Food Network Star Recap 7/16/17: Season 13 Episode 7 “Beat Bobby Flay”

Food Network Star Recap 7/16/17: Season 13 Episode 7 "Beat Bobby Flay"

Tonight on the Food Network their elite food competition show Food Network Star airs with an all new Sunday, July 16, 2017, episode and we have your Food Network Star recap below.  On tonight’s Food Network Star season 13 episode 7 as per the Food Network synopsis, “The finalists take on “Beat Bobby Flay.” In the first round of cooking the finalists go head-to-head to determine who will take on Bobby Flay in Round 2. Anyone who can beat Bobby is safe from elimination, but those who are not up to the challenge may lose their spot in the competition. ”

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Five contestants enter the kitchen but Cory is missing. He is ill but they hope he will rejoin the group soon. Amy Alarocon, vice president of Popeye Chicken, tells the group the importance of maximizing flavor in a dish while making it fast. The group’s first challenge is to make a dish that usually takes hours to make in just 30 minutes without sacrificing any flavor. Matthew must make Coq Au Vin in a pastry. Abby must make chili con carne into a ball. Rusty will make boeuf bourgeon on a stick. Jason will cook an osso bucco in a wrap. David will make a pot roast sandwich. Abby struggles to get her chili to stay in a ball shape. Matthew breezes by and is done in 20 minutes. David also has no problems.

Each contestant has one minute to present their dish to judges. Jason does a great job with both his presentation and cooking. Giada and Bobby loved his meal. Matthew presents next and admits that he didn’t even know what Coq au Vin was until Jason told him. His meal is not great. The chili he added over powered everything else. David’s sandwich is also too spicy. He also included a sauce which can be eaten with one hand. The judges enjoyed Abby’s presentation and feel she is really improving but her chili is very chewy. Rusty presents next and hits it out of the park with both his presentation and meal. Jason wins the challenge and will have an advantage in the next task.

The contestants return the next day to the kitchen and realize it has been transformed into an exact replica of the “Beat Bobby Flay” kitchen. Cory is feeling better and returns with the group. The guest judge for this portion of the show is Anne Burrell. The competition will be very much like Bobby’s show in that two teams of three will have 20 minutes to make a dish of Bobby’s choice. The team with the best dish will be safe until next week. The losing team will have to make a dish and compete against Bobby. If they can beat Bobby they will be safe until next week. If they lose one member of the team will be going home.

As the winner earlier Jason is a team captain and he gets to pick the other captain. He chooses Amy as the other captain because he thinks the others may not listen to her very well. Jason, Rusty and Matthew are on a team. Amy, Coy and David are a team. Tomato is the ingredient that must be the star of the dish.

Both teams over shadow the tomato by added too many other elements to their dish but Anne tries to set them straight. Jason presents for his team and tells the judges about the heirloom tomato salad he and his team made. He has a hard time at first because he keeps saying “I” instead of “we” but does correct himself. He is charming as always and has the judges laughing before he is done. However, just as Anne warned there are too many things on the plate and the tomato is overshadowed.

Amy starts strong but melts down almost immediately and ends up spending half of her presentation time apologizing. Anne is shocked at her poor presentation. Giada tells her that when you make a mistake you must keep going. Perhaps it won’t be noticed but if you apologize 16 times there is no way it will be missed. Abby prayers their food tastes better then Jason’s did. Both Anne and Giada immediately start coughing after their first bite of Amy’s team’s dish. The peppers Cory added are over the top HOT and they cannot be eaten. Based on the presentation and the food Jason, Rusty and Matthew are the winners. They will move on to next week’s competition.

Abby, David and Cory must now face Bobby. Each of them will make their signature dish while Bobby makes all three dishes. Anne will taste everything in a blind taste test. Amy will make a butter-based filet and vegetables. David will cook shrimp and grits and Cory will tackle pan roasted duck and red-eye gravy. Each contestant has a chance to save themselves. In one hour they will complete their dish while Bobby has to make three. The contestants hope this will give them the edge they need to win.

Bobby is running crazy and is worried he won’t have enough time to get everything done in time. He does and he and David face off first. Anne likes David’s presentation more than Bobby’s but Bobby wins out on taste. Bobby also beats Amy based on taste and the fact that her steak we not cooked well enough. Anne loves Cory’s duck and he beats Bobby. It comes down to either Amy or David going home. Giada reviews the score cards for each of their dishes and Amy’s score was closest to Bobby’s. She is safe and David is sent home.


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