Emerald City Premiere Recap 1/6/17: Season 1 Episode 1 and 2

Emerald City Premiere Recap 1/6/17: Season 1 Episode 1 and 2

Tonight on NBC their new fantasy drama Emerald debuts with an all new Friday, January 6, 2017, double episode and we have your Emerald recap below.  On tonight’s Emerald season 1 premiere as per the NBC synopsis, “While searching for her mother, Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) is swept up into the eye of a tornado and transported to a mystical world where an all-powerful ruler (Vincent D’Onofrio) governs over one kingdom, has outlawed magic and faces not only the wrath of a growing cauldron of witches but a looming disaster brought on by a mythical force.”

This certainly looks like a fun new series you don’t want to miss. So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 9PM – 11PM ET for our Emerald recap.  While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our television spoilers, news, recaps and more, right here!

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Emerald City begins with a narrator saying, “You’re alone in this world. Afraid, without options. We protect OZ against threats from without and within.”

The series begins with a woman pounding on a farm house door, holding a crying baby who has 5 dark stars on its hand. It is pouring rain out, when they open the door, she begs them to help her. Twenty years later, a truck leaves the Gale farm headed to Lucas, Kansas, population 393. The woman driving the truck is the baby they show at the beginning; she parks close to a mobile home where she observes a woman. The woman looks towards the truck and she speeds away.

She, Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) is working at Lucas Medical Center where Dr. Sam Gold (Omri Rose) asks her to go out to dinner with him, she offers to come over after dinner. Dorothy is called by one of the nurses to Mrs. Clifford’s (Laura Brook) room, she is holding a bottle of red nail polish that has spilled all over her, asking if she could for once use it. Dorothy giggles with Mrs. Clifford and as she offers to help paint her nails she takes the bottle of pills off her table and slips them into her pocket.

Dorothy returns to the farm where she is surprised with a birthday cake. Dorothy gives her Aunt Em Gale (Holly Hayes) the pills telling her to not mix them up. Em asks her if she went to see her mother, Dorothy protests saying she is her mother. Dorothy tells her aunt that she wished that she was more, that she would be “more” once she met her biological mother. Em tells her that wishing it won’t make it so. Dorothy worries if they were to meet, it would not be as she imagined.

Dorothy leaves the farm house to see the sky swirling, the beginnings of a tornado but she hops in the truck and heads toward Lucas. She arrives at her mother’s trailer pounding on the door calling for her. She manages to pull the door open but finds blood everywhere and a computer tracking the storm. She opens the curtain and finds a police officer dead inside. As Dorothy runs back to her truck she sees the storm shelter doors open, finding her mother lying on the cement below.

Dorothy goes to her, and she calls out Dorothy’s name. Dorothy is calling for the police who just arrived to come help her mother; but Karen tells her no police, they are no good. She tells Dorothy to run. Dorothy slams the storm door but when she approaches the officer outside he pulls a gun on her. She cries that Karen needs help but both the officer and Dorothy who is inside the police car with the K9 are yanked up into the tornado.

When the tornado drops the car, Dorothy crushes a woman wearing all red with her car. Dorothy gets out of the car and rushes over to help East (Florence Kasumba). She tries to use her phone but there is no service, she goes into the trunk, puts on a jacket and sobs wondering what is happening. She returns to the car and released the dog, together they walk through the snow filled forest.

She leans against a tree but a sound startles her and as she stands these young children wearing fur coats greet her and bring her to their village where they are doing a tribal dance. One of the men come over to greet Dorothy but she doesn’t understand their language, the dog fiercely protects her. A bigger man, Oja (Olafur Darri Olafsson) comes to tell her she is in the tribal freelands and she is trespassing. She tells him she doesn’t know how she got there and asks for directions.

