mom returns with an all-new Tuesday, September 19, 2017, season 7 episode 22 and we have your Dance Moms recap below. On tonight’s Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 22 “In part 2, Abby makes an unexpected return to her studio, but not everyone on the team is happy about it. Chloe performs for the first time in front of Abby in two years, but struggles with missing her old teammates. Ashlee makes a decision that sends shockwaves through the group, and after an unexpected series of events, the team will never be the same.

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Previously on “Dance Moms”, the mothers of the older girls decided to walk out and take their daughters with them.
But, unfortunately, that led to a problem. The older girls didn’t have a choreographer or a studio when they walked out and so that led to some doubts. Jaime just wanted her daughter to dance and therefore she was the first to jump ship with her daughter Maesi. So the rebellion did splinter off towards the end and they still had a couple more problems to deal with after they nominated Kalani to be their choreographer. Kalani was good at what she did and the girls trusted her however Kalani wanted to take risks with their dance and not everyone was in agreement.

Brynn had been given a part in the dance where she’s supposed to fall backwards and that wasn’t something they could practice because their rented studio didn’t have safety mats. However, the other girls wanted Brynn to go through with it and hadn’t wanted to cut that part from the dance. So Brynn wasn’t being heard by her teammates and had talked to her mother about what she wants. She wants to dance with Gianna and Gianna worked exclusively for Abby. And so Brynn told her mother that she would go back yet Ashlee talked to the other mother about it because she didn’t know what to do.

Ashlee wants her daughter to be happy, but she was one mind with the other mothers and they all believed they needed to confront Abby about her behavior. They said Abby had treated their daughters right and so they wanted answers and were even willing to demand them. Yet, that left Ashlee in a tough spot because she knew that Brynn was willing to go back and wasn’t sure if she should jeopardize that. So Ashlee was conflicted about what she should do meanwhile the other mothers pushed for their daughters to show up early for their fans.

The girls had fans that were always willing to come out and support them. But setting up a stand right out in the front meant Abby had to walk pass them. So Abby chose instead to go through a side door with the mothers that were still in her corner and together they watched the first performance. The first one up had been Maesi and there were just several things working against the young girl. Maesi was sick, she’s been through a lot emotionally with the rebellion, and it was her birthday so she simply couldn’t cope with everything that was going on.

Maesi was a talented young woman and she knew how to dance. Though this one performance could sink her because she didn’t perform all that well. She had gotten dizzy onstage and had had a knee complaint. So Maesi walked off knowing that she didn’t do her best and had broken down in tears. She felt like this was her one chance to prove to Abby that she deserved to be on the team and so all she wanted afterwards was her mom. Jaime had seen for herself that Maesi had left a lot to be desired and had tried to comfort her crying girl yet Abby on the other hand had walked out.

Abby just got up and walked right out of the auditorium, but no one knew what the real cause for that was. They knew that Abby had seen Christi and that two didn’t get along. Yet, Abby refused to go back in and she told the other mothers they were overstepping their bounds because they tried to talk her into going back in. So what ultimately convinced Abby that she should go back in was the possible return of Brynn. Brynn and her mother Ashlee had gone over to speak to Abby and they had left the door open for Brynn to come back.

Brynn was dealing with a lot peer pressure and she knew that Abby wasn’t perfect however she knew that there were a few ups and downs to both sides. But what Brynn didn’t want was the other mothers trying to get into her head because she had had enough of that and just wanted to dance. So Brynn said she had a decision to make and not that long afterwards she chose to go back to the ALDC. And Abby welcomed her with open arms because she had missed Brynn and so there was no hard feelings between them except Ashlee had upset the other mothers.

Ashlee hadn’t told the other mothers that she and her daughter were going back to Abby. So when they saw the two talking to Abby, it became clear what was happening and the other dance moms felt betrayed. They couldn’t believe that Ashlee would go back and so they started to talk about all the possible reasons why Ashlee would go back. They said that she must have wanted her daughter to become the new face of ALDC and that Ashlee was just trying to push her daughter into the limelight. However, Ashlee didn’t make the decision and so she tried talking to the others.

Ashlee and Abby both found the other mothers talking about that and Abby just refused to engage while Ashlee tried telling them why Brynn wanted to go back. She said that her daughter doesn’t feel heard and that she was closer to Lilli anyways. Though the others said that she was merely coming up with excuses and so Ashlee soon walked away. She realized she couldn’t talk to people that only wanted to think the worse and so she had no other choice, but to walk away. And so the other mothers called Ashlee a traitor.

They didn’t think she should have gone back to Abby and so they were cutting her off. But Ashlee wasn’t the only one stepping on some toes. Christi had also made enemies of her daughter coach and the other dance moms because she decided to tell them that her daughter was leaving the team. Chloe had performed with the new group and they had won first place yet Chloe said that she wanted to dance with her friends and so that meant Christi had to go offer herself up to the other mothers.

Christi has argued more than her fair share with Jill though both Christi and Chloe thought it was their chance to reclaim something they lost now that the other girls had left the Abby. Yet, the mother/daughter duo had unfortunately burned their bridges when they said they were going back to a team they weren’t sure wanted them back. So while Christi and Chloe had done that, the other mothers along with Ashlee decided to confront Abby. They wanted her to know how much she had hurt the kids when she disappeared one day and they didn’t know when they would be back.

Though throughout the confrontation, Abby just refused to get it. She kept talking about what she gave up and how hard she worked, but she refused to understand how hard it was for the older girls to have their teacher suddenly give up on them. So the moms and they walked. They said goodbye to Abby because their daughters were never going to be dancing with her again. And Abby cried only that wasn’t going to change a thing. The others had had enough of her antics and they decided to become their own team.

The older girls met up with Chloe and they allowed her to join their as of yet unnamed team however now the girls had to find a coach and go against Abby for real this time!


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