Did Beyoncé Finally Give Birth To Twins?

Did Beyoncé Finally Give Birth To Twins?

The internet wants to know if Beyoncé had her twins. Her father Mathew Knowles told TMZ’s photogs that she was due to give birth in the near future. Fans started speculating over her birth and have taken to her Instagram account to see if the singer left any clues. They’re already placing bets on whether she will have twin boys or a girl and a boy.

Now, Bey’s fans think she has given birth already. According to her dedicated Bey Hive, she has given birth according to three clues. Beyoncé shared a photo on Instagram around Memorial Day weekend in the photo, it shows Blue Ivy and her large baby bump. However, fans think her baby bump looks smaller than it did in her previous photos from her push party.

They also think that Beyoncé’s bump looks higher, but that’s either because it’s an older photo, or because she’s leaning back while she’s kissing her daughter. Her fans also noticed Beyoncé’s crimped hair is the same look she’s been seen with in May. According to her fans, this photo is a few weeks older than Beyoncé wants her fans to think.

Did Beyoncé Finally Give Birth To Twins?

She posted it to make them think she was still pregnant around Memorial Day weekend. The second clue reveals that Solange Knowles apologized to fans when she cancelled her Boston Calling concert with Migos last week, reports the Boston Globe. She cited “production dramas” for the reason why they had to cancel their show. But, fans think that she may have cancelled because Bey went into labor.

Now for the third clue. A fan spotted Tina Knowles at Cedars Sinai Hospital on May 20. The fan took her photo and shared it with their followers on Twitter. She told the Bey Hive that she was at a hospital in Los Angeles. But, some argue that Solange could have cancelled her concert for any reason, and Tina Knowles could have been at the hospital for any reason.

Fans are restless and want to know if Beyoncé is giving birth. They’re curious. They want to see her twins. They want to know the gender of the babies. Who doesn’t? But, everyone knows that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not the type of couple who announces immediately when they are brand new parents. And, if they did give birth, then they will make the announcement in their own time.

Did Beyoncé Finally Give Birth To Twins?

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do you think Beyonce has already given birth to her twins? Sound off below in the comments section and check back with CDL for more Beyonce news and updates.

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  1. Lyndsey Harper says:

    It’s actually possible that she already has given birth. I’d rather wait for the announcement though. lol. I do hope that soon, we’ll also get a positive result from my free conceiveeasy pt. Waiting is tiring but we really just have to sometimes.