Dorothy sees the woman in red (East) laying on a tree stump, when asked if she knows the woman she admits that she killed her. Ojo sounds angry and they call her ‘witch’ and they begin to torture her in the water. Ojo tells her she is either beast or witch and she isn’t a beast. She tells them she was stuck in a storm and has no idea how she got there, and she is a no one and doesn’t know anything. Ojo tells her the woman had sisters in the West (Ana Ularu) and the North and the Wizard of Oz (Vincent D’Onofrio), insisting she will have to answer to him.

In Emerald City, the Wizard is interrupted and told something has happened in the East. The drone is brought in and he watches as the tornado dropped something that torn the sky, which they say is the first true sign that the beast forever will rise.

The Wizard orders Eamonn (Mido Hamada) to go East and to find whatever fell from the sky and make sure it stays fallen. He questions the Wizard asking him about the counsel wanting to examine the first true sign. Wizard stops him, telling him if it is alive to kill it and if it is dead to bury it. He is to make sure whatever it is it’s not to come back to Emerald City.

Ojo brings Dorothy outside and the tribe has decided that she needs to be exiled from the tribal freelands and to never return; he will take her to the border and she will step over it. As they make the journey to the border, Ojo tells Dorothy her “Toto” looks hungry. He says Toto means dog in their language.

Dorothy takes out a pill and tells him it is medicine for her head, he asks if she is a healer, she says she guesses and she likes to help people when they are not trying to drown her. Dorothy sees the bones of a massive creature and asks if that was the beast he spoke of. He tells her that the beast is water and fire and the Wizard is the only thing that stopped it.

Ojo shows Dorothy the tall men, that look like statues calling them ‘eternal warriors’ who formed a wall around Emerald City to keep the beasts from flooding the entire world. Dorothy says she is definitely not in Kansas.

West walks through her her place to meet with the Wizard who asks if it was her magic that caused the tornado in the East. She says it was not, and there is no magic there thanks to him. She says there is blood in the sky and he is parading around the people with Glinda’s (Joely Richardson) girls.

They discuss the beast forever and West gets sarcastic with Glinda’s girls saying she obviously knows what is going on as Glinda would only pick the best and the brightest to be on the Wizard’s counsel. West gets angry saying they were only a baby the last time the beast came and she wouldn’t be so eager to reach that conclusion if she remembered. Wizard orders her to be silent.

West smirks and asks her how far along she is and Wizard looks shocked; she continues to say she thought they were supposed to be chaste and that was Glinda’s only rule but West says she couldn’t do it because there is too much love to be had. She pushes the guard announcing he is the father and walks out.

Ojo tells Dorothy they are going through the mountain even though she protests and wants to go around. They walk past a pit of bodies buried in the mud. Dorothy asks what this place is, Ojo tells her it is a prison of the abject and its for anyone who breaks the wizard’s law and uses magic. She wants to know who Ojo is with, he strokes her mud covered face and says it is his wife. Dorothy apologizes and he tells her she should be because the witch she killed is the one who put them there and may be the only one to free them.

He drops his torch as they come out the other side of the mountain. He tells her to follow the brick road to Emerald City and the Wizard is there and to apologize to him. She asks if he can bring her home. Ojo tells her the Wizard is great and powerful and he can get her home. He takes her blanket and sends her on her way.

Dorothy picks up some of the dust on the road and Ojo tells her it is Poppy pollen (Opium) and she thanks him, he tells her not to thank him, he voted to have her killed, he turns and retreats back into the mountain. Dorothy and Toto head down the road. Dorothy begins to stagger inhaling all the pollen. She arrives to see a broken wagon and a man (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) up on a cross with straw on him. He begs her to help him.

Dorothy brings down the cross, and she breaks free his arms from the barbed wire. He has a deep wound in his side. When she asks him what happened, he tells her he doesn’t remember. She asks him his name and tells him she is a healer, he looks up and tells her she is too late, she turns around to see a village that has burned down.

Dorothy and the strange man get dressed and she puts a sword on his side saying it must be his. She tells him they need to find food as it will be dark soon. Meanwhile, the Wizard’s Guard arrives in the freelands, Ojo tells him the girl is gone but the witch of the East remains. Ojo brings him into the hut and East is gone.

Dorothy gives him an apple and he says he is useless but she says he doesn’t look useless, he asks her what he looks like. He asks for her to name him, and after struggling she names him Lucas. When pressed why that name she says it was where she grew up, he nods saying “Lucas” is home, she says yes and he agrees to the name. East leans down on a rock where she sees the police jacket Dorothy was wearing.

Lucas wakes up with Toto beside him but finds Dorothy stumbling on the road, her feet flash to being stuck in mud. Lucas falls too. Dorothy is visioning sinking in the mud when East appears telling her she awoke with the strangest taste in her mouth and points to Dorothy saying “you”. Both Lucas and Dorothy struggle in pain.

East asks her if she knows who she is, Dorothy says “merciful and stern”; Lucas attempts to grab his sword and East grabs it, tossing it aside. East asks who sent Dorothy, asking if Glinda sent her to hurt her. Dorothy says no and she came through a tornado but she doesn’t know how. East says in Oz nothing good comes from the sky. So when it does, they try to send it back in pieces.

East grabs the gun from her bag, Dorothy tells her to put it down but East wants to know what it does, saying on a witch can kill a witch. East asks her what the gun is, Dorothy tells her she is pointing it the wrong way and she points it at herself, the witch taunts her. Dorothy tells her to squeeze the trigger, East shoots herself in the head and Dorothy and Lucas are relieved from the mud pit, waking up on the road again.

West is heard wailing and breaking things and one of Glinda’s girls tells the Wizard that East is dead, but they don’t know who killed her. He is told it was magic that was strong enough to kill a cardinal witch. A girl comes to see Glinda and as she asks if she knows who killed her sister, she says no, but there is only one man to blame.

Wizard speaks to the people telling him if it weren’t for him, Emerald City would have vanished a long time ago. He promises to protect them from the beast forever who ravishes their land. He will protect them from the forbidden magic in the woods. He will protect them because he is the great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy closes East’s dead eyes and Lucas says they need to go. He asks where the road leads and she says to Emerald City and to the Wizard of Oz, telling Lucas the Wizard can help her. That he can move mountains and take her home. Lucas says he can fix his head. Dorothy looks at her hands and she now has East’s gold and ruby gloved embedded into her hands.

The guards are curious why Eamonn is watching the mountain instead of going over it. They say OJO told them the girl went around the pass and Eamonn tells them Ojo was lying.

Glinda shows up at Wizard’s home where dozens of white doves fly away. Wizard meets Glinda have way and Isabel (Suan-Li Ong) says she should have come to see him all the way. Wizard asks whose side she is on, she admits that Glinda may have chosen her but she serves him.

The Wizard turns to Isabel and tells her that her pregnancy says otherwise about her devotion to him. Glinda’s arrival is announced. He is told that he may have outlawed magic but the people still love the witches, he says its because they don’t know them.

Glinda meets with West who says they have never seen anything like this before, a hole neatly carved in their sister’s head, as East’s body is brought through on a wagon. Glinda tells West she looks terrible. She says it has been 20 years, time ravages and how would she have her look. Glinda says not like she just crawled out of poppy field. Glinda informs her that the Wizard has granted her permission to open their secret temple.

Glinda admonishes West, telling her if her tongue is not right and cannot properly sing their sister to rest, they are the last of the Cardinal witches and if she cannot do it, East will be the last and they will be nothing. West tells her she will sing her properly and right and she will get them what they need and then they can put another 20 years between them. Glinda leaves.

Dorothy is trying to teach Lucas knock-knock jokes, but his memory is so short term every time she knocks he asks why she is knocking. She asks him if he has heard of baseball, then she asks him if he remembers anything about the surroundings or anything that makes him feel something. He says, “yes, you.” Dorothy rolls her eyes and asks how long he has been thinking it and smiles. As they continue to walk, Lucas pulls his hand out from his side and it is covered in blood. He doesn’t tell Dorothy.

Eamonn and the Wizard’s Guards climb through the mountain pass and the guards tell him they shouldn’t be there and wonder what the place is. He says it is a cesspool of witches and Eamonn is going to get them all killed looking for a girl that fell from the sky. One of the guards says they should kill Eamonn and find the girl themselves, cut her head off and return to Emerald City. He says they must make it look like the lions did it.

Lucas begins to slow down and Dorothy asks him if he wants her to slow down. He asks her what kind of people are waiting for her at home then says it must be someone she “laid” with. Dorothy looks at him like he is crazy and tells him she isn’t going to talk to him about this because she doesn’t know him. He says she saved him, so how does that work? She says she is a nurse, a healer and that is what she does. Lucas falls. Dorothy tells him to use pressure and she is going to get him help.

Dorothy knocks on a door, asking the man who opens the door for help for Lucas or he is going to die. He tells her the woman doesn’t take to visitors, he shows her a place way up the hill. After she gives her son some medicine she leaves to go find a chicken and locks him in his room. She pushes aside the thicket she uses to seal the door, when she is gone he uses his slingshot to alert his friend who is outside to help him. Jack (Gerran Howell) begins to hack away at the branches.

In the temple, everyone gathers and Wizard greets her. Glinda brings Anna (Isabel Lucas) to serve him, he calls her over to listen and learn. He offers his condolences and Glinda thanks him for opening their temple to honor her properly. He says he understands because they were unable to do this for South. He approaches Glinda and says he has a request of his own.

Glinda says she knows about him and East having the partnership with the Prison of Abject. West calls it an unfortunate prison. Wizard tells her that whatever magic she used to create it, they can use to open it. Glinda says they cannot, as her spells were her own and since he didn’t allow East to have an apprentice there is no way to help him. She leaves telling him they have preparations to make. He asks West if she is feeling already, she says she is perfect.

Jack continues to hack through the branches but to no avail. Dorothy arrives asking Jack about the woman, Jack scurries away as Lucas falls to the ground. Toto barks as she tells Dorothy she can take what she needs and be on her way. As she clears the thicket she sees Lucas struggling and she offers him help.

Eamonn puts his sword at his side and he wanders away from the guards; one of them follows him with his sword drawn. He goes to strike him.

The woman gives her son some more drops of his medicine, who worries about him being exposed to whatever is out there. She leaves to check on their guests, locking him in his room. She admires the brew Dorothy made and asks her what kind of witch she is. Dorothy tells her she isn’t a witch. She then asks Lucas how long he has been in the Wizard’s Guard? He tells her he doesn’t know, she tells Dorothy the sword belongs to a Wizard’s Guard.

Dorothy tells the woman Lucas is telling the truth, but she calls him a liar and says she saw what the Wizard’s guards did to the village, she was there. Lucas says what they did to the village they did to him too. She is mad he is carrying their sword. She says whatever unthinkable things he has done, his mind is doing back to him and made it unthinkable.

Eamonn returns to the guards at the fire, who get up to find their friend. They find only pieces of his body and Eamonn tells them it was lions.

Glinda and West arrive in their temple and Glinda tells West to think how many sisters were summoned to rest here. West says she’d rather not. Glinda says when this is done and they have what they need, she can go on forgetting.

Wizard comes in and says these doors haven’t been open for a generation but he hears a ceremony is beautiful so he is opening it to the public, saying it is a good time to remind his people what Oz used to be and what witches used to be. When he leaves, Glinda tells West the lunatic hopes to embarrass her, then she says us. West swears she will be perfect.

Dorothy watches the woman from outside and hears someone else inside the house. She climbs the stairs to see Toto scratching at a door. She calls him, but is curious about the room. The young boy passes a note under the door saying, “Help me.” While Dorothy isn’t there, the woman puts something in Lucas’ drink.

Dorothy confronts her demanding to know who is up there, she tells Dorothy it is time for her and Lucas to leave. Dorothy tells her if she doesn’t tell her, she is going to get help. She tells her the boy suffers from hysterics and that is why she lives in a town with no name, to protect him. Dorothy wants to know from what? She says everything and even though she isn’t his mother she fears for him like a real mother.

Dorothy tells her she can’t protect him forever; the woman asks her if she wishes her mother had protected her forever and always. When Dorothy grows quiet, she asks her if she understands and promises to never speak of it again.

Anna is writing when Wizard comes to see her. He asks where the others are, she says they are preparing for the funeral. He is sorry its not the best circumstance for her arrival. She says it gives her a chance to get familiar with his science. He thinks its overwhelming and she assures him it is a second nature to her. She tells him it is as beautiful as magic. He asks her to join him for the funeral.

West arrives late to the funeral, her face has black streaks down it and her fingertips are all black, she is out of sorts and Glinda says she let the Wizard get to her. Glinda tells her if she gets it wrong she will get her; the ceremony begins. Glinda and West begin to chant around a ruby, but West pulls away spinning onto the floor and paralyzing the women circling them. She chants causing the women to dance around crazily.

She lifts East off the altar and then sucks her essence out of her mouth, all the windows explode and the villagers run out. Wizard laughs and Glinda goes to help her sister.

Dorothy grabs the sword away from Lucas, and he asks if she believes he is a liar, murderer and traitor. She tells him she doesn’t know who he is and he tells her to keep the sword if it puts her mind at ease. She tells him they need to get out of there for her mind to be at ease.

Lucas begins to foam at the mouth and Dorothy smells the cup, telling him he has been poisoned. She breaks up some charcoal from the firepit and tells him to drink it, it will suck up the poison. She saves his life, but grabs the sword. As Lucas calls after her, she heads up the stairs to the woman’s room.

Glinda’s girls clean up the temple while Glinda demands to know if East’s spells are now inside West. West throws up the essence inside a glass jar, Glinda puts the lid on calling West a retched waste. West awakens saying her tongue is perfect.

Dorothy breaks the door open and tells the young boy they are getting out of there. She moves aside and Jack runs in to hug him, telling him they need to leave now. The woman is screaming as he looks around for his medicine. Jack finds a jeweled dagger but the boy refuses to steal from her. Dorothy grabs Lucas as the boys run away. The woman is heard chanting from her room, that is locked with the sword.

She races down the stairs with the sword in hand demanding to know where the child has gone. Dorothy tells her he is free and she shouts that they don’t know what they have done, she screams that she was protecting and saving him. She sends out a piercing scream forcing Dorothy and Lucas to fall. She grabs Dorothy forcing herbs into when Lucas stabs her through the chest. As Dorothy is spitting out the flowers Lucas begins to bash the woman’s head in with a kettle. Dorothy orders him to stop. Lucas stands up and sees himself in the mirror covered in blood.

Jack and Tip (Jordan Loughran), the young boy sit in the forest by a fire. Jack says the dagger would have paid for living for a year. He tells him had they taken it, it would have been a part of her that followed them around. He grabs his chest and Jack asks him if he is okay and says he needs that medicine because it was the only thing keeping him alive. They both begin to howl like wolves at the two moons in the sky.

Glinda stands outside watching as the temple doors are resealed. The Wizard arrives asking about her sister. She says alive and no thanks to him. He says what West does, she does to herself. Wizard questions their friendship, saying his warrior is ready to lay waste to their temple.

Glinda says he saved Oz when magic could not and he charged her with selecting his high counsel and she extended her hand assuming he’d always take it kindly. Wizard bids her farewell telling her she will have a lot less fan fare leaving than she did arriving. He leaves.

Eamonn comes upon the blood on the brick road and looks ahead.

Lucas and Dorothy continue on their journey. Dorothy is afraid to look back at him and he says, “Knock Knock.” Dorothy doesn’t respond. Back at the woman’s house she begins to wiggle her fingers. Jack wakes up and chases after Tip. When he grabs Tip, it’s no longer a boy but a teenage girl who says something has happened.